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Editorial Note: Republican Beaver County Commissioner Dennis Nichols has submitted the following op-ed in response to remarks made by Democratic Commissioner Joe Spanik in an interview with the Beaver Countian last Friday. This op-ed submission is being published here unedited and in its entirety as written by Commissioner Nichols, who noted that its contents were reviewed by his personal attorney before being sent to the Beaver Countian for publication. Links to relevant articles previously written by the Beaver Countian were embedded by us.

This letter is in response to your recent article based on an interview with Joe Spanik. While I am disappointed that the Beavercountian would publish the type of unfounded accusations and political attack made by Mr. Spanik, I feel I must defend myself against the self-serving, self-patronizing, irresponsible, and outrageous comments made by Mr. Spanik.

Since the article began ostensibly around the issue of Unis Demolition, let me first address this situation. At the last commissioner’s public meeting, I questioned why Unis was to receive another demolition contract while the company was past the contract due date on several existing contracts. My question arose after several discussions among the commissioners, the county law department, the community development department, and some municipalities. In fact the county law department issued a letter to Unis on May 5 concerning their lack of performance. A copy of that letter is available. In the public meeting, I agreed to support the passage of the new contract resolution solely on the basis of Commissioner Amadio’s request. He was concerned about delaying the issuance of a contract. I agreed to approve the resolution, but I wanted additional information from Community Development for any ongoing demolition projects.

Evidently the questioning of Unis performance struck a nerve with Mr. Spanik, witness the personal attacks on me and Treasurer Javens. It is well known that Mr. Spanik is an unabashed champion for Unis Demolition. Whenever complaints have arisen in commissioners’ meetings about Unis. Mr. Spanik figuratively leaps to his feet in defense of Unis and his friend “Ralphie”. Obviously Mr. Spanik will go to any lengths to attack those who question his friend’s performance.

For the record I have no personal relationship with Unis, and was only made aware last week by the Beavercountian of the past criminal record of Unis and the assertion of not paying some taxes since 1992.

A second issue brought up by Mr. Spanik concerned my relationship with Treasurer Javens. Mr. Spanik proposed some type of political conspiracy. Theses contentions are nothing more than the hallucinations of a paranoid politician, who sees political intrigue around every corner. Maybe with all the skeletons in Joe Spanik’s closet he should be worried about losing Democratic votes. For the record, I sit on Pension Board with Treasurer Javens, and occasionally we do discuss issues related to the Pension Board and other county matters. It seems Mr. Spanik sees political goblins if a republican has any contact with a democrat.

A third issue Mr. Spanik discussed was the sale of Friendship Ridge and discussions I had with Marcus & Millichap, the brokers for the sale of the property. It is obviously a point of irritation that from time to time Marcus & Millichap would call me for information regarding Friendship Ridge and not call Mr. Spanik. It is simply hilarious to think the brokers of the sale would seek information from Mr. Spanik, who clearly fought the sale of the property until the last minute of the last day. I clearly supported the privatization of Friendship Ridge early on in the process and clearly championed the sale as it was not only in the general best interest of Beaver County but also required to prevent the bankruptcy of the county, which would have occurred before the end of 2013 without a sales commitment. Ultimately Joe Spanik voted to support the sales of Friendship Ridge but only after that sale had been confirmed by Commissioner Amadio and myself. Mr. Spanik’s final vote was typical of his approach to try to play both sides of the fence on an issue. Mr. Spaniks insinuation that I somehow benefitted personally from the sale of Friendship Ridge is simply outrageous and unequivocally false. However, this is probably the mind set of Joe Spanik, who has been called around the county for years “pay to play Joe”.

A fourth issue raised by Mr. Spanik is the possible acquisition of the office building next to the courthouse. The property in question is the only space in the block in which the courthouse stands that is not owned by the county. Apart from what should be the obvious long term benefit to the county to own such a property, the courts and others in the county administration have discussed the future expansion of the courthouse. The adjacent office space is the only area of expansion for the courthouse and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire the property. Somehow Mr. Spanik sees this as some type of personal gain by me which is absolutely false, but again it goes back to the political mindset of pay to play Joe.

Since Joe Spanik has broached the subject of political favors and personal gain, I think the readers of the Beavercountian, should keep in mind the relatively recent situation in which Mr. Spanik recommended and promoted the hiring of an Eastern PA and NJ engineering firm by the county. Subsequent to the hiring of this company, it was pointed out to the commissioners that the company had been convicted of illegal campaign contribution in other areas. This of course led to my recommendation to fire the company which was ultimately done. To paraphrase a local journalist Joe Spanik has more skeletons in his closet than the Adams Family.

A final self-serving insinuation by Mr. Spanik is that he is a harder worker than other commissioners. This is just another example of Mr. Spanik’s self- promotion. It is rumored that Mr. Spanik has been irritated by comments of many around the courthouse and elsewhere of my dedication and hard work to the job. Obviously this has challenged Mr. Spanik’s high impression of himself. As an aside, I think that Mr. Spanik’s assertion of his hard work is amusing as it comes a day after he missed a public meeting to play golf with a private vendor at Firestone Country Club in Akron, an invitation that I respectfully declined so I could be at the scheduled public meeting.

All in all Mr. Spanik’s comments are self-serving, self-patronizing, unfounded, irresponsible, and simply outrageous. I trust the voting public will see Mr. Spanik for what he truly is as an insecure and paranoid politician in the worst sense of the word.

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  1. He covered most points, funny how he defended Javens and never mentioned anything about how she got her family nice big contracts. Did those contracts go out for bid? When it comes to discussing Unis, we only here about how they are behind on their work. What about the FUCKING Taxes she never paid. Who lets this go on? that’s the real issue. Why is Unis clearing land for Javens. Political Favor perhaps?? .obviously they are all crooks and are all now turning on each other. How does this county operate with all the drama, backstabbing, crooked deals and who knows what else. The whole bunch of them need to go.

    • Goood Points.  He also explained the benefits to buying that property near the courthouse.  However, failed to comment on the fact that it is owned by one of his campaign contributors which would ultimately benefit himself in the long run.

  2. “Pay To Play Joe” has a nice ring to it!  Maybe he should put that on his campaign signs next year!

  3. PLEASE PLEASE tell me Spanik is going to write an op-ed response to Nichols op-ed!!!  I want to see what a three page long sentence looks like!

  4. Sorry Dennis, guilty by association. I believe nothing that comes out of the Beaver County Courthouse irregardless of R or D behind their name. It is time to flush the toilet, everyone must go, including you. I will gladly take my chances with someone that has zero experience in politics, read zero experience in corruption, do nothing pocket lining greed than to put up with the status quo. One of the missing links in government is the ability to work together towards a common goal. Your cohorts and you do not have that ability so it’s time to go. Dennis, Joe and Tony, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


    • Why do you care it was sold  it is no  longer a county facility. Not coming out of your tax dollars. Unlike the super bonuses that Spanik handed out to his people before friendship ridge was sold    by the way her daughter in law  has had the contract for therapy for years(check the times archives ) her only daughter is a hell of a hairdresser so is totally qualified to run the beauty shop.

  6. Dennis created a job for his neice, that’s a great accomplishment. I sure he can campaign on creating a job as commissioner

  7. Beaver County don’t have enough buses for these guys to keep throwing each other under…..that being said, I can’t believe his lawyer approved this, and is it wrong that I find this horribly entertaining?

    • On Spanik’s article, I said I was waiting with baited breath for who would push who next. I didn’t have to wait long. Hopefully, there will be another soon. Connie Javens? You next? I find it horribly entertaining too.

  8. Denny boy thinks he is above and smarter than the other two, and wants to manipulate democrats to secure his seat, he looks down on republicans let alone democrats, he thinks he is above everyone, has history of treating woman as lessers too, from numerous close friends he treats his wife ignorantly as if she is to only be for service.

    That being said, Spanik goes golfing or to events who cares they all do, but for him too bash Spanik who I dint like attitude and convertible car but , I think he does work his butt for county, he sure missed the bus on calling out Connie Javens if her dog needed a leash she would ask a vendor for it, I believe she outed UNIS to screw him and is so clueless not to realize it got her more, anyways did Dennis Nichols help facilitate contracts for certain vendors in the sell off friendship ridge? Lol sure I really have to give you that answer, I think he has some bad consulting, maybe the commissioners and others should look into her property and permits also the assessments more so family..

    Glass houses glass houses

    Denny is a one term guy…. hopefully the republican party doesn’t screw that up. Seems like the democratic party is laying down to help.

  9. I’m glad to hear Spanik fought the sale of Friendship Ridge..It’s all on you and Amadio, Nichols do you know how many people you put out of work? Every person who lost there job because of you and you brag about it, but you took care of the JAVENS, I won’t be voting for you but I WILL VOTE FOR JOE, at least he tried to save some jobs….

  10. Who cares about little Joe

    But Nichols since he has got into courthouse has done nothing but screw workers, take care of back room friends in friendship ridge sale, hell he gave one cronie 50k bonus and everyone around her said she didn’t do shit, she was on maternity leave, when he talks direct you can tell it’s phony and politicizing, He has serious temper issue bet he got A Tiny LITTLE UNUSED PENIS, that is his reason for being such a dick

  11. All Mungo can say is keep up the good work Beaver Countian! These cockroaches aren’t used to such bright lights. My one hope is the whole lot of them gets a nice extended stay right where Veon got placed! Lil Spanik and Nichols better be securing their soap!  Mungo’s never been in prison, but I’ve heard tell for some it can be down right un-pleasant!

  12. Holy Defamation !!!

    Former Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough members — Tune in here and learn from the Masters. Don’t waste your time getting pissed off every time someone breaks wind in your general direction! Learn how real defamationists go for the jugular!

    Notice the clever use here of the words “unabashed champion, paranoid, self-serving, self-patronizing, irresponsible, outrageous, unfounded, hallucinations of a paranoid politician, insecure, hilarious, play(ing) both sides, unequivocally false, “pay to play Joe”, more skeletons in his closet than the Adams Family, hard work is amusing, truly is an insecure and paranoid politician in the worst sense of the word”.


    If you are going to lose a ridiculous lawsuit, at least take Nichols lead and be upfront about what defamation really is. Good stuff, Nichols, good stuff. To boot, it was reviewed by his personal attorney! You can’t lose with that. And what will become of this harmless little tete-a-tete? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because these guys know that it’s all political bullshit, and they’re probably laughing about it in the restroom right now. Committee members, you could learn from that. 

  13. @GOPer I couldn’t agree more hopefully the Republican Party doesn’t screw this one up and keep him in office. 2016 is time for a court house clean out! Not only the Republicans but the Democrat committee needs put someone strong and young in office

  14. There is “Volcano Joe” …and now we have “Natural Disaster Nichols” or “Dennis the Friendship Ridge Menace”.  Next up??

    Yes Beaver County, it is time for all of them to go. Vote them all out and start fresh.  As you can see, Beaver County would have went BANKRUPT if they didn’t sell Friendship Ridge.  Someone needs to fix this sinking county ship!

  15. I have some concerns and questions I hope Mr. Nichols will position himself to answer;

    1. Mr. Nichols at what purchase price did you expect the county to pay for the burnt building of the former law offices of Reed, Tosh, Wolford and Douglass that sits next to the courthouse?

    2. Is it true you created a job for your relative Holly Nicely?

    3. The two Friendship Ridge contracts that were awarded to Mrs. Javens’s daughter-in-law, and daughter, did you vote in favor of those contracts?

    4. How do you explain as a commissioner of Beaver County that a vendor managed to not pay property taxes in 24 years?

    5. In November 2013 during a press conference for the sale of Friendship Ridge you ordered no row officers were permitted in the room of the press conference. Is it true that Mrs. Javens and Vince Lavalle, in fact, suggested that idea to you, in attempt to keep Controller David Rossi out of the room?

    6. It has been rumored that you were not invited to the Press conference of Senator Vogel’s office announcing the construction of the Crows Run Express Project. If that be the case, why would fellow Republican State leadership exclude you but both Democrat Commissioners were present?

    • @theotherdc – I bet he doesn’t answer…  

      My thoughts: Dave Rossi is the Beaver County watchdog.  I’d like to see the person in charge of the tax office get voted out since they seem to think its “OK” for someone not to pay taxes for 24 years.  (How could you vote for them in the next election after hearing this?)  This is the definition of corruption in our courthouse.  Even if it is your friend, how can you vote for them for secretly F’ing Beaver County tax payers?

  16. No one cares about your petty squabbles.Collect the back taxes! The buck should stop with you. Who’s going to stand up and take responsibility for collecting the 1/2 million in back taxes owed by Grandma Unis? That’s the person I might not vote out of office.

  17. hopefully next election the people in beaver county will remember all this bs and vote for some new blood to run the county. the way I look at it if they aren’t politicians they can’t do any worse than these three and the rest of those thieves in office at the count seat. sherriff George must love this taking all the attention from his stupidity

  18. @ahuedontknowshit

    I’ve vested the past week on this and it’s simple, commissioners, controllers, DA everyone okay.

    Treasurer CONNIE TUCCINARD JAVENS IS GUILTY she generates the tax bids and collects. Joan UNIS has property she pays for and this detection of over 80 parcels that wasn’t collected for twenty years was fine on purpose, UNIS and javens knew there was glitch with bankruptcy and just turned heads on those property’s,

    Maybe campaign donations?
    Personal work, a lot of people seem to have pictures of it taking place seems Like UNIS might have been getting shook down, abs said enough and she fucked him, but didn’t resize it fucked her.

    I tried visiting but office worker’s claim she away on conference paid obviously by county tax dollars, I said to the worker maybe she will get some advice on THIS TAX DEBACLE, THE EITHER LAUGHED THEN LOOKED CALM AS COULD BE AND SAIDINO THIS IS WHERE SHE gets new pension managers handouts at lol

  19. Mister one term tick tock tick tock goes the clock, his girlfriend well be indicted before election good luck getting this votes, stupid fuck and great job building a base with county workers they hate this fuck, it’s bad when they say give me Joe and the other guy……. But Nichols keeps finding way to lose as support almost like he wants to,,,,



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