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A Statement By Founder John Paul In Response To False Accusations Against Him By Deanna Marie Romigh

The following is a statement from founder John Paul concerning false and defamatory statements made about him by Deanna Marie Romigh, administrator of the Facebook discussion group “The News Alerts of Beaver County” which boasts 38,000 followers:

On Friday, Nov. 29, a series of posts to “The News Alerts of Beaver County” Facebook group began causing public alarm in the county. The Monaca and Chippewa police departments subsequently made statements refuting false claims and speculation circulated by the group. As a reporter, I published those statements by law enforcement to provide the public with accurate, fact-verified information from official sources. Those articles appeared late Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

On Sunday morning, Dec. 1, Deanna Marie Romigh published a comment to’s Facebook page and a post to the 38,000 followers of her group, “The News Alerts of Beaver County,” making demonstrably false and extremely defamatory allegations about myself.

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