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The Two Amigos

Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio has released a formal campaign photo with his official running mate, former Republican commissioner cum Democratic commissioner candidate Dennis Nichols. The photo was posted to Amadio’s Facebook page along with a little message to excite his supporters about the upcoming election season.

“The Amadio/Nichols Team for Beaver County Commissioner! Commissioner Tony Amadio and Former Commissioner Dennis Nichols are running as an experienced team to continue the economic explosion in Beaver County’s Redevelopment!”

Commissioner Tony Amadio (left) with commissioner candidate Dennis Nichols / campaign photo

It only took about an hour after Amadio posted the photo for John Bassman Marzlak, one of his supporters, to post the inevitable comment underneath it.

“Oh!,,,, I saw his lips move!!! LOL”

Another person who really loves the campaign photo is Republican Party Chairman Jim Christiana, who told me Beaver Countians can expect to be seeing a lot of it.

“I think I will use their headshot more than they will,” Christiana said.

I Will Name Them Donald & Trump

So I got a nice little email from Adam Wakefield announcing his Republican candidacy for Treasurer last week. He got off to a really good start, using most of the friendly little message to praise the work that has been doing.

I started my obligatory digging, and the county Elections Bureau confirmed they had received a call from Wakefield about running for public office. Records show he is a registered Republican, 28-years-old living in Rochester.

Adam Wakefield / photo via Facebook

A short time later I saw his official public announcement on Facebook, which started off normal enough.

“I have a bachelors degree in accounting and currently working as a full time accountant. I am also pursuing my masters in business administration and will graduate this December.”

But it was Wakefield’s big finish that really caught my attention.

“I love guns, hunting, airsoft, and puppies. If elected I’ll use the salary increase to buy two dachshunds and name them Donald and Trump.”

So ya, there was that. I tried not to read too much into the whole puppies thing until I came across another post by the candidate on social media.

“I won’t spend 100k on campaigning for a 75k per year job like some of my questionably corrupt opponents are. I do promise if elected I will show up to work and execute my duties to the best of my abilities. I do promise I’ll never steal a penny from anyone. I do promise if elected I’ll be honest, hardworking, and will use the money to buy a puppy. I hope to get your vote.”

I will point out the notable discrepancy in the number of puppies Mr. Wakefield has promised to buy if his candidacy is successful.

Wakefield would face off against Beaver County President Judge Rick Mancini’s nephew in the Republican primary. Lori Bohach remains as the only announced Democrat for the seat being vacated by Connie Javens’ retirement at the end of the year.

Needless to say, Wakefield is the talk of politicos in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Time will tell if he’s serious about his candidacy or not, but if I know one thing from my years covering county politics it’s this: Don’t discount treasurer candidates carrying baskets of puppies.

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens / file photo by John Paul

Will Georgie Pull The Trigger?

Former Democratic sheriff George “Georgie” David has been telling people he intends to run for the office again this year.

David has been contacting potential supporters hoping to drum up backing for a run against Wayne Kress in the Democratic primary. Kress defeated then-incumbent David in the 2015 primary election (Kress went on to lose the general against Republican Tony Guy). Politicos tell me he’s been using the Wendy’s in Aliquippa as his informal campaign headquarters.

David has yet to make an official announcement and it remains to be seen whether or not he formally enters the race.

George David (beaver countian file photo)

A Democratic politico was able to dig up an old campaign ad from 2002 that was distributed by one of David’s opponents, William Alston, during David’s second campaign for sheriff. David was originally appointed to sheriff in 1996 by then governor Tom Ridge following the resignation of the elected sheriff Frank Policaro. David lost his first election for the office in 1997, but ran again in 2002 and was successful at winning the seat.

The ad against David in that election all of those years ago could just as easily be used this election cycle.

“George David likes to tell you that he was the Sheriff… What he doesn’t want you to know are the reasons why he no longer is your sheriff…” has previously published an extensive timeline of George David’s antics between the years 1972 to 2015:

In-Depth: A Timeline Of Sheriff George David’s Lifetime Of Alleged Abuses And Corruption

Campaign ad in opposition to George David’s 2002 candidacy for sheriff.

A Lesson On Civil Rights

Our most recent article about Sheriff Georgie Tony David Guy (sorry it’s getting harder for me to tell them apart) was used in a class at Penn State last week.

I’m glad to see our reporting can be used to help teach college students about important topics like civil rights, equal protections, the necessity of a free press for democracy, and political bumfuckery.

After the past week we’ve had here at dealing with all of the high-muck-a-muck at the courthouse, I was reminded of the following quote:

“A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”
– Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence

A lecture at Penn State / submitted photo
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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Adopt a shelter pet if you want to score points.


But he wants Weiner dogs. You can’t just go to the shelter and adopt those.


George David/Tony Guy 2 peas in a pod. Both going down this year by KRESS!! Guy bought big stickers to block the deputies view on the blast shields coming into the courthouse, just to get his name on something (sound familiar)!! Align yourself with these 2 and you’re going down!!


Tony and Dennis are both standing in that photo!

John Q Taxpayer
John Q Taxpayer

I will give my vote to whatever candidate for Treasurer who will pledge to seek and uncover evidence of corruption and malfeasance of the current CTJ.


Hmmmmm…..Who else is running for office – again?

Let’s see…

Ran for School Board – pushed the ill-fated Center Monaca merger.
Ran for School Board – defeated.

Ran for head of the Beaver County Democratic Party – defeated
Ran for State Representative – defeated.

Rossi is just like David – HUGE ego and NO qualifications! Go away, all of you!