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Dennis Nichols’ well known temper is apparently starting to make an appearance in this year’s election cycle even before it’s officially begun.

A county employee reported to his supervisor last week that the Democratic commissioner candidate had something of tissy during a phone call he made to the Bureau of Elections.

The report made its way up to the Board of Commissioners.

As a service to candidates, the Bureau of Elections hands out CDs of public records containing so-called “walking lists” of registered voters. Candidates often use these lists to help gather signatures on their nominating petitions and for other voter outreach efforts.


Time will tell how well Dennis Nichols and his “asshole” running mate Commissioner Tony Amadio fair together on the campaign trail this year.

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The front and back of a business card being handed out by Dennis Nichols in support of his candidacy

Bernstine For State Senate?

State Representative Aaron Bernstine (R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence) unveiled a pilot episode of his self-funded reality YouTube series this week, and his effort at becoming the Duck Dynasty of Western PA politics is not going unnoticed.

Several Republican politicos I spoke with believe Bernstine is setting himself up for a state senate run next year. Or as one of them put it to me:

“He’s like (State Senator) Elder Vogel if Elder Vogel were human. Hope he doesn’t run for senate.”

Like Bernstine, Vogel also owns a family farm.

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A still frame from Representative Aaron Bernstine’s self-funded YouTube reality series.

Rossi v Rossi?

Beaver County Controller David Rossi may be facing off against a Democratic primary challenger this year.

County Payroll Director Barbara Rossi (an appointed position under the Board of Commissioners) went into the Bureau of Elections on Friday to pick up nominating petitions, telling her fellow county employees she’s seriously considering a run against David Rossi (no relation).

Rossi is a popular surname in Beaver County which Rossi (David, not Barbara) has used to his political advantage for years. If Rossi (Barbara, not David) goes against Rossi (David), she’ll be up against the ~$25,000 he has sitting in his campaign coffers, but will effectively nullify his prized surname advantage.

Barbara has already been testing out a campaign slogan, “Vote For The Right Rossi.”

Politicos on both sides of the aisle tell me they doubt Rossi (Barbara) could beat Rossi (David) in the primary, but do believe she could cost him some money and soften him up for a Republican challenger in the general election.

Controller David Rossi’s office / photo by Matt LaComb

Rossi, Rossi, Rossi

David Rossi and Barbara Rossi will not be the only Rossi names on the Democratic primary ballot this year.

Michael Rossi has announced he will be running for pronthonotary (back in 2016, Rossi had an unsuccessful campaign against former state Representative Jim Christiana to represent the 15th legislative district).

Mike Rossi is no relation to David Rossi or Barbara Rossi, but ironically he is related to Commissioner Dan Camp (who is married to Rossi’s niece).

Sad Times

The Beaver County Times has seen yet another round of layoffs. Seven more employees were let go, including all of the paper’s remaining photographers and videographers. The paper had previously axed its entire design staff, outsourcing that work to a design hub in Texas run by Gatehouse Media, its new corporate owners.

Photographer Kevin Lorenzi posted his thoughts to Facebook after being let go:

A week ago, the final swing of the axe took down the final remnants of a strong tradition of visual storytelling at the Beaver County Times. That tradition spanned decades (…) We had a good run until then (…) Collaboration was the norm and, at times, our designers elevated a good photograph to great visual impact, pulling readers more deeply into the written story. Most days, our paper was a treat for the eyes that was hard to find elsewhere (…) creating that extra mysterious element that won’t ever be seen in those pages again.

Also laid off were two sports reporters.

I’m hearing along with the latest layoffs, the paper is preparing to give up its longtime home in Bridgewater and will soon be moving to smaller offices in Hopewell.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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WARNING : If you decide to watch Bernstine’s Video, that’s a half hour you will never get back.


Maybe his young son can CHOOT EN


How ironic that the “blog”, that The Beaver County Times tried its best to delegitimize at every opportunity, should be the one to post the paper’s obituary. And now, some of the Courthouse politicians, who were given free biased rein by the slanted rag, are left with the only local news source worthy of objective reporting about them. Karma, baby, sweet karma.


The times has been a RAG for some time and as for Bernstein I can’t believe he was elected the same as I can’t believe that the trumpet in the white house was.


Good rule of thumb: Don’t vote for ANY Rossi !!!

Michael Rossi is related to Camp??? Yikes!

He’s not qualified to be dog catcher.


The Beaver County Times moving to Hopewell. Maybe moving closer to Aliquippa will improve its reporting capabilities. And they will start reporting on the true plight of Beaver County instead of being a propaganda sheet for the inept and corrupt in the Valley. Ya right…


In Monday’s edition, Egley is reported as wanting to see all right to know requests. He photo? Camp, of course.