Beaver County Sheriff George David has been found not guilty of all charges filed against him.

While I am obviously disappointed with today’s jury verdict, I respect their decision in this matter. I have been covering the courts for years now and have never seen a juror who hasn’t treated this most serious and solemn process with anything but the attention it deserves.

I want to thank Pennsylvania State Police Corporals Joseph Olayer and Daniel Mosura for their dedication to this case over the past two years — They are good and decent men whose integrity and devotion to justice should serve as a benchmark for others in their profession.

I also want to thank Senior Deputy Attorney General Laurel Brandstetter who has proven herself to be a powerful advocate for the people of Pennsylvania.

I am grateful that when I found myself in need of help I was met by these three remarkable individuals.

Although I did not find justice, this experience has renewed my respect for those men and women who step in front of us when danger arises, who encourage us to follow behind until our journey becomes safe once again.

– John Paul


  1. shouldn’t surprise anyone this is beaver county politics at its best. they are all crooks and nothing will ever change because we keep electing the same fools into office . beaver county will never change because the old guard won’t let it move into past the 20th century

  2. Mr. Paul I’m sorry for what you went through. I am an officer in this fine county. As 99% of officers in this county know, what you said did indeed happen. The sheriff is a wanna be tough guy. I have been to trial on 7 occasions. All of the cases that I felt most comfortable about the defendant was found not guilty. Your case was simple. His word vs. yours and a fellow deputies. It is sickining to do everything by the book and still lose. This jury was afraid of public backlash. So instead they allowed a crazy P.O.S to carry a gun and make the rest of us officers who believe in ethics look like fools. Hey Georgie, thanks for making the badge look worse than you did when you work for quipp.

  3. You were credible on the stand, John Paul. I can only guess that “reasonable doubt” was not shown satisfactorily to the jury. And, there were many obstacles that made that very difficult to do, like the conflicting defense testimonies and admitted lying of two of the defense witnesses. Sainovich said to the two Deputies, “Say nothing happened, and things will be alright” (sic). — that became a theme for the trial, and it apparently worked.

  4. Wow john paul! Puts his faith in 3 people, one A Deputy Attorney General who obviously is not up on law! Did not think to put out there that the gun was Loaded or not! Lol REALLY? Reading about the case made me say wow! George David is a good man! I hope the WORM TURNS and at election time we will see who the better person is! Go get em sheriff! Congratulations. John paul you think your lil whining a** was twisted before i would not want to be you for ton of reasons! One being your a special kind of stupid! Of course that is just my opinion. I am permitted to have a opinion right?

    • Dear Ed, If I was the attorney for JP I would have said to all of the officers in the court room ” open your guns up so we can all see if they are loaded or not” (you know damn well they are all loaded). That would give a hint to the jury that Geo D gun was indeed loaded.  I for one who voted for Geo D in the past… will NOT in this election.  YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

    • @LEO…Well, let’s just hope all of the Beaver County voters remembers to vote him out when, and yes I said when, he runs again for Sheriff! This time, WE will be in control instead of a jury and we won’t forget!

  5. Every one knows georgie did it, he knows it too, but he’s a good fucken LIAR..I have no respect for this legal system. Don’t stop writing about him , Keep it up, people should start filing Civil cases against him. I feel sorry for the girls that work for him, they need to stand up to this fucken ass and start filing complaints against him. There’s alot of people who let this get out of hand, like the commissioners who give him all our TAX MONEY to take care of his friends. Most of all VOTE HIM THE FUCK OUT. vote vote vote..some day he will F with the wrong person and get knocked on his ass. This is a sorry day JP be strong and always fight back and GEORGE DAVID GOD WILL GET GET YOU LIAR…

  6. Yes. Stay to the high road. I figured with they brought up about your friend they had won. Hopefully your work has at least tempered the Sheriff’s swollen head some.

  7. What a travesty. Let me get this straight. An officer of the law doesn’t like what I am saying in a private meeting, pulls his gun out as a show of force and in a threatening way, and I am supposed to wonder if it’s loaded and whether he’s in control? To further the argument, he threatens to kill two other people in my presence. I think the people of Beaver County need to ask themselves whether they want this man in charge of anything going forward. On the other hand, you, JP, need to reflect on these events beyond what you wrote. Look to judge what you record with this thought in mind…”is this the hill I want to die on?”

  8. I would love to see protesters on the courthouse steps screaming CORRUPTION! This county is a straight up crap hole and the first chance I get I’m taking my family somewhere else!

    • Do you really think it is better anywhere else? If you can find the town that has no corruption, please let me know where it is.

    • Where have you lived besides Beaver County Jon? I’ve lived in lots of places and corruption is everywhere. You cannot escape it. So, when you find that corruptionless town, please let me know where it is……dumbass!

  9. So if I would threaten him on here for what he did to all these other people I’d be in jail and quilt in a heartbeat. He is a waste and will not get elected again. F.u.s.g.d

  10. Lee Rothman said it best  had you pegged from the start your obsession with the sheriff was your downfall !!!  Now you and your husband oops partner can go home to Mercer County and live happily ever after!!!!

  11. NOT GUILTY……. NOT GUILTY…… NOT GUILTY…….NOT GUILTY  and on and on……I LOVE IT!!!!! Now everyone talk all they want, cut down MR. GEORGE DAVID  the Sheriff of BEAVER  COUNTY all you want lol but what’s that again? OH NOT GUILTY DID THEY SAY….. LOL I assume that heads will fall one way or the other. What is it that BIG FISH EAT…. I THINK ITS THE WORM LOL  It’s party time!! Congratulations George!!

  12. Woo hoo! My entire family especially my Pap Ray Palladini has always supported George David or as I know him “uncle George” if the man was guilty he would’ve been convicted. And also to a drug addict who commented previously, you worry about Carrick and mount Oliver and the drugs and trash up there.not beaver county and how corrupt we are.

    • Jp knows  was so proud to get married  but could not own it on the stand referred to brad as his partner I found that odd tough

    • Why don’t you suck on “uncle Georgie’s” dick a little harder? I’m sure he’d appreciate you and your little girlfriend there, since that’s all he believes women are good for, and by the looks of your duck lips in your pic, you’ve had plenty of practice….

  13. When is his term up because their will be more bs to come from this evil corrupt man he needs his power checked did you see his reaction on tv it looks like he he didn’t do shit and had his trail paid off by chuckle betters I’m know voting for him I hope he gets tried in federal court

  14. Another truth came out which was JP’s ultimate demise. This situation with his husband was well known around these parts. Then shortly after this mishap, the unfavorable reports begin. Georgie said what he said, but so did John Paul. I believe that he [JP] made the comment about bringing down an elected official. I also believe he asked George for help. Now whether or not he could have helped is debatable. But that’s neither here nor there. I also believe he was frustrated when “Georgie” couldn’t help “him”. After all the positive stories “I’ve”/He’s been writing about the SO and he can’t help? There was anger there. I get it. I said this before, Georgies temper is famous. Aaand he knew it.   So instead of molding himself into a TALENTED REPORTER WHO MIGHT HAVE A FAVORABLE FUTURE, he becomes an antagonist. He tried to set himself up as a protagonist, giving the reader excitement and drama. We had our own TMZ.  But his search for empathy gave him away.  You knew that the good people [in the court house] would identify with you. You ended up as the antagonist, bringing your drama to them. And Made it Obvious. So many sub plots here. Well  Both parties picked their jurors, and it was left in the jurors hands. The burden of proof is always on the prosecution. These Jurors were not paid off. They are Citizens of this area performing their duty. and again I stress, both parties picked their jurors. This is an example of our justice system. And it worked

  15. @thefed “queer” really? Another in a long line of ignorant internet tough guys. Your a bitch, now please kindly shut the fuck up.

  16. @boom your a fucking coward your just afraid these “faggots” would whoop your ass @sotrue yeah you can type a lot that’s about all. So Tibolet was lying huh. You have the iq of a squirrel. His career is ruined, I’m sure he lied over your rant.

    • Cry all you like on here. Insult everyone like the brainless part time twit that you are. It doesn’t make my comment’s any less true. Lol once the jury found out that JR asked for a favor it was over.  And that favor couldn’t be accomplished,  he redirected all his efforts into ousting the Sheriff. Georgies past transgressions are irrelevant. He  be the biggest asshole in the world, it doesn’t matter. This all looked like retaliation. So instead of acting like your 12,  go do something productive. It scared me more knowing we have people like you out there serving and protecting.


  18. That’s my point, thank you. Georgie is a piece of shit. I knew we could agree. On a more serious note, to all of those brainless motherfuckers who’s only argument is some homophobic rant. Yes the author loves his husband. If that’s all you got please do me a favor. PLEASE KINDLY GO FUCK YOURSELF

  19. If he has any class left in his blood he would step down. Really tho does this verdict surprise you ? Hell no I hope
    ! The system needs booted as you can see we the people have no chance vs these blood sucking reptiles .
    Thank you for reading this Mr .David cause I know you trolling your ass off.

  20. This asshole will eventually get his…he’s chucky betters little bitch boy and we all know that every politician in BC is in the pocket of good.’ Ol chucky so that’s why this scumbag got off

    • Asshole, not, remember, he protected your dad and carried him throughout the half ass time he worked, or when he was not hiding behind George or Willy. At least your dad does not wipe boogers police cars anymore, Oh and when you and your brother hit your dad, who was there to protect your dad again ? Thats right Georgie !

      • I know who this is why dont you have theballs to put your name to your comments D.E. fuck off youre a joke

  21. I was so disgusted when I heard the news. Old Georgie won again.  This man will burn in hell.  I will tell those persons who backed this pile of feces that they are stupid and easy to manipulate.  If you are going to bring the idiot a  bottle of booze I am sure there are better brands than Moet, but maybe you are used to Tiger Rose.  I have known David for years and he has always been a (in his words)  futchen ass hole, a drunk who chases after bears with his belt, a beater and a person who threatens little 10 year old kids, a sperm donor who refuses to admit to having a son, and a person who is biased against jews and non catholics, He is a disgrace to the human race.  The nastiest person I have ever met.  J.P. keep on  doing your job, you are a good person and no matter what the idiots say, you were telling the truth.

  22. J. P., maybe you should take your circus act out to the west coast,  maybe to say ‘um, San Francisco. That would be the perfect place for your little blog.
    Oh and by the way, if you should “head” out there, just so you know……….the reason the women there don’t wear miniskirts…… their balls don’t hang out.

  23. no no respect for the Beaver County Court system there’s nothing right about it bunch of cock sucking liars stealing our tax dollars doing whatever the fuck they want I hate this place. it’s all true

  24. I do not feel safe here anymore. Our towns are full of corruption and drugs and our kids are growing up among it. I am ashamed for the judge and the lawyers because they let this happen. When you see all the anti sheriff stories you know he should not be in office and how the judge can hold his head up is a down right pity. My county, country and world are a shambles. No morals or values.

    • Why shouldn’t George be in office? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he receive the winning majority of votes in the election? Are you trying to say that the majority of the population of Beaver County are dumbasses? 

      • majority of beaver county are democrats who vote one line democratic no matter who is running against them. all controlled by doc sisk and chuck betters always been a democratic machine in beaver county

  25. are the unfortunate officer so naive in their little circle jerk . that’s there is hard working people will reach out far beyond Beaver County who will spread the word how corrupt they are the whole dam nation going to know

  26. I agree that justice may not have been served. But now you all need to do something to make political changes. Don’t give me that “I don’t want anything to do with politics”. If you don’t get involved it will continue. Our country is set up so that all services are ran by the government, I.e. politics. You just can’t walk away complaining. Go to town and council meetings and consider running for office. Get involved in your town and county and work for change. If you do nothing it will continue use and get worse.

    • Like it is so easy to sell your house if you own one. We just cant pick up and leave like for doing nothing to improve it thats where you have no idea..So dont speak on things you know nothing about

  27. This verdict is not surprising.  However, I believe this situation will resolve itself over time.
    The only people who know what happened in these situations are the people involved.  After that, an opinion is simply based on who one chooses to believe.
    I was not at the trial and only know what has been portrayed in the media.  The jury had their conclusion and that is the way things work.
    As I said, this will resolve itself.
    If indeed the charges were false, the Sherriff’s Office will return to the job at hand and things will quiet down.
    If the charges were actually true, the verdict will embolden the Sherriff and we will hear about him again.
    Time will tell.

  28. A very serious issue was the limitation the courtroom seating placed upon observers who attended or tried to attend.There were 26 seats for observers in tiny Courtroom 2 — 13 on each side of the aisle. George David’s family and friends got first preference and filled the left 13 seats for most, if not all, of the trial. The press — four news organizations — were then given second priority and seated and filled four of the right 13 seats. The three state police guards and John Paul occupied another four seats of the right 13 seats. An intern, and his friend, from the DA’s office took two more seats on the right. This left three seats for the public to compete for. This seating changed only slightly throughout the trial, and some members of the public gave up trying to get in. I have never seen such a prioritized seating setup anywhere in a courtroom. In Allegheny County, speakers would have been placed in the hallway. Perhaps the Court Administrator’s Office wanted to be sensitive to a difficult seating situation, but the net result was the exclusion of the public — the same public that have to be the Monday Morning Quarterbacks here and second guess what happened. The date of this high profile trial was known months before. Why was it crammed into such a small space? And, why did the public get the fewest seats?

  29. Why did the last article get deleted? I thought JP showed pride in freedom of speech. Guess BeaverCountyOz waisted his time and effort. Like what was said before. You people complaining about corruption leave. Beaver County’s crime rate would drop if you left. I am sure most of you that scream abuse and corruption have a extensive criminal history.

    • Dear ba ba, The great and powerful Beaver County Oz didn’t waist his time or effort. In fact, I have a special something for you!

      Beaver County Oz
      (scroll down *\/* to read)

      Ba, Ba, black sheep,
      Have you any stool?
      Yes Oz, yes Oz,
      Ten bags full.

      Five for dat Myron,
      Four for him’s dame,
      And one for dat sheriff boy
      We know be insane!

  30. Mr Bill – I was one of the “public” that managed to get in and heard three days of testimony.

    The verdict of “Not Guilty on All Counts” must be honored, because a jury of his peers saw it that way. It’s the American way. JP has written a class-act concession in this article.

    Both attorneys did an outstanding job. However, in MY opinion, the defense attorney was just a little bit better in convincing an impartial jury; the key word being impartial.

    How well did they know George David and when did they know it? How many prospective jurors were tossed because they had formed an opinion beforehand, pro or con?

    Based on what I’ve read and heard of George David’s shenanigans (ALL those people in two years can NOT be lying en masse) plus the in-court mutterings that the judge immediately admonished, leads me to believe the jury WAS impartial and just called it based on their findings.

    As a final note, some haters in here resort to homophobic names and rub it in just to get their jollies – just like the high school bullies they probably were.

    Sooner or later, in his newly-found arrogance and swelled head, Georgie is gonna slip up. He’s just that kinda Beaver County guy.

    Just keep investigating and keep ’em guessing JP.

    • @medinfo2000…Your post was a good and fair observation of what you was able to establish sitting in on the Trial. It just amazes me that Rothman was able to convince the jury that everyone was lying except George David! But,it’s over and done with, it is what it is! He has another Trial I heard them say on KDKA coming up with him and the man who he threatened to cut off his hands and eat them, and even tho we all know what the outcome of that Trial will be, it still shows what a bully and terror this man really is and will continue to be, maybe not right away, but he is a creature of habit, just give it some time! This debacle has given Beaver County a HUGE black eye, one that our Law Enforcement and the Deputies have to endure while he’s still the Sheriff. As far as John Paul is concerned, he did an excellent job and he most certainly did concede with class, something George David will never have!

    • medinfo2000: I agree with your comments. I shall only say that I believe that there are some serious apparent mental health issues guiding George David’s behavior, and at some time, they will have to be addressed. Fornelli recognized, and stated, David’s impulsiveness and irresponsibilty at the bond revocation hearing, and took away his guns while threatening him with jail time if he violated a court order again. And during this trial, his seemingly easy, in my opinion, pathological, lying is equally troublesome and was not all defense strategy. I think that having a psychiatrist testify in the next trial to his behavior, for the prosecution, would be helpful. I hope that the next time Fornelli makes a trip to Beaver it is not a homicide trial that results from David’s “losing it” again big time, but with a worse outcome. In the meantime, I also think that it is time for John Paul to start recording all his interviews, informal or not. There is no reason that they can’t be erased, if the interview turns out to be harmless, but this is certainly a wake-up call to be on alert.

    • @Tyler….are you fucking kidding me? Italians….really! Where is your sarcasm button? You’re blaming Italians? Sit back look around you and realize that things for the most part are OK. I suppose if your siting on your porch in Beaver falls, aliquippa, or Ambridge things may not seem so cheerful, but Mungo is digging the scenery looking out into the woods here in Hopewell! So you my friend can take all that Italian nonsense and put it where the sun don’t shine!

  31. Notice that most of the people on here favoring david are ITALIANS. The US let that mongrel group of individuals in here for cheap labor. We got a world of hurt in return. send them back

    • I can’t believe Tyler Fleming you truly are a moron name me one Italian involved in this trial!!! George David is lebonese and I haven’t heard one Italian name mentioned in the trial!!!i am one proud Italian and don’t bunch all Italians in the same boat as you wouldn’t say all Germans are nazis or all Irish are micks or all polish are Pollocks or all blacks are…you get my drift you mental giant!! You are racist who gets to spout off about your views because this is america!!!you are in this country because your Ancestors were allowed in this country!!!! Maybe we should send you back!!!!

    • Tyler, I beg to differ. The U. S. let in another group for EVEN cheaper labor and look how that’s turned out.
      If I’d had known there was going to be this kind of trouble, I’d have picked my own damned cotton.

      • wow another person who listened in history class . I said the same thing on facebook and should have seen the responses. was amazing how many people don’t know or understand the history of our great nation. same thing happening now the Hispanics are everywhere which really wouldn’t bother me cause that is how are nation was founded but I as a an American shouldn’t have to or will I ever have to learn spainish to communicate with my neighbor . and honestly lauren Ashley the race card ran out years ago. sometimes people just speak the truth

    • Ignorant bullshit comments like this one are precisely why lawsuits are lost.  Stupid ignorant people with voiceboxes.

      • Marie Casuccio Look at this spaghetti loving last name of yours. Its sunday, maybe you should spend some time with your local pedophile parishioner? Hopewell PA is a a dump by the way – and for no small part its due to you Italians.

  32. Wow, I love all the comments that slam JP’s sexual orientation. Because calling out the fact that he is happly married has anything to do with this trial and all. I hope to god that you aren’t parents. If so I hope that your children don’t turn out like you and spout nonsensical verbal abuse towards others. I just hope that your children learn how to be an adult from someone other than yourselves. Also, you know there is such a thing as being a sore winner, right?

    We the people of this county need to take it back! For far too long we have sat by and let things run themselves. Just look at these names. Veon, David, Spanik, Camp, Trombetta, Javens and I can bet there are more. All theses people have ruined or tarnished what makes beaver county what it is. Why do we just sit back and let this happen? And I don’t care if you’re a dem, republican, independent, Jedi, or any other part affiliation. This needs to stop before this county turns into anymore of a circus. If all sports (amatuer, high school, college, and professional) were cancelled for one year and people were forced to follow politics and whatch what their elected officials were doing, I can guarantee our government would be in a much different state. It’s a shame that most people in western PA know more about the steelers and their stats then what their elected officials are doing, or not doing, in office.

  33. I have one more “food for thought” comment. An impartial jury usually means they have no pre-judged opinion of any incidents and no or little knowledge of the individuals involved.

    I’m wondering if the jurors were familiar with the BeaverCountian before the trial (I was not present for jury selection), and I’m wondering if any of them have now decided to check it out to see what all the buzz is about.

    I’m wondering how many of them are now thinking, “Oh my God. What have I done?”

    • It is my hope medinfo2000 that one or more jurors will comment here and give some insight into the decisions made.

      • The Tribune-Review ( had a fairly well-written online story about the verdict that included a short interview with a juror.
        Reasonable doubt is what was cited.

      • @Beavernewbie: Good article, and accurate. Reasonable Doubt saves the day.Things will settle down in that office, for awhile. Perhaps some wide, beaming smiles for the workers, random acts of kindness and slaps on the back will be doled out to convince people that all is fine in the world of Sheriffing. But this just resets the game button, and eventually it will all start over, as a clean record is created for appearances before the next trial. If people do not learn from this and protect themselves, though, they will have no one but themselves to blame.

  34. We are so happy we get to go home to our daddy. We may have a shady past and so may our daddy but we love each other.  

  35. One  More Time!!!!   NOT GUILTY!!!!  Everyone Now!! NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES….. Not Some But ALL!!!!!

  36. Notice to others.  DO NOT come back to this site.  it only adds to advertising dollars.  This man has nothing better to do than be a pain.  Avoid the website, and it will go away.

  37. One of the most important parts of a trial, often ignored, is the “Instructions to the Jury” segment after the “Closing Arguments” and before they leave to deliberate. Many people leave the courtroom for that half-hour or longer period of instructions from the judge. But it is then that the law is explained, for each charge, and they are told the guidelines they must follow for their decision-making of guilty/not guilty. It is not a simple yes/no. Reasonable Doubt must be considered, as defined by law, and criteria for each charge are explained and must be used (like the “empty gun” disqualification for the Reckless Endangerment charge). It is quite likely that guilt could not be proven, based upon the testimony heard. The most heinous murderer can go free, if the case is not proven to the satisfaction of the jury and the Reasonable Doubt/definitions of the crimes criteria are not satisfied. So, this case could be a “not only, but also” situation in which something really did happen, but the proof was not sufficient for a guilty verdict. Don’t blame the jury. Don’t blame the judge. Don’t blame the lawyers. They were only doing their jobs, and for the most part, they did them well. And — some comments here by people that were not a part of or observed the trial process are light-years from being credible or relevant to what happened. Go to an entire trial, as I did this one, then come back and say something that has relevance to the facts that are presented in that formal setting.

  38. As a police officer and member of Beaver Valley Lodge 4 of the FOP I want people to know that a vast majority of police offices think George David is a POS and a thug punk. Its a shame what we go through in Beaver County. I blame the democratic party for this situation. They supported this guy and played with his nuts to excite him. His day will come, just not soon enough. Oh one last thing, Who was the short little guy who was trying to French kiss the sheriff on TV. FRAT?

  39. Well, not all related here but I haven’t been around in awhile so…. Fuck George David, fuck chuck betters, fuck Nevin beatty, fuck Maureen hapach (cause she’s sure not as pure as the driven snow). And that statement by no means indicates support for Ron Lutton, just disapproval for cheaters. And an extra fuck George David and wannabe monopoly man dickface fucktard chuck betters. And also fuck the hopewell in crowd clique

  40. Oh and I forgot fuck Jimmy Mann. At least I don’t have to hear about how he “props his feet on the bed and power fucks” you know who (female cop daughter of prominent beaver county cop)

  41. lets see whos not telling the truth George lets do a poly graph test what do you have lose now and if I have to I pay for it

  42. I do beleive that some that john paul shot him self in the foot so to speak. Just wrote to much about it before the trail. This situation guilt lies on both sides.

    • FYI: Everyone who was in the room that day was offered the opportunity to take a polygraph test before George David was charged.

      I was the only person who agreed to take one.

      I passed it with flying colors.

      • Never a doubt in my mind, John Paul! Thank you for sharing that with us! Hang in there! The best is yet to come!!! 🙂

      • Was that admitted as evidence at the trial? I don’t think it can be used as evidence, but it sure as hell should have been mentioned by the prosecution in the opening and closing arguments.

      • John paul i applaud you volunteering for polygraph, though admissable in court, it sure could have shed a light on the situation. I hate reading these comments bashing you and the sherriff and beaver county. None of us were in that room that day, no one but the people there know the truth from their own perspective….

  43. Absolutely non-believable front page picture and caption of George David — “I’M BACK” — on the Beaver County Times today! I guess the political endorsements for this guy are just beginning. Was their reporter REALLY at the trial? 

  44. John Paul, you have my support and apparently many others. Nobody knows how brutal this asshole sheriff can be. I witnessed him beating a man with handcuffs on. His name is Ron Brown from Hopewell Twp. I know that he’s capable of such wrong doings because again, I WITNESSED IT! I noticed on channel 11 news that his little bitch was beside him in the courthouse. John Joe Fratangeli, sucking his ass ! Where’s the justice with his crime. Months ago, our great D.A. Tony Berosh stated that an arrest of him came within a day. Well Tony, now it’s been a year and half since the crime happened. Now we can really see the connection. DIRTY POLITICS. Pray that I never get arrested and charged with “false reports to law enforcement agencies”. I’ll own the courthouse. TONY BEROSH, finally DO YOUR FUCKING JOB !

  45. I hope people from outside the county dont come on this site, they would be disgusted with the people comments and and what not. Sadly this site doesnt do anything positive for the place i call home….i love beaver county, i wouldnt live anywhere else, but to read something called the beaver countian and see all the negativity it spews hurts the soul. Why not report more positive stories, there is alot more good around here than bad…but you just seem to focus on the bad..obsessed with it that you tainting our hometowm..look at the comments it brings out. You have a chance to report on anything, amd you take the bad and smear it on here…open your eyes man, there is so many good stories, people in this county…but no one would know that by reading this site…just sad to destroy the place we live.

    • he is not destroying the place you live . he is trying to inform you what is going on with your taxpaying dollars .if there wasn’t so much filth in beaver county he could write about the good things this county has to offer

    • That’s what the rag BCT is for! Fluff stories on Nobama, weddings, births, you know, nice things that you can line your birdcage with.

  46. looking at the comments you can see why this county is so screwed up . this was just beaver county politics at its finest I said when this all started they would find him not guilty. too much money behind the man to let anything happen to disrupt the democratic machine in beaver county. why do you have to swear or tag people with names to say what you have to say? George david is as crooked as they come he was in on the missing guns from the sols sporting goods store before most of the people commenting were born. he is in power because chuck betters wants him there to protect his interests . nothing will ever change in beaver county till the old guard dies off and we get some new people running politics I the county but that won’t happen because most young people don’t vote nor care to vote that is why the polling numbers are so low. people wake up and see what is going on under your noses it effects you whether you think it does or not thank you paul and keep us informed on what they try to pull in the courthouse

  47. also to hometown this is the only place I would want to grow up yes but every year it gets worse. too many crooked deals too mant politicians just looking for kickbacks and to make a quick buck. I wish it was like it was years ago but it isn’t and probably never will be the thing that lags beaver county behind is if there isn’t anything in it for the politician then it doesn’t happen. the old guard doesn’t approve of change look how long it took to get us connected to the development in cranberry. probably to late but whatever. had to build the jail out of beaver where it has been for many years because beaver people didn’t want it there more costs to the taxpayers. I could go on forever

  48. Would love to see David, Betters, Mann all go down. Then through attrition make the SD smaller. Really? Staff sergeants? Sheriff’s hold no real power in PA abyways except for a few small exceptions. Hey Jimmy Mann better go per fuck that shit tonight “cuz”

  49. Alright JP, enough of this BS, it’s time to get back to work. There is SO much more going on around here than this. Maybe next time consider a miniature video camera.

  50. Glad to hear that JP PASSED A POLY GRAPH TEST about the incident.  So we all know who told the truth on the stand and who has credibility with the story they told in the courtroom.   JP – Thank you for trying to bring down the corrupt machine known as BEAVER COUNTY POLITICS. You may have lost 1 battle, but pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and get back to reporting to what’s going on in BC as you find out.  The OJ trial verdict = this verdict.  We all know what happened- no matter what verdict was handed down. THANK YOU JP!as always… YOU’RE WELCOME!!!  

      • yo curekt dat’s nahh big thin`. lots o’ sheeit aint allowed ta be presented in trials and shat. jus sayin 

      • mah pappy says them thar guys wif th’ number jobs say them lyin tests aint wrong no mo’e than ten o’ twenny times outa a hunerd. aint perfec but they sho’nuff beat whippin th’ kids t’fess up

  51. Really? Cause our tax dollars just got wasted over two grown men bickering..and the outcome was nothing….this blog is a waste, the times reports these stories but does it with a lil more respect than using hear say. And the biased writing feuls morons to comment and bash people they dont know. Over it, not reading this trash web site…someone involved in the case should not have been writing about it the whole time….i said it months ago, that the more he writes this stuff here, the more it looks like a reporter trying to make something up..doesnt matter what the truth is. But to use the comments to attack the character of these two men is absurd. This site brings the worst out of people and thats unfortunate…im not saying fluff peices….but would be nice to see more of the bright people and characters get the respect they desrve instead of just putting hear say filth. Just saying it could be more balanced and respectful, but choses the low road and gives beaver county a bad rep

    • @Hometown: I ask you to consider that this reporting is the result of investigative journalism. It fills a niche in local news reporting, and by design and purpose it reports on the things that go “wrong” in local government.

      Other news sources do a pretty good job of covering what is “right” and popular. For the most part, John Paul is not covering the news that is found elsewhere, which also makes good business sense, although there will be some inevitable overlap. By its very nature, investigative journalism reveals things that are not “nice”, and that are “wrong”, and one can hardly expect people to respond favorably to the “bad” things they hear.

      Also, it is not surprising, to me, that, eventually, some kind of attack, verbal and/or physical, would be made against John Paul, because of the things he uncovers — it upsets people, often people who have very thin skins but who pretend otherwise. Fortunately and importantly, most all of what I read here is verifiable and can be researched and vetted with a little effort, and I do so with each article. This reporting has withstood the test of time over the past four or five years, and very little has been retracted for inaccuracies. When something is wrong, JP has admitted it and corrected the error.

      I don’t like reading these articles any more than you do, but to be an accurate judge of what goes on in local politics, it helps to know the dysfunctional side as well as the side put out for public approval. This is not just John Paul creating something to anger people — investigative journalism has been around for a long time, and it is widespread in the media, and it is crucial for a full understanding of all parts of politics.

      Things like the Sheriff’s actions are covered frequently, not because of some vendetta or obsession, but because the Sheriff is a frequent offender and in the public eye through his own repeated behavior, and the same is true of other areas reported upon. Look at the other stories here, and you will see that coverage is driven by what happens, not by some personal negative purpose or some attempt to just piss people off. Consider the alternative — no Beaver Countian and no public awareness that this stuff is happening in local politics. We all would be the victims of the biggest public snookering imaginable, and the future would hold only more of the same.

      I am “Hometown” too, and I have been for more than seven decades. This stuff that is happening is not new. It has been with us for a long time, and it is time to do something about it. So hang in there and give it a chance. It just might get better. If not, at least we tried and didn’t sit on our hands watching the parade of idiocy marching before us.

      • @ Raven..I couldn’t agree more with your post! Very well said! And as we all know, George David is a creature of habit….it’s just a matter of time!! 

      • Awwww man! Is anyone else disapointed to hear that RAVEN is over 70 years old?! Here I pictured a well build,black haired, very well spoken, intelligent woman…….my kinda woman…….and I get a grandma……damn it!

  52. Everyone,relax, sit back and watch. There is only one person who gives people what they deserve. He is not crooked, he does not get paid off. He only gives people what they deserve. George knows him well he goes to his house once a week for an hour. That is his time to ask for forgiveness for what he does all week until he leaves his house and starts all over again. That is enough to scare anyone normal, but then again he is not normal. So I know I am sitting back with a smile and just waiting. JP I hope you are very happy in your marriage and thank you for making us see what we are dealing with. This is not the end of the journey it is only the beginning. Have a wonderful day everyone

  53. No doubt disappointment, but not surprising… reasonable doubt….

    But silver lining…

    GEORGIE BOY, HIS TROUBLES ARE NOT OVER, he got done lawsuits coming and criminal charges near, really near….

    Few off his protectors have some charges coming to the door step..

    And a few low hanging fruit that work for him have some charges…..

  54. @JoeDoe: You write,  “And as we all know, George David is a creature of habit….it’s just a matter of time!!”  I hope that “creature of habit” is true, because, the alternative to that it is not as innocuous. Consider that the behavior might arise from a behavior disorder rooted in “mental” pathology, specifically “Intermittent Explosive Disorder” (look it up)  that is not premeditated or even known to him, or even self-controllable if he is aware, but is a defensive compensation used to deal with intolerable stress. It fits the current observable behaviors, and it fits the history of the descriptions of his behavioral reactions to stress. It also can co-exist with other “mental” disturbances. It has been suggested here that a psychiatrist testify at the next trial, and I believe that is a very good idea, because the behavior he is displaying might be more than just a “habit”. It would be unwise for “armchair analysts” like myself in this comment, to make too much of this suggestion, but I believe that it should be at least considered as possibly operant in what is happening. It could even help the guy, for if he sincerely can’t control his outbursts, he can’t be held fully accountable for his actions. It would suggest that he get help for it though, a win-win on both sides.

  55. @signedepstiensmother: A decrepit, foul-smelling, urine soaked, Alzheimer-ridden quadraplegic wino in a wheelchair is the only human that would even condescend to fucking you if a loaded gun was held to her head.

      • No one’s trying to portray anything. I don’t give a rat’s ass about creating a phony image portrayal here or anywhere else. I try to keep it clean, but if someone throws shit at me, I throw it back. If you don’t like my stuff, don’t read it.

      • she has a couple fans who vote her up though. awwwww……geriatric support at its best. i was being complimentary, but apparently alzheimer’s has got the best of this old girl.

    • I’m replying to your post below.  Regarding your response about your image on here, your post history would suggest otherwise. I’m not implying that you have a phony image on here.  From my perspective, your posts suggest you have a certain character, and this comment doesn’t fit that character.

    • oh sweet Raven…….if you only knew who i was in real life………im sure you would change your mind. But I bet your daughters and grand daughters would bang the snot outta me…..or may have even already done so. Love you too you old bat! and silly ole me…..thought i was actually being complimentary.

      • oh snap….just realized……at 70ish… probably dont even think about sex anymore… are all dried up!

      • @signedepstiensmother:  And if you knew who I really am in real life, you would shit your pants, because everything I said was bullshit. It just shows how easily naive people can be led to jump to conclusions. 

      • honey….if you tell me you have lived here for over 7 decades………then i believe you. i have lived here for over 3…..and one in Moon Twp. thats the truth. why would I lie about that? the thought of it is just silly.  and I’m really cute. Ask Wendy Corleone…..I’m her favorite drummer. She likes to grab my nipples. Every time i see her. thats the truth too. Dont you worry about me poopin my pants…..i still have good control over my bowels…..but i guess once you cross the threshold of 70 years old…..that gets more difficult. huh?

      • I can definitely vouch for signedepstiensmother .. you would wanna grab his nipples too, if you seen him,   A definite HOT HOT HOT! #jussayin

  56. To be honest, I was disappointed to find out that JP tried to use his courthouse connections to get his partner out of trouble. That’s just the kind of stuff that is written about here. 

      • Quite true. The David/Mann/Magyar/Beaver cop nephew/Sheriff’s deputy uncle recounting of the events at the Beaver police station and before were the most contrived of the trial — selective forgetting and improvised agreements that almost had to have been agreed upon. 

      • The same is true about your testimony as well John Paul. What is true a jury found George “NOT GUILTY”. If there was any truth to your testimony surely a jury would not have unanimously come back with a “NOT GUILTY” verdict.

    • @Icanead: One basic thing that resulted from observing that trial is that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE CONNECTED — . relatives,  friends, families and Partners in Blue. George David does not exist alone, and he could not survive alone. They watch out for each other, help each other, lie for each other. It is sad, but true. NO ONE testifying in that trial was not related to or connected to someone else, except John Paul. (Brad was a diversion side issue and he did not testify.) When one talks about George David, it must be with a recognition that he is talking about a close-knit NETWORK of individuals. The trial was not about right versus wrong or legal/illegal. For the defense, it was about how the system could be manipulated for a favorable outcome. It would be naive to think otherwise, for one could see it in action. Unfortunately, it worked, and Reasonable Doubt prevailed.

      • But I don’t see how someone can rail against the machine when they are using the machine for their own purpose. Now, I’ll let it go. We all make mistakes, and I think JP’s investigative reporting is invaluable to the community. Maybe, in desperation, I would do the same for a family member.

  57. George David just announced he’s running for reelection next year.  John Paul losing this trial is going to be a disaster for us all.

    • @LEO..John Paul DIDN’T lose this Trial, the Defense/AG’s office lost this Trial, and the only way this won’t become a disaster is if the people VOTE HIM OUT!!!!! We’ll be working on that, trust me!!

  58. These comments from both sides are sickening.  There is very little discourse in any of the comment sections, but especially this one.  Almost every comment section follows the following formula, not necessarily in this order:

    1) Raven posts a long comment that’s purpose is to show off her writing abilities or inflate her own ego over the “normal” BC citizen.  The comment may or may not have actual substance relevant to the article.
    2) Idiots who can’t understand Raven resort to name calling, which may be responded to by Raven (see below) or even Nikki (see multiple posts below). Ahudontknowshit will make an appearance, although I usually cannot comprehend his posts.
    3) Republicans post about how this county is ruined by the Democrats.
    4) See 3, but switch Democrats and Republicans with each other.
    5) People call JP a fag.

    I usually enjoy reading JP’s articles, although I was not a fan of the coverage of this case; there was unavoidable (althought maybe well founded) bias. 

    Nevertheless, there is no reason to attack JP for being gay.  His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his reporting abilities nor his opinion of George David. The people that post this hate towards JP really embarrass this county, especially since the motivation is completely irrelevant; it makes us look ignorant.  Even if you think less of JP since he is gay, at least “this fag” cares about our county enough to report on current issues.  If you are someone who thinks he is just reporting his biased opinion, at least he gives us a platform for us to voice ourselves without a fee, unlike The Times.  Discussion is supposed to allow us to learn what the other side thinks and maybe reform our personal opinion, not give us an opportunity to attack those we disagree with.

    Grow up Beaver County.

    • For the most part in the details, and entirely in the substance agree with this post.  I’d not be inclined to single out the posters you have as problematic, and find all of those mentioned, as well as OZ and Mr. Bill as useful contributors. 

      As to the substance of this post, it is an uncomfortable truth that politics in Beaver County is as poster ‘Mr. Bill’ points out a connected network of individuals that do each others bidding.  I think it more resembles a criminal syndicate than anything else.  It is the politics of thuggery, and it has moved from Aliquippa to the county courthouse.

      The sheriff plans to run for reelection next year.  While he personifies the most bombastic and vulgar of the current politics, by no means is he alone or even the leader.  At a minimum, I will vote against EVERY incumbent in county office, regardless of party.  I’m not sure that’s enough.  It seems to me there comes a point where the reasoned among us need to step from the shadows of anonymity and stand up to these tyrants.  I’m almost there.

    • While I happen to believe that you’re correct with your statement about people attacking JP’s orientation, and the name calling that goes along with that, I also believe you have no reason to call me out by name. I don’t believe I’ve torn into you lately, so I would appreciate you keeping my name out of your mouth. 

  59. GAG ME..I’ve seen the front page article in the Times this morning, I’m ready to cancel my subscription . I see the two Blond Twits had it all decorated for him…GAG ME..Oh I’m sure he is smiling at every one and being nice because election is around the corner, He wants votes then after he gets in It will be worse than before and then it’s get even time, Don’t make the same mistake, Don,t be fooled, Don’t vote for him, Remember SMILING FACES TELL LIES and he got away with it, I’d be smiling too. 

    • @Voters Beware…GAG ME for sure! Well said I couldn’t agree more! I was just reading the comments on Timesonline and the blogger “gimmeabreak” is saying the same thing as you are! I’m thinking all of those horns honking and phone calls he got was from his cronies in Quip! Frat must of rounded them all up for the big welcome back show! What a joke!!


  61. We the people are held at a higher standard when it comes to our justice system and we have to abide by them. What we witnessed at the Beaver County courthouse was both a travesty of justice and double standard for us taxpayers of Beaver County.

    The message is as follows:

    If I tell someone out of anger I’m going kill you, that’s considered a terrorist threat and I go to jail. George David tells you that, and we are supposed to say we know how he acts and that’s ok. As a public servant if he cannot conduct himself in a professional manner, what business does he have being in office? It’s like watching a little kid giving you a temper tantrum until he gets his way. What a shame a 67 year old public official can get his way doing this. That tells me he does not have the intelligence of reasoning like an adult. That he can only get his way acting like a child. And that he is very disrespectful to the staff of women he works with. A woman shouldn’t have to hear because he disagrees with her that she is a “cunt, whore, or any other disrespectful name this immature heathen can call the personnel he works with. That is someone’s wife, mother, sister or grandmother. As far as the men he works with, they too have to deal with his immature ways by yelling and screaming at grown men in front of an audience. OR, he will change their shift as punishment. If they have a scheduled day off; that too is taken away.

    Now whenever someone comes to your house to rob you at gunpoint, and you identify the perputrator, according to Fornelli, we now have to ask him first if he has bullets in his gun to prove he was going to kill us. This is the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard. They even assume when a kid goes to school the gun is loaded. In fact, everywhere else except in Beaver County it’s considered and assault when you wave or point a gun at someone, because they don’t know their intentions. Explain to me what the difference is? In fact, everywhere else except in Beaver County it’s considered and assault when you wave or point a gun at someone, because they don’t know your intentions Everyone know all types of law enforcement carry bullets in their fire arms. Does this joke of a judge think we are stupid? (I’m sorry, he must because we are from BC). He thinks everyone in law enforcement is “Barney Fife”! Well Mr. Fornelli, no one tells you how to judge; so do not assume you know how law enforcement officers take care of their own equipment. They do have bullets in their gun, you should have asked if the safety was on. But why should that matter, when someone is waving a gun at you in an irate state of mine, then I would be concerned for my life as well. Let see what you do if it ever happens to you.

    Everyone knows, whoever has had an encounter with George David and his ban of wannabe’s; that he only preys on people who are weak or women. The only time he can show his manhood is if he is in a group with guys beating up on a person. He was always a dirty cop that always steps in shit and comes out smelling like a rose because he intimidates the hell out of people to say they didn’t see anything, hear anything or say anything.

    It’s not just the people he works with either, it’s also the people he encounters. He will use his intimidation to get votes. I’ve witness this first hand working the poles. He reminds them all the time “remember what I did for you”. Now is your time to pay me back!!! I had to wonder if what he did for them was legitimate. How long do these people have to OWE him?

    His arrogant demeanor in the courthouse would have been a clue to the jurors as far as I’m concerned. He knew he was lying therefore; perjuring himself. What I’m baffled at is how the jurors can hear testimony that the witnesses heard and witnessed his actions and still found him not guilty? This was a gross misconduct of service. Now, I know a few people who have a speech impediment and their therapist didn’t tell them to yell at people to correct the stuttering. Another lie that George and his wife will go to church to repent and start all over again on Monday with their miss behavior. From what I understand this whole thing blew up because of his wife. She cannot get along with anyone in any office and that includes the office of the prothonatary. She would consider herself untouchable because she would say her husband was the sheriff and could get away with it. Also my understanding that she was dismissed from her position because of it, and that’s why George David has it in for Werme. Power had nothing to do with it or working for her votes at the poles. It had a lot to do about his wife’s miss conduct and unprofessionalism. Not everyone can be wrong when you’re all saying the same thing, and just because the David’s say it, it’s suppose be right.

    This is a disgrace for Beaver County and all the taxpayer’s. How are we, the taxpayer’s supposed to believe in the justice system after what we just witnessed? How can all the people who posted the disgraceful things about what this man has done to others respect our justice systems? And lastly, what is going to happen to the people who spoke up to defend themselves from his rage going to have to endure? It has already been said that his buddy Better’s is going to spend a lot of money to make sure he gets into office again, and others are going to make sure Werme loses her seat. That the girls in the office are going to pay for what they did. This asshole bully has to go. (By the way, I thought we were working to end bullying? It doesn’t just happen in schools!)

    When and how is he going to be held accountable for his actions and reactions? We are held accountable for our own actions. When are we going to have respect and be proud of being from Beaver County again? The only way that we can achieve this, is if they get rid of this cancer called George David and all the other crooked politicians that are destroying our freedom of speech ,our right to bear arms (with bullets) and to enjoy the freedoms that is our constitutional right. You have to start from the bottom up. He does not have right to disrespect the badge for his one gain; or the others who wear that badge. He has no right to speak to anyone with disrespect by bullying them or calling them names and think he can do whatever he wants and there are consequences, and lastly he doesn’t have the right to wear the badge or uniform for what it really represents. Honestly, to serve and protect, integrity, and above all Respect. He spreads nothing but evil and he doesn’t even know the people who say they are on his side are the ones that hate him the most!!!

    The people he buys off; his so called supporters, would do anything to make sure they keep receiving their perks from him. Well, money is the root to all evil, and we just witnessed that too!

    How about it Beaver County Taxpayers? Aren’t you tired of your taxpaying money being spent on people who throw it away? Do we really need this OLD narrow mined person, who is still trying to undermine the rules and regulations –LAWS for his own gain? Do we really need these commissioners who do nothing when people asked them for help to correct the David situation because he was going rogue on them? I say it’s time for change!!!! Unless, of course, you want to keep wasting your taxpaying money? You decide!

    • @JustinBeaverCounty: Wow! Well said. And you say, “That tells me he does not have the intelligence of reasoning like an adult.”  I’ll add obvious mental illness to that. First, oppositional defiant behavior to compensate for inadequacies as a youth, then intermittent explosive disorder as he compensates as an “adult”.  He’s not only antisocial, he’s quite dangerous. At this point, I really wonder if he has the ability to evaluate his own behavior. When you add illness to affect thinking, it’s no longer “intelligent” behavior. 

    • @JustinBeaverCounty: I agree with Raven, very well said!! Now if we could just get this info out to the voters, George David might just be a bad memory come next election!

  62. One “good” swing of that 38 revolver, or a pistol whipping, loaded or not, to John Paul’s head could have killed him, or Werme or Prose..And a slapjack to the temple could have done the same. Did anyone ever think of that? 

  63. Fornelli is an academic, a former philosophy major turned lawyer then judge. So, he loves the technicalities and bookish rules that need to be explained, a la “The Paper Chase”. Senior Deputy Attorney General Laurel Brandstetter is a young, inexperienced, bookish person who lacks the fire in the belly drive to fight the bad guys, and she relies upon “reason” and logic and school book knowledge to win the day in court. But these approaches did not work to convict David. Lee Rothman knew this and exploited it, very smart for an excellent criminal defense attorney. He skewered the defense with the reasonable doubt ploy, and the rest is history. David did not win. He got off. It was a fight to be won in the trenches, and the defense was left moving pieces on the war planning board.

  64. BULLSPIT !!!! Did anyone think an Police Officer was gonna be charged with a crime? EXACTLY, When you have a corrupt local government , they all scratch each others backs. And Sheriff David REALLY needed a back scratching ! Check out the group BC Citizens against Corruption , Tons of corruption stories from BEAVER COUNTY. Over 160 members!!!


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