State Police executing warrant at Aliquippa City Building / submitted photo

A journalistic source for the Beaver Countian who was helping to uncover corruption in the City of Aliquippa and elsewhere has been murdered.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that 33-year-old Rachael Elena Deltondo was shot multiple times in the driveway of her parent’s home on Mother’s Day. Sources say the shooting occurred on the 2100 block of Buchanan Street in Aliquippa around 10:45 p.m. last night.

Sources say Deltondo died in a “hail of gunfire” and was struck multiple times, although autopsy results are still pending. Deltondo had been out getting ice cream with two friends — including the daughter of an Aliquippa Police Officer — prior to the shooting, according to multiple sources familiar with events leading up to her death. After getting ice cream, sources say friends had dropped Deltondo off at her parents’ home where she was living; gunfire then erupted.

Deltondo suffered multiple gunshot wounds, being fatally struck in the torso. Sources tell the Beaver Countian that Rachael Deltondo’s mother became irate at Aliquippa Police as they arrived to the scene last night, shouting that she believed their actions helped lead to her daughter’s death.

The Beaver Countian first reported about Rachael Deltondo in December of last year, when it published an investigative report revealing that sensitive law enforcement database records about her leaked from the Aliquippa Police Department to an unauthorized individual. The Beaver Countian’s reporting led to a criminal investigation into the Aliquippa Police Department by the Pennsylvania State Police. Sources say Aliquippa Police informed Deltondo’s mother last night that an investigation into them by State Police related to the unauthorized release of the sensitive files had been concluded, but individuals who have been interviewed by State Police tell the Beaver Countian the investigation remains ongoing.

Rachael Deltondo had informed the Beaver Countian about multiple death threats she had received, including one promising she would not live to see the end of 2018. Deltondo told the Beaver Countian she had reported the death threats to authorities.

The Beaver Countian had not publicly identified Deltondo as a source before now, although has information that others became aware of her role after she confided with friends. Deltondo told the Beaver Countian she had also cooperated with investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police and the Organized Crime Section of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Deltondo said she had retained Pittsburgh Attorney Blaine Jones to assist in her interactions with law enforcement officials — Attorney Jones confirmed his office’s representation of Deltondo to the Beaver Countian today, but declined further comment.

Allegations involving corruption in Beaver County are currently the subject of inquiry by the Pennsylvania Statewide Investigating Grand Jury. The Aliquippa Municipal Building was raided by investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police back in March, after a second confidential source for the Beaver Countian began informing state authorities about other alleged improprieties involving City officials. That source voluntarily revealed to investigators they had been informing this publication’s reporting.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier told the Beaver Countian he could not comment on the status of the investigation into Rachael Elena Deltondo’s murder.

“This is a complicated joint investigation by the Beaver County Detective Bureau, the Aliquippa Police Department, and the Pennsylvania State Police,” said District Attorney Lozier. “We are all working together on this hand in hand.”

District Attorney Lozier would not comment when asked about the propriety of having the Aliquippa Police Department involved in the homicide investigation.


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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. My deepest condolenses to the family and friends of Ms. Deltondo. There are no words…I have no words that will bring you comfort. So very sad.

  2. Such a terrible tragedy to a beautiful young woman. Condolences to the Deltondo family and friends at this very sad and heartfelt time! 🙁

  3. What is done in the shadows of darkness will be revealed when the light shines on those responsible. They will not get away with it…..the truth will prevail.

    • So true. Officer Ken Watkins was front and center in an investigation in Monaca years ago with another police officer. He involved everyone who had nothing to do with it…His wife and child knew a little too much. I say start here. What goes around comes around….sorry not sorry WATKIN’S and family…looks like your time is up!! I for one will sit back and revel in the outcome for them…

  4. i hear jim niam was talking to the feds too just before his ” accident”
    looks like someone dont want anyone in the know talking about them to anyone else in the know
    you would think the feds would have protected her a bit better makes you wonder where they really are in all this

  5. Yeah I remember when a police officer was trying to help with an internal investigation and was gunned down in linmar. Seems to be a pattern with the way things work up there.

  6. My condolences to the family of this young lady whose life ended far too prematurely; most likely because she was attempting to do the right thing rather than turning a blind eye to it.

    I happened to catch the TV news earlier and they are reporting that the officers who began investigating the shooting last night were still on the scene this afternoon. 20 hours should be plenty of time for the Aliquippa PD to contaminate the crime scene sufficiently to ensure that this ends up being filed under unsolved. The only saving grace is that they aren’t the brightest men in blue, so there’s a high degree of probability that at least one of them will make a critical mistake. I’m praying that the state police pick up on that mistake.

    “Hand in hand,” Mr. Lozier? I thought that’s how you and Connie skipped to the bank together. I don’t think there could be a better time than now for the PA attorney general to pull rank and have all local “investigators” removed from this investigation. If this heinous crime was done to change the outcome of the investigating grand jury then it is a federal crime in addition to a state crime…. if Shapiro won’t do it then perhaps the US Attorney will.

  7. This poor young woman was assassinated!! How horrible. Prayers for her family and loved ones and prayers that they uncover what led up to this evil and all who are responsible!!!

  8. Jesus Christ. It took awhile, but it seems the run-of-the-mill corruption in Beaver County just gave way to some real hard core gangster stuff. This is way out of Stonewall Loser’s hands. Nope, this one might even make the Beaver County Times. Bad, really bad stuff. A police department gunning down informants? Let’s hope not.

  9. So sorry for your loss Deltondo family. Unfortunately, Rachel’s friends did not turn out to be her friends. This is murder number 2 on you Aliquippa against people who were willing to speak up about corruption.

  10. Everyone knows my Pseudonym by now and I’ve been a critic of this website and John. This is heartbreaking. Please, John Paul, dig into this for her family. For her as a human being. For all of us who have children. If your heart is about making this county safe and accountable, here you are. She was good person and she had a good family. No one deserves this.

  11. If 1/10th of this is true, then the PSP needs to shut down the Alighetto PoPo Dept. and call in the Feds for RICO crime investigations.
    Lets face it, her ex-fiancé last name isn’t the cleanest in town. Start at the MPI Club and work your way up the ladder. The sooner, the better.

    My condolences to the DelTondo family. I hope and pray whoever is responsible for your tragic loss pays with their life.

  12. Ok already, if Lozier or PSP can’t connect the dots on this then the Feds need called back in! The circumstances of this horrific, set up, premeditated murder point in 2 directions. Actually only one, if you consider the ties between the two she was testifying about. Get Aliquippa and the county detectives off this case and put outsiders on it. This is now the second person killed for rocking the boat. Anybody can see how obvious this is. This wasn’t gang, drug related. No Linmar/Plan 11 turf war. And surely wasn’t random. Totally planned execution, which Aliquippa is getting good at, and a cops daughter avoids the gunfire by probably a matter of seconds or minutes. Tired of hearing about PSP, feds and grand juries and nothing ever happens. Someone better open their eyes.

  13. Prayer’s for the DelTondo Family 🙏🙏My 💙 goes out to you..I can’t even imagine what you’re going through..I hope justice is served & they get what’s coming to them & more..

  14. this is horrible. executed at her mother’s house on Mother’s Day. I pray that they catch these evil people. My condolences to the DelTondo family.

  15. Thank you. More fuel to add. Honestly I feel like it’s time to see if Dateline will pick up the story I have. Simply CORRUPT to the core.

  16. Wow. What an absolute shame. May those responsible be held accountable at the highest level. And may her family and friends be granted some peace as their grieving continues.

  17. Oh my, not in Aliquippa??! No way, could never happen there?? Figures, someone had to keep the towns homicide rate going

  18. Try to name ONE, just ONE Aliquippa cop who IS NOT corrupt! ONE!

    Sorry for your loss DelTondo family. May you find the strength to carry on.

  19. Its so sad that someone with the bravery to uncover the truth was murdered like this. Everyone has known the filth of aliquippas pd/politics. Drugs and murder run so heavy in that area and it is just okay. Ppl that live there that dont even touch drugs know where is dangerous and where the drugs are and you cant tell me the police dont? Nothing has been done through all of these years, where has the FBI been? And with the nature around her and Aliquippa PD, why were they even able to set foot at the crime scene? This is so terribly sad.

    • You had better no be, hasn’t gone over to well for everyone else that had made accusations before you.


  21. Google her name in 2016 she was a teacher who had sexual contact with an under age boy who was one of her students and when Police found them she told the officer please don’t tell my fiancé

    • This is not true she was caught in a car by the old aliquippa Hospital but they didn’t file the report until a year later verified by the doc number they never said she had sex with the 17yr old just that they were there and the windows was foggy

      • because of condensation of the warm breath and the cold atmosphere. Where were you in science class

    • Vernita Lewis if you condone that type of behavior to be with a minor while she was 30 you’re just as sick as she was . Swear beaver county got more trash then springer

      • Oh give us all a break. Nobody in their right mind would condone that kind of alleged behavior.
        Whatever happened or didn’t happen in that car (none of us where there) justifies her execution.

    • First Rodger… know the FACTS. There was NO sexual contact. Article doesn’t even state that, that your words added to it. Yes, he was 17, yes she was his former teacher. Yes, they were only talking.. what the article DOES NOT state, was that the teen called her and was upset about something, and wanted to talk to someone he felt comfortable talking to, it also does not state that the minor was a close family acquaintance to her family. Lord have mercy the rumors.

      • I read else where that He was not Her former student, quite possibly, it was innocent and there was no shuffling, horizontal or otherwise. However, It does look very peculiar. Its possible that he was engaged in gang life, and she had indoctrinated him to be her own covert agents and get her the goods, information wise. It could be her kid that she gave up for adoption only to have him track her down years later. We weren’t there, we don’t know. It’s all speculative.

    • Although totally wrong and highly inappropriate, that has absolutely nothing to do with this story. She paid with her career for that one too.

  22. She was killed in a hail of bullets this to me seems personal . She was getting ready to put a lot of people behind bars unfortunately like they say in the court of law no face no case

  23. The corruption goes further than aliquippa. And it’s well known that the beaver county pd’s like to shut the mouths of people wanting to shed light on the rampant corruption in the municipalities, court systems, and police departments all over beaver county. Want to tell the police about corruption of one of their own? They threaten to throw you in jail. There is more corruption in beaver county than in some of the worst cities, including Detroit and Chicago. If we can’t trust the law to do their job, then lawlessness prevails. Yes, time to call in the feds and clean house!

  24. This woman had 1365 Facebook friends, many of them local public notables. It’s hard to believe that no one knows anything about this matter.

  25. Don’t worry folks, Loser’s crack Detective team will solve this one. I’m hearing they are leaning towards suicide as the cause of death. I agree with Raven. This certainly ups the dirt bag game when you publicly gun down someone who was cooperating with the authorities.

  26. I realize this sounds suspicious but I’m just not ready to jump to the conclusion that the cops did this. This article certainly puts the thought in your head but it doesn’t mean they did this to that poor girl.

  27. Stonewall Loser has a new name. Stonewall Lost. Allowing the Aliquippa PD and his merry band of detectives anywhere near this crime scene is like asking Al Sharpton to do your taxes, or Al Capone. The mafia investigating itself. Police policing themselves. Stonewall is a joke and should be removed BEFORE the next election. Toss him a life ring cause he’s drowning. Dead boy took a couple of days to find. By now they have thoroughly contaminated the crime scene and are well on their way to the old Quip cover you ass mode. May the family find peace, my condolences. RIP to a beautiful girl who got caught up running with some bad eggs. Close the MPI club for good. It is a den of gangsta wannabes dreaming of being Gotti. What kind of a police force allows its employees to utilize classified and confidential sources to smear and possibly set in motion the death of this girl? Viciously murdered in front of her house in front of her family on Mother’s Day. Those of you who aid and abet this will stand before God one day and you will pay.

  28. Bottom line…..someone was murdered & the person responsible needs to pay for the crime. I really don’t care what she did or who she did. What does that have to do with it. WHY!!!! Why wasn’t she in a protection program?!?! RIP 🙏

  29. Anyone else out there wondering if Rachel and Jimmy have the same killer? As in, same person did the trigger pull for both?

    • The orders to assassinate both Officer Naim and Ms. Deltondo most certainly came from the same place. Both were meant to be examples of what happens to snitches in aliquippa. Her mother had to wash her daughters blood from the driveway, on Mother’s Day. That’s some message. Who would be affected most by her testimony?

  30. I read else where that He was not Her former student, quite possibly, it was innocent and there was no shuffling, horizontal or otherwise. However, It does look very peculiar. Its possible that he was engaged in gang life, and she had indoctrinated him to be her own covert agents and get her the goods, information wise. It could be her kid that she gave up for adoption only to have him track her down years later. We weren’t there, we don’t know. It’s all speculative.

  31. I agree! I think officer naim & Rachel definitely got too close for the organized crime comfort. The sad part about it is that Rachel would’ve never harmed anyone. She was the sweetest thing on earth. I’m so happy to have moved the hell out of quip. I hope JB aka Jamie Brown gets a new case after this and gets to go home to his family along with a LARGE settlement for false imprisonment and for ruining his and his families life. This corruption has just gone way to far. 2 bodies with so many similarities in the case for this to be to coincidental! Justice needs to be served and it sure the hell ain’t going to if you have crooked ass aliquippa pd all over it. I pray Rachel’s family gets something out of all of this however they’ll never get their daughter back! Senseless life taken for no reason. Get rid of the wanna be gangsters from the mpi club shut it the hell down ….. only spot that never gets raided and funny that’s the spot that has so much cocainne in it in quip! Oh that’s bc of the corruption once again! Def don’t regret moving away from that hell hole that sucks everyone in and down under.

  32. KDKA News just announced that the Alliquipa police said it was a crime of passion,but they had no suspects??? The cover-up is well under way.

    • Crime of passion you know maybe its time the people of Beaver County took to the streets and put an end to this murderous insanity selfe preservation that is what its coming to. Beaver County may not be what it used to be, But we the people we still got the numbers 5 to 1 1 to five we really do out number the dirty bastards.

  33. Sounds like they reached out to there Lin Mar slaves again, Drugs little bit of money the roofs over there heads the food they eat. A totally subjugated people, And the sad part is they don’t have a clue.

  34. Okay, some news outlets, like Fox, seem to be trying to focus on the alleged affair between her and the student for some reason, maybe to distract or sensationalize things. The sources can’t even seem to agree on the age of the student.

    1. There is no direct evidence of any intimate relationship (hence why she was never charged or arrested).
    2. The age of consent in her state Pennsylvania is 16; the boy was apparently NOT her student either, therefore no authority abuse. Hence, the relationship should have been pretty legal, unless their state had further complex stipulations.
    3. She was likely shot in her driveway because the Feds are investigating the Aliquippa Police Dept. She had information for the feds and was going to be a witness in the near future, check out the Beaver Countain online. This woman was going to reveal names and information about the local police dept to Federal Agents, and someone probably wanted to silence her.



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