Ambridge Police Chief James Mann / photo courtesy Ambridge Connection

Ambridge Borough Council voted to suspend the town’s police chief without pay or benefits and hire back a former chief to act as interim head of the department.

Council voted unanimously to place Chief Mann on an indefinite unpaid suspension until a resolution of criminal charges filed against him on August 23 by the Pennsylvania State Police. Council voted to hire Mark J. Romutis as interim chief with Gerald “Duke” McCoy voting no.

Romutis served as Ambridge police chief from 2006 until 2011. He served as chief of police for Ellwood City Borough after leaving Ambridge, and currently works as a Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The votes took place during a special session of council this afternoon in a meeting that deviated from an agenda published in advance. The original meeting schedule called for Council to vote on Mann’s suspension, but made no mention of hiring a replacement.

Several members of the public spoke out during the meeting, expressing concern about monies being spent by the town to have a private investigation done of its police department, and asking for action to be taken against Borough Solicitor Richard Start.

Listen to the 10 minute meeting in full:

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This is very good news for Ambridge. Chief Romutis was an outsider that they hired from the City of Pittsburgh police force the first time. The rest of the Ambridge force couldn’t stand him because he would not put up with their shit. I believe he was also the one that worked with the Feds over 2 of his own Ambridge officers beating the shit out of a prisoner (correct me if I’m wrong). That led to 2 Ambridge officers being arrested by the Feds. Hopefully, he sticks around for a while and weeds out some more of the trash that have badges there. Not a single one of the current officers can be trusted with the position. They would all immediately turn into the next Mann.

The courthouse janitor
The courthouse janitor

Ambridge finally gets their head out of their ass and makes a wise choice!!


They hired Lou Gentile to investigate the Ambridge police. Money thrown away. Guess things didn’t work out for your buddy Jimmy. Every now and then but very rarely, A little bit. A very little bit of justice is served here in Beaver County.

Mungo Jerry
Mungo Jerry

Don’t worry Mr. Mann….Mungo is pretty sure this is all just standard operating procedure and you will be reimbursed for back pay, overtime etc. This whole thing will blow over and everyone will just forget about it. All of the Ambridge police officers, secretaries etc will have a welcome back party….with cake… and…..Oh wait! No they won’t! Hahahaha…..your ass is out pal. Now is when you get all that free time on your hands to sit back and recollect all the things you have done….good or bad…and the really sad thing about it is the feeling you will get being on the outside looking in. There is no worse feeling for someone who held a high level authority position as you DID, and now have to be relegated to less than security guard status. Always hanging around somewhere locally where other LEO’s hang out and trying to get the inside scoop on what is really going on back at the office. Well maybe take up raquetball or jogging or something cuz that ole title of hasbeen is nipping you in the ass it’s so close. So……goodbye and thanks for your service.

Local Adviser
Local Adviser

Isn’t it funny that everywhere that Richard start is/was the solicitor is being investigated.
2, Ambridge
Look out Harmony Twp you’re next “