A daughter of Treasurer Connie Javens who was fired from Friendship Ridge when it was owned by the county has landed a lucrative contract at the facility now that it is in private hands.

Renee Javens Zuk was hired to work as a beautician at Friendship Ridge back on March 12, 2012 at the urging of her mother, Treasurer Connie Javens. Courthouse sources say that while Zuk was hired as a part-time employee, the plan was to slide her into the full-time position of Beautician Supervisor which had been vacated after the retirement of Donna Matchett in January of that year.

But Zuk’s stint at the nursing home was short, after county officials say she repeatedly failed to show up to work on time and was fired just two months later on May 21, 2012.

Treasurer Javens called local real estate tycoon CJ Betters after Zuk’s termination, asking him to urge Commissioner Joe Spanik to have her daughter reinstated (Betters is a large campaign contributor in local elections and has often been tapped by officials like Treasurer Connie Javens and Sheriff George David to apply pressure against the Commissioners). Commissioner Spanik ultimately left stand a decision by Friendship Ridge administrators to terminate Zuk.

Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that as the sale of Friendship Ridge to Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services was being finalized, Treasurer Javens once again began applying political pressure to get a position for her daughter.

Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services subsequently laid off Friendship Ridge’s entire staff of beauticians, and contracted with a company started by Renee Javens Zuk to cut the hair of the approximately 500 residents of the facility.

Connie Javens’ daughter-in-law, Vickie Javens, has brought in millions from Friendship Ridge after her company Premier Healthcare took over physical therapy at the facility back in 2001. Then Commissioners Dan Donatella and Charlie Camp voted to approve the contract, and Commissioner Jimmy Albert was quoted at the time as saying his two counterparts were just “trying to give somebody a job.”

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services signed a contract this year to keep Premier Healthcare after purchasing the facility — at a rate significantly lower than what was being charged to the county.

Mark Javens, Treasurer Javens’ son, has sold thousands of dollars worth of equipment to the county in his role as a salesman for Canon. Treasurer Javens’ daughter-in-law, Sherry Javens, works as a full-time employee of the Court Administrator’s Office in the courthouse.


  1. Rest assured this kind of activity will continue completely uncontested! All of you armchair heros here will continue to type, type type like little pigeons! Unfortunately the last generation of folks capable of possibly changing these ongoing nightmares in Beaver County, or on the national stage are already and will continue to be the people in need of the services of places like Frienship Ridge. So sad!

  2. Nothing surprises me anymore what BS comes out of that Courthouse!! Nepotism, Corruption, you name it, at least 2 of our elected officials are knee deep in it!!! Keep up the good work, JP! Maybe the Beaver County Times will follow your lead and print some of the stories you’ve investigated and reported!!

  3. Reminiscent of when her office got 2 new employees (while other offices were laying off…) and her son then promptly dropped his lawsuit against the county. Yet these carnival sideshows continue to get elected because of the (D) behind their name.

  4. I know that. My mom was a beautician. I meant there are hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of places that you can work as a beautician not like say an aeronautical engineer that has a more limited job market where someone may need help getting a job.

  5. What position will javens son that recently shot up her house get after she makes a phone call and gets tbe charges dropped? I say shooting up mommys house easily deserves $75k/ yr. Lol. To bad he didnt shoot her.

  6. WOW!  Looks like mama look’in after her kids.  WOW! Glad to see Spanik be his own man…good job volcano Joe!

    • Weren’t you the one chastising JP the other day on the Aliquippa story for writing about the Javens lady? Now, do you understand why he does it? It is because the lady is as shady as they come.

  7. Jesus lady! Cut the apron strings already. Let those kiddos of yours sink or swim. Although, this is a testament to what a failure of a mother you are.

  8. This just proves that Beaver County government IS a family business! So, who IS running the county? The people we elected, or the man with the money?

  9. this is same women that had police called in beaver falls and was taken into custody for flipping out at the rental return clerk and the police drunk screaming you know who i am… it worked she wasnt charged, same thing happen in another area while driving… she wasnt charged

  10. One article to demonstrate the nepotism and no-bid-contracts that riddle the courthouse with corruption.  Any candidates out there for Treasurer?

  11. is this the same V. Javens that built the McMansion in Darlington,behind the vet clinic?  Would explain a lot.  

    • @desmoluvr…No,I think that’s her brothers McMansion…. her mommy built her a McMansion on Monaca Heights and she also drives around in a LandRover,(?)… or one of those damn expensive rides!! Tough times!! Yeah, right!!!!!

  12. wow you people that write on here must have such sad lil lives. .  Javens’s family members or knafelcs or mancinci’s aren’t supposed to work any where because their relatives are in politics or power  Give me a break.!  If I read this article right only one relative has a county job the other ones have outside jobs.    JP wouldn’t be writing any of these articles if these people gave him the time of day   the most corrupt in Beaver county are JP’s many unnamed sources  keep talking so he won’t write about you!!! 

    • Wow Connie! at your age I didn’t even think you had a computer, let alone post anonymously on JP’s site

  13. You didn’t read the article correctly. Multiple relatives either directly employed or contracted by county for goods and services.

  14. this place needs shut down!! its dirty, paint peeling in the rooms, gaps in the windows where the air conditioners are, mold in some rooms, dirty diapers left in patents bathrooms! not enough staff on the floors for the patient, patients tied to chairs! they are left in dirty diapers ! and the list goes on that place is a place you send your family members if you don’t care about them!!!

  15. @David lozier …. it should of last time and maybe it would of prevented it, purple act like this is new, multi million per year contract for physical therapy, plus two other lucrative contracts….

    A dozen family members on county pay roll, not to mention the other kid is employed at nick trombettas school as basketball coach bringing children in from two hours away and was running a printing business or if the school at one time all this is tax payer paid bull crap..

    I can see an employee here or there but hand fulls of it and pressure put on to retain million dollar no bid and then create other no bid contracts for same persons family it’s corruption at the highest and it’s been a decade and getting worse. It’s sad….

  16. Look into who supplies the pharmaceuticals to Friendship Ridge! Tony A’s daughter works for the company. It’s owned by former Center politicos

  17. I’m so happy I don’t work there anymore. I was blessed to be offered a better job!!! I got out right before the take over!!!

  18. It amazes me how can that be cost effective they had a girl sit all day and only did one hair for few days and was paid worker asked you get paid by hour she laughed and said of course it’s not for me organize a schedule…

    Go figure same work ethic as contractor is the same as when she was over paid employee that was fired….

    These new owners got caught sleeping at wheel or where persuaded to agree to this but I’m sure it won’t be long lived..

    I hear they are dumping all vendors in due time….

  19. You are all so blinded and dumb for what you think is corruption. Renee has actually ran her own shop for yearsssss now so she is running one at friendship ridge and it’s corruption? Get a life. Where is any proof that these people didn’t get jobs on their own merit because I’m sure you can’t supply any. You are all this JPs sheep and he is the leader of the cult of you low life’s. Jealousy jealousy jealousy is what you are all victims of. Not corruption!!! Stupid stupid stupid is what you all are. Mad because you don’t have merits to land a decent job. Think you got balls to try and take Connie’s job. Then run next election and I’m sure you’ll be embarrassed like the rest!!! Probably try and run a smear campaign rather than win the election on your own merit!!!

    • A man named Rossi did the unthinkable.  He beat the incumbent Towciamak for the county controller job.  There was no way in hell Rossi was supposed to win…yet he did!  Same could apply here if Connie keeps making headlines the wrong way.  The wave will come some day like it did for Towciamak, Jimmy Albert, and soon our Sheriff.  It’s never a slam dunk anymore with the older people dying and the younger people voting now.  just my opinion.

    • You are the loser. I guess you dont understand the ethics that are required in politics. Conflict of interest applies. Connie is likely reelected through corruption too.

  20. I cannot get over how people comment an ridicule people that they probably know nothing about. Obviously all individuals named are capable and are competent to get the positions they are hired for or for the contracts they have established.Getting on this blog an posting negative comments shows the maturity level as well as the mentality of the person commenting. I feel very sorry for the ones that feel the need to down others in order to create their own self confidence.Really who cares who is related to who. Hello people this is a small county, there are going to be family members and friends that work together. It comes down to who can handle their responsibilities an get the job done. Kudos to all the people mentioned in the original story. I am happy that they are successful! Just a little note to all the haters on here that want to comment an bash what I say, don’t waste your time because I won’t sit here an argue with you. I shake my head at the cowards that hide behind their screens an don’t have a life of their own. It is sad that some have so much hate, maybe they should put their effort into improving their own lives! Oh, an by the way I do not have a personal connection to the Javens family what so ever. However, I do think they are probably a wonderful family that do not deserve to be put in a negative spot light! Maybe the ones complaining should move out of the county if they do not agree with what is going on.

  21. It’s the nature of the beast, Missy. Investigative journalism uncovers the awry side of life, and people react to things that are out of joint. If you want feel-good news, the BCT has tons of it — introductory Everyman greets you in the first paragraph, his story is told in the second, and five hundred words later you get a taste of the meat of the article as it lures you into turning the pages to find where it picks up among the advertisements. It is pap of the first degree, mashed potato side dishes for the masses. Yes, some of the comments here get a little raw, but not as raw as the stuff that is being exposed. And, you don’t have to read to the end of the article to learn that Russian ICBM’s have been spotted on radar entering the U.S. airspace. 



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