Argumentum ad hominem, an attack against a person making an argument rather than the argument itself. Argumentum ad rem, a relevant appeal to evidence and truth. Comments on this site over the past week have seen far more of the former than the latter, leading once again to calls for censorship by our community of readers.

I understand those who say some people should be banned from commenting on this site, or that their comments should be moderated. There have been many thinly veiled threats of violence posted lately, and the resulting concerns expressed by readers are well placed. But censoring comments on this site would only help to conceal what many feel are very present dangers. What is reflected here is but a shadow of a much larger and far more tangible problem.

There are elected officials of this county who now tell me they are afraid to show up at the courthouse. Some say they have evidence their offices have been pilfered at night; there are those who have been moving important public documents out of the courthouse for safekeeping. Acts of intimidation are now a daily occurrence, some are locking their doors during the day as they work.

Cowards they are called by some who are sworn to protect. How wrong they are.

Although the foundation of our county’s government may have been crumbling for some time, I believe it has now begun to find its bedrock. Good and decent men and women who may have once looked the other way, are now beginning to fix their gaze.

Sunlight has begun to disinfect.

Make no mistake, the screams of ad hominem abuse now heard echoing through our county will continue to grow louder and louder for some time, the threats of violence will likely continue as well; but I am confident retrospect will prove these shrieks to be the death rattles of corruption.

Argumentum ad rem, my friends, the truth has a funny way of prevailing.


  1. Its time we take this county back!! Its time we destroy the democratic machine!! So many comment on this site in favor of our corrupt commissoners and sheriff, WAKE UP!! They are a cancer on this county. Well done JP. We need more people like you to uncover corruption going on in this county. Its time to take out the trash. If you feel like me, if you feel like JP, then stand up and be heard. We need to start cleaning house. Its time to take our county back!! The winds of change are blowing.

  2. I read this on one of the blogs, THE ONLY PEOPLE MAD AT YOU FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH…are those LIVING A LIE…..KEEP ON SPEAKING………….. and then again there are people who will never believe the truth, even when truth is proven.

  3. I don’t pay much attention to the threats of violence here. It was really one person trying to incite that… while at the same time trying really hard to ferret out some real names. It sort of makes you wonder what the real motives were?

    The police report writer… “Mr. Fiction” has not been back. He was likely just going crazy at the bill he’s going to get from his defense attorney. He was another hot head. Glad he’s listening to council…

    Elected officials scared to come to work. Well depending on who they are I might understand because A: The Sheriff is responsible for courthouse security and B: The Sheriff is a hot head that is likely going to be on trial soon, might not have much to loose and most importantly C: Is completely crazy.

    Berosh did take a mini-stand last week but it was half ass. He knew it as a setup built on lies, but still kept the gun charge when the law was clear in an attempt to save face. That guy as never notified. Period. Granted you can’t really blame the prosecutor, he’s probably making 16 bucks an hour but still… Berosh, I know you are your peeps read this site, so let me ask you. Why not just break off the love affair with Georgie? You had the chance and blew it. Now everybody thinks you are in his back pocket.

    What would be really criminal is if you don’t file charges on the fiction writer deputy. You really can’t sweep that under the rug now, right? Sorry man, sometimes you can’t look the other way, it’s just too much of a freak show.

  4. Truth

    How is it proven when “source’s say” but no one wants to step up and be accountable for information they provide to this tabloid. If people really want Hope and Change………..
    ..GROW SOME NUTS and stop hiding behind an anonomous wall

  5. @Truth, I’ll never regret telling my story to John Paul. I agree, people need to stop looking the other way, and make the corrupt individuals accountable for their actions. I’m so tired of cover ups….

  6. truth is the truth and a source is only used when they accommodate this journalists beliefs. Mvee, I’m sorry fella but your as guilty as these other fictitious writes. Any and I mean any person with a different view, you stalked like a lion after pray. And with regards to the “violence”, that person was simply arguing how very easy it is to escalate a situation past an argument into violence and nearly succeeded had he not stopped first. His motives were nothing more than that. He was able to pull the worst out of a few people on here who, otherwise, wouldn’t normally say those types of things. And Baba is right, sitting here anonymously bitching to the same people about the same topics day in and day out is not making any progress. Get off the computer and cell phones and get it done. And if people believe that there is a mess in Beaver County blame yourselves. This is the result of people not know the issues and voting straight Democrat or straight Republican.

  7. How do you know @so true, that we aren’t “bitching” to people outside of our computers and cellular phones? But more importantly, Why can’t technology and forums like this, be used to our favor? Why the dig at “anonymously” posting? Especially because you just informed me how quickly things can escalate to “violence”.

    What disturbs me the most is how much the point of the article was missed. Arguing that things can escalate quickly and actually causing it to escalate are very different.

  8. Rubric – thank you for how fair you were with your comments throughout the various articles JP wrote regarding my situation. I never lied about, or ever remotely embellished a single detail. Had I done so, McCoy would have come after both me and John Paul for slander. But he didn’t. Because I had all the documentation to prove my allegations, which I gladly shared with John Paul since the Chief, Mayor and Council were doing nothing to discipline McCoy. Thank you again JP for telling the story, and letting the citizens of Beaver know the kind of person we have running around with a gun and a badge.

  9. While you may not have embellished any details in your stories Ms. Cilli, I would like you to look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. Would you have exposed McCoy if he didn’t burn you?

    The reason I ask is that for years you played into his little games allowing him to stay overnight at your place on duty and posed for pictures with his service weapon. You didn’t think at any time then to expose him? While I agree what you did needed to be done, I cannot and will not condone your motive for doing so. You didn’t do it to expose corruption. You did it to screw him over like he screwed you over.

  10. It was his personal handgun. The sleepovers were towards the end of the relationship when he was becoming increasingly unstable, and his threats of suicide were concerning. I did everything I could to try and get him the help he needed, including alerting his superior. There is so much more to the story then what has been printed. He is a sexual predator and a sociopath. I’m not the only woman he manipulated. Remember, he did and said some of the same things to another woman for 6 years. I should post the handwritten, 3 page ramblings on here that he authored weeks before the September 26th incident. Anyone doubting my “motive” might think a little differently.

  11. Listen, I don’t know. I just know what I read on here. And under normal situations a forum could be a useful tool, not here and not in Beaver County. Of what this website Is suggesting, this level if corruption, does not begin and end with the sheriff. May I be so bold as to suggest that did not begin or end with the top political brass. And what is the common factor in corruption, organation. Everyone is a spoke on a wheel. When one spoke breaks it gets replaced. New face same game. Same result. And what’s another common denominator in organized corruption, longevity. And how does one achieve longevity. By ensuring EVERYONE is on the same page and in line. So if this level in corruption that is being suggested by this website and the people that post comments are true. This little website is not going to make one bit of difference if all the readers are going to do is post anonymously. And IF the sheriff were to have charges pressed on him which I find highly unlikely. ( he’ll retire quietly), you’ll likely see a new face with the same result. IF what is being suggested is true, is bigger than anyone of us.

  12. I guess I’m saying that IF all this is true, than a website alone with anonymous posts is not going to be enough. I’m not trying o insult I’m just stating a fact. John Paul prompted some action due to his findings. What if its smoke and mirror. Show the public a little action to give some breathing room until something is figured out. Everything gets dragged out. Using my theory, no-one gets charged because everyone has to be involved. That’s the only way out works. And I don’t believe anyone is going to get charged let alone go to jail.
    Just a thought

  13. So True: Well, I’m not going to sit on my ass and wait for The Lone Ranger to save us. It has changed MY behavior and MY thinking. And the perps read these comments. Even if it is endemic to this area, I shall not contribute to it — by how I react or don’t react to their actions. If I live in a cesspool of stinking organized crime, not giving a thin dime to their greedy palms nor giving them my measly vote will count for something for me. And I feel better for it. But to sit by silently and cry in my beer and stagnate in some whimsical hiatus? Hell no!

  14. @SpeakTheTruthToo
    Don’t shoot the messenger. Had McCoy kept his pants on and the Cheif monitored his police officers there would not have been a story to report. Had Council given more than a slap on the wrist, there would have been less to report.

    Aim your questions toward the Police Chief and Council or continue to live in your state of denial.

  15. I’m not suggesting anyone is doing that I’m just saying its going to take more than this. and rubric were I’m sure you may not be doing this, people are voting based on party…blindly voting all Demo or all Repubs . Your very intelligent, you know that in this area if your democrat it doesn’t matter who’s running, and the republicans are guilty as well. I believe if used properly and not as a tool for vendetta’s and to destroy reputations, this could be used as a tool to bring about awareness. I guess I’m saying this ALONE won’t cut it. Were I don’t agree with John Paul and his methods he may very well be right, only time will tell. But if it turns out he is, is unrealistic to think he can do it himself.

  16. This county has too many voters who vote against their best interests and totally against their core values or religious beliefs. There are people still pulling a straight D lever because in the 1940’s the Republican big shots who ran the mills used to tell them to walk on the other side of the street because they were hunkies. Too many who still vote the way their union that went away when the industry went away used to tell them. Too many little towns each with an opportunity for some post if you are a good party person. Too many folks who don’t think for themselves. Too many letting the government take care of them and voting to keep it that way. It is an uphill battle in need of a messiah-like figure to wake everybody up.

    • Ivan: The “Hunkies”. I haven’t heard that word for at least 30 years. My grandparents used the term in Pittsburgh, unabashedly. I never quite knew what it meant. Too young. Well, at least it’s not commonly used today. It gave me a smile, though, when I saw it.

      • It’s an offensive term used for the Czechs and Polish who worked in the steel mills.

        Here is the definition Rubric-hunk·y [huhng-kee] noun, plural hunk·ies. Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. A person of Hungarian or Slavic descent, especially an unskilled or semiskilled worker.

  17. So True: I agree with you. But for now, it’s all we have, and it’s the first time in this town that the public has a forum.

    The straight party voting trends? Darn right. Watch Councilman Cashdollar register Democratic/Republican to exploit the straight Democratic vote, then act as a Republican on policy. And he’s not alone in playing the system that way.

    I do not see the corruption here as cohesive. It’s the atmosphere of acceptance given to those bullies that have been too long in the system, some since high school.

    This stuff has been around since Sheriff Heinman had his fingers in West Virginia gambling. But not enough people knew about it. He finally slipped up, and things changed.

    If the people in the Couthouse are in disarray, then these BC efforts will have paid off. I don’t care if the Sheriff stays or goes. All that matters is that he be rendered ineffective. The same goes for the other headline grabbers — weaken them so that they cannot harm others.

    McCoy walked. Do you really think that will happen again? Of course not. The precedent has been established. He has been invalidated: that’s enough for me.

    And this stuff goes on. But it’s not unsolvable. The layers of the onion are being peeled away, one at a time, and it’s starting to make a difference.

  18. I’m a Hunkie through and through. In fact, I’m making cabbage and noodles “as we speak” to take to my parents. Although I’m educated, still consider myself blue collar, and don’t vote straight ticket.

  19. @ Christine Cilli, I do not know you but I applaud you for filing charges on McCoy, we all know men like him, there everywhere, if you hadn’t filed charges he would of never left you alone, HE’S A LOSER, that should of been fired, you might have helped the next girl he was going to lie to and stalk at least they will no he’s MARRIED AND A SICK LIAR, IT WILL DIE DOWN FOR A WHILE BUT HE WILL DO IT AGAIN.

  20. So True and Loser: I agree. One person can’t cure the disease. You seem like good people. But if it takes one person and one media source at a time to step forward, like the BC and Christine Cilli, so be it. There are more of us than there are of them. The “truth will out”, whether it takes a day, a month or years. I do plan to buy the book and movie rights, though.

  21. @WTF and @Loser, thank you so much for the kind words. And I agree. He’ll be back to his old ways soon enough.

    Rubric, you’re wicked smart and funny as hell. We certainly do have plenty of entertaining drama here in the Beave, don’t we? At the very least, enough fodder for a reality show?

  22. John Paul — the office intrusions and personal removal of public files are about as serious as things can get. Strict laws govern access to and use of confidential files and their contents. In my offices, I had to sign an access sheet, give it to a confidential secretary, have her get the file, sign the sheet inside, keep it in the office and return it to her for refiling, even for MY OWN FILES. At the end of the workday, all file cabinets were cross-barred and locked with padlocks at 3:50. The files NEVER left the building. The building was then locked at 4:00 P.M. sharp, and all employees were escorted out the front door. I hope your future investigations shed some light on these mishandlings, because the implications are enormous.

      • JP, Re: your above paragraph, “There are elected officials of this county who now tell me they are afraid to show up at the courthouse. Some say they have evidence their offices have been pilfered at night; there are those who have been moving important public documents out of the courthouse for safekeeping. Acts of intimidation are now a daily occurrence, some are locking their doors during the day as they work.”

        I had to read that three times to be sure I was understanding the serious implications of the events. If they are true, several questions are worthy of being answered:

        1. Who provides the security at night?
        2. What/who is on the video surveillance tapes?
        3. Who are the people taking the files out of the courthouse?
        4. Why are the employees fearful?
        5. What is the nature of the intimidation? Who is doing it?
        6. What evidence is there of pilfering?
        7. Are the doors locked to stop physical attacks?

        Perhaps some of this falls under the category of a “Deep Throat” revealing information, and it is “privileged” information. But if it is illegal, then it should be revealed.

        As I described in my own office security description above, I worked in a State and Locally owned public facility. A breach would have brought an immediate State Police response and investigation.

        I have to wonder, “Were those MY files or information being carried out?” Under whose authority? How securely were they kept? Were they shared? I have a real problem with all of this.

        I think I understand the unstated inferences. The question is whether any of it can be proven. If it is true, then heads should roll.

  23. J,P.,

    Your self-righteous indignation is surpassed only by your hypocrisy. Your propensity to pick and choose which corruption to expose and by whom it is being perpetrated makes me sick, considering the respect I had for you when you began your long overdue muckraking crusade. Is it only against those with whom you have a personal dislike, or are you playing favorites in some hidden agenda?

    You’ve been furnished proof that Prothonotary Nancy Werme fraudulently files unlawful documents as judgments on her constituents’ records yet you remain silent. As articulated by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in U.S. vs. Tweel: “Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading.” The “moral duty” would pertain to so-called “journalists” as well as government scofflaws. Is Nancy one of your “buds” just as Georgie obviously isn’t?

    These jackasses you so condescendingly refer to as county elected “officials” – all of them – SHOULD be in fear of the people they only purportedly serve. If some aren’t actually the ones so willingly screwing us on a routine and daily basis then they’re the ones covering the asses of those who are. Where government fears the people there is liberty; where people fear the government there is tyranny;

    Until you become an equal opportunity muckraker instead of a J.D. Prose disciple then you can forget about my vote for your Pulitzer.

  24. Po Tatem, of course you’re entitled to your opinion. However, if you don’t like what John Paul reports, don’t log onto the BC. I’m thankful for the fact that he’s brazen enough to unabashedly write these articles about “the powers that be”. He’s not impressed or intimidated by a title or position of “authority”. Besides, he’s a creative journalist and writing about what interests him, and many others must find his efforts worthwhile based on the overwhelming responses on this site.

  25. Yes, J.P., you did, which is much more than may be expected from Brand X. However, your “investigation” ended with the unsworn, ambiguous “Oh, no matter what I say or do he won’t be happy” rebuttal of the “employee” to the facts and law presented in the sworn affidavit of the “employer” which, in the business world, would receive a helluva’ lot more scrutiny.

    The issue with the Sheriff, Commissioners, D.A., solicitors, etc. is entirely consistent with the one presented against the Prothonotary in that they’ve all chosen to wink at and ignore the enacted law they’re sworn to obey in favor of their more expedient, and profitable custom, practice, and policy; and they all go along their merry way as if no one will notice and everything is hunky-dory until somebody with clout or a bully pulpit (not a lone nut like me) gets mad at one of them and exposes the corruption. Then, and only then, do the corrupted get the publicity they deserve.

    Commissioner Nichols was quoted as saying last September that, “We are sworn to uphold the law, as is the sheriff’s department…you can’t select which laws you like and which ones you don’t.” But, that is exactly what they (and the press) are doing!

    And thank you, Dirtbag, for your brilliant and well thought-out advice! I will no longer log onto the BC site just because you don’t like my opinion, educated or not. In fact, I’ll just quit having opinions since you are more important than I and prefer the editorial freedoms offered by Tass and Pravda. Do you know what they are?

  26. Regardless of the disagreement among some commenters, which is natural, it is a positive sign to me that people are reaching a point of expressing significant anger, looking for practical answers, and are fed-up with the dysfunction that is being revealed. That Courthouse is ours, the public’s, not theirs, and it is time to take it back, legally, and make sure that this never happens again. We might not always agree, but at least we are becoming informed, a huge, necessary, first step. If this is not a “perfect” site, then work to make it one.

  27. @ Christine Cilli complete bull shit, that Kenny kept his job, that was pure fumble by council. And you need to look into making a legal stance of that,I could tell you numerous ways they could be sued.

    Attention attention, how and why isn’t John Joe fratangelli charged yet? Completely falsified documents, the district attorney needs to step up its clear his message to sheriff and what they are allowed to do and dropping the made up charges was a sign of wrong doing was correct by this reporter, now what is of criminal matter is John Joe and Tony berosh not doing anything is criminal, if he doesn’t have testicles to do it send it to state police, and let them charge him and sheriff.

    now case in point its sad if elected officials are taking stuff out for fear of safety of information, that treks me it must be investigative material from DA office and detectives. Sadly they have no choice the currently under investigation by the state grand jury and state police, sheriff is in charge lol , can’t blame you, and I read on hear that the night time security guard is the sheriffs former campaign chairmen of the sheriff…. Yes that’s right I read that on here.. So he would have access to offices and the same person commented on this sure numerous times under his own name in protest of the commissioners. That is a joke and should be handled, why would toy have fulltime security guard with no authority watching the courthouse? Instead of a deputy?

    Why hadn’t the union filed a grievance, its taking real work from them? Opps the sheriff got rid of union and certain few voted the brothers down the river.

  28. @ PoTatem What are you talking about, Are you unhappy that some one filed a lein against you? I buy houses so I am in that office checking on leins and also filing them, no one but a judge can throw it out. The IRS, DEPT OF REVENUE, MORTGAGES, RENT, PROPERTY TAXES ARE FILED THERE. If they filed against you take it up with them, better yet pay your bills instead of blaming it in every body else, STUPID.

  29. Rubric- I hope what you say is true, but this society is plagued with more who aren’t paying attention than those who care. Hell, just this week we have had the superbowl, a TWO nite airing of the always pertinent Batchor and today is letter of intent day. Too much important stuff to worry about government reform. The vast majority just want good cable, enough funding to order takeout and buy an intoxicant of their choice, have someone to bed down with and an iPhone. Making things better around you requires thought, effort and a modicum of courage that this society sorely lacks. Gotta go now – Oprah is on!!

  30. @76wita95, yep, Council only empowered him by allowing him to keep his job. Check out the new and improved Beaver PD website. They still have him listed as Sergeant. I’ve only seen him in passing, so I’m not sure if he still wears his stripes? I’d love to hear what you have to say. It’s no secret where I live – the asshole from BCT printed my address when they covered the PFA incident.

  31. Some people have to work for a living. He been dealt his punishment; isn’t is time to move on (for both of you)?

  32. @Puddytat, I agree that we all should work for a living. I see waaaay too many people everyday that don’t. However, I don’t believe that someone I know to be a lying, manipulating predator, should have the right to carry a gun and wear a badge. I know many honorable men and women in law enforcement, he is not one of them. He’s a smart guy. He could find work doing something more suited to his personality. Disorder.

  33. A predator? Were you not a willing, consentual adult? Some consider a woman who knowingly had a relationship with a married man a predator, if not worse. As far as the lying and manipulating, that is human nature (to various extents). Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, or any other profession – you have probably lied and/or manipulated at some point in your life. You need to separate the lying and manipulation he did to you personally from the employment issue and personality diagnosis. Leave that to the officials and medical professionals who are qualified to make those decisions.

  34. Yeah he could work for the sheriffs department, then one of the act120 guys that truly do care can take his job at beaver

  35. @Jackass. You have NO idea or knowledge of the issue I raise, the state law governing that issue which is being violated by the Prothonotary, nor my repeated attempts to lawfully settle the purported account. And before calling someone else “stupid,” learn how to spell the word, “lien,” especially since you’re always “checking on” and “filing them” in that office. Your username is appropriate.

  36. Lied and said he filed for divorce, went as far as to create a fake document to show me due to the fact I began questioning the validty of it all. I have text messages and a 3 page note that talk all about his discussions with his attorney. When council questioned him as to whether or not he had a divorce attorney at the Loudermill Hearing, he replied “no”. So either he lied to me, or he lied to them. One of many sick lies to keep me around. I tried for 3 months to get out of the relationship, and with each attempt his behavior became more erratic and alarming. The neighbors testified to that. I could go on and on with details worse then this. And THAT is why I feel he shouldn’t be a cop. He’s sick. And I don’t lie at work, I’m a nurse and very matter of fact. As far as manipuplating – I’m a woman, of course I do sometimes. But never in a fashion that’s emotionally harmful towards someone. And in my opinion he exhibits all the typical traits of a sociopath.

  37. Miss Cilli you are obviously unhappy with how things worked out, and you obviously have not moved on. And you want everyone on here to believe you are some type of victim. According to the article on this sight you were involved in the relationship for an extended period of time. You knew he was married, so unless you are a fool you should have known you were both in the wrong. And you should have expected that the outcome would not be what you wanted. As far as you being some stand up person rooting out corruption – bullshit. It’s not corruption. It was an affair. Nothing more nothing less. This article is about corruption in county government and the atmosphere it has created at the courthouse. So try and stay on topic. Move on. You are losing credibility. There was a legal process that played out. (You obviously were part of that). He was punished. All you are doing now is making yourself look like “a woman scorned”

  38. -Hey PO Tatem who cares how to spell LIEN why don’t you quit bitching and pay your taxes or take it up with the state or federal government you know like like Tuka did. Your like a deadbeat dad always whinning

  39. She was a victim , it’s not a crime to believe in love . She believed in him and he lied , he makes us men look like shit !

  40. I like this girl yes little scorned but fearless, sorta like jp with the sheriff give the kid credit he isn’t scared does his home work, and unless you walked in either shoes it sucks being helpless victim, and especially when a wacko in uniform threatens you with a gun and makes you be a victim, you take an oath to protect and serve, by no means are all cops water Walkers but some realize and luve by a code of protecting, whoo ahhh stand up and do the right thing you people know who you are, the greys are perched and ready for the prey seek salvation before your seeking unemployment line and sentencing.. Please for those that this didn’t make sense it will in time those brothers those true know it isn’t about honor anymore it had come full circle now

    1* 2 risk 4 the thin

    25 lighters on the dresser yes sir I gotz2 get paid

  41. I sincerely apologize for bothering you, J.P. I hadn’t followed this site for quite a while and didn’t realize how many mental midgets have taken advantage of your generosity in giving them a release valve for their ignorance.

  42. @WTF, by no means are all men shitheads. I’ve been blessed throughout my life to have spent time with some really wonderful guys. Hopefully people that read this stuff don’t judge all men, or all cops. Some of my closest friends are in law enforcement.
    @76wita95, maybe scorned? But really just blindsided and crushed. It was my own fault for getting involved with someone who wasn’t completely divorced, I’m at fault for sure. When you find out that the last 19 months of your life were nothing but an endless string of lies, it’s actually scary. I was in love with the idea of who he portrayed himself to be. Then found out he wan’t that person at all, personally or professionally. Anyways….loved your last post!

  43. @Cilli you are nothing more then a badge bunny deal with it psycho. You picked a crazy cop sorry bout your luck. Now do the world a favor and get a life. This article was/is about 1st amn. rights not you. Your 15 min is over

  44. Aw, Forgetyou, such harsh words. From what my police buddies tell me, a badge bunny, or holster sniffer if you will, is a female that notorisouly chases cops. I’ve only ever spent time with one. As for my continued remarks on the BC, I believe I’m just exercising my Constitutional right? In fact, I think I’m allowed to say things like “fuck you”, or “have a nice day”. 😉 And it’s your right to just ignore my comments.

  45. Gotta love freedom of speech and those not afraid to speak!

    Forgetyou- don’t be such a hater. Cilli- you’ve got nerve, and that’s a compliment.

  46. Good for you Christine Cilli, keep on talking, you told the truth and there’s some one out there that want’s the story of the LOSER COP swept under the rug, hoping people will forget. Your a strong woman keep on talking girl.There’s people who live in DENIAL because they can’t help being stupid.

  47. @freedom, pay no mind to little miss Forgetmenot. His panties are in a twist because a mere mortal (female at that) called out one of his Brethern. In reality, he should be torqued that his buddy put a smear on what is supposed to be an honorable profession. And again I state, there are many men and women out there that are “straight up” In law enforcement. The rest of you need to check your fucking ego issues at the door and find another profession.

  48. @hush, I’ve always said that some people are too stupid to get out of their own way. And thank you so much for your kind words. I will keep talking. Those that don’t want to “hear” it can scroll past my comments. Those that want to know to the kind of corrupt bullshit that goes on in this town can tune in. I’m not just talking about McCoy. Our little affair is so “last Tuesday”. How the whole thing was handled is a cluster fuck. Beaver always wants to sweep the dirty little secrets under the rug. Looks like that era is coming to an end. Yep, “let the sunlight disinfect”.

  49. Interesting reading this from afar. Used to live in Beaver County and it seems these Democrat corruption issues still persists for decades. And yet you all vote for them time and again. You get the government you vote for and deserve.


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