The woman at Friendship Ridge who Deputy John Joe Fratangeli said heard Larry Hicks make threats last week claims she was never even interviewed by Sheriff’s Deputies.

The Beaver Countian briefly interviewed Cathy McCauley on her floor at Friendship Ridge today, where she insisted that no Deputies had ever talked to her about what happened that day. McCauley had agreed to speak with the Beaver Countian, but that conversation lasted just moments before a nurse told this reporter the woman wasn’t allowed to speak to the press.

That nurse then yelled for security to be called, and a supervisor at the facility escorted this reporter back to the lobby on the first floor. From there, Sam Rosatone Jr., the man who called Sheriff David directly on the day of the alleged incident, ordered this reporter was not permitted to leave the lobby. Rosatone had a security guard from CSI Investigations “keep tabs” on this reporter to ensure no further contact with individuals at the facility occurred. CSI is a private security firm run by Lou Gentile, who served as Campaign Manager for Sheriff George David during the last election.

Rosatone declined to comment about his call to Sheriff David on the date of the alleged incident.

Beaver County Solicitor Joseph Askar said Friendship Ridge has no policy that he knows of which would prevent its residents from receiving company, or from speaking to members of the press. “That shouldn’t have happened,” he said.

Cathy McCauley’s account directly contradicts a sworn Affidavit of Probable Cause filed by Deputy John Joe Fratangeli to substantiate criminal charges against Larry Hicks:

“Cpl. Fratangeli spoke with Cathy McCauley a nurse who stated that was she was in the main hallway in front of the nurses station sitting. when she observed Hicks counting down the calendar days on the hallway calendar pointing at January 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and stopping on the 17th. After Hicks counted the on the calendar multiple times Cathy asked Hicks what he was doing. Hicks then counted the days again and stopped on the 17th and said “This is the day I kill”. Cathy asked him “What?” and then Hicks responded “This is the day I kill her”. [sic]

As the Beaver Countian first reported on Tuesday, Cathy McCauley is not a nurse at the facility as Sheriff David told the media as part of a news blitz following the alleged incident, but is instead a patient. McCauley’s current health status makes it readily apparent that she is not an employee of the facility.

Cathy McCauley was subpoenaed by the Sheriff’s Office to appear at a preliminary hearing to be held for Larry Hicks next week.

Sheriff David’s appearances on WPXI, WTAE, KDKA, and in the Beaver County Times came just one day after he pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination at a hearing about private security services performed by his office. In those interviews, David touted himself and his Deputies as heroes who likely prevented a mass casualty incident at Friendship Ridge.

District Attorney Anthony Berosh said County Detectives are continuing their independent investigation into the incident, but declined further comment.



  1. Pull the plug on this one, they are done

    They where on the one inch line and the defense was in dime coverage, these Nimrods screw up the sneak and fumble

  2. This just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait until it becomes a 20/20 or Dateline Friday night special. I’m so f’ing proud to say I’m from the Beav.

  3. Why would they escort a reporter out of friendship ridge? last I heard me and the rest of the tax payers own the place. What is sam rosetone so afraid of? If it doesn’t belong to the public please quit wasting my tax dollars there. A bunch of creeps running the place and LIARS.

  4. John Fratangli called me a coward for stating my opinion and verbally threatened me on this site. Whell john joe, what do you have to say for yourself now? Pleading the 5th. would be an easy way out, don’t beleive me, ask your sheriff !

  5. Dude shut up….he never threatened you he said to say it to his face ….your insulting the man like a child….try stating your opinion like a man or female or whatever you are…. Your an instigator…. A threat is stated as such….”say it to my face and ill kick your fuckin ass” …see that…an implication of violence….that never happened….IT NEVER HAPPENED….This website is turning a nonsense peaceful apprehension of armed nutcase into this side show….I’ll say it….if any of you have an issue with the sheriff and his deputies grows some fucking balls…quit acting like a bunch of tampons and go speak to them in person…. But no we’re rough and tough behind a computer screen…what a joke….

  6. Quippian. I see you have not stated your name either you have not made any threats but you have insulted alot of people on here for just stating what is on their mind.

    • My my. So many flared tempers..

      Listen. All you folks need to do is go see the Sheriff. He will counsel you and can help you. Let’s check his schedule.

      Thursday: Call Quippian and ask him how the internets are.
      Friday: Meeting about Grand Jury.
      Monday:Prepare for hearing and figure out a plan for non existent nurse.
      Tuesday: Hearing for “the day the day was saved by George”
      Wednesday: TV interviews about the coverup and the dropped charges.
      Thursday: Sheriff is free to see any one needing help. Rubber hose sessions in the AM and pistol whipping in the afternoon.

  7. And I insult the simple assholes that want to insult the police…..they can’t stand up for themselves on here because they are advised against it…so I will….and if people like your punk ass want to use insults to prove your point…so will I….bro….girl….your a joke….and your afraid…that’s why I love this sight…I truly do….nothing better then a shit talking pussy…. A beer… network….the beaver COUNTIAN….what a night

    • punk ass… shit talking pussy? asshole? insults?

      I’m glad to see you like the “sight”. Do you get extra points on the Sheriff’s exam for an Aliquippa address? Oh ya, no test, just the Quip cast offs to fill the schedule and pad the budget… pump the payroll.

      • No I think he’s still in DC trying to market aliquippa to a bunch of crack dealers and hookers. Unless he got a call from some African nation and had to fly overseas again….

        I heard they were coming out with Aliquippa flag toilet paper. You know, for George to wipe his ass with in jail.

  8. I am not here to bash the Sheriff or Cpl. John-Joe…or anyone else for that matter. But, I do find it odd that it is a DOCUMENTED fact that John Joe was drinking on the job and in a County Car less than 5 years ago…and now he’s promoted…
    You must agree that fishy…

  9. Oh I am not a dude but I am a MAN unlike you but you see I am smarter than you I know who you are and you have talked shit your hole life and not a man of his word I know this to fact.

  10. Quippian is a stupid bitch follower ! Just like the rest of them ! Don’t worry your great leader is going to take a great fall as so will you . Just keep following him dumbass! Are you scared to hear and understand the truth ? Must be cause you know those who went against mr sheriff corrupt , were killed , setup , and threatened with violence ! Remember his own family isn’t even safe , when they cross him , or even question him !

  11. Jon Jon,
    Liar lair, pants on fire and you had too much to drink. Too bad you didn’t wreck your car leaving the bar. Now your left to cover for your boss.

  12. If I am reading right I don’t understand why Friendship Ridge has Sam Rosatone who is friend of the sheriff as head of security and CSI another outside group campaign manager for the sheriff doing security, and I suppose my tax dollars are paying for this. Is there any place in the county that doesn’t have a connection to the sheriff? There’s a zillion deputies why aren’t they at Friendship Ridge, it would save money. NO WONDER THEY CAN’T PAY THERE BILLS THERE. So glad I FOUND THIS OUT, come on commissioners quit wasting our money kissing ass.

  13. So, does anyone care if this guy gets out of jail? Is this all about the Sherrif and deputies? JP, do you want him to get out and possibly follow thru with his threat, as long as the Sherrif looks bad? Politics or not, this man is a threat and I hope he remains in jail.

    • What threat? This is all a bullshit setup. I don’t really like him having a concealed gun, no. Somebody should have told him just to open carry it or got a Florida or Utah permit and he would have been fine. If this is plead down or dropped he can just go grab a Florida permit and be back in business.

      He’s gonna walk and the Sheriff’s got some explaining to do…..

      Oh, I wonder how many calls were made to the Sheriff’s phone before hand…… An how many times he called back…..? I wonder what that says about the situation?

    • I don’t care what they do on there free time. They can do anything they want. When they work for the $heriff they are not acting as police. That’s Pennsylvania law, not my opinion.

  14. Finally someone asking questions without acting like a child…. Just tired….in the military if you have what’s called an alcohol incident which happen frequantly …’s just not posted all over the papers and Internet…. And you would be shocked how often it happens…and by junior and senior enlisted alike…you get in trouble get your lumps…like losing rank…pay…restriction to the base or boat….sometimes all of them…but this is a minimum and maximum time frame…that person has payed his debt the the uniform code of military justice and its over…they are watched and any further actions of that kind will result in more severe punishments or discharge….now more times than none the service member gets more than one chance sometimes three….imagine how desimatted our armed forces would be if we discharged every service member for an infraction…. It happens to military captains…chiefs…lieutenants….the same goes with the police…. People make mistakes… But for most of these people posting it’s a personal hatred that fuels these ignorant posts…. That gentlemen from beaver McCoy…he made a mistake…but his service record was impeccable so rather end his career and ruin his life council chose to administer an appropriate punishment…he learns and moves on….that’s how I feel…. And if you read it’s nothing but police and sheriff bashing on here…

  15. Hey encase any of you where wondering John Joe made it to bed he used his kids step stool an with some determination he is tucked in, so good 10 hours of sleep so he can, lie, cheat, back stab some brothers ohh and hit his knees to earn that half a stripe bahhhhhhh. Hey is he a first

  16. @ QUIPPIAN Will you please watch your filthy mouth , it is absolutely disgusting , if you can’t then you should be banned from this sight…. I couldn’t believe what was coming out your mouth, all the name calling, have some respect, I’ve never heard such language on this sight before, You are a disgrace to the towns name your using, where I come from they have more class…

  17. Shame shame you must not have read any of these posts….go through this website and look at the was they are talking about the deputy and sheriff… Ill say what I need… And I’ll say this…one day something is going to happen as a result of these exchanges…. Someone is going to get into a fight or worse…I can see it…not by me because I’m having fun…and shame shame this site is a raunchy joke and should be treated that way…you seem to have class I wouldn’t come on here…the only reason I’m here is defending friends and family….but just a note…all the police stations and sheriffs have a computer forensics and if something were to happen as a result of this website …and this site had to be investigated to try to figure out the crime….everyone’s identity can be discovered ….. Nothing is private…so if you thing that think your anonymous….think about that….

  18. @mvee it’s not a setup. Based on this website, maybe, but he threatened nurses, this isn’t the first time. Why would he have a loaded gun and 2clips in his pocket? His permit was revoked when he pulled a gun in November on a man. He’s not a stable person. This wasn’t some sort of made up threat. Yes the names are wrong in the report, but it still happened. People are still scared. You shouldn’t make a joke out of this.

    • Well, we will certainly see. Just because he does not have a permit does not mean he can have a gun. We will see how it shakes out on Tuesday.

      How could the names be wrong? From what was reported the search was bad. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A WITNESS WITH THE RIGHT NAME IN THE REPORT. IT’S A PRETTY BIG DETAIL TO MESS UP.

      They better find the right person to say he made a threat. And they better find them quick.

  19. Joe ….you have known me you “hole” lol life….now your calling me the mayor…as honored as I would be to be mayor walker….and I am flattered….that’s not true….hahaha….of all the conclusions drawn that’s the one that sticks…

  20. quippian, it’s people like you who give Aliquippa a BAD NAME, I have friends there and there really good people. SHUT UP and quit ranting and raving like a loon.

  21. Ya defending people out risking their lives and doing their jobs….against grudgeful goons and journalists would be deemed as giving aliquippa a bad name…on this site…but thanks for following my posts….see…I’m doing exactly what John paul does… Positive or negative I have people reading my garbage and engaging me…and I can do this all week ….I’ve pissed off all these people all the while they are arguing with me… Insulting me…actually insulting a computer screen and screen name….. There are… 4 of us sitting here all typing different things laughing at the responses…we sucked in mvee…Tammy…jackass of Ohioville or whatever his screen name is….and all these others….And I meant every word of what i said about the sheriff, the deputies and the police…. In the last couple days I’ve sucked so many people into arguments…more than likely grown up adults….This is exactly what John Paul is doing and I’ve been saying it all along…. We are fighting and he is rubbing his hands with a shit eating grin while we entertain him and make him money…. the times would never allow this nonsense… He doesn’t care about beaver county…he’s trying to launch a controversial website that is going to make him money then sell it….He’s done it several times…and when sheriff David retires rest assured he targets someone else….it’s funny you mention mayor walker because he has him in his sights as well as the whole sheriffs dept…. Who has read anything positive on here…. NOTHING

    • I was sucked in?

      I disagree with your assertion that JP does not care about Beaver County. I think what he is trying to do is make a better Beaver County. A huge plant wants to potentially locate here. And the Commissioners are wasting time battling with some know it all dressed up like the four star general of a rouge African nation about a 9,000 lawyer bill. A bill created by him because he is a jackass. Who cares more?

      Sometimes, if it’s not worth it it’s then it’s too easy.

  22. I personally hope this website crumbles but odds are more people get sucked in….someone may get hurt over an online argument…and while odds are there will be no liability on the website it’s free publicity and makes it more intriguing now in a few years he sells in for a couple mill…because he doesn’t care…and starts something else controversial…meanwhile destroying lives and dividing communities…..and we’ll be the blame……

  23. now I don’t know any of you….what you look like…who you are…man…women…and I’m sure most of you are productive members of society…. And no one except joe who thinks I’m the mayor…which is great… Knows me…. I’m a triangle with glasses and tape on my mouth….looney your a smiley face….mvee your and diamond with sweet sunglasses…joe you need to get mvee sunglasses….and colt your a pissed off starfish…. 76 your a lazy eyed sprocket….And John Paul has us fighting because that’s what this site is designed to do…before you know it we will be fighting our characters online like a computer game…. He’s obviously that smart…. He got a bunch of adults fighting…. Then the kids get wind and come on her and then it becomes a real joke because there insulting and doing it on purpose….. I think we’re smarter than that….

  24. Final note….if you all read all the articles and all the posts….all bullshit aside….there are several alleged problems written on this site….if you all read each and every post…. There is not one…unless I missed one…not one productive SOLUTION mentioned….and I don’t mean 302 sheriff…all insults and nasty opinions….I’ve not seen one thread containing a group of people talking about ways to fix your grievances and/ or problems people think need addressed…. Just insults and nasty opinions…look for yourselves…. Exactly what this was designed for ….silly

  25. Quippian, For someone who seems to hate this site and comment board, you seem to be all over every story posted. BTW: it is whole life,not hole, as in Jon Jon got his butt in a big hole.

    My money is on that ur either G David or Myron!

  26. Wow Cathy…..way to milk your 5 minutes.

    This guy has mental issues. He threatened to kill me too 4 years ago when I was his mother’s nurse. I also had to call the police. He is unstable and needs help……ANYONE that has witnessed his visits to his mother can see this.

    • I think you must have a HUGE set of balls making fun of other posters word usage. You don’t use the correct form of their, there and they’re, to, too and two, and, an, a, your and you’re. Don’t be a Grammar Nazi or Spelling Nazi if you’re not going to do it by example. I also don’t believe those were parenthesis but quotation marks.
      just sayin’.

  27. Maybe if someone had called 911 instead of WPXI, a first responder would have realized that “Cathy” wasn’t a nurse, given her visible health issues.

    Because of the sheriff and his own polarizing hyperbolic statements of “mass casualties” and “it wasn’t a big deal”, there is no room for question-This was as scripted as a TLC reality show.

  28. Seriously, does the sheriff have the power to ban a reporter frof Friendship Ridge. It’s quite clear that that order came from him? Did Rosatone see John Paul with a weapon? Perhaps a pencil and tablet? I’m shocked that the deputies didn’t show up and throw John into the slammer. What has Beaver County turned into? This seems like a day in North Korea! Hopefully it will all come out in the wash!!!!!!!

  29. DE–WOOON done banned this site back in the day remember when he annouced his boycott and started a face book page then article about him getting fired and some other stuff.

    Dewanna man i think finally realized himself what kind of true colors mister george has and the man behind the man just trying to suppress the brothers movement, and be played as a pawn in the crumbled city of ruin. Either way dwan is just a blowhard that likes to give sermons in the sidewalk and twitter his thoughts, nothing changed in quip besides what got throwed out 15 years ago he brought back in, thats why people have seperated from him he is a one in done mayor, bringing georgie and cronies to the table never would i think a black man from quip would do the obviouslly he doesnt know history, whats next david duke as public relations director for NAACP

  30. @ quippian…

    To a point I see some of your relevance, but you refer to ohiovile and this site bashing, if it wasnt for this site, a police officer would of been fired for doing his job? Or is he the bad guy? then we have allegations against the chief ? Bottom line brothers should stick together, but when its covering for something criminal that’s not a brother Hood.

    But I do agree with some points of yours but the ohioville situation you got to pick a side .

    The sheriff department is split down the middle maybe your just getting point of view from a few that are getting milk on the mustache. How about the others we already know sheriff is under serious grand jury investigation with state police giving him and others rectum exams, not to mention illegally doing private security work, but yes I feel bad for some of those that will lose extra money by losing it, but don’t you think your county taxdollars should go to county expenses, when they did get reimbursed it wasnt enough, the rest was just straight losses, and the Lounsbury that deputies put themselves and tax payers accountable for isn’t right, more so its illegal.

    I agree when sheriff is gone which won’t be long someone out others will be on chopping block, but if its wrong its wrong if its not I will Bitch that its a witch hunt.

    But I think you are a little mis-guided, on how your sticking up for some, some need not be stuck up for the brother Hood had been tarnished and yrs I know you and know you have no true understanding of brotherhood.

    But I do very much so, and i’m fine with guys in the grey but when you go to far out gives true servants a bad name.

    And some of the deputies I wouldn’t blink to have them in the trenches and have my back cause they know the streets and what’s the grey area of choice.

    But some even though they are act120, they don’t have a clue, and ones that do some I wouldn’t trust fit nothing and thirty body of work shows it, the others deputies are what they are servants that are not police officers and have no business patrolling, hand papers out, lock gates, winner what’s for lunch, go get car washed

  31. Quippian makes a valid point about complaints with no proposed solutions. The only way to clean up this county government is thru the ballot box. The sheriff may crazy himself out of office before his next election. The people need to put aside what their union tells them and think prior to voting a straight D ticket. What needs to be done is that we vote for candidates that are NOT endorsed by either party or those who have never held any office at all. Not being endorsed usually means they didn’t kiss the behind of the party machine and just might have an occasional idea of their own. Keep pulling the straight lever like da fellas down ta da union hall tell ya and watch the rest of the world pass this place.

  32. A fix ?????? The sheriff and the whole dept should be removed. A very expensive rent a cop don’t u think . As for Sam who made the call to start with should also be gone ( if the security guard had made that call he would have been let go) no matter who s ass he is kissing he was WRONG. As for mr Hicks if he is found guilty he has to pay the price too.

  33. 76… Your right brother I’m not a cop…but i was a soldier…. And with us it was thick and thin….and I’m not sure if you served but this shit happens in the service… Soldiers drinking and getting in trouble… Stealing… Leaving work when the chief is gone….shit you wouldn’t imagine…. Unless its severe like rape murder or drugs we policed our own…for know other reason than these people when it came to our jobs were second to none…. They may be stupid in their personal lives but when it comes to their jobs you couldntnfind a better person….These things don’t make the papers and we hold our military in the highest regard trusting in them to defend our freedoms…. The police in my opinion are no different… They make mistakes but we trust in them to save our lives…. And I’m sure your young and one day it may very well be the very person you hate or dispise that’s right there saving your life…. I’ll use officer McCoy from beaver as an example….his police service record from what I was told was impeccable until the mishap….he made a personal decision and a mistake….should he have been fired and we lose a police officer like that or do we discipline, keep a fine police officer, and move on…. The point I made for Chief Lutton was the investigation is on going and we don’t know either way what the outcome is…. There are obviously a lot of people who read this site that don’t know chief Lutton and if he is admonished than a good mans reputation could be tarnished…. Same thing with Beatty… To add to my point of mistakes…I can bet….including myself…everyone on this site has done something at their job that could have resulted in disciplinary action or termination… Costing the company money…. But if you have been at you job for a very long time you are obviously good at what you do…should you be terminated or should you be reprimanded and the company keeps a stellar worker… It’s a hard decision for anyone to make… And if you think about it….lol…neither decision is correct….I have always held the police and deputies at the highest regard…regardless of personal decisions due to the nature of their work… Again because of my 10 years in the service witnessing the stupid bone head dumb decisions people have made… But that doesn’t take away from the fact that one traffic stop could result in a murder….look at that monaca cop who kissed his wife went to work as he does everyday and wound up shot…. Their is a website dedicated to fallen police’s astounding how many cops die a week in the US…. They are human…. And regardless of how people feel….they don’t deserve this…. Because God forbid if one of these men and women that are getting bashed on this site were to die tomorrow…..and as much as people would like to believe that this site is here to inform the tax payers of all the transgressions going on in beaver county…I’m sorry that’s not the case… This is a bash session that keeps attracting and inviting people that is going to eventually going to line JPs pockets in the future…. All they while causing what normally I’m confident are bright mature adults to act like animals…. If I had kept going on from the last few days I probably could have pissed someone off enough to meet me in a back alley for a back yard brawl…can you see this eventually happening….someone is going to get hurt….If JP was legit in my opinion… He would ban the cussing and the name calling…anything derogatory….. Once that’s gone then we are forced to discuss matters in a productive way… That will eventually lead to a RESULT….this whole thing will never render a result…. This website serves two purposes for him….Monetary…..and a shield….because God forbid JP gets hurt…and I don’t want to see anyone get hurt…then who are the initial suspects…. Thus allowing him to do and say what he wants because he know this…. Look at the comments that of been posted the only time I have seen JP chime in against any post is when his credibility or sexuality have been question….and let me say sexuality has no bearing…has anyone seen him say ” hey that comment was out of line” or chime in when he clearly sees things escalating and could potentially lead to something severe….no…he doesn’t care…not about you me or anyone else…. I care because I’m certain we are all better than this…. And I’ll be the first to apologize to anyone I insulted… I’m trying to make a point

  34. I want to add one last thing…. And again I’m referencing the military because they are similar…. Anyone close to retirement….E6…E7….E8…and 9 (enlisted) …and or Officers….again there are situations that occur that they are at or around 20 years which is min retirement….depending on the crime… We had a message traffic system that informed us every time it happened….as a warning to us… But depending on the crime….I’ve seen multiple DUI’s ( alcohol incidents)…. Misuse of government property…drunk driving in a gov vehicle resulting in an accident…. Using a government credit card for personal use… Running a military vessel aground….huge waste of tax payer money and resources….There were things that some of these men and women that came back to bite them in the ass from years prior…there are so many examples I could go on and on…. Which would result in swift disciplinary action under the Uniform Code Of Military Justice….and then a forced retirement with an honorable discharge….and the reason for that is because the military acknowledges the mistake for what it was but do to their service record which the military keeps track of every performance..award…and commendation…they were a complete asset to our country and was not deserving of a ruined life…. We used to sit at the computer or read the navy times laughing at some of the things people were in trouble for…. But we hardly ever saw anyone get a general or dishonorable discharge… I just feel that as a community and county we can look at any mistake objectively and come up with an appropriate punishment without ruining a career and life….and that goes for anyone and any job…

    • So, in your humble opinion, anybody who is a civil servent,(military; law enforcement) should get a free pass! Then how do you get rid of the bad ones? Oh, that’s right, just wait until they can retire and collect a pension off the tax payers for being a bad apple. If anybody else would do half of what these “civil servents” do, they would be fired immediately, and you know it! They should NOT be held to a different standard than anybody else. Period.

  35. The patient, Cathy McCauley, and her family, should consider the flagrant violation of HIPPA laws here, by both sides, the Sheriff’s Department and Friendship Ridge. It’s time to lawyer-up, especially before any court involvement. The BC is clear; it was reporting news.

  36. BCtaxpayer……the sad thing is….no one commenting on here seems to give a shit about the threat made, nor do they care about the nurses or residents affected by this. They are wrapped up in the drama of crooked politics, crooked sherrif,….not the crooked man who brings weapons into a nursing home. If half that energy was spent on ways to help, and support the residents and staff at friendship ridge, the facility might last.

    • Who knows if there was a threat? Who was affected and why? You mean nurse Cathy McCauley?

      You can bring weapons into a nursing home, it’s not illegal. Not having a valid LTCF is an error, but it could always be argued that the permit was revoked without cause. I suggest that he open carry from now on.

  37. To appreciate the sheer enormity of this event, look at the size of the complex and surrounding buildings, the hospital a half-mile away, an elementary school a mile away and the density of population nearby. If I were in any proximity, I would be very wary and worried today. The human safety factor was ignored, and the residents must be shaken. No lockdowns or warnings anywhere. A 911 call could have instituted that. And Newtown is still fresh in memory.

  38. Beaver valley intermediate unit school 100 yards away. Period

    You train you train you train.

    Then you blow out off.

  39. Can’t wait till Tuesday. I wonder if the sheriff will have John Paul thrown out of the magistrates office. I don’t think so and hope that the judge on duty isnt in Davids back pocket kike most others seem to be. Keep iy going John. Can’t wait !

    • I can’t wait either to see the defense response. It’s going to be hilarious.

      I hope no one from the Sheriff’s office gets a s-s-s-s-stutter during the hearing.

      • Those clowns should just save themselves the embarrassment and stay home on Tuesday.

  40. Not going to happen Tuesday. BC detectives will refile, correctly this time. But bottom line. A loaded gun with an extra clip and a knife have no business being brought into a nursing home. Doesn’t matter who or why. He should pay the price, whatever it happens to be.

    • About a refile…

      The caller was not the complainant.
      The complainant was misidentified in the report.
      Do they even have a credible witness at this point? Because when you go swapping witnesses around on a complaint it sort of hurts your credibility.
      Did the Deputies have the ability to investigate a crime that they did not witness? Did they have probable cause to search or detain?

      All great questions…

  41. Agree the guy is potential wack

    But his record is clean that sheriff office just have him the permit it was revoked because of prior allegation, which ended in muster Hicks being exonerated so record still clean.

    Sadly the biggest crime that took place was not filtering protocol complete slap to public safety and local authority.

    now the real real crime is the falsifying of record under purgery in the criminal complaint spin it any way. Bottom line and then made media frenzy of it, that slap is to the district attorney office, who would have to investigate it, and now is the time for mister B to command his wrath the law enforcement community is waiting.

    And to anybody that sits and thinks long and hard, this is regular day with way worse circumstances in Aliquippa,ambridge, and beaver falls, hell in s lot of Towns but no press conferences and no EMBELLISHED PRESS CONFERENCES

  42. Ohbrother…perhaps you didn’t read the end of my my post?..” AND THAT GOES FOR ANYONE AND ANY JOB” ….and the us military is not civil service……And I was referencing the military and how they handle a personal mishap…and guidelines are set in place through the UCMJ so that lives aren’t ruined….. It’s a plus that they aren’t subjected to bullshit web sites… These same guidelines and standards have been followed way before World War Two….I just say this because theses bad apples…..more times than none…have fought for your freedom after they were subjected to their appropriate punishment…….I know many bad apples that have really messed up..received their punishments…one of which went on and serviced two tours in Irag….the other helped build the GTMO Training camps….a shipmate of mine in particular got and under age…. DUI….. Ad is now a chief petty officer with two tours in Bahrain and years of sea time… Why are they still working….one reason ….because they made a mistake…and had a career worth more than the mistake they made ..and sorry to tell you butnatnsome point….we will all make…..I have … will you…

    • Thanks Quippian. I really got a lot of good info out of that.


      Could care less what happens in the Navy. This is Beaver County. While some may refer to it as the fifth dimension, it is actually the real world. People get fired. And people go to jail.

      I am sure that you were a great Semen at one time…. But I think you lost your spunk somewhere along the way…… lol.

  43. Same nonsense from the same two people ……crying like two children….boo who the injustice in beaver county….but won’t do shit but sit behind a hidden computer screen and do NOTHING…..and I’ll be the first to interrupt your bromance circle jerk when nothing happens….insult all you want…I wouldn’t care if you were in front of me doing it ( which we all know you wouldnt do) let alone a screen name…..two coward punks lol

  44. Military isn’t the real world…..right…because we don’t sit behind our comfy computers talking shit about someone that better men than you have tried to get rid of and failed….and they were actively trying….your doing it throu cell phones and key boards….lol…good luck….insulting the police, sheriffs dept and now the military….your going to make friends real quick

    • –.- ..- .. .–. .–. .. .- -. —… / — .- -.– -… . / — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . / .– — ..- .-.. -.. / -… . / -… . – – . .-. / ..-. — .-. / -.– — ..- .-.-.- / .- – / .-.. . .- … – / – …. . / .-. . … – / — ..-. / ..- … / .– — ..- .-.. -.. / -. — – / …. .- …- . / – — / -.. . -.-. .. .–. …. . .-. / -.– — ..- .-. / .– .-. .. – .. -. –. .-.-.-

    • Quippian: Another “self-entitled” vet: “I am a vet. Therefore, I can say anthing I want. If you disagree with me, I’ll beat the “heck” out of you!” No honorable military man would lower himself to this level of belligerant, profane conversation. The man apparently has unresolved issues, and they don’t belong here. Instead of insight, we get anger and hostility. Let it go, swabbie, your war’s over.

  45. No in fairness you can correlate to a degree the level of service. And any true true blood American should be thankful of any man, women that served and serves this great nation and gives us the freedom to have these pleasures.

    But still the point how many times can you mess up and get the….its no big deal treatment….?

    The sheriff has had dozens of chargeable offenses through his career, and because of the dirty side games he was let go, this time he will not why? A higher law enforcement than local had been and still Dailey conducting a investigation along with the state attorney generals office and through a grand jury, and word has it that its not pretty with just more than George getting hit, but further more

    MISTER QUIPPIAN, YOU ARE SO RIGHT many of us have all made mistakes what level of degree the mistakes are can determine the forgiveness, you made reference to being in a place in life where your happy before house, business young child, wife town where they pave the roads your happy what your tax dollars go too, that’s good that is how it should be, and obviously you know people that are involved with law enforcement through social, business ect, its wonderful that you support, I thank you, but again for some the friendship ridge scenario is more than just that to some its the complete disregard of protocol that’s issue. And who it came from, Who was involved..

    Case point the deputy involved has shared and been forgave for years pretty much his entire career, to the point thus is his second tour in the SO dept, and of recent on second hiring he let civillian drive his county owned unit, because he was drunk in uniform on duty, illegal duty according to state law, his partner that night did same thing he eventually was fired them brought back and told to stay home until his tenure hit to collect a pension.
    I could go on and on but its point less I have an elliptical calling me, after so long if you look the other way you are the guilty one and yes we are a country of second chances but when they become to often an to wrong when you dint strike you are just as wrong cause your nit protecting people and the safety and serving the what your taxdollats are for. We become another nation of problems

  46. The military is not sacrosanct. Nor, for example, are our churches — occasional perpetrators of unspeakable acts against its youngest innocents. Trying to justify a double standard here for wrongdoing is irrational. Serving in the military and the individual are separate entities, regardless of the bravado and claims of inseparability to the contrary. There are dirty cops, crazy sheriffs, dishonest lawyers, corrupt judges and senators, incompetant council members, impeachable Presidents and dishonorable people in the services. Just donning a uniform or taking on a title by election does not make one an untouchable hero and savior for mankind. Not all of these people go to work obsessed with protecting my liberties. Some even work against that. What is at work here is fear of contradicting the untouchables in today’s society. I love to watch NCIS, but I don’t pattern my life after it. Separate heroic acts from generalized heroes, and we will have a clearer idea of who is to be praised and honored, and, who is in a support role. If I am a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief, so what? It is irrelevant to what the public does about a rogue sheriff and the chaos he is causing the populace at large.

  47. Rubric…I apparently don’t have 30 years of experience writing and teaching as you say you do so my grammar and sentence structure, I hope, can hold its own… And with someone with so much education, I would hope that you would do something more constructive than post on the beaver COUNTIAN….that’s not the case….I’m not justifying a double standard….I’m simply mentioning the standards the military set in place decades and decades ago and if they successfully applied them then….why not now….And I use the military as a standard because we hold them in such high regard….and believe me it’s real life….it’s more real than you’ll ever experience in your 30 years of teaching…I never said everyone was obsessed with protecting liberties but anyone who joins knows full well what they may endure and that’s bravery enough…. I’ll bet if someone told you to swim across the Ohio river and they will pay for your college, you wouldn’t try….why because you might not make it …there is a chance of death….risk not worth reward…RIGHT…well considering that we have been in a state of conflict in many countries since the 90’s…There is a bit a patriotism in these individuals in my HUMBLE OPINION….and with all that education your ignorant…you are suggesting that the military and the individual purpose are opposite ..they are not opposite because they know exactly what they are signing up for..regardless of their reasons…. That to me is bravery… The same with the police…. Especially in this county….whoever you are…there is no doubt of your education….. But you hypocrisy knows no limits…You post on this site, knowing what it’s intended to do…and it’s not an unbiased journalist trying to expose Beaver Counties injustices…it’s an avenue for JP and you who may very well be JP….hes a computer guru what’s stopping him from posting under different screen names….it’s unlikely but there it is ….to me are a failed wannabe journalist who uses a sloth site to make his points…. Write to Howard Stern…he’s hiring….back to your hypocrisy…. You posted about your hatred of JD prose…a fellow bullshiter…you referenced The Society of Professional Journalism and its ethics….you talk about Sensationalism…and I quote….”Iconcede that sensationalism sells, but on the other side is the unquestionable truism that it sells to suckers. But if you, yourself, increase either one based upon the novelty of content, you then are the sucker. Intelligent and informed people are able to rise above the TEMPTATION to experience the THRILL, and they IGNORE it. It doesn’t say much about the discretion of the readership when they fall into the TRAP. Only you can validate it by REINFORCING it or IGNORING it to make it go away. The point is, do you recognize it when you see it, and what do you do about it if you do?…It’s apparent with all that education you don’t recognize it ( you do) here is another Rubic quote…” People like Prose self-destruct. It is insecure defensiveness sublimated through HURTING others. I’ve observed the chacteristic behaviors many times and have rarely been wrong. I have to question his mental stability. His supervisors allow the behaviors and thus enable it…… WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WEBSITE RUB…DO WE KNOW ANYONE LIKE THIS….and finally RUB QUOTE….. “I’ll read and follow the BC as my primary news source, then go to other sources if I have to. And, I’ll recommend it to others. News is important for keeping informed. Ignorance is not a choice. A SPLINTER BLOG FROM THE BC MIGHT HELP AS WELL…… Searching for a job to supplement your retirement….and lastly…. You said that people have different Obligations in society if yours is the power of insight…that’s great…it doesn’t have to be the Holy Writ….just right…. Is this right….is any of this right…. Is destroying someone just because people won’t know who you are right….nothing is being worked out..there’s no solutions…EXACTLY HOW AND WHY THIS WEBSITE WAS DESIGNED….ask John Paul for some money once he sells this propaganda and see if your contributions to his cause have a monetary benefit to you and your education..and you come on here with you 30 years of education…on this website….THIS ONE RIGHT HERE….and decide to launch your journalism career..not sure what you motives are but looking through these articles it’s funny how the same people post on every article and the minute someone disagrees…especially outside of this bullshit cliq….everyone pounces…. Rubric… are very smart….please put it to good use and do something useful instead of wasting your time one here…. I am very interested in seeing people with intelligence do something productive with it….LOLOL….now let the countians attack……..

    • Just because someone is in the military or law enforcement, DOES NOT put them above the law! You must be a special kind of stupid or you are just a tool for cuz-cuz. You really don’t have any idea just how ridiculous you sound, do you? Hopefully this grand jury investigation won’t be for revenge, but a reckoning for people like you, who have no problem turning a blind eye to corruption in the law enforcement community. The Sherriff himself has turned a blind eye his whole career when it came to people close to him who broke the law he swore to uphold. You know it, and so does he.

  48. Let me follow by saying this…you very intelligent I would love to see people like you doing more than being a pawn in JPs game…. I’m going to be attacked probably by you and people who stumble onto this website thinking ” great a free for all” with goofy screen names and stupid comments ….and the outcome will be the same in the morning, Monday….Tuesday is the big day…but you know as well as I do that if sheriff david wins…then the general response will be thatbthe judge was in his back pocket…more injustice .and surprise surprise more comments and insults…resulting in nothing……by now people know that no amount of insults or rebuttals are going to stop my comments so instead of wasting your time typing a response that I could care less about …. Figure out what to do….

  49. Quippian: I am not John Paul. I am not his pseudonym. I am not his screen name. I am not his alter ego. I am not his ghost writer. I do not work for him. I am an independent with no aspirations for journalism. I write my own opinions. If you don’t agree, there’s plenty of room here for both of us. Or, just don’t read what I write. This is not the only column with dissent. Read the New York Times editorials and letters to the editor and blogs tomorrow. You’ll find the same back and forth discussions, minus the ugliness of language and personal assaults. They have a written set of rules for posting, available for easy reference.

  50. Prediction all charges dropped but possession of a weapon witty out permit , bound for trial……. Then a blood bath of who has right to file charges, falsifying reports yatta yatta,

    Privatize the ridge 2 years ago when they started losing money, and this would of been mute.

    Someone give me the girls name that got hurt surfing cars at movie theater, I tell her lawyerhow she can be rich

    • Good prediction. I’m at the same conclusion but the weapons charges might be dropped as well.

      I hope the article about the hearing has all the details. love the details.

      I seriously hope this guy turns this around to a 1983 suit against Fratangeli for huge bucks. So excited!

  51. Since readable writing is sometimes an issue here, one option is to download Open Office from It is a free, advanced word processing program, and much, much more. Write your comments in the Writer, and proof it with the built-in spelling and grammar checks. Then, cut (or copy) and paste it into the comment box on this site. Very simple, very easy. That is what I did with this paragraph. Typing into the comment box has real limitations, as you know. This cures that. The program is equal to or better than the common word processing programs that you pay for. When people judge you on how you write and not what you write, this is the easy answer. No, I don’t own it. I just use it. And this is not a commercial plug for it.

  52. Who wants to bet that quippian is 5 foot 3 inches or shorter? Lol. Sounds like a ton of pent-up Napoleon complex issues if you ask me.

  53. Quippian: “…a pawn in JP’s game…” Put that in your binder full of posters. Well, the pawns in chess usually advance and lead first to control the center, and they can convert to a Queen, the strongest piece, as they advance to the 8th row, as other pieces are lost. The King, the biggest and your alter ego, is the defensive and weakest piece. You most likely play your Knights first, then wonder, “What the hell I’m I doing out here without backup?!” Horse sense isn’t playing very well for your end game.

  54. Cal I put my name out there…look for it it’s on here ….find it and when you do my address is in the phone book …Come see me and my Napoleon complex …..Rub …misery loves company and you have enough on this site so have fun buddy…. The fact is the NapoleonIANS on this site are people that come on here with intelligence exaggerating their proper grammar exited because they think they are smarter then the people on here …but refuse to own it because they are scared to say who they are…’s bull shit but have fun wasting time and good luck with your conquest….. And know full well your not going to shit about any of this on here…..

  55. @ quippian don’t play tough guy

    Next up in the chair that’s some great life skills or tax dollars went too, the white berts barber shop

  56. What you mean sherriff no can arrest. I see Andy Griffith do all time. Thank god for sheriif George and deputys, save Beaver county many many times from danger. George save aliquippa people lives many times in past. Please peoples you support sheriiff now.

    • Good job Quippian. You told us who you are….. I’m so proud of you….. It’s almost like you moved from diapers to pullups today…..

  57. A law abiding citizen who, I’m new to all this drama because I moved home a few years ago …still have an undoubted respect for our law enforcement. And might I mention bravo to you for being the the mother of special needs children…I donated and volunteered through the Combined Federal Campaign (plug) among others….they are wonderful and special and I commend any single mother in that position. I’m not concerned who knows who I am because the people who know me really KNOW me…..I voiced my opinion and entertained the comments. Proved points and while I care about the people I defend could really care less about anything else…..

  58. The fact that the minute I post you are right there with a comment …..please do something else….it’s all day bro….

    • No, it’s just when I log in to the site and check it out. I would tell you to get over yourself and no one really cares about your real name but I would be wasting my time. Why don’t you do something else?*** I think there has been one person here that has been publicly admonished for basically having nothing productive to say.

      ***As a disclaimer – when I suggest that Quippian do something else I am specifically not suggesting that “something else” include such things as posting pages of gibberish devoid of any punctuation, proper grammar, point or substance. “Something else” in this case is anything BUT that.

  59. MVEE…Is that your gun belt our do you have a hard on Everytime Quippian posts…I hope you devote as much time too your job as you do following him….WOW

  60. Summer, I like the periods… I think Quippian, along, along with most on here make great points. What I did happen to notice is if quippian doesn’t post someone instigate him and he responds. MVEE you are usually the one making some snide comment lacking substance an containing gibberish. in fact my friend I’ve read all these articles and you win the prize for ignorant rebuttals. You’re acting the very way that you accuse Quippian of acting.

    • If you are ignorant, act ignorant or are just plain delusional I think it’s fair for me to offer a snide comment that draws attention to that fact.

  61. Look, let everyone have there opinion without someone always telling them that they are wrong in a very disrespectful way. I read all comments, almost every single one I disagree with in part. But normally I can find something positive within that comment. I have not really posted in days because I just wanted to read with a open mind. Why don’t everyone try to find the one positive or one statement within a comment and then just comment on the positive only. No there will not be as much drama but just maybe we can show the outside world what kind of people live in Beaver County.
    Quippian; thank you for your compliment. Raising children with special needs can be harder then most know, because we as their mothers alway put on a smile and tell everyone things are great. And thank you for your volunteer work.
    Also concern the people named with DUI’s. you were right names should not be put out there, but is you seen what I did for 20 years you would be upset with law enforcement (the corrupt ones) that you would put it all out there hoping someone removed him from the road. This person worked for Penn Dot, during that time was stopped by police 17 times and the police would take him home, helping him into the house and get someone to go get his car. Currently he does not work there, but has 6 pending.?and now a warrant out for his arrest from Allegheny County for not showing up for his hearing because he knows its about over for him, but mean while he is still out driving around and going in bars, I found out if you have a warrant out on you, no one goes out and looks for him, if he get stopped and they run his name then they can take him in.
    However, I also believe that the police needs to be able to give breaks, most of these little town cops know everyone, knows who is trouble and who is not. I don’t believe in ruining lives over one mistake, if someone gets stop and the officer knows he never has done this, normally never drinks then maybe get him home safe and the police follow up with if it happens again that they will be arrested ( they got a break, and know what will happen next time) but the police are there to protect residences. And the person above has done a lot more then driving drunk, he and others like him needs stopped. No one will change my mind about that.

  62. Quippian your an azzhole most of those deputies are cops that helped him in his election.. its called being rewarded for helping him get elected. He wouldn’t have been elected I’d it weren’t for a Beaver fall cop who’s name sounded and look like the black cop he ran against….David is a narcissist Morpheus and you are.probably him..and would say it to your face all you got to do is standup and get off of it and stop sitting on it so I could….David is nothing but a corrupt servant of the county . as a taxpayer that I didn’t vote for just like Obuma. Corrupt and thinks he’s above the law…….



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