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The Beaver County Times has finally fulfilled the promise of its new Executive Editor to begin focusing on the type of hard-hitting government watchdog journalism this area so desperately needs.

The Times published a lengthy exposé today about Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker. Reporters for the Times pressed Walker on issues like his all-expense paid trip to Africa, the City’s problems with the Department of Environmental Protection, reports of turmoil within the police department (1, 2, 3), concerns of the town’s zoning board, questions about undisclosed meetings he has had with natural gas development companies, issues with the city building, controversies involving his newly formed Redevelopment Authority, the real reason Aliquippa wants to split with Beaver County HUD, his relationship with developers like CJ Betters, why his once closest advisers have since distanced themselves, and about a growing chorus of individuals who allege they have been bullied and threatened by the man.

Just kidding.

After publishing a front page photo of Mayor Dwan Walker in prayer just two weeks ago, this week the Beaver County Times features Walker on the front page once again in yet another article confirming the man’s breath smells of honey and that he does, in fact, defecate rose petals.

The piece includes a long rehashing of the election from two and a half years ago as readers are once again reminded that the Walker Brothers managed to beat former Mayor Battalini — who the paper then resurrects to create its own mini-episode of The Walking Dead (watch as the Walker Brothers defeat Battalini all over again).

“Dwan said he is well aware that he is the target of naysayers and bloggers who question his every move,” the article reads in part.

At least Aliquippa’s “Dear Leader” can be comforted by the county’s newspaper of record, which shares no similar interest in keeping such a critical eye on our public officials.


  1. Lol, that’s is so true, they haven’t printed a word of that, or investigations but will scramble around trying to get the story, when state police, attorney General and others drop the hammer…

    Sources say that Myron Sainovich has bragged that he positioned the Times publisher a year ago while handling sheriff Georgee David and had few hundred thousand in advertisements pulled also called upon a few municipalities to pull legal advertisements.

    Then they went back after some time, which gets you that kind of articles and meetings taking place.

  2. corruption in Beaver County it all lead back back to big money and the court house go back 10 or 15 years ago cj are present senator the DA. in their Christmas dinner eating together hey have you inside scoop their hands and everybody’s pockets politics law enforcement local government.state government . these people who only care about one thing money power they are not for the people I hope people can see the truth and vote them out them out

  3. The Beaver County Times sucks! Jerry woundn’t wipe his ass with it. As far as Walker and David and Javens, you people get used to it. Look how long it took to wake people up with regard to Veon! Sit back, have a big mac and some diet soda with Aspartame, take your prozac and chill!

  4. Kayleen Cubbal, sports writer/editor of the New Castle News, writes a feel-good political advance article for the BCT. Moving Kayleen? Well, this is a safe way to enter the Big Top at the BCT, but this pap does not come close to describing Dwan Walker’s reality. Whose payroll are you really on, and how does it feel to sell your soul? Bases loaded, three balls and two strikes. Whoops! Swing and a miss. Better luck next time, ’cause this sure ain’t your game, and your article sure ain’t no grand slam.

    • This is the piece of shit. The Times did a great story recently on the real corruption in Beaver County -and it’s at the courthouse. You don’t think Torrence getting  $455,000 HUD money is corruption? What is lower than stealing from the poor- or stealing from poor CHILDREN??? 
      When the AG comes knocking, it will be in Beaver.

      • Come on Raven, you’re such a fucking know it all. It’s not a conflict of interest for the Commissioners to give Torrence 455,000?? The taxpayers shouldn’t be concerned about how the county is spending our tax dollars?? Such drama- nobody is selling their souls but a few people are buying into John Paul’s daydreams.

        National Enquirer bullshit

    • Typical liberal. When they lose an argument or are shown their ill ways, they ALWAYS resort to personal attacks. That is how you know when a liberal (Demon-rat) lost their argument. Sad thing is that low-level so called “mayor” will still get 100% of the black vote in that ghetto. Just can’t fix stupid or lazy.

    • When you make racist comments such as these, you discredit any argument you may use to defend your position. (Just think of the Don Sterling scandal)  Your trying to defend Mayor Walker and now, because of this statement, you could of have done unrepairable harm.  It’s guilt by association.  Gay people have large pockets and I’m sure the mayor doesn’t want the DNC to start campaigning against him!

  5. That was a nice article by the Beaver County Times. You mad bro? I think it’s cute that you have a man crush on the Mayor. Oh and Raven this is Aliquippa. Your bases are loaded with two strikes and a miss. You’re playing the wrong game. Do you even live in Aliquippa? I mean come on! If you wanna play the game at least be on the same field. No grand slam here buddy. Victory is in the end zone.

    • Heybatterbatter: The phony article is a piece of shit. It’s an intentional lie because of the omissions. The wannabe newspaper hack is from New Castle and obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about or is intentionally avoiding the truth for publicity and maybe a new job. Same old bullshit. Is that plain enough for you, bro.?

    • Perhaps JP should interview Catherine, the coke dealer who your beloved mayor was having an affair with?  She was told repeatedly about how Dwan was going to make her the Queen of Aliquippa.  So watch out, if you wanna play the game, be sure you aren’t playing it with people who know way more than you think.

      • There is a Queen of Aliquippa? This shit just gets more and more bizarre. Is there also a KIng? I thought there was a Mayor and Council. None of those jobs are worth the aggravation. I think Raven should run-he knows so much. He even knows all the Times reporters. 

  6. the beaver county times should be required to report their article as a campaign expenditure on dwan’s behalf

  7. Once again, of you’re a “D” on Beaver County, you get a pass. It’s a shame that the voters of Aliquippa feel they have no other choice but to continually elect idiots. How well has that worked out for you?

  8. I really enjoy the sarcasm.  You suckered me right into it.  I thought, oh finally, the BCT is doing its job.

  9. I would use the “article” from today as tp, but I don’t want newsprint on my ass. The Times should be ashamed of themselves for printing such crap.

  10. So crazy!! I don’t live in Quip anymore and don’t know much about all this with the Mayor but Battalini was as corrupt as they come. I wonder if there will ever be any hope for Quip?

  11. wtf: You give me way too much credit. “Know it all”? Maybe. But “fucking”? In my dreams. You do raise some fucking good points, though.

  12. When will you people realize that the BCT editors are paid off to keep certain things out of the news? It’s all political and it’s not just the BCT. the PPG does the same thing, they just don’t have a focus on anything in Beaver County.  The corruption you don’t want to believe is there unfortunately you are the ones in denial.  There is so much going on there and all of it undermines the benefit of Aliquippa. I just hope the citizens wake up before it’s too late and they’re homeless.

    • There was a lot of info missing from that story a few weeks ago about the drug deal gone bad in Chippewa, where the one guy was shot in the foot. Wish they or someone would have given the details on that story.

  13.  Something is wrong here, 172.00 a month is all the money he needs to pay his bills, lets see mortgage, utilities, car payment, big man suits, FOOD, insuranse, TAXES, FOOD AGAIN, gas, church donations, and also raising 2 girls.  Its a joke ,nobody can survive on 172.00 a month , WAKE UP people ! The ship is starting to SINK !

  14. Oh Raven, You love to hear yourself talk. The article is not phony. He really did knock on doors. He really did lose a sister. You’re trying to make him into a monster. He is not. He’s a common man. His desire is change. People with a heart and compassion really do still exist. What’s to gain here? Not even 200.00 a month. It’s obvious the obsession with the Mayor is to persuade the public opinion. That’s your right to do so. I don’t want you to change a thing. However, It is also my right to call BS. You think your gaining an audience but in reality the same 20 people comment on every article. Your voice is not that powerful. It’s funny how one single man can shake an entire county.

    • it is fucking harassment. I see more lawsuits in John Paul’s futureI was once a supporter but it didn’t take me long to realize it’s all BS. You are correct Heybatterbatter-it is the same handful of haters making comments.
      John Paul is attacking regular people who try to serve their communities because they actually want to help. They are not career politicians or public officials who are abusing their positions- and actually make  a lot of money.
      I am sure the AG does not appreciate John Paul publicizing every case they get before they even have a chance to talk to anyone. 
      That is not a public service. That is hurting their cases and John Paul just wants some drama to write about.

    • Haybatterbatter: You, wtf, and the Beaver County Times are giving diplomatic immunity to a politician by sanitizing that which is reported about him — with the recent BCT article as a prime example. This is not new for the BCT. Leaving out the very important financial details, relationships and controversies is intentionally dishonest, because it does not represent the reality.The public is resultantly left to believe that all is fine in the Aliquippa Land of OZ, but they are not told about the real guy behind the curtain. That leaves them ignorant of the facts and unwitting accomplices by default. That is irresponsible news reporting. I support the BC as an answer to that kind of feel-good news, in an area where competition among news sources is lacking. You might not like what you read here — I know that I don’t — but it is rarely wrong, and the published information has led to material changes in how politicians do business in Beaver County. Wait a year, until after the 2014 tax returns next April, and see how Walker’s financial matters shake out. That will be one of the acid tests of accounting for Walker’s Nigeria trip (if he files an amended statement), his personal finances and living expenses and sources of income. And yes, the public has every right to know that about every politician. If I am wrong, this know-it-all will write an apology here. Hey, you got me to say “Fucking”. That has to count for something.

      • Diplomatic immunity? WTF?? I think John Paul’s temper tantrum is funny. He needs someone to yell at him so he can cry like a little girl and write endless articles.How about some facts to back this shit up?

    • He wants change, now my BS detector is going off. The only change he wants is the type you line your pockets with.
       Remember, a determined man can do more with a wheelbarrow and a shovel than a lazy man can do with a garage full of equipment. Dwan lacks the mental capacity and clear vision to make any real “change”

  15. So true,the  same people comment but there are more than 20, but there are ALOT of people that read this blog and dont comment, so jp is picking on dwan, and he picked on georgie too ! awwwe, dont like it, dont read it, its a blog ! You have choice bro !  

    • To be fair, J.D.Prose of the BCT was getting under Dwan Walker’s, and the Sheriff’s, skins before John Paul. Now Prose is on a short leash, and the BCT “news” has a “kinder, gentler” face to please all.

      • shane fitzgerald is a head in the sand kind of editor,heck I would rather read prose then that goody two shoes junk being printed  and print some real letters to the editor in the rag

  16. Quip4life84-Aww Honey, I have a mind of my own. It doesn’t bother me. Thanks for the advice. Raven- the BCT didn’t write your so-called unlawful article because no law was broken. Your creating an illusion with no foundation to stand on. Do you really think the readers are that stupid? Follow the yellow brick road and maybe your powerful Oz can grant your wish to use something of substance to stand with your beliefs.

  17. I voted for the mayor, but will never do it again, I believed his promises and lies. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me..He  acts like he is the ruler of the world, GUESS WHAT your a PUBLIC SERVANT to us the taxpayers it’s our money that we work hard for not to give it to you for nothing. WE HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING FOR OUR TAX DOLLARS and I’m speaking for a lot of pissed of people you know the ones who pay all of your salary, so enjoy your time in your make believe world IT WON’T LAST LONG……HECKEL or JECKEL or whom ever you might be today PUBLIC SERVANT….GET IT with my money…

  18. Some of these “regulars” need to be featured in articles on slow days in between Sheriff/Aliquippa/Ohioville/Economy Boro stories. Kind of a curriculum vitae on them so that the rest of us readers can see what makes them such experts on all subjects and maybe some explanation as to why they are not running for office so that they can put all that genius to work making our area better instead of spouting nonsense on here.

  19. I grew up in Aliquippa,it was a great town. But let’s face it, the place struggles everyday because of the political crapolla that has been going on for decades. It will never change because the good people of Aliquippa do not have the money, the crooks are the ones with money. I moved out of that hell hole years ago and am safe and happy.

  20. Aliquippa Parks And Recreation does alot of fundraising, illegal nite of the race, dances at the croation club, sells sweat suits and tees and runsthe community days this weekend, where the hell is all that money going, time to start asking questions like these, parks and playgrounds are still a dump.

  21. Years ago, parks & recreation did NO FUNDRAISING! But they provided the kids with trips to pirate games, the zoo, kennywood , etc. all with no coat to the parents! Now with the fundraising, I’m sure they raise a lot of money, but where is it going? Because they don’t do half of the stuff they did when Ms. walker (which I believe is another cousin of the mayor that they felt the need to run against and get out of office) was apart of the recreation section! Mmmmmm ?????



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