I continue to geek my way through the week and finally managed to cross a biggie off of my to-do list today: data visualization.

I write a lot about things very few people care about, not the least of which are county financial data. Hopefully pretty charts and diagrams will help to make those vegetables more appetizing moving forward.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new site technology in action, featuring a graph which will be published in the near future as part of an article about the county’s budget and deficits:

The graph shows the total assessed values of all properties in Beaver County over time. You’ll notice there has not been a huge “building boon” over the past several years as Commissioner Tony Amadio has claimed, which means the total amount in yearly property tax revenue is also not increasing dramatically and will likely remain fairly stagnant for some time (barring an increase in the millage rate).

Fun Fact: You will notice a huge jump in assessed property values between 1981 and 1982 — the last year a county-wide reassessment was performed.


  1. Very worthwhile to give visualizations. I am trying to add pictures of perps in my comments, to give a “face to crime.” It worked with Wijnen-Riems.



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