Walmart will soon be taking applications to fill over 300 positions for their new location in Economy Borough, according to the town’s Mayor.

Mayor David Poling said he has been informed the company will be setting up at the Baden American Legion on Monday, February 17th, to begin accepting applications and conducting interviews for over 300 positions being created by the opening of their new store.

“Walmart will be hiring over 300 people from the outside,” Mayor Poling told the Beaver Countian. “The total number of jobs in the store will be about 440, with the rest of those employees being transferred in from their stores in Center and Cranberry.”

The new Walmart in Economy Borough is expected to open in late April or early May. The company will generate significant new revenues for the town in the form of property and mercantile taxes, along with additional revenues from occupational taxes.

“This means revenues for Economy Borough and jobs for people from all over Beaver County,” said Mayor Poling. “While a lot of jobs Walmart creates aren’t what we might consider family sustaining jobs, they are jobs that can add supplemental income for households and that can mean all the difference in the world.”

Mayor Poling noted that the manager of the new Walmart location started off with the company as a cashier.

“We worked for years to bring Walmart here,” added Mayor Poling. “This was a process of finding the right location and going through a lengthy corporate approval from Walmart, of fighting lawsuits and overcoming permitting problems, and even having to fight against other elected officials who were working behind the scenes to do everything they could to prevent this from happening.”

Poling said he believes Walmart will become a cornerstone that will see a boom in economic development for Economy Borough.

Updated 2/17/2014: Walmart has opened up their hiring center a week earlier than anticipated. The story has been updated to reflect that applications are being taken as of today.


    • REALLY?!?! I’m sorry, but minimum wage is better than NO WAGE….think about that. Everyone bitches and complains that there are no jobs around here, but then Wal-Mart is getting ready to open, and has positions available, and all you can bitch about is the “minimum wage” factor. It’s a job, plain and simple. There are plenty of people out there who need a job. It may not be the best or most glamorous job, but it’s a job, none the less.

      • Nikki P…if we could get everyone to think like you the world…or should I say this country wouldn’t be where it is.  now a days everyone wants the best with out any work to get it. 

  1. Did you know walmart rented Baden legion hall for a 2 month time period. Which left others who had the hall booked months in advance with only days to secure another venue. With all respect to the legion is a quick buck worth your word or integrity , when it comes to business. I doubt walmart will ever be a long friend to the legion post as the people turned away.

    • That BS.  If you already signed a contract, they can’t break it.  they won’t be using the legion on the weekend anyway.  

  2. Minimum wage or not.. its a job and an attempt for some people to feed their families. . Id rather see someone working at walmart than see them standing at the light by walmart begging for a hand out…

  3. Hmm anyone know exactly which type of Walmart? regular Walmart? Super Walmart? Sam’s Club? Distribution center for Walmart? or Distribution center for Sam’s club? (this is what there has been much debate about for years.

    • That Giant Eagle has to improve if it wants to compete.  It’s been coasting in that location far too long with little or no competition.  The Sewickley location did a great job improving and expanding their store.  The Baden location now will be forced into doing the same.  Perhaps turn it into a giant Marketplace like they have in Robison, and add a Get Go while they’re at it.  And of course, the entire parking lot needs a serious overhaul.

  4. The people losing their jobs at Horsehead , Freindship Ridge and US Airways will now have a place to go for new employment.

    • What problem here?Economy took the center of Northern Lights by eminent domain to create the new road which now runs through the middle.  The owner of Northern Lights was THRILLED that they didn’t have to pay to pave and beautify that area, because it sure as heck needed it.  In fact, Northern Lights is likely going to benefit from that eminent domain action by leaps and bounds.. bringing traffic through an area that has been dead for years.  All at no cost to the owner.Walmart bought the actual property for the store through legitimate negotiations from the estate of the gentleman who owned it.  The property was appraised at $55k, and Walmart bought it for $2.3M.Get your facts straight before you come spouting off about all these “problems”.

  5. No thanx, I may be loosing my friendship ridge job, walmart is in no comparison. Maybe my new peice of shit job workin what, three dys a week will only cover my loan payments. Your little comment wasn’t funny asshole

    • Oh, so stay home sitting on your ass collecting unemployment/welfare….that makes much more sense.  Did you ever think that maybe you could work your way up to a better paying position?  Sure, there is no union to act on behalf of your sense of entitlement but welcome to the real world.

  6. And btw, who can afford to feed a family on a minimum wage job after paying just minimum bills and gas to go to and from work. Just addin more people to stand in line for food stamps. Pathetic

  7. You people that don’t want to work at Wal-Mart or shop there should just stay away, maybe you can find work with all the other places that will follow , and they will come. Working retail is hard ,24/7 but 3000 will be in line for the 300 jobs stay out of their way

  8. Walmart has paid my bills and kept my belly full for the past 7 years and based on job performance there is a yearly raise as well as health insurance etc which is pretty damn important nowadays for all you people that want to bad mouth. As well as Walmart is going to be putting money specifically into purchasing USA made items even more so and giving our economy a boost thank you very much Trust me I’m not saying walmart is perfect but give me one place that is.

    • Drinking the company cool-aid much? Full time wife and mom, own your own bakery business and you have to work at Walmart overnight too? You should only have to do one of those things. Maybe if you and more people didn’t shop and work there you could have a real bakery.

      • Who are you to tell her she should only have to do one of those things? Hard work usually means getting ahead in life. You are one of the losers who will be first in line with your fucking food stamps. Get a job Asshole.

  9. There is no making some of you people happy. You’ll sit there and bitch and whine about how Northern Lights has fallen into such disrepair, and how there is no stores there, and so on and so forth. Now, you have a BIG box store that has moved into the area, provided much needed repairs in many places in that dump of an area, providing jobs to those who need and want them, and once again, all you hear is bitching and whining. Get over yourselves! You don’t like Wal-Mart, don’t shop there. Plain and simple. You don’t want to work there, get an education, and work elsewhere. How hard is that to understand? It doesn’t really matter, ya’ll would find something, ANYTHING to bitch and complain about.

    • Nikki P, all of what you say is true, but overall it will change nothing, if the general population keeps shopping for junk made chinese stuff at walmart. Until the general popularion realizes that most of the big box store things are going to slowly take over and slowly raise their prices, nothing will change.

  10. The same people that are fighting to keep Shell out of the valley with their $20/hr plus jobs, are the same ones complaining about the good “green” jobs (snicker) that Walmart is bringing to the area. Make up your damn minds already. You CANNOT have your cake and eat it too. As Bugs Bunny would say-“What a maroon”

    • Well said Nobama.  Although the Shell job might be a little more work.. SO I’m not sure some people would really want that kind of job

    • When shell does come here with the 20$/hr  jobs you say you’ll be the first one to bitch that the shell employees aren’t worth what they’re paying them and make too much money then when the gas market falls through and they’re laid off and go to Walmart to work you’ll bitch about them getting food stamps, not that Walmart is sponging off the taxpayers. you’ll bitch about them getting Obama care then you’ll go out and vote for what you want Romney care one and the same . One thing is certain you’ll allways be bitching about something.

  11. Most people are too lazy to really work hard. Those same people usually lack initiative, and if they have a job, have to be told what to do every second they are there…

    • Really???  To each his own!  I hate Target!  I don’t slam them, I just don’t shop there!  My choice like your choice.

  12. Jobs.…jobs…AGAIN…JOBS…GET ONE! This is exactly the type of notification that should be on this site. Would you rather be unemployed or work for min. Wage? I know my choice.

  13. I see a few WalMart shills here. WalMart and its CEOs are among the wealthiest people on the planet. As one person pointed out, there are never any cashiers, (and their shelves are never stocked) because they REFUSE to hire full time employees. Instead, they keep workers just under full-time, telling them IN TRAINING to file for welfare. WalMart, like McDonald’s and other Billion dollar corporations, pay their employees slave wages. They DO NOT pay their employees enough to live on. The entirety of their part-time work force is subsidized by the government, INCLUDING their health care. WalMart is even so low, such swine, that when they find out an employee is suffering from a life threatening illness, they take out life insurance policies on those employees, and when the employee dies, they collect and keep all the money from the policy for the corporation, sharing NOTHING with the family. Of course, they also pay their employees so little and care so little about them that they force their own employees to hold food drives for their own, starving employees. Before WalMart opens anywhere, they see what businesses they can shut down: in this case, the immediate closures will likely be Giant Eagle, the Hallmark Shoppe, and MedFast.

    So, the people of Beaver County are desperate. There are no jobs here, and no GOOD jobs will come here. I have no doubt the lines to apply to work at that hell will be down the block and around the corner. But they’ll be just as long at the welfare office for anyone who gets hired. And WE’LL ALL pay for it. So, don’t believe the lies. Demand some REAL jobs in this county. There’s no reason why Robinson and Cranberry should look the way do, and Beaver County should be a wasteland.

    • Everyone’s complaining about minimum wage and low paying jobs but they’ll be the same ones protesting the proposed Shell plant.  Decide what you want??

    • I for one would be happy to work steady almost fulltime hours than a seasonal job with partial unemployment!  You people amaze me!  I have been one of the unfortunate people that has had to go from job to job, looking for full time employment.  Thinking I’ve got a job to retire from only to have my position eliminated or the business I worked for didn’t believe in a satellight warehouse so they closed up. Now the job I have has lost it’s biggest client so my hours have been reduced and UC isn’t cutting it!  I’m 55 yrs old and want to work.  If I can get in at Walmart, I’m all for it!  Like the other person or persons said, if you don’t like it don’t shop there!  

    • Your comment about the other stores closing is way off the mark, Angela. Giant Eagle will either adapt to survive, or they won’t survive. They, until recently, have been the only grocery store around that is easily accessible, which means they have been able to set their own prices for many products, and most of those prices are insanely high. They are also one of the few that do not have a “Market District” portion of their store. Now, with Wal-Mart entering the picture, they will be forced to take action, and if that means that they have to lower their prices and expand their store in order to compete, then that is what they will have to do. As for the Hallmark store, they are a unique business. You cannot go to a Wal-Mart and find the same kind of product and service there that you can find in the Hallmark store. And Medfast? They will be just fine. They also have a very loyal clientele that is comprised of most of the elderly in the area. Why is that? Their service, professionalism, and caring. You CANNOT receive the same quality of service at Wal-Mart’s pharmacy that you can at Medfast. At Medfast, you are a person, a customer that they care about, and take a personal interest in. At Wal-Mart, you are a number, a nobody, and someone that they forget as soon as you walk away from the counter. Those stores will survive, no worries. Most of the stores that vacated Northern Lights, did so because the greedy owners of the property continually raised their rental rates until it became impossible for most businesses to afford it. Wal-Mart will not effect those stores. If anything, they will actually add to the traffic that those stores will see.

    • Nobody is forcing anyone to work at Walmart (or McDonald’s). If employees don’t like the conditions, they’re free to go elsewhere. Many of the Walmart and McDonald’s positions are meant for SUPPLEMENTING a worker’s income. If you classify your job at these locations as being a career, no wonder you’re disgruntled. And as far as other businesses closing as a result of Walmart opening, that’s not necessarily true. But if nearby stores do end up closing, it will be their own fault for not adapting to the changing environment.And what about the possibility of new businesses coming in? I bet people who complain about the possibility of stores closing won’t acknowledge this little tidbit should it become a reality.

  14. Walmart brings this on it’s self. When 6 heirs to the Walmart  fortune have more combined wealth than the bottom 150 million in this country and wages are so low in their stores it breeds resentment.

  15. It’s new development in a depressed area, which will create more taxes and future development that’s a good thing.

    And people need to give it a test on the job issue, for real they will have hundreds of 9 to 11 dollar per hour jobs, which for some is big.

    They will have other jobs depending on skill level that pay 15 to 20 per hour. Ie cleaning crews supervisors, maintenance, different levels of customers service.

    Then different levels of store management with competitive salaries.

    Professional positions like pharmacist, and staff, they will have medical spot through heritage valley which will create more jobs.

    Think outside the box, what might not fit for you may be perfect for hundreds of others and that’s better than having nothing.

  16. All I know is who ever owns that Northen Lights Shopping Center needs to get it together.It’s a mess they never care for the parking lot.It’s terrible.And Personally I don’t think we need another Walmart, there is one in Monaca & Chippewa. But since they are putting a Walmart in maybe Giant Eagle will make changes to there store & make it a market district.

    • There is a Wal-Mart in Cranberry also, along with Chippewa and Monaca. As someone who lives close to Northern Lights and doesn’t always have a reliable means of transportation, all three of the above mentioned stores are extremely hard to get to. A Wal-Mart here makes it easier for people who don’t like to travel longer distances, sometimes through insane traffic clusterfucks, to get the items they may need. And I believe that with the new Wal-Mart opening, it will force the owners of Northern Lights to do something with that hellhole of a parking lot. We shall just have to wait and see, however.

  17. Angela = another lazy “occupy Wall Street” hippie that thinks they deserve more than they are worth. They conveniently ignore their hero in the White House throwing $500k parties while other brothers starve.

  18. yea…. you guys are right. Walmart is gonna KILL all the surrounding businesses… just like the Walmart in Monaca, Robinson, and Cranberry did…. and sorry if that Giant Eagle goes under it is bc it is gross and nasty and wont stand a chance surviving next to a Walmart. Giant Eagle does FANTASTIC in Rochester and thats like 5 minutes away from Monaca Walmart. Walmart might shut down small businesses which is sad but it also brings businesses that are chains which will bring a lot of money into the area… I personally do not like Walmart but I shop there just like almost every single other person on here bitching about it!

  19. Wal-Mart does NOT pay min. Wage. And a lot of people work full time and Always have people calling off do they are always calling people to come in for more hours. People are just so ungrateful at least its a Job till you find something else you Rather do or Make more money doing..!!.. also why bitch about it.?. If ur not happy then just move on to the next story not everyone wants to hear you a complain about something that will HELP about 300 hundred FAMILES

  20. People will make more money at the red light than they will at Hell Mart. We really need a 3rd Walmart ! Walk down the streets of Monaca Rochester Aliquippa Midland . Who can compete against Hell Mart with the cheap shit they sell. Give me a break they are the scourge of our economy and society! Those of you that believe different are FOOLS. I hope nobody applies for a job their.

    • So, you’d prefer nobody to get a job there. Ten bucks says you’re the first person to start bitching that there’s so many ppl on welfare, but refuse to get a job. Yup. 

  21. Vote with your wallet, if you don’t like Walmart don’t shop there, but how many other companies have provided thousands of jobs(part or full time) in Beaver county since the steel industry collapsed?

    • To the asshole who said u would make more money at a red light then at Wal-Mart is a sucker I live in a poverty stricken city and it sickens me when bitches be there with signs beggin for change in my city walmart is a life saver its a job some way to make a living shit I been homeless and all so to turn down walmart is plain stupid



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