The man who filed a private criminal complaint against an Ohioville Police Officer made a guff and belligerent appearance in court today. William C. Pittser appeared at the offices of District Judge Tim Finn to prosecute his private summary citation against Officer Nevin Beatty.

William Pittser alleges his windshield cracked some two hours after being pulled over by Officer Beatty last July. He said he later filed a private criminal complaint alleging “Criminal Mischief” against the officer at the urging of Mayor John Szatkiewicz. Officials for Ohioville have told the Beaver Countian that Mayor Szatkiewicz has been making efforts to remove Officer Beatty from the town’s police force. Those sources say Szatkiewicz became upset after the officer sparked a public corruption investigation against Chief Ronald Lutton by the Pennsylvania State Police. Mayor Szatkiewicz has denied those assertions.

Shortly after entering through the district court doors today, Pittser began spouting obscenities as he waved his middle finger in the air. “Fuck you, and you can quote me on that,” he told the Beaver Countian in front of a small lobby full of people. He would later ask District Judge Tim Finn to preclude the Beaver Countian from the courtroom, a request summarily rejected by the judge.

Pittser, who appeared without representation, seemed to be caught off guard after learning Officer Beatty had arrived with Pittsburgh attorney Jonathan Gesk, and a privately retained court certified stenographer.

After brief comments, District Judge Tim Finn announced he had a potential conflict in the case, having previously represented William Pittser in an unrelated civil matter. Judge Finn also noted that Beatty had made dozens of appearances before him as a prosecuting officer. Attorney Gesk told the judge that Officer Beatty would be fine with him hearing the case, but Pittser objected and Judge Finn subsequently recused himself.

The case will now be sent back to the Court Administrator’s Office to be reassigned to a different Magisterial District Judge. Officer Nevin Beatty was removed from the schedule of the Ohioville Borough Police Department after Pittser filed his private criminal complaint.


  1. I don’t know Mr. Pittser, however i know legally what the Ohioville Mayor, counsel, etc. is illegal. There is a Whistle Blower law that protects Officer Beatty. And if i were his fellow police officers i would be supporting him. In the end, and the truth comes out i believe a lot of officials in Ohioville will come down with the Mayor. And whoever is making out the police work schedule needs to call and ask about the law, because if that person is doing what someone else is telling them to do with Officer Beatty’s work schedule then legally they are as responsible as the person instructing them what to do. The bad part, it will be the residences of Ohioville that will be flipping the bill.

  2. Wow Finn recuse himself early save the kid lawyer fees and stenographer, it is what it is even if this kid is a prick or not sounds innocent as can be, sometimes doing your job gets you shit, and in that profession you deal with creeps and alot are not just who you patrol its who you work with and who is elected in the Podunk communities, and prime example of what hears the case, creep drunk, welcome to beaver county….whoooooAhhhh

  3. If the judge knows that there may be a conflict of interest, why does he not recuse himself prior to the hearing? Do they not know their schedule prior to? Officer Beatty surely had to pay fees for his attorney and the stenographer to show up that day? Always some underlying agenda with cops, judges, politicians. They’re all “in bed” together. It’s all in who you know…..

    • I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think the Judges know the particulars of the cases until they are in the courtroom. All the Judges are aware of is if they are to hear a case that day.

      • Posted outside each courtroom is usually the dockett. In this case something like Pittser Vs Beatty. Judges don’t get this beforehand?

    • Was ready to reply the same way as Supernova. What a complete waste of the courts time. Judge Finn called everyone together so he could state what he knew well beforehand?



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