Two Sergeants in the Aliquippa Police Department have been demoted and two other officers were promoted in their place, according to sources within the department.

Officers Angelo Lewis and Robert Sealock were demoted from Sergeant to Patrolman. Officers Kenneth Watkins and Joshua Stanga both received promotions from Patrolman to Sergeant.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that union representatives with the FOP were presented redacted documents by the city detailing the reasons for the reductions in rank. Sources say among the information stricken from the documents were the names of individuals who allegedly made complaints against the officers.

The moves follow a series of shakeups that have occurred within the department since Donald Couch was appointed Chief back in February.

In April, Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker appointed rookie Officer Joseph Perciavalle to the position of Assistant Chief. Perciavalle was hired by the Aliquippa Police Department about two years ago, fresh out of the police academy. The officer went to high school with Mayor Walker and has a child together with the Mayor’s cousin.

That same month Walker also promoted Officer Ryan Pudik to the position of Detective Captain. Pudik has likewise only been with the force for about two years.

Sources inside of the Aliquippa Police Department have told the Beaver Countian that the department has been in a state of turmoil, with officers contacting state authorities about alleged corruption within the City.


  1. Turmoil, corruption and nepotism in Aliquippa??? Who woulda thunk it? His Highness De-Wan is a corrupt phony so this news isn’t all that shocking.

  2. First & foremost Mayor Walker is AWESOME!!!! The police force has been corrupt since way before he stepped into office. So let’s not point the finger at him. There should have been a few more officers demoted or fired from APD. They are out here being reckless & hiding behind that badge. What about the ones who are beating up the children in our community????? Don’t worry I’ll wait… Serve & protect yeah ok. I commend the ones who honor & uphold the oath they took. But as for the rest… They need to resign or be fired.

    • Don’t you mean the little “Gang Bangers”? Your lucky that’s all they do to your little “angels”. Become a parent, a REAL parent and you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Mayor Walker is awesome? Really? Get your head out of your ass already. You better hope that most of that police force don’t decide to get the “flu” one day!

  3. I sure hope the FOP is fighting this tooth and nail because that is what these guys pay their union dues for. This is why unions are necessary.

  4. What a mockery they are making of that department. The citizens should be outraged. They are playing roulette with their safety. You need experience and common sense to be in a leadership position such as Sargent. If they have less than 5 years experience and accept that position they are doing it for the wrong reasons. Wake up Mayor Walker you are smarter than this.

    • Someone please ask the super genius mayor, the great hope of DaQuip, the one who promised to turn the city around to make it a safe vibrant community, a great place to live, work and raise your kids. SOMEONE please ask him, if he’s so smart, why did he get FIRED from FedEx for conducting city business on FedEx time? If he can’t exercise good judgement on something so simple, something as basic as separating his providing for his family from managing a broken city. How can we expect him to do anything he promised in his bid to be elected?
      Seems that the Quip went from Mayor “Bookie”, as I’ve heard him called, to the Welfare Mayor. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  5. All because these two guys won’t be a “yes man”. Why would you demote two of the most liked and respected cops in the city? Selock was a sergeant for what? 12 years?? All the sudden there is a problem?? What a joke.

    • Dont miss Battilini at all, after all he closed all of the pools and only paved the streets in West Aliquippa, and He also left the current administration high and dry by buying all kinds of equipment using every last dollar of the tax payers, leaving Aliquippa broke, if battlini cared so much why didnt he stay on and volunteer his great wisdom? Guess he didnt care.

  6. This is a good example of why all local police departments should be eliminated and taken over by the Sheriff’s office and substations put in place. This way everyone is on the same page. This county is not that big and it makes more sense.

  7. When has Aliquippa done anything by the book? I recently discovered that they closed a public street to accommodate the police department. I would be willing to bet this was done without proper disclosure, public comment, a traffic study and a referendum which is required to do so. They removed two stop signs and then a short time later returned one, like they can do whatever they want without recourse. So much for checks and balances, so much for doing things the right and proper way. They have been doing things so ass backwards in Aliquippa for so long I believe they have forgotten that there is a right way to do things.

  8. Why should the Sheriff’s office “take over”? It seems that office has had enough scandals/bad publicity of their own! Was this action voted on by City Council or was it an executive decision? Was the police chief consulted before the action was taken? So many questions…

  9. I am shocked that two of the most qualified officers got demoted because they got complaints about them, well I don’t believe it. If I ever needed an officer I would pick Sealock, he’s kind and easy to talk too and gets along with every one, always a smile on his face, I’m tired of paying taxes so the mayor can take care of family and the people who kiss his ass..I hope some one any one runs against him.

  10. It’s ashame that people really won’t take time to find out what’s going on. Some of these cops should be fired because the corruption that’s in the police department but because the union covers bad cops also the only thing the city can do is demote them. Change is not easy but necessary.

  11. Right no one believes it’s because of complaints..If that’s the case what did you do with the million complaints you got against Doug Edgell????????

    • Dougie is the worst when it comes to falsifying charges or violating civil rights. He is the type in which a little power goes to his head and just look at the giant melon balancing on his shoulders. LOSER needs fired.

  12. One day I hope to see edgell fired so I can tie his hands behind his back and kick his face in

    Wonder how many people have been beat in there locker room?

    • Wow tie his hands behind his back, and then kick his face in ? That sounds like kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and aggravated assault. You have some deep unsettled issues, what not nursing from your mother anymore ? Find a good woman, and see a shrink and you will be fine with your issues…Rock on Rob

  13. first and foremost it was corruption going on before my cousin was even an office for the mayor.. let’s get that right second of all Sealock&Lewis shoukdve been able to keeo their positions Edell should have got demoted or fired. as far as Percival goes I don’t think it had anything to do with him having a baby with my cousin you gotta give credit when credit is due he was just the best man for the job .. you going to demote 1 you might as well demote all of them or look into everybody’s flaws.. point blank

    • First off, appointing Percival to that position, with no on the job expierence was a bad decision. Second, when you clean house you start at the top. If there is corruption it’s always at the top. Mayors office on down. Cops in Quip always had a bad rep, because of the chain of command. I’d say shut it down and let the state take over.

    • Percivalle was not anywhere close to being “the best man for the job”. Since when does a rookie walk into an assistant chief position? When you’re fucking the mayor’s cousin, that’s when. His “highness” guaranteed himself a “yes man” when he put Percivalle there, and that was the major reasons. And to hold it over his head, incase something between him and your cousin ever goes bad.

  14. @fruity….If you’re not a shill that’s just pretending, than you are one ignant sum bitch! You want to see what future Quip has under deewan look no further than Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta…etc. Well I guess younz guys could elect Marrion Barry or Kwayme Fitzpatrick……yea seems legit!

  15. All of this saddens my heart to hear. Change is needed in my opinion so that Aliquippa can grow and prosper. There are so many benefits other states are taking advantage of. Corruption keeps Aliquippa down and focused on only the negative. Leadership needs to get out there and interview the citizens about their needs and start applying for the benefits available to the city (e.g. housing, grants, building the community and fixing the streets. Where is your “Home on the Hill”? Where is your “Homeport”? Research!!!! Research!!!! The mayor cannot fix Aliquippa alone!!! And this mayor has not done anything other mayors have not already done!!!! Stop criticizing him and say what you can offer the city and surrounding community. Quite frankly, I love Ohio. Mayor Walker keep going on!!!!: you know who your Keeper is!!!!!

  16. the whole pd is corrupt. the mayor,asst. mayor and now the asst police chief r “former” coke dealers. the cops will whoop someones assfor the fun of it. edgell is gonna catch a bullet from someone one day. and since when famil favors wasn’t a art of politics?

    • Please cite your source that proves the Mayor is a former coke dealer. Also who was a family member that was given favor? Last time I checked when my cousin has a baby to someone that doesn’t make that person my relative. Also last time I checked the aforementioned cousin who had a baby to the assistant chief is married to another man. The “family favors” argument really holds no real merit other than to smear the mayors name.

      • the objective of this website is to smear people’s names.
        The characters are entertaining, like Jerry Springer. They wait for someone to defend or even say something nice about the subject(s) of the story, then the name calling and accusations are made in the comment section.

        people will figure it out and move on

  17. When you can’t get a job in law enforcement, you get a job in aliquippa, no money, no leadership, no honor…

    Just look at what runs the roster…..

    Fucking Donnie chief lol, Joey P his ass I mean assistant.. Kenny Watkins give me a break if it wasn’t for spell check he couldn’t figure out his name. It doesn’t matter they are all fucked up and nobody wants them, edgal a hitter yes but when he wants then disappears and runs traffic on 51 , are you kidding me with all that goes on in town..

    But go figure a fucking troll from Q gets sheriff and Jimmy D is magistrate fuck I thought loschavio was a question he looks like alter boy….

    Back fill that town and be done already..


  19. The Beaver County Times articles on “Resurrecting Aliquippa” should actually be in the comics section.

  20. Just a lil story to go along with this b.s pertaining to te Mayors cousin having a baby by mr. Asst. chief. This is what I know to be true…since Mr. Asst chief became a apd, he has wanted to portray himself in a positive light. He has taken the mayors cousin to court for an almost adult son, throwing every accusation he could muster up at her, provide the courts with false accusations/documents on her, tried to tarnish her name and is still trying to by telling lies to anyone that will listen, lied to get pfa’s filed, not allowed the mother of this child to attend prom or graduation, among many other things. I was privy a few yrs ago to a domestic relations session were me. Asst chief was irate because he had to pay for his own child and didn’t want too! And all this has gone on since working at apd! While the mayor nor his superiors in office at the time did nothing! I’m not sure if the mayor doesn’t like this cousin that keeps coming up in these articles and comments or what, but I’m sure his appt had nothing to so with having a now grown child by a cousin! Do I think e was the right person for the job? HELL NO! And Sealock & Lewis are two of the most respected and liked cops on the force! But they are not YES men which is great! But we say tht by being that, your doomed in Aliquippa! It’s very SAD!

  21. Gotta love it. I had to literally leave my home. Moved to that lawless city in 1995. After many attempts to get the police to do anything and many conversations with the States Attorney General I couldn’t wait any longer for them to take care of the problem. Moved to peace quit and no drug deals in front of my house. No more random gun fire around my house. Kudos Dawn. Miss Battalini???? NEVER!!!!!



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