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With District Attorney David Lozier’s investigation into Treasurer Connie Javens’ unilateral withdrawal of funds for Friendship Ridge now concluded, attorneys representing the facility’s new corporate owners are again asking Beaver County to release money still being held in accounts that it maintains.

Attorneys representing Comprehensive Management Services wrote to county officials this week requesting the funds.

“[T]he Beaver County District Attorney has now concluded that the County has no legitimate basis to withhold any of Comprehensive’s funds that were deposited into any of the County’s bank accounts transferred to Comprehensive under ILC Section 4.2(m), including, but not limited to, the PNC and Citizens bank accounts,” wrote Comprehensive’s attorneys. “For this reason, among others, we again request that the County release the funds from those accounts to Comprehensive as soon as practicable. (See”

It is unclear how county officials may respond to the new request, as County Commissioners and executives for Comprehensive are currently engaged in negotiations to see if a settlement agreement can be reached in a dispute over the sale of the facility.

Beaver County filed a lawsuit against Comprehensive back in July alleging the County is still owed over $1 million from the transaction — Comprehensive has claimed it is Beaver County which owes them approximately $4 million from the sale.

County Commissioners have said they signed non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from discussing particulars of the ongoing negotiations.


  1. Since when do county commissioners sign non-disclosure forms that prohibit them from discussing how they are progressing with getting taxpayer dollars back? Last time that I reviewed the sunshine laws I don’t recall seeing anywhere that indicated it is acceptable for public officials to sign non-disclosure forms so that they could avoid having to be open and transparent with the public.

    So if I understand this correctly, let’s just say that for whatever reason they decide to give Comprehensive an additional 2.5 million taxpayer dollars as a settlement; are these non-disclosures going to allow them to sidestep any discussions with the taxpayers regarding how they arrived at this determination? If I’m not mistaken, it was the County Treasurer’s unilateral actions with non-disclosure that contributed to the mess that we’re in now… let’s just get a few more elected officials non-disclosing the things that they are doing with our money….yeah, that sounds like a friggin’ grand idea.

    • They can’t draw up their own non disclosure documents to supersede the sunshine law. That is illegal. The law still stands when it involves taxpayer money. Anything that is funded with tax money is subject to freedom of information act.

    • So what they are saying is they are negotiating with our tax money but we do not have the right to know what they are doing with it. What are they saying? I don’t get this. Is it a secret? Why is it a secret?

  2. No problem. Very simple. Just send the Treasurer down and withdraw the funds. No crime in that. Right, Stonewall?

  3. Unbelievable story in the Times about the attitude toward this Comprehensive deal. Basically, “we don’t do our job properly, but nobody died, so we did okay!”

    • These two idiots Queen Connie and Stonewall Loser have cost the taxpayers more money than the rest of the entire court house crew of clowns. I’d like to hear from the Invisible Man Rossi about just what the hell he knew and when. Why did he not attend the meeting so the Queen could relay the game plan to him? The “Hard Hitting” cream, puff piece in the Out of Time Times is disgusting. Basically a rehash of the entire sordid deal. No questions, no questioning how the hell this deal was so secretive and just who is at fault? The Times doesn’t give two shits about the taxpaying public either. I quit my subscription long ago and urge other concerned taxpayers to dump the Times and put their lazy feel good asses out of business for lack of ethics and no journalistic capability. If this is your source of information then you better get a brain scan for reality. Of course, they have a great sports section to appease the drones out there. Your taxes keep going up because no one cares but they all bitch. Do something about it. Get off your asses and enlighten yourselves to reality in this shit hole county. Football and other sporting events are to keep the public numb to reality and from asking questions. Just like the Roman Coliseum. Keep the TV on and the brain dead public will gobble up the shit the government hands out without even burping. Where’s the lynch mob when you need them? Many people in that court house need flogged in public or hanged.

  4. Anyone that want to be elected to any county office, all you have to do is get your name on the ballot for the next election. You won’t even have to spend money running a campaign. There can’t be enough voters dumb enough to re-elect any of these incumbents to another term. I will vote for any unknowns for every office.

    • Most, if not all will probably be re-elected……Come on, we’re talking BC dumbed down drone voters.
      Must. Vote. Democrat. For. Working. Man. And. Welfare. Rats.

    • That was the theory during the last election and Connie was re-elected so unfortunately there were enough dumb voters.

      What’s MOST unfortunate is that I’m willing to bet that there were thousands of Beaver County residents who were very unhappy with her but just couldn’t be bothered going to vote. Those same people are probably even more disgusted with some (or all) of our elected officials today but when the next election rolls around they’ll stay home again.

      It’s really easy to sit at home and bitch. Guess what, folks, it’s not that much harder to actually show up and take the whole whopping five minutes that it takes to cast your ballot. So get off your butts and vote the next time….if you really are tired of the county circus DO something about it this time.

      Time after time I see the uninformed making comments here to the tune of “why hasn’t she been fired yet.” Obviously they are just totally oblivious to the fact that she can’t be fired by anyone other than YOU, the voter.

      So let’s hear all of your ridiculous excuses why you didn’t or can’t vote. Not registered? There’s plenty of time to get registered. You have to work that day? The polls are open before and after work; you just have to stop by. Your vote doesn’t really matter? It sure as hell does and not voting is equivalent to casting a vote for the person that you don’t want elected to a position. Have a felony criminal record? That doesn’t matter in PA, you can still vote. Can’t get to the polls? Let me know, I’ll pick you up and take you and I’m sure there are plenty of others here that will offer to do the same.

  5. How do you sell something for a set price, complete the transaction… And then be confused about what is owed to whom… seems like it should besimple accounting…
    And why is there a non-disclosure agreement when my tax dollars Are involved?
    And these people are running Beaver County… ignorant and thieves!!

  6. This entire sordid affair reads like “Groundhog Day” with a nightmarish Beaver County twist, the same f*cking bullshit day after day. Keep after them JP, you’re the ONLY source we have showing WHO is screwing us. I cancelled my Times subscription LONG ago. That piece of garbage doesn’t deserve to be used to catch my dog’s crap, let alone be referred to as a “newspaper”.

    I agree with Sally Rea. It SHOULD be SIMPLE accounting – sale price minus payments. Then the bottom line shows who owes whom, period.

    Instead, we have Javens, Lavalle and who knows who else, SINGLE-HANDEDLY and possibly ILLEGALLY absconding millions of tax dollars. Yet, Lozier says, due to some legalese mumbo-jumbo, what she did was wrong, but hey, no harm no foul, so that’s OK. What a f*cking dumb-ass. Where’d he get his Law Degree? From a cereal box?

    Beaver County now says CHS owes them, but CHS says Beaver County owes them, and to top it all off, the Commissioners have “signed non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from discussing particulars of the ongoing negotiations”. Non-disclosure of where OUR tax money is concerned? You gotta be kidding me.

    It is MY OPINION the sins of the PAST are NOT included in ONGOING negotiations. So please, give me an HONEST SIMPLE explanation of WTF happened BEFORE? Where did our money go?

    Remember, Election Day will be here sooner than you think:

    • As an addendum, I would like to add one simple request.

      After this clusterf*ck clown show is settled, and there is NO known reason for an INDEFINITE non-disclosure, I hope the FINAL SALE PRICE, PAYMENTS MADE, including ALL the legalese payments, will be presented to the PUBLIC TAXPAYERS WHO FOOTED THE BILL, all the way down to the LAST stinking penny, preferably as a printed hand-out.

      The PUBLIC TAXPAYERS have the RIGHT to know what those figures are. Until then, considering the complexities, yet the overwhelming vagueness of this probable mysterious shell game, I wonder how easy it would have been to “overlook” a couple hundred thousand bucks disappearing into the ether, considering the capabilities of our public watchdogs.

      Remember TO VOTE!

  7. This whole thing stinks.

    I have to believe that the gov’t payments for coverage shows up alot like the bills show up for my personal healthcare bills with my insurer.

    Date of Service
    Service Supplied
    Date of Invoice

    Then the sale transfer defines what date the money ceases to go to the County and when it starts going to the buyer of the facility.

    Why can’t our elected officials go through the Date of Service and amounts an allocate them? (It’s a somewhat sarcastic question because I think this is the LAST thing that they want to do. Those reading this can guess why.)

      • Perhaps, John Q. But I have to think that they could not even understand the accounting necessary. How many have training in the field? Of the main perps, I can’t think of one, only the secondary ones who entered later. I would be surprised if Connie could even make up a grocery list for the week. These local yokels got taken for a real ride. Uninformed, uneducated, just plain stupid.

  8. I have said it before, and I shall repeat — the problem is a socio-cultural one, not one that can be traced to individuals or to one courthouse venue to remedy it. It is not not racially or ethnically a matter of prejudice, discrimination or antagonism to say that this area is controlled by the “cosa nostra” of Italian-Americans, and some related friends, Lebanese and others, that reside mostly in Monaca and Aliquippa. That base of influence and power extends into all branches of local governments. And, fingers of it extend beyond those localities into other towns.

    Before you hit the thumb down — IT IS NOT ALL ITALIAN-AMERICANS. It is just the few — perhaps about 50 to 100 or so in the core group — who have “banded together” to control local municipalities and politics. But the families and friends are numerous enough to sway, nay even determine, elections.

    So, a socio-cultural solution is needed, not relentless bitching about the members who have extorted and betrayed the public trust. You WILL NOT shame, remove from office, impeach, charge, arrest, try or convict any of them. They control the processes, and they don’t give a shit about you or the law.

    In the next election, say precisely that. Identify the problem as a sociocultural one and start electing people who are not a part of that gang. Elect a few people whose names end in consonants and not vowels (OK, I apologize, but I had to get that dig in).

    I have seen three people who apparently are not members of the gang, and who would turn the system upside down — Wayne Kress for Sheriff, Tom Leydig for Treasurer, Gerald Benyo for District Attorney. That Triumvirate would literally be the end of much of the corruption.

    I see no other way. The Monaca-Aliquippa “cosa nostra” is self-sustaining, breeding from itself, and will perpetuate the problems “forever” — at least for another two or three generations. But, I don’t have the patience or life remaining to wait another hundred years.

    Will it work? Well, no. The voters are uneducated, ignorant and/or just don’t give a shit. But, it’s fun to imagine.

    • The only thing that might trump this gang-ism is that few of the perps had any formal training for the jobs, would have been weeded-out by being required to have degrees in the field, and ran for office for want of anything better to do. Most relied upon on-the-job-training to learn the ropes, and basically don’t have the brains to learn even that way. No, these are basically local yokels who have gravitated to jobs by being the sludge of their high school classes and trying to redeem themselves by being in the public eye. They were losers then, and they are losers now.

      Doesn’t work does it?

      • DO we really want this group TRAINED and good at accounting?

        Good Lord, we’d never see what is happening if they were.



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