Republican Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley say they intend to force a vote on the removal of party Chairman Chip Kohser, after he refused to voluntarily resign and the Executive Committee failed to take action at an emergency meeting held yesterday.

Republican party Secretary Carla Maloney resigned on Friday after published an investigative report on Wednesday exposing a series of racially charged posts she made on Facebook several months ago. The reporting also revealed that party Chairman Chip Kohser was informed of Maloney’s posts at the time they were made, but failed to notify the Executive Board about her statements before they decided to appoint her to party leadership.

Commissioners Camp and Egley called for Kohser’s resignation in separate interviews with on Friday.

Camp had been so disturbed by the revelation that Chairman Kohser knew about Maloney’s statements, he walked out of a birthday party he was attending Friday evening at a Pittsburgh restaurant to give KDKA a sidewalk interview asking for Kohser to give up his position.

The Republican Executive Committee held an emergency session Saturday morning to discuss the controversy.

Camp said he never received a notice about an emergency meeting. After learning from a meeting had been scheduled, Camp said he emailed party leadership asking to be called if they went ahead with it so he could participate in any votes. He said he has spoken to other members who also did not receive notification about the meeting.

Egley said she did get notice of the emergency session, but hadn’t been to an Executive Committee meeting since January 2017, the night Chip Kohser was named Chairman. Egley ended her boycott of the meetings yesterday so she could attempt to have Kohser removed.

“I felt there would be a vote to remove Kohser because the night prior to it Commissioner Camp and I gave statements to the press that we thought he should resign. I was actually expecting his resignation, but that didn’t happen. When I got to the meeting I was surprised by the attitude of the other (Executive Committee) members and their lack of action.”

Egley said she was stunned to hear party leadership praising Maloney’s resignation letter, which she felt seemed insincere. Egley was even more taken back when District Attorney David Lozier told her he wished she had not asked for Kohser’s resignation. A second source who was in the room confirmed Lozier’s statement.

“I made a motion to relieve the Chairman of his duties anyway, and then Lozier asked me to withdraw that motion,” said Egley. “I refused to do that and my motion did not get seconded. There was discussion and eventually the Committee decided that since my motion was not written into an agenda it should not receive a vote.”

Camp told the Beaver Countian there is nothing in the Republican Committee’s by-laws that prevented a vote from taking place last night. “Any member can bring a motion to the floor.”

Prior reporting by documents several previous Republican Executive Committee meetings where motions were made and passed that had not been part of an official agenda.

According to multiple sources in yesterday’s meeting, State Representative Jim Christiana spoke up and told his fellow Executive Committee members that Egley’s motion should receive consideration. Another emergency meeting has now been scheduled for September 8th.

Camp told he is irate that he was never called during yesterday’s meeting and is disappointed his fellow Executive Committee members failed to take action.

“I will be making calls and asking for the support of others in removing (Kohser) as Chairman of Republican Party of Beaver County at our next meeting … I will work to get the votes we need to do that … These aren’t the beliefs of all Republicans in Beaver County and I do not believe we should have someone in leadership who overlooks and then appoints people who do have those beliefs.”

Egley said the experience yesterday reminded her why she quit attending meetings of party leadership.

“These people can not see beyond their nose. They are so involved in their own little circle, their own little clique, they can’t even see what is happening. They can’t see beyond their small little room (party headquarters) in Rochester on Adams Street … I didn’t get a second to my motion and I think having an emergency session in another week is waiting too long for something of this magnitude to get settled. The Republican party should be better than that.”

The Beaver County Republican party has become a topic of regional, state, and national news over the past week, with Maloney’s statements being covered by outlets including KDKA, WTAE, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Politics PA, The Hill, VICE News, Yahoo News, Newsweek, The Daily Mail, and People Magazine’s website.

According to Egley and another participant of the meeting, Sheriff Tony Guy at one point turned the discussion toward one of his frequent refrains,

“Tony claimed that I was just grandstanding in calling for Kohser’s removal,” said Egley. “He said things get out of hand when people talk to the ‘blogger’ and he wants people to stop doing it … I don’t want to hurt the Republican party any more than it has already hurt itself, but at the same time people need to do the right thing. I have no problem calling them out publicly when they don’t.”

Sources who attended the meeting say Christiana spoke up a second time after several other members suggested no one should be speaking to the press, saying he felt Egley had every right to inform the public she made a motion that was not acted upon.

Beaver County Democratic Committee Chairman Stephen Dupree told the Republican party needs to take action beyond just releasing a statement condemning Maloney’s remarks.

“Racism is not acceptable, period. The Republican party of Beaver County putting this woman in a position of power and trust, even after they knew of her statements, reveals that rhetoric is acceptable in their eyes. How they proceed will show what the Republican party of Beaver County stands for.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Tony Guy says no grandstanding. I guess the Sheriff thinks Kohser is a good man. He is no racist. And Tony should know. Hell the Sheriff loves and respects black people. Look at what a paradise Tony Guy and his friends have turned Aliquippa into. Especially for the black community. Take a ride through Aliquippa feel the love and the sense of community there. Yes Kohser, Guy and the others Beaver County owes them a lot especially the black community.

    • I don’t think the Republicans made Ailquippa what it is today.Democrats ran it forever and it wasn’t too good when they had money.

    • Democrats Republicans same thing here in Beaver Co. It is a disease peculiar to Beaver County. Any one that has lived here for any length of time knows this. Georgie David and his bros. were democrats and weren’t they great for Beaver County.

  2. They just HAD to push the button, didn’t they? Why would anyone be so stupid as to be on the wrong side of this? Kudos to Dan Camp, Sandie Egley, and Jim Christiana for understanding the dangers. However at this point, there is no recovering. Every day that Kohser remains the chairman is a spit in the face of decency. There is no winning on this, there is only stopping the bleeding.


  3. Can you provide a list of the ruling/voting members of the Republican committee? At least the exec board and how they stand on this issue. Since this board has brought national attention (notoriety) to Beaver County, they should be held accountable.

  4. This move seems like a no-brainer which explains why it has become such a conundrum for several Beaver County officials. LOL

  5. Lozier is the top law enforcement officer of the county. He should have no political interests Republican or Democrat. So what is his involvement in this? Can we assume that when it comes to enforcing the law that one party has an edge over the other? Does this run deeper such as the esteemed top law officer is racist himself towards blacks? If either one of these, or both are true, this is a big problem. If political affiliation or skin color is affecting his office, he should not be in that office. Amadio want to play a deaf mute. Camp and Egley…Good show and veneer. You should have been in pictures. Too little, too late. You are both OUT!!!

    • Lozier has to have a political interest as would any DA. It is an elected position after all. I’m by no means condoning his actions, just reacting to your statement.

  6. I left the Republican party when they nominated/accepted Trump. This shitshow just gives me another reason to ensure that they will never get my vote, nor just as importantly, my money, ever again. FIRE THEM ALL!

  7. Whoa… who woke up Tight pants Christiana? He only comes out when something has to do with charter schools. Do nothing politician for the last 5 years.

    • Well, Jimmy has more time these days. Trombetta’s checks seem to have stopped coming in for some reason….

  8. Guy and Lozier are both on the executive committee. They both voted for him to stay, speaks volumes in my opinion. They can quit going to Quip and pretending now that they care. The smoke and mirrors seems to never go away.

  9. I’ve got a crisp new $100 I’m willing to wager that one or more of these fools mentioned “political correctness” and/or “liberals!” in defense of these racist pieces of shit.

  10. My initial shock at reading this article led me to believe that there might be a follow-up Cliff Notes edition to explain it. How can things be so screwed up? And then met with resistance and denied?

  11. Do you think the Beaver County Republican executive committee gets a discount on their sheets and white hoods because they buy them in bulk? (Except for Tony’s of course because they just cut leg holes in a pillow case to make his uniform).

  12. well their president does support racism openly so no big surprise here look at all the racist shit the orange moron has done

  13. “These aren’t the beliefs of all Republicans in Beaver County and I do not believe we should have someone in leadership who overlooks and then appoints people who do have those beliefs.”” ““These people can not see beyond their nose. They are so involved in their own little circle, their own little clique, they can’t even see what is happening. They can’t see beyond their small little room (party headquarters) in Rochester on Adams Street” Maybe you people are in the wrong party. Birds of a Feather Flock Together! Have you been awakened yet?

    • The republican party is no longer what it was even 2 years ago. They can never reclaim the “family values” piece of it at this point. Too bad, I used to like some of what they stood for. It’s going to be tainted for many years to come and possibly forever.

  14. A tiny man ( tiny in many ways besides stature) calling JP a blogger really is comical. I didn’t realize Lozier had any lower pegs to fall to, until this. They’ve certainly gotten themselves into a fine mess. There is no getting out of this gracefully. I wonder if Carla is proud of her national attention.

  15. i gotta say anyone that still supports the orange moron at this point has to be a racist retard like he is
    he has done nothing at all to help america all he does is profit from the presidency while he licks putins nutsack

    • Those supporters who were screaming “Mexico” at rallies in response to Trump’s challenge of “…and who is going to pay for that wall?” have conveniently forgotten that Mexico hasn’t paid and isn’t paying for anything.

      They’ve forgotten that he would only hire “the best people” but instead installed a revolving door on his administration to make it easier for them to become former employees faster than any other administration.

      They’ve forgotten that on day one he would immediately repeal and replace Obamacare because he had a better plan but in reality he had nothing and couldn’t pull it off.

      They’ve forgotten that the great “dealmaker” hasn’t actually made a single deal since taking office. We’ve withdrawn from the Paris climate accord because he was going to negotiate a better deal yet couldn’t actually get anybody to come to his negotiating table.

      They’ve forgotten that he “solved the nuclear threat” of North Korea yet just last week had to terminate the State Department’s trip there because there’s actually been no change to their nuclear program.

      They’ve forgotten that the justice department and FBI that are “making people angry” are led by people that HE appointed (you remember…. the “best people.”)

      They’ve forgotten that he’d reveal his tax returns after the “audit” yet hasn’t and won’t because they would show that he isn’t quite the successful business person that he’s claimed to be.

      They’ve forgotten that he “likes to work” and “would never be taking a vacation” but has actually spent 25% of his days in office on vacation or golfing at one of his clubs (at the expense of millions of dollars to the taxpayers).

      They’ve forgotten that his solution to China “ripping us off” was to start a trade war that resulted in a 12 billion dollar government handout of taxpayers’ money to US farmers because he destroyed their income and has done nothing to change their outlook for next year except hope for another multibillion dollar taxpayer bailout.

      They’ve forgotten that he’s accomplished none of the things he claimed that he would do and is only capable of finding someone to blame instead of using his great “dealmaking” skills to influence the outcomes.

      They’ve forgotten that an A+ isn’t the grade that goes along with your performance when more people die in a hurricane than died in Katrina because you failed to send the appropriate resources.

      MAGA….yeah, ok…. you folks just keep believing that he’s going to do that because he’s done such a stellar job so far.

      • What the hell does any of this have to do with the topic at hand. You paranoid leftists have no idea about Trump other than what your head comrades are feeding you.

      • And you, jaacee and your Trump loving folks have no idea of anything other than what Fox News, I mean Dear Leader channel tells you. You don’t have to be left to see that what They Forgot posted is true!

    • Lozier has to have a political interest as would any DA. It is an elected position after all. I’m by no means condoning his actions, just reacting to your statement.

      • No it’s not, not in the least as bad as ugly racist belligerent rants. The word “retard” means delayed in development and yes, it’s politically incorrect but not as ugly and nasty as that woman said.

    • @SpeakTheTruth. Anyone that uses the term ‘retard’ is a piece of shit. It’s no better than using the N word, you ignorant dick. Yet you’re going to come along and act enlightened. You and all of your fake holier-than-thou crew need to examine who you really are instead of congratulating yourselves for being democrats. But I know you won’t like what you see, so you won’t do that. It’s easier to trash someone else than it is to educate yourself.

      • So you’re admitting Trump is a piece of shit. He called Sessions retarded but you will continue to believe a proven chronic liar over a respected journalist.

  16. Perhaps Chip Kohser is a decent, hard-working family man who got into politics for honorable reasons and to make a difference by helping his party. But now, he is faced with taking a bullet for a loud-mouthed racist. He risks bad publicity for himself and his business and family by admitting to a mistake borne of that unfortunate racist association. LIkely, he is not a racist himself, but he did not take action. Maybe punish the inaction, and perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt? He has already been dragged through the mud, and it will take a long time for this bad news to clear. I personally don’t think the committee is Beaver County’s Republican brain trust, especially the Flaras, and the current racist, but some separation of the grain from the chaff might be helpful. Get rid of them, keep him, and maybe start over again?

    • Fall on your sword, Clara. Go to a Steeler’s game, take the field at halftime, and tell the crowd of 60,000 that you are sorry. Don’t tell them that it’s not who you are, but just that you are a flawed human being. They will boo you, and maybe even throw a few cans of Miller Lite, but it will at least let the rest of us now popular Beaver Countians off the hook. Don’t wear black and gold or take a Terrible Towel. That might empty the stands.

      • I can’t help but wonder if she is so proud to see her face and true heart plastered all over the internet and national news. No amount of saying, “this isn’t who I am” can ever fix this because this is precisely who she is and this is who those in her party, who refuse to do the right thing, are.

  17. My brother in Dallas phoned to say this story was in their newspaper and on their newscast. Perhaps with such national notoriety, she might consider a position with the National Republican party, receive an invitation to visit the White House where similar views are espoused.

  18. It’s interesting how this article brought the Carla and/or Trump supporters out to vote down, sometimes in similar numbers to the up votes. The racist issue is serious, and involves their party or friendships, but the supporters still hang in there.

  19. Raven, I noticed that also, the many thumbs down when a response included Trump or the Republican Party. It’s apparent the Snake Oil Salesman has a powerful the way, has anyone seen the steel mills returning as was promised, steel mills and coal operations returning.

    • I think the plan is to run steel out of business like the farmers and Harley Davidson, then send them generous subsidies to make up for it. It will be his Christmas present for the believers. It’s easy when you have the Midas Touch with other people’s money.

      • For now, Wise Owl, people can follow the crazy lying demagogue and Carla’s lead with impunity. Have fun, be happy. Short term, nothing will happen. Just vote and wear a funny hat. Thumbs down or up, it’s a giddy national circus. But, when it all leads to an inevitable cataclysmic event — a war, wide spread unemployment, food shortages, loss of health care or business, etc. — they must be held personally responsible. In the end, Carla has just pissed some people off, and there are groups out there who would throw her a party. But gradually they are just joining a mass of eventually hated pariahs who will be hurt the most. They are the little people, the most vulnerable, and they are playing with fire like two children with a flamethrower.

  20. Unfortunately Raven the “events” you speak of were set in motion long ago and neither party would have stopped them from happening, specifically when both parties are filled with spineless, backstabbing, sociopaths who all answer to the same masters. To believe otherwise is naive at best. The left right paradigm to keep the people infighting has been one of their most effective tools. i.e Danny Camp, Johnny …songbird…McCain etc. To believe either party has the peoples interest in mind above their own bottom line is foolish. It is time to start paying more attention to what the man behind the curtain is actually doing, and guess what folks …it aint in our best interest…hedge accordingly!

    • I totally agree, Mungo Jerry. Political parties are a fiction, as are their platforms and “ideals.” It’s not even “politics” anymore. The R and D labels are conveniences. Some are little more than groups of thugs. Local politicians change parties like underwear

      That said, it was 54 years ago that President Lyndon Johnson lied to the American people about a North Vietnamese attack on an American destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. That attack never happened. It was an intelligence gathering ship that was never attacked, and the Vietnamese gunboats were just policing on guard in their own waters. That same day, August 5, 1964, the New York Times news reported:

      “President Johnson has ordered retaliatory action against gunboats and ‘certain supporting facilities in North Vietnam’ after renewed attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.”

      That was the beginning of that terrible war — a lie.

      Trump lies. Chronically. Pathologically. And we now learn that even papers were removed from his desk by aides to prevent national security missteps, because he does not know what he is doing. (Read Woodward’s book, “Fear” that is in the news right now.)

      His followers might not care, but we are in real trouble.

      Carla can have her fun making racist remarks, and few will be physically hurt by it. But she supports a lying man who could easily do, and is doing, real destruction to this country.

      • Dear Raven how is that related to Kevin Bacon? THE Gulf of Tonkin ? LBJ Lied, this started the Vietnam War? You recommend “Read Woodward’s book, “Fear”That will be difficult, it’s(book) release date is Sept 11th . You RECOMMEND, as if all is factual, something that you only know about through media sources. Did you know that on this day in 1901 President Mckinley was shot twice in the abdomen and later died from his wounds? If you squint your eyes the name Mckinley looks like the word Kevin. Yes Carla is the name of a real Clown.

  21. Look at all these po’ dunks above here who think there’s a difference between (R) and (D)….only in BC….derps.

  22. Wise Owl: Denial is very valuable, for awhile, in saving your skin. So, the down votes are not surprising. It’s a little like the priest who denies all earthly pleasures, takes the vows and marries the church. Then, one morning he wakes up, sees a bump under the covers, and exclaims, “What am I going to do with that thing?!”

    • You can vote down as much as you like, but the Catholics are the ones with 300 predator priests identified and over 1000 sexual victims, and likely many more, to date. Someone had better address how to deal with those urgings during the training period, because there is clearly something wrong. Or, you can deny that too and keep on destroying little children’s lives.

      • Bear in mind that most of the main persons named in this article are “Good Catholics.” A low blow? Unjust? Maybe. But how do they reconcile racism with those teachings? Or, protecting racism with those teachings? Or, not taking action against it? Maybe there is a double standard here — there should be more time spent in the confessional and less time spent in rallies.

      • “most are “Good Catholics.”
        Raven How bout this, ALL OF THEM ARE WHITE. One better, how about, most are assholes like yourself.

  23. Catholic Priests – Pledge a Life of Celibacy or you will be disavowed from the Catholic Church Unless …….
    You choose to sexually abuse innocent children
    Then …….
    the Catholic Church and law enforcement will protect you and hide your sins until death do you part. When you continue to support the Catholic Church you become part of the sin!

  24. You are back little red tomato! Long time, no attacks. Nasty as always. Welcome back. We need some new angry attack talent here, even if it reads stuff into what is said that was never even thought of. How DO you do it?

  25. Reading the threads, there were nearly sixty comments, until Raven was able to interject priests and the Catholic Church. Give him time, as a bigot he will be calling out those whose names may end in vowels. It is most obvious that Raven is of an older generation.A generation where you lump people together due to their religious beliefs and their ethnicity, sad, and Carla Maloney is no different. Raven it is time for a change. I for one am glad that people are outraged by Carla Maloney’s rants. I wish that Mr. Kosher would consider the damage he may have been able to avoid. I am with Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley, I feel Kosher should resign.

    • The horse is dead. Anytime some part of the Italian-American Catholic population in the area is broached, it brings the same heat. I am not a bigot, nor some old shaking narrow-minded geezer, and if you think the comments above are irrelevant, you are wrong. But as I said, this horse is dead.

      • As I said above, it would not be long before Raven attacks those with last names ending in vowels …. and there he goes “Italian-American Catholic.” I never said you were a narrow minded geezer, but your opinions do reflect this self evaluation. However I will repeat, Raven you are a bigot, and it is sad.

      • Although I’m ducking the tomatoes being thrown at Italian-American Catholics sitting in St.Titus on Sunday’s, (Please note that the days of packed pews are over and remember that not all are bad applies) I do enjoy the perspectives here.

  26. I think we need our own little chat room, like Yahoo used to have, to fight, argue then go out for a few drinks afterwards.

    • You people are so full of hate for people who disagree with you that you give the thumbs down to a light-hearted joke.SMH

  27. Alas, on November 6, Election Day, I am doomed to have to choose between candidates that represent parties that are either racist or criminal, or both, (and more) according to what has been revealed about them recently. This is all very stressful and depressing. As of now I am casting a vote of no confidence in either party. And I challenge all of you Thumbs-Down Critics to convince me that I am wrong.

  28. That group of people is responsible for most of the widespread corruption in Beaver County, from the top of the Courthouse to wannabe gangstas and gaming machine owners. It is inescapable. And I don’t give two shits if they are religious, atheists, from Iceland, or Girl Scout cookie bakers, I will call them out every time their hypocrisy shows itself. If someone steals community fish in the middle of the Amazon jungle, I’ll call out the local tribe thieves that did it. That’s not bigoted, it’s just recognizes who lives there and controls the fish. The real problem is when mere mention of the group name triggers an automatic defensive reaction — every fucking time — against anyone who dares to suggest that it is not what it pretends to be.

      • I think we will find that the Lebanese gangstas are more powerful. Good for them. They found a way to make money without really working while us 8 to 5ers are ‘working for the weekend’

      • Raven Sep 7, 2018 at 9:15 am

        Are they ALL bad people? Of course not. But they could do much better policing the ones who are.

        and you say you’re not a bigot?

    • Roman Catholic Missionaries in Caapiranga have been warned by a high ranking Cardinal at the Vatican.

      “Heya you guys, iffa you gonna use a your cell phones, make-a sure you take-a pictures of alla da fisha you catch. Ers disa guy ina the states he saya he’lla call you out if a you steal a fish. Oh ana Father Gambrusco, cana you hang outta witha Father Murphy and Obrien, just una-til dis a blow over.”

      • That is as offensive as some here who have translated comments into ebonics. You could not have posted a worse piece of slanderous jargon. Maybe try Chico Marx. At least he was funny. This is just crude and rude. Stupid.

      • There is an old saying that you can’t sell satire. And after a failed attempt at satirizing the whole community by stereotyping their speech and mocking the church, you can’t write it either. You probably spent a good half-hour composing that idiotic piece to jab old Raven, but it doesn’t work, and it is pathetic. If you are trying to be a champion of them, don’t use words. The attempt was to make fun of Raven. It didn’t work. That’s way above your pay grade.

      • Well old bigot bird, it was a poke at you. Read it, twist it bend it I don’t care. I think it’s a funny representation of your “stolen fish of the Amazon, or was it Gulf Of Tonkin?” You seem to be all over the place … one place I am sure you never go, is outside. Give your 94 year old mother a break, and cut the grass.

  29. Actually, I’m outside much of the time. But, each time someone “clicks” onto the BC site, JP makes a few pennies. So, he has beer money for the weekend, thanks to us.

  30. I’ve got a few silly questions, thoughts, ramblings, whatever you want to call them on this topic. The people Republican committee, are they an elected position, or a hired position? If they are hired, they can be fired. If they’re elected, not so easy, right? I mean, we’ve been told it’s a long drawn out process that involves God only knows how much red tape, and this has to be done, and that, so on and so on. I mean, that’s what we’ve been told about our other elected officials, right? I mean, can’t we as a county call for the removal of our elected officials? Here’s an example: Since the Treasure made inflammatory statements before the current Republican commissioners were in office, yet they were fully aware of her statements, and still did nothing about it after elected, can’t we call for their removal? The Democratic commissioner has been there longer, so can’t we call for his removal as well for this and other inactions during his term? You could input the DA as another example, by making contradictory public statements, causing unfounded confusion and having a general lack of knowledge of the office in which he holds. Can we call for his removal? What is the process? What is the difference in the removal of an elected committee member as opposed to an elected official if both are “elected” to the position?

  31. Forged signatures on Craig’s petitions: This adds another dimension to the scandal-plagued political scene in the county. In this case, Aliquippa residents will want to know how their signatures came to be forged and whether any local agents were a party to the offense.



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