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WBVP-WMBA programming director and radio host Frank Sparks took Treasurer Connie Javens out to lunch in celebration of her 80th birthday.

The radio station published a photo of Sparks and Javens together at the Grand Valley Inn.

“Frank Sparks celebrating with Beaver County Treasurer, Connie Javens, on her birthday at Grand Valley Inn,” wrote WBVP when sharing a photo of the two.

WBVP Programming Director Frank Sparks celebrating with Treasurer Connie Javens / photo via official WBVP-WMBA Facebook page.

“I had a great time celebrating Connie’s special day with her!!! Happy Birthday!!,” wrote Sparks when sharing WBVP’s post to his own Facebook page, which was “liked” by station owner Mark Peterson.

Javens is a frequent caller to the radio station and is regularly interviewed by the station about courthouse happenings. Sparks also hosts a monthly interview with the Board of Commissioners.

WBVP’s associations with the county officials they cover have been a repeated subject of controversy.

In April of last year, the Beaver Countian published an investigative report revealing a meeting between then-WBVP-WMBA programming director Mike Romigh and Democratic Committee executives in which Romigh offered to help Democrats retake majority control of the Board of Commissioners in the next election.

Via Frank Spark’s Facebook Page


    • If she ordered steak I hope they pureed it for her to drink it, because you know that 80 year old wearing a 20 year old’s top doesn’t have any real teeth to chew it with……………………………

  1. WOW, the Grand Valley Inn for her 80th! Mr. BIG SPENDER! What a joke, and by that, I mean not just that he took her to that high faluting establishment to celebrate a milestone birthday, but also how pitiful is it that this is a story that JP chose to publish. When will we finally get to see the story titled, Javens retires, County finds $millions$…

  2. I’m just glad to see that Connie was able to get out from under that crushing workload in the Treasurer’s office and enjoy a birthday meal.

    • I wonder which one of the 92 various deputy controllers was in charge while she was gone. You know, like in case there was an emergency or something unexpected happened. For instance something like if Unis came in to pay all their property tax or Renee had to make a decision in life.

    • She is Satan.
      I see she still wears her daughter’s clothes. Lol
      She should of put some of that botox she got in her face in her neck.

  3. My dad used to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”. OK… I won’t.

  4. And slanted favouritism doesn’t happen at that station. Lol 20k a year host. Hmmm the whole fucking station works or has worked in her office. Who the Fuck listens to AM anyways… The idiots that sponsor advertisements? You can’t get it past beaver and the other station barley covers Ambridge. That was a two hour bitch and brag lunch. That ended with her taking a meal for the road. ” my dogs” excuse.

  5. Look at her in that top. This is what you wear and look like, when you’re an 80 year old hillbilly………….

  6. Leaving the courthouse during work hours seems to be common practice. At least they spent money in the county, not at Mountaineer.

    • Because that’s what they do. They go to the courthouse and collect a paycheck until they fall over dead. Unless they think they are about to be charged with a crime or made to pay back money, then they are allowed to resign and collect a pension.

  7. I realize that the treasurer is a normal topic of political discussion here on this site, but I’m just not seeing this as county news. This looks more like stalking, with the hopes of creating more negative comments in the feedback section. What is the follow up story going to be, “Connie Javens seen using her salad fork for her main dish at local restaurant!”? Oh the humanity!!! I am not a supporter or huge fan of hers, but everyone is entitled to lunch. Now if she went to lunch while she was scheduled to be in financial meetings, came back from lunch and was drunk, or was supposed to be in the hospital or on some sort of leave and she was committing fraud, then yes, by all means, report it.

    • You’re missing the point ENTIRELY! The media is supposed to keep politicians honest. They should be impartial, objective, and outspoken. Without an effective and independent media, politicians get away with whatever they want.

      • I’ve reread the story, and you’re right, I’m missing the point. I’m still not seeing how this is detrimental to county business, and needs to be reported as if a major crime has been committed. I am at a loss as to why this is so important. Is there a clause in her contract that does not allow her to leave the premises during her lunch break? Did she not clock out to go to lunch? Did she return from her lunch past her allotted lunch break time? Did she blow off a meeting or another requirement of her job to go to lunch? Was she drinking alcohol while at lunch? If the treasurer was going to the bank again and withdrawing monies without proper procedures being followed, report it. If the treasurer was neglecting her duties by not processing forms and applications in her office, report it. Is she improperly securing jobs for family members instead of the most qualified person, then by all means report it. She went to lunch, big deal.

      • Let me try this another way, even though the scale is obviously different, the point is the same. What if Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward had been really chummy with Richard Nixon, so chummy that they had celebratory lunches together for birthdays, etc. When the Watergate story broke, how likely do you think the reporters would be to report negatively about their buddy? Maybe they would have even buried the story to save their friend from problems. That is what this story is about, not the lunch itself (we all know Connie doesn’t do any actual work in that office anyway, so who cares if she’s there), but who is chumming around together.

  8. The only part that shocks me is that no one from the Beaver County Times was there to help her celebrate.

  9. I suppose he was going over plans for her retirement dinner where hundreds will be invited, all will praise her work ethic,( going to the bank) glowing words about how she cares for her family (securing them all positions), and how nasty people can be because they are jealous. The guest speaker, no doubt, will be her chum, the DA. People, do not expect an invitation.

  10. 80 years old still in public office. She screwed up the antler less deer license up so bad the game commission may have to take it over next year. What else has she screwed up



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