Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Adults Should Lead By Example – Viral Video Of Apparent Bullying By Students Exposes A Larger Problem

If you happened to find yourself surfing social media last night you likely came across it — a local viral video apparently showing a teenage girl bullying another at a home in Beaver County.

In one clip a girl is seen spraying the other in the face with what appears to be a commercial cleaner… then she hits her. A second video appears to show the girl throwing the other to the ground and verbally threatening her.

Additional young people were sitting and watching it all unfold. It is unclear what happened before or after each of the two video clips.

Acts of degradation and physical violence are not easy to watch, especially when they involve young people. Any responsible adult who viewed the video probably had the same two questions enter their mind: Is this child safe? Are authorities aware of the matter?

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John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is an award-winning investigative journalist and founder of BeaverCountian.com. He reports full time for the site with a focus on public watchdog journalism.

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