Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo

A criminal trial for Sheriff George David has now been postponed for the third time.

David is currently awaiting trial on charges filed against him by the Pennsylvania State Police and the Attorney General’s Office after he pulled out his service revolver and threatened to murder this reporter and several others back in April of 2012. He faces unrelated charges stemming from another incident in which he allegedly threatened to dismember and cannibalize one of his campaign workers.

The trial for Sheriff David was originally scheduled for September of last year, but had been continued until February 24th at the request of David’s defense attorney. The defense said the delay was necessary to give them time to properly examine the voluminous amount of discovery turned over by prosecutors in the case.

As the February 24th date neared, the defense once again requested a delay. Sheriff David’s attorney told the court he needed time to investigate the veracity of an article published by the Beaver Countian (This publication firmly stands by its reporting in that piece). The trial was tentatively rescheduled for April 21st.

Now the Beaver County Court Administrator’s Office has informed the parties that no courtroom will be available during that time period. Subsequent scheduling conflicts for attorneys with both the defense and prosecution are now delaying the case further.

A new trial date for Sheriff David has not yet been scheduled, but is expected to take place sometime at the end of July or in August barring any additional delays.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. What the F—-.  This is ridiculous.  The people involved in this case want to get on with it.  This is demoralizing.  Personally, I’m happy to move out of Beaver County.  Run for your lives citizens.  No one is safe.  It there are any screen writers out there, this is great material for you.  Better than fiction.  

  2. if he is luck he will die before a trial ever takes place so what happend to a fair and speedy trial by the time this actually goes to court he wont even be sheriff anymore

  3. These stalling tactics are bullshit. They’re delaying as much as possible because they know he’s guilty. Such a shame, because the victims of this tyrant deserve justice and closure.

    • He reports on the things that the local papers won’t touch, it of fear. If you want fluffy, feel good pieces, might I suggest the BCT, or one of the many Pittsburgh papers?

  4. The Lodge at Brady’s Run Park!  Even a rental price break for this Senior Citizen Sheriff!  Already staffed by Deputies, roomy, close, reasonable and always available. No more delays!  

  5. at this rate, they will just continue to delay until it is time for re-election and he will be voted out and not sheriff anymore when the trial starts

    • I read the Times article after they sued to get the transcripts and it said it had to do with the judge smack talking Deputy Ochs?

      • Looking back, this is an accusation you’ve made repeatedly over the past several months.  Despite what you’ve attempted to get people to believe, I do not edit the content of comments.  Period.

      • Then where is the rest of my comment? You’re full of shit! You can lie to these people but we both know what you did!

      • I have no idea where “the rest of your comment” is, assuming there ever was a “rest of it.”  

  6. Did you happen to notice how J.P. only argues with me?  If you put him in a corner he acts like a bitch! This kinda makes me feel like the sheriff. I wonder if I’ve made him cry too? STOP EDITING COMMENTS!

    • Maybe because I’m the only one who comments that J.P. has a personal problem with. Does he respond to anybody else like me? Why is that? Only J.P.

  7. In spite of the calls for a trial that will bring some finality and closure to some of the legal issues surrounding this man, and possible revenge, satisfaction or capitulation for those who have been harmed by him, it might not matter whether he actually goes to trial and formalizes the ultimate actions and repercussions against him.  There is little doubt that he has behaved illegally; the matter is more about the nature of the punishment. If endless continuances allow him and his lawyer to beat the system and escape an ultimate judgment by the public, he will not be able to escape the legacy he leaves.  And this is no small thing. Young people do not think much about the legacies they will eventually leave; older people do.  The public will remember his acts for a very long time, his fellow appointees and successors will be directly affected by what they inherit from his administration, and his family and future generations will carry his memory on, likely with undeserved embarrassment. For those of us who lived through the Richard Nixon years, the ignoble ending to that Presidency is etched in our minds.  There he was standing at the helicopter, smiling and waving with “V” fingers and outstretched arms — a not-so-convincing defiance and self-vindication of a reputation for a ruined Presidency. His daughter and wife stood by him, crying, and giving what little support they could garner.  It was a sad day for all. It wasn’t the impeachment that would have satisfied the many wanting a tangible, conclusive, punishing end, but the ignominy of his acts was a crippling “sentence” nevertheless, and people will never forget it. This sheriff is not a robust man — watch him shuffle around the courthouse, and look at the countenance of weariness he wears — he is aging, and he will likely be quite personally affected by the charges and actions against him, whether he is ultimately sentenced and convicted before the public or not. He is not invulnerable.  No one is.  People pay an awful psychic price for prolonged pressure and the resultant stress. They buckle.  When the uniform finally comes off, and he is ultimately left to his own thoughts, I cannot imagine that the defiant manner will persist for very long.  The lip service he receives from others will end, his friends will stop showing up to bolster him, he will have lost the safety of the office identity, and his phony supporting sycophants will fade. And that might be enough. There is little as devastating as isolated loneliness after decades of “popularity”.  The pound of flesh that the public demands just might be the internalization of a failed life. I can’t think of a worse punishment for a person in the terminal years of one’s existence on this earth.  

  8. Jake, Paul, there is no giving up on the issue until this grade-A ass if a sheriff is in jail.
    Avi – who cares if your comments are edited, except you? If you have evidence pertinent to this case, share it with the appropriate authorities. If not, no one cares but you. It is not your website, it is not your news to manipulate, and it is not your truth to create. Your viewpoint just doesn’t count.
    If you don’t like that or can’t accept it, then don’t come back.

  9. This is making me sick! It’s sad to know that our “In-“justice system is so corrupt that someone with as many charges levied against him as “Sheriff” David can just get away with it like he has. I wonder how much CB is paying the Judge in this case to get this thing constantly postponed like this. One thing I seek comfort in is the fact that if George isn’t held accountable here, he will someday be held accountable to a higher power. Nobody escapes judgement and he will, one day, reap what he has sown.

    • @Silence_Dogood: If I believed in a higher power, I could get some solace in what you say, because surely this guy and his cronies would burn in hell. That is why I think that eventually he will face his demons alone, as I wrote above, in the hell of his own mind and in the hellish memories he is leaving with others. .I sense your frustration, and I know that you are a principled person, but I hope that some conclusive event with inescapable consequences brings this guy down before the next election — a conviction, forced retirement, a recall vote when that becomes possible, action from the governor, attorney general, state police or state legislature, or even just failing health.  Gradually the fiasco at the Courthouse is being raised to a wide public awareness, and people are realizing that organized crime is sitting right in the county seat, but I fear that it will not be enough to get him out anytime soon. Regardless, the voters cannot ever let this happen again, and they will have to replace not only the obvious criminals, but the whole damn system that creates them and allows them to flourish. . . 

  10. Could the underlying reason for the constant stall tactics be that the higher up powers that be (commissioners and the like) DON’T want this trial to happen, because WHEN it does, all kinds of skeletons and long buried bodies are going to be exposed. The sheriff is corrupt, there is no arguing that point. However, the sheriff IS NOT smart enough to have pulled off most of the shit that he has without someone else pulling his strings. This house of cards built on corruption and lies will eventually come tumbling down, and sheriff David is just the beginning. There is NO possible way that the corruption begins and ends with him. Nope. No sir. Maybe THAT is why all the stalling bullshit…..but that’s just a random theory thrown out there, for y’all to think about.

  11. Yes, Nikki, you are quite right. They can’t let this guy be the patsy, because they will go down too, like a row of dominoes. He is just a part of the whole damn corruption, and they need him around to divert the attention off them.

  12. The articles here at the BC are vehicles to publicity for some of the political miscreants who are found out. But, if a person behind the political scenes is contributing to the problems, he/she might not become publicly known unless he/she is directly involved in or related to a story. Granted, it must be that way, to allow unbiased and fact-based reporting, not rumor or misleading innuendos.  But consider that those people do exist and are just not publicly known. Behind the scenes at the courthouse, and elsewhere, the involvement and activities of the supporting people behind the news makers are far more extensive than the event that brings the names to light in a news article. It is more far-reaching and worse than even the most pessimistic person can imagine. It is important to remember past stories and connect the dots — the article links help greatly, but they are not the memory that people should have themselves. The summary history of these events is as important as the current news items themselves. That is why I have called for some type of summation, perhaps in the Discussion section, that does connect the dots, for the “average” person reading about someone for the first time might not fully grasp the importance of what is being reported. A good example is the story about the doctor being charged. The connection to many others, also reported upon here in the past, is almost staggering. In these investigative reports, NOTHING reported upon exists on its own. Follow the trials of these people, and you will see for yourselves, as even more names and relationships become known. This comment section serves a very good purpose. It maintains past events in the current public consciousness, and at times is as important as the article itself. 

  13. @Nikki , usually I am just angered to the point of migraines when reading what people place upon this site however what you wrote 2 days ago prompted this post of mine … Nobody , and I mean Nobody knows The Sheriff and his family better than I …Over the years I learned that the only True Power is Knowledge , Play your cards close to your vest and when you find out just “where the bodies are buried” Remember it ….for all the Hate – Mongering that occurs on this page  ..(and ive seen things as RIDICULOUS as He Cant speak ENGLISH) and Oh So Many Camel this and Camel that Comments only go to prove the juvenile mindset that permeates this site…(whats the matter Anglo’s to afraid to just say Sand-Nigger,).. With that said let it also be know as TRUTH that NOBODY has a More of a reason(s) to Despise this man than I ,,, and yet I can balance my personal opinion against what I know as Truth and that is as Far as Law Enforcement Credentials go There is (or was at the time) No officer More Highly Decorated than George David , There is a REASON this man was Appointed Sheriff when  Policaro abruptly retired ,, From being Shot in the line of duty while taking point in a hostage situation, to wrestling (and subduing) an escaped bear that made its way to the Aliquippa shopping center,, to tracking bank robbers through the woods (whom surrendered to then officer David rather than continue with their escape efforts even giving the then Mayor of Aliquippa a D.U.I  and that is not even Half of the credentials he carries with him ….Once upon a Time, Aliquippa was Thee Roughest Place in Beaver County and at that time Aliquippa had The Best Police Officers in The Entire County, From David to Peluso , Pastine, Catroppa, Katkitch, Morelli, Bowler, and the list truly go’s on and on..These were Tough Men in a Tough time and for as good as they all where they all carried their share of faults ,, Those of us who lived our lives through the Good and Bad times in Aliquippa (and can push past our own personal biases) ..Know that when you called the police you hoped it was David coming and when the cops were called on you , you prayed he wasn’t……However I Haven’t Come Here to Praise David Nor Bury Him  only to state Facts… FACT, No Officer is more qualified to hold the office he was appointed/elected to,,  FACT, Personal Financial gain has NEVER been an issue regarding David (there are some select families in Aliquippa that have what is known as Fuck-You Money)  David came from such a Family, truthfully he never had to work for anyone if he so choose .. FACT, Times Change

    • You sir, are living in the past, and refusing to see what is happening in the present. There may have been a time when he was a good person in law enforcement, but those times are long gone, my friend. He has become as corrupt as the day is long. I’m not trying to change your opinion on him, I am merely stating the facts has they have been brought to light. I can also relate, somewhat, to what you are saying. My family was very close to the Heitzenreiter family when I was young, and I grew up with great respect for them, but people change. If you would have told me that the man I knew growing up would be charged with assaulting a prisoner in custody, I would have told you that your doc needed to up your meds, because you’re delusional. Look how that turned out….People change, situations change. David MAY have been a good cop at one time, but he is no longer. The saddest thing is, the corruption doesn’t begin and end with him, it’s run rampant throughout the courthouse. It’s like his own little kingdom. Power corrupts even the best of people. I’m sorry, but the man you are speaking about no longer exists. This is a totally different monster. I have no personal bias against him, I’ve dealt with the sheriffs officers more than I care to remember, but I have no personal issue with him, other than he believes that he is the alpha and the omega when it comes to the sheriff’s office. There is where the problem is. You need to step away from the nostalgic feelings you have, and look at the situation from an unbiased standpoint.

    • As Nikki states very well, the past when this Sheriff was just a budding cop no longer exists.  He very well could have had his own Wild West Show, and performed like Davy Crockett, Audie Murphy and George Patton, and few people would have known about it outside his hometown. The Beaver Valley Times was still publishing harmless local news, and revelations like this Sheriff’s current doings would be known only to people close to the situation. For many younger high school people, like myself, we only cared about the paper being 28 pages or less, so that we could deliver it easily in a paperbag over one shoulder. The real juicy news usually came from adults who were in on the local gossip. Today, virtual transparency, enabled by the internet and instant media, is the rule, and even the most casual reader can know the facts almost immediately.  Then, he can research it on his own almost as immediately.  This man and others in his workplace are beginning to find that out, and things will never be the same as it was in the good old days here in Mayberry. 

  14. @westboy72- You must be George’s little illegitimate son. Believe me, all the people you mention were nothing more than corrupt police officers. Catroppa-busted for gambling. Morelli-involved in the Sols gun theft. Katkicth-scared to death to go into plan 11 that his wife told the chief that he is not allowed to go up there. Bowler-really? You forgot to mention Casper and Pegoric. The guys whose only interest was screwing the mayor’s wife.  If George was such a good cop, he would have arrested his brother Morry for book making. He would have arrested his brother Tony for running the biggest coke outlet in town out of the Brass Monkey lounge. He would have arrested most of the Aliquippa Police force for corruption. He would have arrested Junak for being corrupt and selling illegal whiskey out the back door.  As far as the shooting, he shot himself in the foot. He is only in law enforcement to protect his brothers and family empire. Like you said, he has illegal family money. Money that got him appointed and elected. Like Nikki and Raven said, he can bring down the whole ring of corruption in Beaver County. That is why he is being protected up to this point. But trust me, the bottom will fall, and God help all involved.

    • @five-o:  I don’t know if your allegations can be verified, but what you have said is very important. It suggests a basis and evolution for the current problems, and we can research them to validate them on our own.  So too, do I await a “Deep Throat” — real or a fictional composite — that will lead to revealing the real origin and dynamics behind the corruption, primarily based in the Courthouse, but with obvious ties outside, that are not known unless they justify inclusion in an article in the BC (and occasionally available in the Beaver County Times, if one has a subscription or up-front money to this secret news source). Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s “All the President’s Men”, about the Watergate scandal, opened a new door in investigative journalism. The main difference was that interviews, both real and fictional composites, were combined and reported upon that tied the events and people together, with the content being a kind of narrative first-person report. Later, the real names were revealed, Deep Throat included. At present, we hear of background comments and involvements only if they are an intrinsic part of an article. This is safe to avoid slander or libel and it almost guarantees objectivity. But at what cost?  And what is the real danger? For the most part, commentary by readers provides much of the very valuable missing background tie-ins — extremely valuable, however, often very subjective and sometimes just facile. Call this speculative, but insightful commentary, even to the point of editorializing, has its place if it is prima facie believable. And there is nothing wrong with editorials or op-eds by people who have a larger perspective on the news and something to offer the public. I don’t advocate making the BC a fictional news source, but informed insights into what is being reported upon are not always speculative or hearsay. Later substantiation, or even retraction, is always available and desirable.In addition, the lack of supportive comments here by defenders of the accusations — with the exception of westboy72  —  is very telling. Are people really that afraid? Or is it that they don’t care, or that they don’t want to get involved, or that they don’t want to be identified? Perhaps, all four. But I suggest that someone step up and give us some basic insights, if he/she cares about justice at all. We can’t sit back and await news-making events to reveal everything. 

      • To answer your question, any comment in defense of an accusation or suspect gets met with a tirade from the “Countian Crew”.I have seen countless times where an individual responds to an article only to be berated severely. Honestly, who wants to take the time to respond when people are incapable of a civilized debate. Who wants to respond when they are going to be insulted. There are two infallible facts associated with your comment. 1. These individuals mentioned in these reports have family and friends. 2. They deserve, as do we all, the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings with respect. And that’s just not the case. This is just an observation.

  15. lol ,, I Really should of known better than to assume this would be a site I could expect to find professional unbiased journalism ,, So instead of responding to those who responded “in kind” to me I will say this instead ~ Since my initial post was obviously edited to exclude its most valuable points its easy to assume how I would A) be living in nostalgia or B) a longshot guess of my identity….Neither comments could of been warranted IF my post was publish in its entirety ,, with that being said I can clearly see that this is not a News site just a podium for bias hatemongering … and with that being said I leave you to yourselves

    • This is only a wild guess, westboy72 — some reformatting occurs at times with postings. That might change some sentences. I would be very, very surprised if your post was edited. I’ve never seen that happen here, and it is against the stated policy. One thing I have done is write in another word program, then cut and paste it to here. I also do that for the other places I visit too, and it works quite well.  I didn’t do it for another post on here yesterday, and I created a long clump of confusing sentences. However, I think John Paul is trying to fix the formatting here. My own guess is that the problem lies in choosing left, right or full paragraph justification for a given line length. But, as I said, that’s just a guess. 

  16. @ Five-O  It must be nice to sit behind a screen with a fake name and talk about innocent people who have nothing to do with this article How would you know what katich’s wife said? Why bring them in to this and who was screwing who? Was you jealous? OH I wish I knew your name I’m sure there”s plenty to say about you. You should be very ashamed of yourself..I believe you have hate and anger ISSUES, please leave innocent people alone, those people don’t bother a soul. GET A LIFE 



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