A balanced budget is critical for growing a healthier economy, adding jobs, and ensuring that we have the money to preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security and promote a strong national defense. The budget plan approved by the House last week, which I supported, balances in ten years and will lead to greater economic prosperity for all Americans.

The surging debt and persistent deficits run up by the federal government are not abstractions. They are a threat to our economy, national security, seniors, and veterans.

Today, every American’s share of the national debt exceeds $53,000. That would pay for a family’s groceries for nearly seven years or a four-year degree at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

To appreciate the burden of debt, consider the liberating effect when you pay off that car loan or get ahead of the credit card bill. You are then free to make other purchasing decisions for your family, you have more freedom to choose and prioritize how to spend your money.

The same principle applies to our national deficit and debt. Getting our debt under control would allow more freedom in how the government spends hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Rather than making interest payments to China, we could be investing in roads or health care.

The law requires the President to propose a budget by the first Tuesday in February. He is now more than seven weeks late. After a four-year wait, the Senate has finally passed a budget. Unfortunately that budget continues the President’s failed policies of more spending, more taxes, more regulation, and more debt. The American people suffer the consequences: fewer jobs, fewer raises, and slower economic growth.

There is a better way. The budget I voted for balances in ten years and addresses issues important to Pennsylvanians from Beaver to Johnstown: jobs, taxes, spending, energy, and health care.

The budget simplifies the tax code by closing loopholes and lowering rates, and will allow hardworking Americans to keep more of what they earn promoting opportunity for the middle-class.

The budget calls for responsibly developing our domestic sources of energy, including those in Western Pennsylvania which will mean more jobs and lower energy prices.

The budget preserves and protects Medicare for current seniors and future generations. It does not require changes for anyone in or near retirement. Those under those under fifty-five would benefit from a choice of plans that includes traditional Medicare. Most importantly, no senior can be denied coverage.

The House balanced budget is critical to growing a healthier economy, fostering job creation, and protecting our seniors and veterans.


  1. Have any of the wacky fix-the-debt Teaparty loons noticed the economy is gaining steam, the stock market is at a record high, and inflation is non-existant? Also, is Rothfus aware his hero GWB was handed a surplus??? Do us a favor Rothfus, blow your smoke and bull**** up your own ass.

    • They pretty much keep Georgie”Dim Bulb”Bush outa’ the picture now.He appears stupid enough to screw up a one car funeral or a wet dream. Sadly, it could be Jebby’s turn next as it seems voters develop amnesia. Let’s not forget lord Ronny Raygun,god of his party and killer of our steel industry.I believe in the latter stages of his presidency he had trouble distinguishing his ass from a hole in the ground> LOL

  2. keith , we’ve heard that line of crap from you and your gang before borrow borrow, spend spend Reagan turned the greatest creditor nation into the largstt debtor in eight short years with their full support. We’ve seen you on the front lines fighting to keep sending Lockeed -Martin the pork with planes and bases the AIR Force has said time and time again they don’t need \. Your backers in the heights getting a return for campain money no doubt.Your medicare proposals do nothing more than put seniors at the mercy of the insurance companies and send them more profits. Those guys up in the heights getting their monies worth again eh Keith? Speaking of seniors What have you tried to do for Friendship Ridge ? Right nothing. Enjoy while it lasts , your money backers will take care of you when the voters tire of your BS and fall for another opportunist.

  3. @SD1120 See Clinton’s Surplus below. Inflation non-existent, where do you live? Do you eat? Do you own a car that uses Gasoline? Do you pay for Healthcare, or are you getting yours via the Working Mans Increase like mine that has more than doubled in the last 3 years so we can now offer it to 11 Million more illegals? Stock Market at record highs, great, but with less take home pay as a result of increased Medical, Gas and Food going through the roof, where does one get the money to invest in the Market? You’ve been reading too many J.D. Prose Articles!

    Every year Clinton was in office, the total national debt continued to climb.

    How Clinton managed to claim a surplus was that while the general operating budgets ran deficits but Clinton borrowed from numerous off budget funds to make the on budget fund a surplus.

    For example, in 2000, Clinton claimed a $230B surplus, but Clinton borrowed
    $152.3B from Social Security
    $30.9B from Civil Service Retirement Fund
    $18.5B from Federal Supplementary Medical insurance Trust Fund
    $15.0B from Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund
    $9.0B from the Federal Unemployment Trust Fund
    $8.2B from Military Retirement Fund
    $3.8B from Transportation Trust Funds
    $1.8B from Employee Life Insurance & Retirement fund
    $7.0B from others

    Total borrowed from off budget funds $246.5B, meaning that his $230B surplus is actually a $16.5B deficit.

    • Unbelievable what you will find with a little research, this applies to both political parties, the amount of “smoke and mirrors” used to bend the truth can be very eye-opening indeed, well said no3putts.

  4. No3Putt: Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, blah, blah, blah…. Why do you Tea Party loons have issues with 8 years of PEACE & PROSPERITY???? If you want to micro-examine 8 years of WARS & RECESSION take a hard look at the GWB DISASTER. Unless, of course, you continue to feel two unecessary trillion dollar wars and 5,000 dead Americans was worth it. What say you genius?

    • SD1120, You brought Clinton into the picture, mentioning the so called Surplus GWB was handed! BTW, how many millions of Taxpayer dollars did we spend on a full blown investigation after he lied about the Monica ordeal? You do realize he also handed GWB, and is largely responsible for the housing Bubble handed over to GWB, ensuring loans were given to folks who could not afford the, but no everyone wants to put that blame on George, that mess was dropped in his lap. I’m not a Tea Party “Loon”, I just look at my life and that of the average “Working American”, keyword, Working, now versus when he took office, and it’s gotten much worse, and that’s with my annual 3% cost of living increase I’m handed each year.

  5. SD. Did you forget Somolia? What about the numerous time Clinton could have taken out Bin Laden but was too busy with Monica. 5000 dead Americans? Does that include the thousands that were murdered on 9/11. Well at least you have your savior in office. The “it’s GWB fault I am failing as a president.

  6. The thousands that were murdered on 9/11 was on GWB’s watch. The planes were flown bt Saudi’s; Bush invaded Iraq. I digress. Rothfus is part of the Bachmann, Goemert Tea Party loony bin. You know, the Todd Aiken “legitimate rape” gang. Latest WSJ/ NY Times poll found 26% of Republicans don’t agree with the Tea Party loons. 26%!!! Don’t get too comfortable Mr. Rothfus, you ain’t gonna be around long.

  7. SD. Why are the “loons”. Cause they want lower taxes and called government? Your right. The must be bat shit crazy.

  8. Sd. Please enlighten me. Oh wait you can’t. Your just repeating what you heard on CNN. Or maybe your hero is J D Prose

  9. You people are all over the place here. Let’s stay focused. Anyone that thinks the US Government spending a trillion (yes TRILLION) more each year than it takes in is a sustainable situation either knows nothing about simple economics or is living on handouts. The only reason the stock market is doing well is because the Fed is handing out zero interest loans to banks who are dumping it into securities for a minimal return, which you can do if you have no interest expense. Once the fed stops this loose monetary policy you will see the bottom drop out. Real sustained economic growth can only come from the private sectors(business) capital expenditures and investments.Currently there is no private sector growth because business are unwilling to risk precious capital in an environment where they can not get a good return. The reason the risk/return problem exists is because businesses have to spend too much to support the overspending public sector and there is not enough left to justify the risks involved.

  10. I find it to be rather insulting to have an elected official lecturing me on how and where tax dollars should be spent. Mr. Routhfuss, you were elected to represent your constituents which means that WE tell YOU where we want our dollars spent and YOU make it happen. Nobody sent you to Washington to indignantly take a “position” and sit back and do nothing while stalemates drag on for years. We sent you to represent our voices, not the caucuses voice. The budget issues weren’t created overnight and they won’t be solved in a year….slow and steady progress with an end objective in mind will yield far more results than what you are currently doing by digging your heels in while your constituents lose their homes.

    Enjoy your term; based on what you have accomplished so far (a whole lot of nothing), I feel certain it will be your last term.

    • I agree completely….Mr “I’m a regular guy” has done nothing but what his Teapublican money people have told him to do. If the Keystone XL pipeline is approved, I hope the Koch Brothers route it through his backyard. He is from the Tom Corbett mold……We need austerity when it involves the common man……when it involves the money people, spend it. I hope the next superstorm goes right through Edgeworth and up into the Heights and then we will see Mr. Austerity voting for relief so fast your head will spin.

  11. If you think the Ryan “Path To Prosperity” is a “better way” to budget, then you must be
    dumber than you look. It reads like the Corbett plan on steroids and we see where that
    has gotten us. Ask any teacher or public employee (Do you think it could have anything
    to do with union-busting?).

    When you wrote your first op-ed I expressed my disapproval of your political intentions.
    This has been your second sorry attempt to convince the electorate of your opinion, and
    once again, I will reiterate – “I didn’t vote for you the first time and I won’t vote for
    you – EVER”. Not as long as you represent the Tea-publicans.

  12. Ba Ba: The entire political system doesn’t work when shameless, uncompromising, idealogues like Rothfus get elected. Those of his ilk preach that government doesn’t work and get elected to prove themselves right.

    • The Teapublicans do a great job of insulting themselves….Lyin Ryan, Michele Bachman. The Teapublicans named a woman that has no intelligence to the Intelligence committee. How’d Mr. “I’m a regular guy vote” Exactly the way he was told!!!!

  13. Rothfus was Mr. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs when he was campaigning. Besides wasting time on another ObamaCare repeal, or another anti-abortion bill what has Mr. Jobs done? The answer, nothing. Rothfus is a club for growth owned right-wing idealogue. He’s gotta go.



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