Cartoons drawn and hung on the walls by Ambridge Magisterial District Judge John Armour.

A Baden constable has asked the state Judicial Conduct Board to investigate the Ambridge magisterial district judge’s conduct.

Constable Mark Kolakowski documented several examples in his complaint in which he says appointed Senior District Judge John W. Armour, 74, violated numerous judicial canons. He also alleges the judge is displaying severe memory issues, is easily distracted, and at times can’t stay focused or awake.

Kolakowski has known Armour for years and said in his complaint the judge “has had a long and stoic career” as a police officer and as a district magistrate judge.

But he said Armour should no longer be on the bench.

Kolakowski alleges that many county officials have turned a blind eye to the judge’s conduct over the past several months and possibly longer.

Armour was appointed to replace former District Judge Andrew Hladio, who resigned his position in November after being suspended following allegations of misconduct.

Kolakowski said Armour often repeats the same stories over and over, and spends his time doodling cartoons.

“I have to seriously call into question this individual’s ability to be on the bench, from his extremely hostile posture to drawing childlike cartoons and posting them on the wall,” the complaint states.

“There is clearly something amiss here.”

Cartoons drawn and hung on the walls by Ambridge Magisterial District Judge John Armour.

Kolakowski filed his complaint with the Harrisburg-based judicial board on July 23.

When reached by phone, Armour said he didn’t know anything about the complaint filed against him, but that he couldn’t make statements prior to a potential conduct board hearing.

“Whatever he wants to say, that’s his business,” Armour said. “I can’t stop him, but I will be prepared to defend myself when it comes time. Believe me.”

Kolakowski said one of the tipping points that led to filing the complaints was a June 18 eviction situation. That morning, Kolakowski said he got a call asking if he could do a favor for the judge, “a landlord-tenant thing.” Kolakowski said another constable who typically handles evictions wasn’t available. The judge told him the landlord came from Florida and it needed to be done right away.

Evictions are a multi-step process that involve numerous court hearings and forms and the landlord was at the end of that process, he said. The landlord had won his May 18 hearing, a roughly $4,300 judgment against the delinquent tenant, and possession of the property. A 10-day notice was served June 6, and the tenants were to leave the property, he said.

“If they don’t get out, you have to put them out,” Kolakowski explained to the Beaver Countian.

Kolakowski said he was told to come to the magistrate’s office at 1 p.m. The out-of-town landlord, Tom Kinney, meanwhile, had been waiting since 8:30 a.m. and told Kolakowski he thought the judge might be drunk.

Kolakowski assured the landlord that the judge was not intoxicated.

The landlord complained to Kolakowski that the judge didn’t remember his hearing and was now being told by court personnel his eviction was not legal. The landlord had gone to the house to evict and found two squatters saying they were living on subleases from his original tenant, who had gone to prison and apparently rented out the place to his friends.

Kolakowski said he went to the judge to get it straightened out and Armour explained that the squatters had been to the office with a copy of their sublease and were really nice, plus they had four kids. Their attorney also called Armour and the judge decided to change his prior orders.

“I said ‘There was already a hearing a month ago. This is not up for renegotiation here.’ I can’t explain to you how frustrating this is,” Kolakowski said.

Tom Kinney told the judge’s behavior that day was erratic.

“The judge called me in and was hollering at me. We had already been through the court action, I had been granted possession and got a judgment against the people … He was swearing at us over the situation … I was shook up very much about this. I followed all of the procedures of the law and had an attorney do this for me and in the end I was the bad guy for trying to get my property back … It took me about 4 or 5 months.”

Kolakowski said the judge yelled that Kinney was “making (his) life difficult,” then again changed his mind and asked to have the borough police accompany the constable to the rental on 18th Street for the eviction.

“He told the constable to go up and ‘get those people the fuck out of there,'” said Kinney.

Kolakowski told he asked the office staff to run the tenants’ history for possible arrest warrants and he was assured they were all clean. The group left and went to the property.

As soon as they pulled up, Kolakowski said a woman came flying down from the porch at him with a phone in her hand, warning that she was recording him. He warned her to get back on the porch. A male accompanying her said he already had outstanding warrants and just wanted to pack up and leave.

Kolakowski said he was upset to learn one of the tenants indeed had warrants. He later learned the man was a convicted felon who had 35 warrants in seven Pennsylvania counties and was awaiting a hearing on drug charges in Pittsburgh and for fraud in Butler County.

Serving the paperwork became a “very serious situation” that was “extremely dangerous” to the constable, the landlord, a maintenance worker, and innocent bystanders, he wrote in his complaint.

After the tenants had agreed to load up and leave, Ambridge police arrived on scene, Kolakowski said. The police used Kolakowski’s cell phone to talk to the magistrate’s office and concluded, in conflict with the judge’s written order, that there were problems with the eviction.

Kolakowski alleges it was a “back-alley deal,” and contradicted the orders the judge gave to the constable one hour earlier. When Kolakowski called the judge back, he was told to “go with the flow.” This was recorded by one of the squatters and witnessed by six people, he said. The squatters were permitted to stay until 8 p.m. that evening. spoke with Noah Proud, one of the evicted tenants who said the scene was chaotic and confirmed that the judge had been on speakerphone at the time. He said the constable, police, and judge were all shouting profanities at one another. Proud also confirmed the incident had been recorded and agreed to provide a copy to the Beaver Countian, but ultimately failed to follow through in doing so.

“The police were playing games, jumping in front of Mr. Kolakowski stopping him from doing his job,” said Kinney. “They were trying to say it was an illegal eviction the judge ordered.”

Kolakowski alleges in his complaint that court personnel gave conflicting information to several of the involved parties that contradicted the judge’s written order and further undermined the situation.

The following morning, Kolakowski said he spoke to Armour about the police conduct and what he felt was malicious and incompetent behavior by court staff. He said the judge got angry and said to “leave him out of it; he does not want involved.”

Kolakowski wrote in his complaint that he told the judge there was audio and video of the event and that he believed it was now a criminal matter, but he said the judge did not care.

“I feel that the Judge knowingly and willingly violated (the landlord’s) 14th Amendment rights. His conduct … clearly calls into question the integrity of the court, not only just from my (perspective) but, from the witnesses (citizens) to this spectacle as well.”

Kolakowski said he believes Armour’s actions regarding the eviction case need to be examined as well as his recent conduct on the bench. Kolakowski asserts the judge had improper discussions with the subletting tenant and their third-party attorney on one side of a case, even though the case had already been decided and the eviction was to proceed. The judge did not seek input from the landlord or his attorney, he said. On at least three occasions, Kolakowski said the judge changed his mind on how he wanted to proceed.

Armour defended himself, saying he is not “stupid.”

“Believe me, there’s a lot more to this than I can say, that’s all I can tell you,” Armour said. “I’ve been on the bench for 30 years and I’m not stupid, and I don’t do things that are improper. That’s about all I can tell you.”

Kolakowski said Armour and his office have now requested that he return all outstanding warrants and are no longer using him as a constable for the court.

“Whether it’s malicious or whether it’s incompetence, the politics, the nepotism, and the collusion that goes on, and literally the back-alley deals that are made, that’s what I object to. And when somebody stands up and questions unethical and illegal behavior, they’re just erased from the schedule.”

Kolakowski cited numerous other violations he alleges Armour has committed, including failing to perform the duties of the judicial office impartially, competently and diligently. In his complaint, Kolakowski also said Armour has tried on numerous occasions to get him to provide information about an open criminal investigation regarding the Ambridge police chief.

Ambridge Borough Council placed Chief James Mann on paid administrative suspension in April, after a dozen officers with the police department went to the Pennsylvania State Police to file complaints against him.

“The chief wanted to run for another (magistrate’s) position with the help of Judge Armour, who agreed to do so. I had to dodge this question every day I was in the office,” Kolakowski wrote.

Kolakowski ran as a write-in candidate in 2015 to fill the constable position previously held by Baden resident Keith Kristek, who is serving three years in federal prison. Kristek resigned after being found guilty of stealing more than $1 million from the Ambridge Area School District and $46,000 from Baden as its tax collector.

Kolakowski has requested the judicial board properly review the matters he raised in a timely manner.’s John Paul contributed to this report.

Cartoons drawn and hung on the walls by Ambridge Magisterial District Judge John Armour.
Larissa Theodore
Larissa is an experienced community news reporter whose hyperlocal journalism has garnered regional, state, and national awards including recognition by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association and Society of Professional Journalists.


  1. Shouldn’t the guy with the outstanding warrants have immediately been put into handcuffs and dispatched have run him for the warrants? That’s what they always do on Live PD. Don’t tell me he was allowed to stay unrestrained because he was packing up his stuff. That’s dangerous.

  2. LOL a wannabe cop mad at one of the best magistrates in BC. He doesn’t go light on criminals like others. Sounds like the wanna be cop had a friend get in trouble and now he’s throwing a hissy fit. IMO

    • Constable Kolakowski is a retired Sheriffs deputy of 30 years in Florida and has trained law enforcement agencies at home and abroad. Constable’s are not wannabe cops. We are judicial officers doing work for the courts. Prior to criticizing Constable Kolakowski, you should have all of the facts.

      I can attest to Constable Kolakowski’s extensive POLICE resume and experience, his character, his honesty and most of all his integrity.

      Some guys rock the boat to make waves. Constable Kolakowski rocks the boat to find leaks so they can be fixed.

      Thank you, Mark, for standing up for what us right.

    • The wanna be cop as you describe him has a long career in law enforcement to include 30 years as a sheriffs deputy. So if anyone is qualified to being a complaint against a MDJ, he would be the one.

    • jaacee,

      MDJs are appointed by the APOC mostly on the recommedation of the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in that particular county. In this case, Beaver County and Judge Mancini. As per the above article, it looks like it will be investigated. An official complaint has been filed.

  3. There must be something in the water of that office that causes every district judge who serves there to become erratic and certified nutcase.

  4. Mark A. Kolakowski is a great constable with a long career as a cop in PA as a sergeant in a respected township department and as a LEO in Florida serving as a Palm Beach deputy, K-9 bomb handeler and working on several federal task forces. He returned to Beaver to take care of a family member and is not a wanna be cop. He probably has seen more and done more than most cops in this county. There is a lot more to this story that will be coming out. I am sure the powers that be in Beaver County are getting ready to personally attack an honest man who has been trying to work behind the scenes to affect change but when an innocent defendant was witness and both were put in danger he took a step filing an official complaint. Mark may not be as diplomatic as me however he is one of the most honest people I know and fights for what is right even if it personally might impact him. Good luck in this fight. I am sure more shoes will drop.

  5. John Armour is correct that he has been on the bench for over 30 years. I am very surprised to read this story as I thought he had been deceased for many years. Back in 1994 while John Armour was a DJ in New Brighton, his girl-friend, now wife Delores Laughlin ran against DJ Joseph Zupsic in Center Twp and won. Long story short, after two recounts it was found that ballot boxes were in fact tampered with and the election went to Zupsic.

  6. If there is not a mandatory retirement age. There needs to be one. Some of these people in the court house sheriffs dept. District courts are way past 70. And still lurking around. At least mandatory retirement will get rid of some of those maniacs.

  7. “There is clearly something amiss here.”

    Yes, it’s another Denmark.

    He waxes desperate with imagination.

    Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him.

    Have after. To what issue will this come?

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Heaven will direct it.

    Nay, let’s follow him. [Exeunt.]

    Hamlet Act 1, scene 4, 87–91

  8. Constable Kolakowski is a distinguished man. His history in law enfocement speaks for its self. If he says there is something amiss, then there is. I’ve worked with him. Rode with him in Constable work. You won’t find a more honest and professional man on the job. The members of the community and other law enforcement members should be honest with what’s happening in that mdj office and back him up. For the safety and well being of everyone.

  9. I’ve known Ski for over 30 years. He is one of the few that will open his mouth and tell the truth, many times it is things few want to hear. He has documentation to back up his claims. How do you refute the video, the witness statements and say they are all wrong. The Democrat Spin. Lol

  10. Please, please, please, please, Mark is that great ? He was practically booted out of Beaver County when he worked in Potter Township. Oh shit, everybody forgot about that one. He got fired for lying in Florida, but yes he sued and got his job back, 4 to 1 decision. Can’t get hired in Baden or Ambridge, he drives around in his want to be believe police car, he has just a little bit of a cloudy career.

    • Looks like the first of the minions doing the work of those in power in Beaver County is doing their bidding by attacking the messenger.

      If we remember Potter Twp. Merged with Center and there was a layoff looming and Mark realized the grass was a lot greener in Florida.

      Deputies are at will in Florida, however, Mark was an officer in the FOP and targeted by a new Sheriff. That he got his job back and a large settlement shows that these charges were trumped up. OH and the vote to bring him back was 5-0 and the accusers were fired.

      Kind of what is going on now, character assassination to try and shut up and get rid of a “troublemaker” who has a habit of telling the truth to power?

      Baden has a history of discrimination against experienced officers that might make the chief look inexperienced in comparison. and I doubt someone like Ski would want to work in a corrupt environment like Ambridge with its low pay.

      As for his “make-believe police car,” the Supreme Court of PA has a court order requiring constables to have cars that meet certain requirements to do court work and transport prisoners. Thus they look like cop cars because except for lights and sirens they are the same.

      On that subject, the Supreme Court of PA has declared Constables POLICE OFFICERS in Com. v. Taylor
      450 Pa. Superior Ct. 583 (1996)
      What is a Constable?

      A Constable is a sworn Law Enforcement / Peace Officer that can arrest for felony crimes and breaches of the peace committed in his presence, or by warrant anywhere in the commonwealth.

      A Constable is also an officer empowered to carry out the business of the statewide district court system, by serving warrants of arrest, mental health warrants, transporting prisoners, service of summons, complaints and subpoenas, and enforcing protection from abuse orders as well as orders of eviction and judgment levies.

      Constables are also charged with maintaining order at the election polls and ensuring that no qualified elector is obstructed from voting, Constables are the only Law Enforcement Officials permitted at the polls on election day.

      While Constables primarily serve the Courts, they belong to the executive branch of government.

      Constables are elected at the municipal level, however, State law governs Constables and they have statewide authority, thus the title became “State Constable”.

      Constables are empowered to enforce both criminal and civil laws, Police Officers are empowered to enforce criminal and traffic laws, Sheriff’s are the chief law enforcement officer of the County and are empowered to enforce criminal, civil and traffic laws.

    • Please show some facts behind your statements. Everyone lost their job in Potter. They don’t have a Police Dept. Haven’t for decades. Since you’ve been around that long, you should know that too. Or are you just hearing this from someone else? Mark was a union official that did not back the Sheriff that won in Florida. He and other Deputies WERE fired, but that was reversed by a 5-0 vote not 4-1. All that were fired were reinstated. Back pay, benifits, and senority were all restored along with a cash settlement. Mark was approached by members of Baden council to apply to be an officer there. To do this Mark had to challange the Act 120 test. The test is not free and is not easy without studying. Mark passed and his application was passed over for 4 officers that are no longer wth BPD. All except maybe for the one that went to the military before his start date. He may still be on the books. Ambridge? Seriously? If there is an app there with his name on it, IT WAS FORGED! The car was an ex-police car. Everybody has them, especially constables! There are no lights and sirens in that vehicle. Mark refuses to drive that car when not on official duty. He has another car for personal use.

      The real problem was completely overlooked by you. Do you think its ok to have a dementia sufferer on the bench?

      • There’s a reason he was passed over for a job, just ask anyone on council. As someone else put it, most constables are wannabe cops. In Pa, they’re hired as security for special events and are just one step above an act 235 cert and maybe a step below a sheriff deputy. Constables are appointed or elected and do not need to have training or education. Constables are what caused the problem at Valley Terrace in Aliquippa.

      • Well Mr. Setzer, since you know everything. Maybe check your facts ! Mark “left” before the department has disbanded, ouch. Rodney Law was one of the last officers at Potter Twp. And if he did challange the ACT 120 test, he would take off his illegal tint and illegal spotlight, because he would know it is illegal. Maybe a real police officer will give him a warning to remove the violations so, since Mark is such a good person, his car will be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Vehicle Codes.

      • under section H covers the Spot Light which is original equipment from the factory as a police package therefore allowed. Same as taxi cabs, construction vehicles. many railroad trucks.
        (h) Ornamental lamps. A lamp not enumerated in this section and not located as described in Tables III, IV and V of this chapter, is prohibited unless it is available as original equipment. An illuminated sign is prohibited except on taxicabs, ambulances and trucks. Flashing or revolving lights are not ornamental lamps. Provisions relating to flashing or revolving lights are in Chapters 15 and 173 (relating to authorized vehicles and special operating privileges; and flashing or revolving lights on emergency and authorized vehicles). also covers spotlights
        (8) Utility lights. Clear or white forward or side facing steady burning utility lights (that is, take down, alley, spotlight) may not be used as a visual signal for purposes of 75 Pa.C.S. § 3325. These lights may be used while the vehicle is in motion or stationary for the purpose of an emergency, for the safety of the public, or in the enforcement of the law.
        The tint on his car is also legal as it came from the factory that way.

  11. Pardo, you are correct a lot of Constables are not well trained and are wannabes. Fortunately in this case Constable Kolakowski is a highly trained law enforcement professional that has served honorably in both local agencies in two states, including federal task forces, and as a federal contractor training LEO’s. Part of the problems he ran into was trying to improve the Constabulary in both Beaver County and the Commonwealth but ran into the old boy and girl networks that like being able to control things by not following the law or wanting to do the moral or ethical thing. You knock him and the Constables but not the District Magesterial Judge that is no longer fit to serve, but as long as his rulings don’t upset the powers to be let’s leave him in. We can control him but maybe not a young Judge who wants to do the right thing.

    More minions attacking the messenger and character assasination. Beaver County SOP

  12. Pardo, thanks for being another minion for the powers to be in Beaver County that follows the marching orders of their “betters”. Following the party line attack the messenger, assassinate his character and don’t mention the actual issue- a judge that is no longer competent for the office. Well I guess he is as long as his rulings don’t go against the ruling elite.

    Yes some Constables have had issues and are under trained, however Ski has been a highly trained and decorated officer and deputy serving on a major department, as a local sergeant, federal LE task forces, and training officers as a federal contractor.

    He has pushed for better training and updating the Constabulary in Beaver and the Commonwealth.

    He has reported abuses to the system and more will come out I am sure. As everyone is quick to point out here Beaver is filled with corruption and we have someone willing to fight for what is right. It scares people. Maybe Ski needs to look at a different office that pays and needs an honest man that is willing to fight for the truth even as he risks his livelihood, reputation, and standing in the community. Not many people out there willing to do that.

  13. We need to make Law Enforcement a profession.We have to many poorly educated people trying to do it as a side job. Look at license jobs, cutting hair,doing finger nails and selling houses, but not being police officers. A few years ago I saw people become Asst. Chief that never went to the Academy.

  14. With respect to all the law enforcement/constables defending this gentleman Mungo would sincerely like to ask you all a serious question…..Please!…..In the name of all that is right….please name some of these “powers that be” “betters” of which you speak?!? Just humor us lowly Beaver County yinzers and name some names of these powerful string pullers to whom this senile old curmudgeon is loyal to. Mungo must assume at this point that you actually know some good inside shit, so once again please spill the beans….no more alluding to the “powers that be” . Most of the regular commenters here are probably familiar with most of the names, but it may add a little more credibility to the arguments you all proposed above. If you all are law enforcement ….names…names…,naims

    • Mungo,
      Not going to bait me into discussing names they will come out during the course of the investigation. Be patient Christmas morning was never fun when your presents were unwrapped and you knew what they were.

  15. Society is in trouble,

    Since you know all about the Potter, why were there no charges brought? Who in thier right mind would stay in this county when they could work and live in Florida? You’re going to fault a guy for that? Tint? Really? Unless it’s a white Escalade, the darker the tint the more I’m sure it’s a municipal cop. Please police your cop friends for thier tint. Make sure they know it’s illegal before coming into your town, cause you will take no prisoners! Still no comments about the MDJ though. Guess you can’t poke any holes in that.


    Everybody that’s from this county knows the politics. The players will pull are well known. All levels are infested. Naming names is a waste of time. No thoughts on the actual article itself?

  16. Armour when he was in Beaver falls was nothing but professional. I don’t really believe this article…

  17. I have known Ski for 30 years, As a retired law enforcement officer I believe Ski was an excellent LEO. People on this site commenting on Ski appears not to know him very well. I will tell you when this guy decides to commit himself to a cause, he will be very motivated to complete it by giving 100%. This man was trained by a professional law enforcement agency outside of Beaver County. His training was far superior than what officers receive in this area. I would trust his opinions. As for the window tint issue, Research Pa Title 75, The vehicle code,4524 subsection (E). This sections states, Window tint is legal on the rear windshield. As for Ski’s vehicle, upon observation it appears the only tinted window is the rear windshield. There is more to worry about in this county than window tinting.

  18. In my opinion: This article could have stopped at the drawings and said no more. They are sick. What they represent is sick. Childish, immature, aggressive, typical of a disturbed teenager. Drawing them is worrisome itself. But to post them for people to see? Red flags. What if the people in the drawings actually were hurt in similar ways, after the drawings were made? What if a kid in local school posted them in a bathroom, depicting other students being hurt? That’s right — lock down. Heavy duty counseling. The authorities would be very interested in what may have been telegraphed by them. Please, get the guy some help. The Constable is right. The other stuff is irrelevant.

    • These drawings likely cross the line from First Amendment protected free speech into Risking Endangerment Against a uniformed Police officer — a potential REAP offense. The judge had better hope that nothing happens to the subject, especially that which is depicted, or he could find himself on the other side of the bench.

      • Raven …. it’s that time again, time to get out, get some fresh air. A scone and a good cup of coffee.

      • Geeze, Walk. You really have a bug up your ass, chewing on your hemorrhoids, don’t you? But, you thought about the possible assault and REAP charges long ago, didn’t you?

      • Raven your above comment about Judge Armour’s doodles.
        Do YOU honestly feel these doodles could actually cause any one person danger? HONESTLY DO YOU ?
        and then this comment directed toward me : But, you thought about the possible assault and REAP charges long ago, didn’t you?
        Can you explain, seriously I don’t get it.

      • @Raven, I agree with Walk, R E A P REALLY ? Should the Judge heed your warning? REALLY?


  19. About damn time. John Armor is an old washed up has been who lost his mind long ago. He served in the Beaver Falls office when the untimely demise of Livingston came about. He then openly supported and campaigned for a replacement which was also against the rules of judicial Conduct. The only difference between then and now? The constable in Beaver falls was too fucking stupid to notice. Ya see, you need at least half a damn brain to notice things.


  21. Unlawful activities, section 4107 b-2, title 67 inspection/equipment regulations, section 175 6704x all passenger vehicles must have 70 to 100 percent light emitted through the windows, all around the entire vehicle (federal regulation) 70 to 100 percent light must be emitted through only the front driver and passenger side windows only on sport utility vehicles and passenger trucks. Kolakowski’s passenger vehicle is in clear violation with his blacked out windows, Look it up, maybe he should remove his after market window tint before he get a citation.

    • Wow, a story about a constable who’s trying to do the right thing about a judge that regardless of his past Good Deeds is no longer apparently fit the sit on the bench. And the best that this obvious local police officer,( I’m assuming it’s in the judges jurisdiction Baden, Ambridge, Harmony Twp.) Is window tint. He/she is the poster child for what is wrong here with the local cops. With all the crime in this County the best we can focus on is a debate on window tint. If you live in Beaver County folks I would strongly encourage you to start taking pictures of the police officers personal vehicles in the parking lots of the Departments and when you see them in public. The overwhelming majority in the 90 percentile range have tinted windows. And these personal vehicles are not used to transport prisoners or part of official duties, again they are personal, unlike the constable who does transport prisoners. Invest in a cheap dash cam (30 bucks) because we see where they police priorities are. The police should be concerned with the terms official oppression, harassment, obstruction, tampering with Witnesses and the like. Is it worth risking their jobs to harass a constable for tinted windows? I guess so. Why don’t they go out and do the job they were hired to do and clean up the streets of Ambridge and the rest of Beaver County. What a cesspool. It’s a shame that’s so many of the authorities turn a blind eye to what’s really going on, like the Integrity of the Court. I don’t like to make things personal but, Society you’re a disgrace! Resign or retire whatever is the case before you get your town sued over your personal Vendetta with constables, and we the taxpayers are stuck with the bill. Reading from the above comments the Constable you’re trolling appears to have quite a law enforcement background as well. I thought you guys were supposed to be on the same side?

      • I agree, and to see someone so revered on the BC offer “in their opinion” high crimes from a f’n doodle. Come on.

      • As a taxpayer it’s quite disturbing to see somebody that stands up and does the right thing only to be retaliated against by the police of all people. This sets a very dangerous precedent because it would deter many for coming forward for fear of retaliation. What’s even scarier here, its the court system and the police that you have to fear the most. And I’m sure there is much more to the story of what went on in that magistrate’s office that anybody here is willing to talk about. Truly there’s great collusion between that magistrate’s office and the local police and that’s enough to frighten anybody away. I hope the investigation reveals the truth and encourages others to step up to tell their stories about the collusion , nepotism and the cronyism that exists in Beaver County

    • To be clear municipal police officers cannot enforce Federal Regulations. Those must be passed on to someone with the jurisdiction to do so. I just want to make that clear for general public viewing this thread. That being said, having a Fed charge someone with a vehicle tint violation is a real STRETCH. Once again, no thoughts on the merits of a judge not fit to be on the bench?

    • Federal law dude local police do not enforce federal law. pa vehicle code his windows are legal in pa read!!!!

  22. As a taxpayer it’s quite disturbing to see somebody that stands up and does the right thing only to be retaliated against by the police of all people. This sets a very dangerous precedent because it would deter many for coming forward for fear of retaliation. What’s even scarier here, its the court system and the police that you have to fear the most. And I’m sure there is much more to the story of what went on in that magistrate’s office that anybody here is willing to talk about. Truly there’s great collusion between that magistrate’s office and the local police and that’s enough to frighten anybody away. I hope the investigation reveals the truth and encourages others to step up to tell their stories about the collusion , nepotism and the cronyism that exists in Beaver County

  23. Age is not the best way too say who should be in a job.Some 21 yr olds don’t think like adults and some people over 70 and 75 can still think o.k. Judge each case on its merit.I have been out of PA. For years, have not heard so much about sec. About the tint on windows. Spend more time fighting real crime.



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