Sheriff George David wasn’t actually breaking the law when he was secretly caught on tape giving a heavily discounted gun permit to a man who offered to testify as a character witness for him, he was simply pretending to break the law to see if one of his secretaries would expose him.

That’s the bizarre story concocted by Sheriff George David back in August, when he and his attorney Myron Sainovich filed a criminal complaint against secretary Stephanie Guidice after he discovered the Beaver Countian had a tape showing him breaking yet another state law.

There was, of course, no “plot to snare a mole” by Sheriff George David as the Beaver County Times once again so naively reported today without question. Stephanie Guidice was not the Beaver Countian’s source, and the person who was our source didn’t violate the law by recording the Sheriff breaking it.

The reality of the situation is this: Sheriff George David was caught on film by a confidential source for the Beaver Countian breaking a law he had broken many, many, many, times before. David has handed out free and discounted gun permits as political party favors since he took office, and taxpayers are the ones who have been left holding the bill.

I ask Sheriff David this: Was there a “plot to snare a mole” when you violated state law by giving a free gun permit to Beaver County President Judge John McBride? Or what about the free permit you illegally gave to your attorney and political crony Myron Sainovich?

What about in 2012 when you gave a free gun permit to State Representative Jim Christiana? Or what about the free gun permit you gave to his campaign staffer Jennifer Price on the same day? Was that a snag-a-mole too?

Sheriff George David has put his secretaries through a living hell because he believes they are the sources who have been exposing all of his many wrongdoings in office, and I suspect he may now begin a similar witch hunt to determine who gave me the names of some of the people he’s illegally given free permits to. Maybe he’ll blame Stephanie Guidice again, or some random part-time Deputy, or maybe even the County Controller. Maybe he’ll file another criminal complaint with District Attorney Berosh, and maybe the District Attorney will conduct another ridiculous four month long investigation to find out who my source is this time.

I propose an alternative.

Maybe instead of the District Attorney’s Office spending so much time and money trying to find out who is exposing Sheriff George David’s criminal activities, they should invest those resources into holding Sheriff George David and some of his Deputies accountable for their actions.

No one has done anything, and no one has said anything for years, because they fear becoming a target of Sheriff David and his co-conspirators.

I, for one, have grown tired of people talking to me through tears because of the torment this man continues to put them through.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • @ I sorta get your what your saying, I’m sureit was in a quick rage as you typed, sadly if piccinni could of win easily if a mailer was sent for him like it was by our state rep Christina he sent 2 for candidates one had no chance of winning, and marshall helped them also. come to find out they where in bed with this sheriff lol what votes could he get them done aliquippa votes, they don’t cross for republicans like other towns do, and it was to get in good with betters…

      Question why hasn’t party came out in force against sheriff with all these problems, the chair women said one time that it was ridiculous then poof, nothing else

    • as much as i dislike george i would have to say Picinnini would have also been a bad choice all it takes is for him to get drunk and a little pissed off and he wants to shoot his neighbors cars AGAIN or did everyone else forget about that little incident neither one of those 2 belong in law enforcement period

      • Obviously you don’t know Sam or what type of guy he is and you only believe hype in the paper or blogs. The man doesn’t drink, and he never got pissed at his neighbors, He has been friends with their family for years. I know Sam and the neighbors and what happed, What you are thinking is nowhere even close to the truth, just ask his neighbor, and they will tell you what a great guy he is and how that whole story was a witch hunt to try and ruin him. Get is strait from the horses mouth before you believe the bullshit. I voted for him before and will again. I think he had great ideas and brings a lot to offer. You must me a Democrat……lol …Try doing some research before you discredit him, You might be surprised…

  1. Editorials are written by Editors, Editors supervise Journalists, Who are you supervising J.P.?

    Maybe you should just call it an opinion story cause you’re not an editor…

    • Avi, In America we are all editors because of freedom of speech. Of course it is JP opinion like ypur letter is yours and this is mine. Great story on the Sheriff and the “sting operation” butt will the jury buy it? Spike

  2. David is a corrupt enterprise.. covering for bookie’s, drug dealers, Drug trafficker.. in and out of the county Jail…

    • And most are his own family! THAT is why he got into law enforcement in BC. To protect the family enterprise.

  3. I read the Times article and could not believe what I was reading. Anyone following this story, THE TIMES REPORTER INCLUDED, could recognize that the real issue was not being addressed; the Sheriff’s comment was a flat-out lie and a contrived excuse for his illegal actions. I am aware that the Beaver County Times reporters tip-toe and skirt around issues so as to not antagonize readers and lose business, but this was an egregious error in reporting. There is a HISTORY of this matter regarding the illegal, cut-rate permits that cannot be ignored. John Paul has every right to be angry and frustrated at the cowardly, incompetent coverage of the issue by the Times, and the people affected by the Sheriff’s actions deserve better. Editor of the Times: get off your timid moral high ground and fear of bankruptcy, free your reporters to report the facts in the news, and take a chance on the wisdom of your readership. John Paul, continue the excellent reporting.

  4. free gun permits??? really? A gun permit cost $20.00! These people who received them are cheap s.o.b’s! David is a a-hole, but just think, if he gets some kind of preference from these officials for $20.00 imagine what “unions”, “big business” etc… must be getting.

  5. Do county elected officials have to be impeached before removed or somehow recalled by public vote in an upcoming election or what? What the heck is the process?

    If David’s elected position isn’t up for a few more years, at what point is another officer-of-the-law sworn in to serve out his term?

    At what point does is all stop = that he is getting a salary AND the taxpayer footing the bill for just these court proceedings against him alone. When is it going to be just one way or the other?

    Can’t the commissioners just say, ok, we’re going to take a special vote in May 2014.

    • The procedures have been covered here before, Gwen’s Down. Perhaps searching the site will bring up the comments containing them. In general, though, an arrest and conviction or a recall vote (after recall legislation) would be sufficient.

    • Unfortunately, there is no ability to recall elected officials in Pennsylvania. The only way that David can be removed from office is if he is impeached by PA Congress. Since I can’t see that happening anytime soon, we will just have to wait until either A) 2016 or B) he goes to jail in the Spring when his trial resumes. Until then, there isn’t really much that can be done except write our legislators in hopes that someone will start a resolution to remove him from office. Seeing how Christiana was one of the recipients of a free/discounted LTCF, I can’t see him stepping forward or leading the charge to have David removed from office…

      • Yes. California’s recall legislation took a long time to be passed. And, it is expensive, labor intensive and very time-consuming. It’s time Christiana, and his counterparts, step up to the plate. The Sheriff can sit easy for now, or until 2016 or when he is incarcerated, but future generations will have a reason for passing the recall legislation. What better example could there be?

        I am getting a feeling, though. It is that so much is piling up against him that some event will occur that will remove him. Either a personal implosion or cumulative suffocating events that will effectively remove him from the ability to perform.

      • That’s for the explanation, this is what I thought. There’s just been so much about the Sheriff within the past year, that I rarely look at postings anymore when it just says Sheriff as the lead in only….and when I see an edition of the times laying around somewhere, well, that’s just a waste of paper when it comes to this. Everyone’s hands are pretty much tied as observers and most post are similiar in disgust. Since you suggested writing a letter to legislators, why not have a form letter or petition posted on this site so all the Beaver Countian followers who wish to sign it can do so and send it off directly thru a link?

  6. I cannot wait for the day to come when this SOB gets sentenced to prison for all of the corruption he’s responsible for. His bail should be revoked immediately. What a joke our county is. I would really like to hear from all of the people who received free permits as to why they are so freaking special to receive such a deal while the rest of us have to pay full price. Care to comment Rep Christiana?

  7. all who got free or reduced prices from him should come forward now. we all love a bargain but if it destroys your reputation is it worth it ?

  8. John Paul, you are being very kind when you refer to the Beaver County Times’ reporting as “…once again so naively reported today without question.” In my opinion, the superficial reporting of this presumed spy setup was deliberate. And, the reporter is anything but naive. I can’t believe that Kristen Doerschner, the Times reporter, of “Spy vs. Spy” in today’s (12/4/2013) paper, a front page leading story, was fooled into believing such a fiction. She sits in court rooms for hours, days and weeks and reports proceedings accurately, a veteran news court reporter, often with verbatim quotes of the participants (recordings?). She rarely makes errors, and she knows what is happening in the BC Courthouse. She is an experienced reporter of proceedings. Unless George David has her, or the Times, in his pocket, which I doubt, this was a story that never should have been. It is quite possible that she was given this story, for which she might agree with my comments. If they are going to play Chicken with the Sheriff stories, at least let J.D. Prose, unfettered, do the honors.

  9. This sounds all one sided to me, very political. George David has always been willing to listen if you had a problem and he did not act like he was better than you. Some of our policemen could take a lesson from him. He does not act like he is better thanyou. Treat people with respect and you will get respect. If this is you then you know who you are. Carol Booher

  10. Pennsylvania’s wiretapping law is a “two-party consent” law. Pennsylvania makes it a crime to intercept or record a telephone call or conversation unless all parties to the conversation consent. See 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5703 (link is to the entire code, choose Title 18, Part II, Article F, Chapter 57, Subchapter B, and then the specific provision).

  11. This man has always been a jerk. I know first hand that he thinks he is above everyone. He has no respect for people he thinks are beneath him. I was a driver for Help A Person when they were on the main street of Aliquippa. There were 3 of us who drove the transportation vehicles and we had reserved spaces in front of the building. One time he, your wonderful sheriff, was parked in one of our spaces at the time we were to be there to pick up. When he was asked to move his vehicle he informed us that he didn’t have to he was a police officer and could park where ever he wanted to. He was NOT in a police vehicle nor was he in uniform. His wife was sitting in the car waiting for him. Another time there was a vehicle parked in one of the reserved spaces and that person could not be found, so one of our vans double parked to load the handicapped adults. Your wonderful sheriff sat behind that van and kept blowing his horn. When the driver explained what was going on, he started swearing at her and said that the f***ing retards could walk up the street to get in the van. Now I ask you is that showing respect. He is a JERK!!!!!

  12. @ Sandra Johnson

    I know what you mean, I personally was told $1.00 permits are the normal for dozens, dine law enforcement some political leaders or friends, then heard numerous people recieved free ones. it’s pure abuse of power and using political office for personal gain.

    sadly people like judge mcbride I bet where unaware of statute and I’m sure would pay the true amount, people like Christiana look for freebies, like his little pet friend I see got one also was it before or after getting DUI at 80mph in construction zone two times legal limit and after attempting to get it fixed after numerous continuances. PSP dont play games that way regardless of your attempt or elected status.

    in short I imagine that hundreds of discounts where given out, some wanting it most unaware

  13. The following link appears to be PA Legislation to recall a public elected officer.

    (a) Proposed petition.–Whenever 25 or more eligible voters
    of this Commonwealth or of any political subdivision of the
    Commonwealth desire to demand the recall and discharge of an
    officer under section 8 of Article VI of the Constitution of
    Pennsylvania, the voters shall prepare a proposed petition
    stating that the officer has committed an act or acts of
    malfeasance or nonfeasance while in office as grounds for
    recall. Judicial officers are not subject to recall.

  14. This guy is simply unbelievable! There are just to many issues to be denying what this creep has been doing. I can’t believe some people still try to defend him. Really people do u honestly believe that 75% of the county are lying. Wake up!!!

  15. Wait what? I’m accused of swaying the NRA, defending the Sheriff… and I didn’t get a free permit!!? What the hell?! Lol take that Dennis! 😉

    • Someone else accused you and I asked but you told me you have nothing to do with the NRA. And as far as you supporting the Sheriff you made that very clear in your post. Are you now retracting this? I’m in the process of getting hold of the NRA to find out who is in charge and I will post it as well as all correspondence so we can find out about the support issue as my case has been quoted nationwide in blogs and I have media invitations and want to speak about the NRA in Beaver County. Whom ever this ends up being. Spike

  16. His trial starts around the end of February on the charges that were brought against him by the State Police. These charges are misdemeanors and may be enough to get the ball rolling on a possible impeachment if convicted. This is the first step and the way things have been going lately may not be the last. Times are changing in Beaver County and I think a lot of people are seeing how things are done thanks to social media outlets. If this is how you want things done either do nothing or vote for David, or have everyone you know register and come out to vote. Every vote counts in these types of elections so make sure to get yours in. Research all the candidates; check their credentials, experience and training. Look at their background and reputation in the county. Take everything into consideration and vote for who you think will best suite Beaver County.

    I would never think of trying to get a free carry permit. If those accusations are true, I’m sure it won’t be long until they are looked into.

    • Gwen’s Down, I have not seen this. Do you know if it was passed into law? Did it get beyond the Committee? I did not think PA had a recall law enacted.

      • Not stuck, necessarily, Gwen’s Down. A major part of the legislation is writing it and presenting it. One can now ask, “Who is on board, and why/why not?” It’s a little like Mom and apple pie. Who could be against removing an incompetent or corrupt politician from office? I would expect money, implementation, timing and logistics to enter into a decision, but the basic intent can’t be too problematic. It certainly is a foot in the door. I wonder where our representatives stand on the issue? After all, what do THEY have to worry about?

      • A driver’s license isn’t free but nonsense too for similar basic reasons. There are more consequences with having a license than not. Gun permits are just another form of ID. In McKee’s case, he can now produce it to ID his mental state of mind.

  17. Come on, Who do you think your fooling? Sheriff you are a LIAR got caught and made up a story like my 2 year old. Women in his office should go shopping for the best lawyer they can find, cause they need to SUE his stupid ass off…The investigation of Stephanie was a sin after every thing she has gone through, The sheriff is a public figure he has no privacey, elected by the people for the people. If you go back to all the years he’s been there and check the receipts I bet you he owes the tax payers thousands of dollars, When does this investigation start?????? Since you men at the court house can’t stand up for a woman, we CAN’T vote for you any more. LEAVE THE LADIES ALONE YOU BALL LESS MEN…….

  18. I have an idea! Throw him in jail along with anyone who went against the law for him, the saved money will be an idea to use for a fleet of vehicles that show pride in beaver county, what they have now is pathetic and makes our county look like a joke! I would feel better to know the safety for the sheriffs in these old cars, the headlights fail inspection because the plastic lenses are fogged up, the light bars are way out of date and the sirens barely work which put residents at risk!

  19. Drew… As much as it pleases me to see the dog and pony show that he was part of, turn around and bite his baby nuts off, seeing anything Beaver County/Cops just brings up that deep down hatred, the hatred that almost can’t be controlled. My heart rate is climbing right now… I hope this man along with many others from there, who stuff their fat mouths from the backs of normal people who his masters deemed unfit to unjust arbitrary policies, I hope they all think about the unchecked damage they are causing with every lie told, with every life ruined, with every dollar stolen, from victimless criminals, and stolen tax dollars alike. And not just this guy, Im talking about every single person who works in that building, from the janitors to the judges, with every time clock punched, every particle of the entire block, is nothing more than people abusing the already bad concept of profiting in any way from victimless crime A.K.A. humans controlling humans. Im rambling now , fuck it. In short Im glad hes going down but I dont give a fuck anymore about something that so many people never gave a fuck enough to prevent.

    • All you ever do is ramble, so why should today be any different?

      Also, you may want to look into some therapy for those unchecked anger issues you’re having.

      Whoooooooo Saaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Interesting to see Copblock gentlemen is back. Don’t you have some outstanding warrants? Smart to log into a website and post for them to possibly find you.

      • He’s been posting, but not from here. That’s his FB account, which he linked to this site. Where as you and I have separate accounts here, Joe15003, he took the lazy way, and either commented from FB directly, or just linked the two here.
        But yeah, I’m sure he has outstanding warrants. Probably why he’s in hiding…

  20. Lenny Miller … tell me about it bro. I got some conversations that Im sure you all would LOVE to hear, but if it falls on one ear, your masters will cage me potentially for the rest of my natural life. So fuck it, ya know?

  21. SPY vs SPY What a joke……ha ha ha How long did it take for the sheriff and Myron Stupidovich to cook up this story ????? Wait until the investigation is over and the truth comes out!!!!!! This has been going on since he’s been in office. Done it for lots of friends LOTS…..YOU will have to pay it back…and Stupidovich pay the tax payers there money back for when you double dipped when you were Solicitor for the county. You both are in big TROUBLE couldn’t happen to two nicer guys…ha ha ha ……

    • From what I understand, the AG in Pa is very limited on what they can do in these matters. The local DA would have to ask the State AG to intervene. Which does not seem likely in Beaver County. Someone would have to prove the state is some how impacted by all this and then maybe the AG would have a look. Someone correct me if I’m wrong , but the AG in PA is much weaker than the AG in other states.

  22. What, no wrong doings by sheriff David? Wow, That’s our D.A. doing his job ! What’s his excuse for John fratangeli? It’s almost a year that the crime took place and the evidence is right there in front of him, WRITTEN and Signed, in black and white ! What’s the hold up Mr. D.A. In the event that you haven’t woke up lately, this really makes you look as dirty as the dirtiest ! W.T.F. ?

    • George he no lie. They try to fix it up to trap George but he too smart and trap them. Ha Ha. Then George and John Joe save many old people from crazy man with gun, all other police afriad to go so George and John Joe have to save everybody again. Just like when George on Aliquippa Police and have too do all street work by himself because all other Aliquippa Policemans afraid

  23. Just for shits & giggles, people should organize a protest and descend into the office demanding free or discounted gun permits.

    Just imagine his reaction. Hell, he’d spontaneously combust!


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