Our national debt is out of control. In the last ten years, it has more than doubled from $7.1 trillion to $17.6 trillion. Today, every American’s share of the debt is more than $55,000. That could go a long way towards paying off your mortgage, covering home heating costs, or paying tuition for a four-year degree at Pitt-Johnstown or Penn State Beaver.

We paid almost $416 billion in interest on that debt just last year. Rather than sending billions to China, we could better spend that money on health care, roads, and other infrastructure.

Failure to address the debt and deficits threatens to rob our children and grandchildren of the opportunity and prosperity that previous generations enjoyed. The crushing debt and deficit also directly threatens our ability to pay for promises like Social Security, Medicare, a strong national defense, and care for our veterans.

With responsible fiscal policies, we can eliminate persistent deficits and begin paying our debts so that we will have the money necessary to keep the promises that we have made.

The House passed a budget on April 10th that reduces spending by $5.1 trillion and balances in ten years. Importantly, it protects and preserves Medicare and Social Security for current retirees and future generations.

In contrast, President Obama offered another budget that increases taxes by $1.8 trillion, expands the government, does nothing to save Medicare and Social Security, and never balances.

The President’s budget proposal received only two votes in the House. It was rejected by a huge bipartisan majority in a 2-413 vote, including every Representative — Republican and Democrat alike — from Pennsylvania.

At least President Obama offered a budget for consideration, even though he submitted it more than a month late.

April 15th is an infamous date in America. It the day our taxes are due. It also happens to be the date by which Congress is supposed to pass a budget so you can see how your money will be spent.

Unfortunately, Harry Reid’s Senate does not believe you are entitled to know how he intends to spend your money and will not even consider a budget this year.

This cavalier irresponsibility highlights the need for the Congressional Pay for Performance Act, which I introduced on January 15, 2014. This straightforward
legislation requires Congress to comply with deadlines just like everyone else.

The principle is simple. If either house in Congress does not perform one of its core constitutional duties in a timely manner, it should not get paid until the work is done.

President Obama and Harry Reid’s Senate should approve the House’s responsible budget. By doing so, we can hang a sign on our nation’s doorstep that says “America is Open for Business” and usher in a new era of growth and job-creation. That is what is needed to allow us to pay for the promises we have made to our seniors and veterans, and provide the kinds of opportunities to our children and grandchildren that previous generations enjoyed.


  1. Keith you are the product of a political system that is bought and paid for by the monied interests. I am suspicious of anything you propose. I do not recognize your legitimacy nor the legitimacy of the congress you are a part of . There was no democracy in your election to office, it was purchased.

  2. Even when he makes some sense, you guys throw him under the tea-party bus. Do you people want your taxes to increase exponentially? Or do you think that maybe we need to get this spending under some sort of control. Think of your children and grand children. Don’t you care about them at all? BTW, we have a Republic, not a Democracy. And besides, all elections are bought and paid for.

    • I’d be willing to bet that most of the folks you’re referencing pay no federal income tax.  That’s why I think it hard to believe that a political solution is possible.  At this point, the consumers of revenue outnumber the producers.

  3. Rothfus (Rep) Heartless, gutless, and will not get my vote. A DO NOTHING for Beaver County.  A do nothing for the unemployed.  He only won the election because D- Altmyer pissed all the Dem voters off. Just like DO NOTHING State Rep R-Jim Marshall won against crooked D- Veon.  How Jim Marshall wins is beyond me…

  4. Silence Nobama SILENCE!!!  Suckfuss passes the blame and has no ideas of his own.  He is Bohners puppet and suk-chum.YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

  5. I will give you credit Keith. You keep positing these Op-Ed’s even though you know what the comments are going to be like. Listen to what Nobama is saying. It makes sense.

  6. Keith, you failed to mention that your definition of “responsible fiscal policies” includes cutting funding or eliminating every social program in existence.  Call a spade a spade.

  7. In other news instead of politics. .NEW BRIGHTON — A Conway bride who shot and killed her niece Thursday night in the parking lot of a New Brighton bar is “obviously completely distraught” as she sits in the Beaver County Jail facing homicide charges, her lawyer said Saturday.


    • BCT reported on that and so did the local news stations. This site is not for trivial news like that. This site is dedicated to weed out the corruption in politics in Beaver County. You want news like that, then go read the BCT. Bye.

      • Wasn’t just local either. It made it into HuffPo, CNN, Yahoo news, and those were the three that I could think of right off the top of my head.

    • SERIOUSLY??? Did you not JUST comment on another article on here, bitching that you wanted to see more positive stories, and not just the same politics and murder everyday, THEN hop over here, and bring up the shooting on a completely unrelated article????Hypocrisy, thy name is Missyb219….

      • and you shall be known as… “darling Nikki”.  Once in a while I agree with you darling Nikki.
        Peace Out!

      • Has the apocalypse started yet? PLEASE tell me that you did NOT intentionally reference a Prince song…



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