Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens attempted to file criminal charges against a person who left a comment on a story published by the Beaver Countian, according to District Attorney Anthony Berosh.

The Beaver Countian was contacted by Shaun Glasser of South Heights, who said he received a phone call today from his probation officer about comments he left on this site. Glasser said he is currently on probation for a DUI conviction and Probation Officer Andrea Kimbrough called him today to inform him that Treasurer Connie Javens had contacted the Beaver County Detectives Bureau seeking to have criminal charges filed against him for comments he posted to the Beaver Countian. Kimbrough purportedly then asked Glasser to remove his comments.

The comment in question was left by Glasser, who posted using his full name, on a story about Treasurer Javens’ daughter landing a lucrative contract at Friendship Ridge. “What position will javens son that recently shot up her house get after she makes a phone call and gets tbe [sic] charges dropped?,” wrote Glasser. “I say shooting up mommys house easily deserves $75k/ yr. Lol. To bad he didnt shoot her.”

“Reading it back the comment might have been in bad taste, especially the last part, but I was making a point I wasn’t threatening anyone,” Glasser told the Beaver Countian. “Most of the stories [on the Beaver Countian] are about corruption, and now here [Treasurer Connie Javens] is trying to use her name to do this to me […] It’s a scare tactic because I’m on probation […] She is using her name to do whatever she wants.”

Other comments left on the Beaver Countian by Glasser include one on a story about the Unis family being nearly $500,000 behind on property taxes, “Everybody that works in the tax collector office needs fined for this. But this is not surprising at all”; one on a story about an $81 million project to expand crows run, “Penndot stealing more peoples homes.”, and one on a story about a man who was shot in the chest during a home invasion, “Is this another one of connie t javens kids/family?”

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens denies she tried to file criminal charges against the man and said she never talked to a County Detective about comments posted on the Beaver Countian. “I never contacted anyone about comments, I never tried to file charges against anyone, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know anything about it. Good bye,” Treasurer Javens told the Beaver Countian when reached by phone.

But District Attorney Anthony Berosh said his office was in fact contacted by Treasurer Connie Javens about comments left on the Beaver Countian.

“It wasn’t just us reading the Beaver Countian looking for charges to file against people […] in other words, we looked into the comments as a result of a complaint made by Connie Javens,” Berosh told the Beaver Countian. “Detective Timothy Staub looked into her complaint […] We told her this may be in bad taste, but it is not a crime, it is not a terroristic threat.”

“The comments are not a basis of a criminal charge,” added District Attorney Berosh. “People have the right to free speech.”

The website does not permit commenters to alter or delete comments once they have been published. This publication has reviewed the remarks left by Glasser and will not be removing them from its website.

Andrea Kimbrough could not be reached for comment in time for this report.


  1. I love how the Times didn’t write about her issuing the tax bills for the county to ralph UNIS… let alone the work he did for her, but in sure that’s not the last we hear of it.

    But to mister glasser good job sticking up for yourself, I too wouldn’t want to see anyone shot, but that conniving bitch needs more than a slap in the hands from justice, what the beavercountian and times need to do is check her inheritance claims and taxes she mysteriously gets inheritance from people she didn’t really didn’t know…so I’ve heard, and look into the lonestar state why wasn’t she allowed back in Texas? Maybe dig up some charges in center township think you might find something and really question who is watching the cash register in beaver

    • no you apologize to her AFTER she apologizes to the county taxpayers for fucking them over the last 300 years so her family can all have jobs they dont deserve

    • You did absolutely nothing wrong.  Apologize for nothing.  If that crook can’t grow thicker skin than maybe get out of the company store.  Where the hell is the AG?  We need some housekeeping.

  2. more beaver county politics at its finest . all connected to someone and have a lifetime job .vote for someone new give the new person a chance . what do you have to lose .its like a three ring circus in the county seat

  3. Maybe if they were honest and did shit by the book they wouldn’t have to worry about complaints bc there wouldn’t be any. They all need to realize they are just humans not indestructible super heroes.

  4. Connie, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the FIRE!!!  People always say things about politicians.  While I do believe Shaun didn’t exercise good taste, he did NOTHING illegal.

  5. Wow, this is even lower than the phone call I got from her after The Times ran an Opinion letter I wrote a few years back, when her son tried to sue CCBC & the County. Some things never change. Other things just continue to get stranger and stranger.

  6. There is so much corruption in BC, someone needs to put a stop to it. It is sad a woman loses her home for not paying $6.20 owed on taxes but the Unis’ can owe over $500k over a span of many years and they don’t lose anything, wth!!!!!

  7. Quiet!!! I am the Great and Powerful Beaver County Oz.
    Glasser, You dare to make comments about my daughters millions of dollars contracts with Friendship Ridge, do you? you billowing blubbery blob of bovine fodder! And you, Berosh, have the affrontery to say I contacted your office about filing charges against Glasser- You clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk! Silence! Whippersnappers! The Beaver County Oz has every intention of granting your immunity! But first, you two, must prove yourselves worthy by performing a task. Bring me the night stick of the Sheriff of Beaver County. Now GO I said and bring me back the night stick !!!

  8. Fuck you BITCH!  You forget YOU work for US!  Are you going to have ALL OF US under arrest now?  You tried CRIMINAL CHARGES over comments?  FUCK YOU!

  9. I cant blink



    Im so Hard with excitement from this article and these comments my face hurts from laughing and smiling so much


  10. So many talk shit. Yet so many won’t put their own name out there. Why do you think the times don’t get as many scumbags commenting anymore? Oh that’s right. They would need to reveal who they are. Everyone says javens family all gets jobs they aren’t qualified for and bla bla bla. Well what information is there to say they aren’t qualified? So if a javens is a college grad and has field experience and gets a job in bc it’s only because Connie got it for them? So basically if your a javens why try to be successful if you just get dragged down by people? Oh I have a reason. To show these HATERS they there are zero fucks to be given. Oh and poor mr DUI guy. What if you would of killed someone the night you thought you were above the law but got caught?

    • Half are under their own name, you low hanging fruit family member.

      You must be the hair washer or picnic table painter.

    • Why would I post my real name when I live somewhere that has public officials that get upset and try to retaliate against people?

    • Losers, Quiet!!! I am the great and powerful Beaver County Oz! How dare you claim the Javens people are qualified, you, Looney, Loopy, Loose, Lopsided, Louse! The Great Oz of Beaver County appointed the Javens family Commanders of the Most Nobel of Beaver County!!  NO education, NO experience, is required in the merry merry land of Beaver County if you are a Javens. Now GO!! The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken.

      • SILENCE beavercountyoz!  SILENCE! Now go away like a flying monkey and never come back – or go back to Kansas. 
        YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

  11. Just in exclusive

    Randy and Vicki are filing for name change

    The embarrassment of other family in the northern prior years didn’t sway loyalty, but over whelming amount history compounded with present time, the intermediate family alone is cause to change name, toilet seat , but whewwwwww getting beyond bad

  12. Really?! She has nothing better to do than scan comments on a website. Then cross check those negative comments to see who is on parole? She should be busy DOING HER JOB. Not harassing Mr. Glasser. Is freedome of speech even a Parole Violation??! SMH

  13. You mean Berosh has the balls to stand up and do something right right for a change. Best watch your back Tony, the wicked witch of the bean counting office is going to get you. 
    Andrea Kimbrough, your a tool, a bought and paid for tool. Using your position as a probation officer to intimidate someone is a crime.  Time to pack you bags.

    • This is embarrassing.  A life long Beaver Countian, it disturbs me that now the whole world knows of the simple, petty people we have in our local governments.  That an elected county official would spend time monitoring an internet blog, and then seek to use her influence to punish someone for speaking their mind goes beyond the disappointment that our leaders have become corrupted and paints all of us in a bad light.  We get the government we deserve.

      What then are we to do about it?  It is time to set our differences aside as Democrats and Republicans and remove EVERY elected county official, either by recall, impeachment, or at the latest in the next election cycle.  I myself am going to write our state representatives and push them to pass the legislation needed for citizen recall of elected officials.  If they don’t get behind it, they’re losing my support.  Also, am at the point of considering a temporary change in my party registration so I can vote in the Democratic primary in 2015.

      I’m an opinionated guy, but not a political guy.  This site has over 16,000 likes on face book, surely most of them current county residents.  I believe it time some of us move out of our comfort zone and do something about this.

      • One option is to join up with the Progressive Democrats of Beaver County and check out what they are about.  They are lacking in membership but not your typical political party that we see with this coke and pepsi bullshit.  You are right, it is time to get this done and get some new direction.

      • Yes, thanks for the thought ‘not sure’.

        To clarify, I’d be a 30 day DINO (Democrat in Name Only), and would do so only to vote against the incumbent row officers and commissioners (almost all of whom are Democrats).  

        The Progressive Democrats are probably 180 from my political ideals (I’d probably describe myself as a conflicted Libertarian), but at this point I’d align with Marxist to get rid of the current row officers. 

  14. Hey Connie, instead of reading the BeaverCountian in your free time why don’t you try working instead?  You know, collecting that half a million dollars in delinquent taxes from your pals.  I realize that it was probably all worked out for them not to pay any taxes and then JP came along and screwed the whole thing up for you but now that we all know about it it’s still YOUR job to collect the money.  So close the browser window and start collecting.

  15. These actions by Treasurer Connie Javens and Probation Officer Andrea Kimbrough are so shocking that I looked up Official Oppression online and found the Pa statute below. The clause “…if knowing that his conduct is illegal…” probably figures into this, but I would like to know if any of this applies to the current matter. Any lawyers out there?

    Official oppression – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5301

    Legal Research Home 

    Pennsylvania Statutes

    CHAPTER 53

    5301. Official oppression.
    5302. Speculating or wagering on official action or
    information. 5303. Liability for reimbursement of costs for outside

    Enactment. Chapter 53 was added December 6, 1972, P.L.1482,
    No.334, effective in six months.
    Cross References. Chapter 53 is referred to in section
    5508.3 of Title 53 (Municipalities Generally); section 6017 of
    Title 64 (Public Authorities and Quasi-Public Corporations). 

    § 5301. Official oppression.
    A person acting or purporting to act in an official capacity
    or taking advantage of such actual or purported capacity commits
    a misdemeanor of the second degree if, knowing that his conduct
    is illegal, he:
    (1) subjects another to arrest, detention, search,
    seizure, mistreatment, dispossession, assessment, lien or
    other infringement of personal or property rights; or
    (2) denies or impedes another in the exercise or
    enjoyment of any right, privilege, power or immunity.

    • Shaun Glasser, I am not a lawyer, but even if you don’t have a technical case here, you are certainly due a public apology. The comments can get a little raw here at times, but they are not illegal, and there is no justification for the abuse you have received. 

      • To those people who comment from the social playpen of their Facebook pages and expect anonymity, that can’t happen. This is the best example here to date of the very real dangers of posting under your real name. Leaving oneself open to personal attack is not brave, it is stupid. You are guaranteed lawful privacy exercising your opinion in the voting booth, so why not here? If this story is true, Javens and Kimbrough ACTED and DID something, they did not just talk about it. And if they were successful, it could have meant arrest, restraint, jailing, court action, punishment and a further suppression of free speech. The suppression of free speech is destructive of the very basis of democracy, officials who do so are oppressors, and it is very serious. Treat it as such, and act against it.

      • There is nothing illegal about asking if charges can be filed.  bad taste or stupid…sure but as agreed upon by the original poster of the too bad she wasnt shot, so was his.

    • Kimbrough should be reprimanded, no doubt. If she was aware of the complaint, then she was aware of the decision by the DA’s office, that the comment was free speech, not criminal. Now, if Javens asked Kimbrough to intercede “after” the DA told her there was no criminal issue, I think Raven has a good point and that could be construed as Official Suppression. Just my opinion, though.

  16. LISTEN UP COURTHOUSE WORKERS! After all this, you still aren’t getting it. Are you that stupid? Someone or some people who work there with you obviously loathe you and keep airing out all your dirty laundry. How about you try just coming to work, keeping your mouth shut, and playing by the rules for a change? If you do that, your name won’t appear in a Beaver Countian article.

  17. Sadly this all stems from the voters blindly pulling the D lever for decades after listening to their unions or grannies tell them how in the 30’s the republicans didn’t want hunkies to walk on the same side of the street or some other idiotic bullshit. You voted this scum in cycle after cycle thinking you would get something out if it. What have you got.? A third world county with a courthouse full of criminals. But they are fer da folks dahn ta da plant n at. Oh there isn’t a plant anymore. Carry on as you were

  18. Everyone keeps going on about free speech… But if I look at someone and say. Dam I’d like to wrap your legs around my face eat you all day then bang you all night it would be sexual harassment. Not freedom of speech. If I said I wanted to kill or blow something up it would be terroristic threats. Not freedom of speech. So yes people need to watch how they say things because freedom of speech is not always free. As for the great JP I guess you could say it’s nice that he finally has a hard on for a woman

    • Losers you are the worst excuse for a human being that I have ever read.  Go wash out your filthy mouth with bleach

    • Spoken like a real Javens! The whole family is filled with worthless trash that cant make it in the real world so they leech of taxpayer jobs. Time to get bitch Connie out office and send her clan packing with her!

  19. It used to be that Politicians got jobs for friends and family. Now with the tight job market they can only find positions for family members. This is the political machine that has run Beaver County for decades. Time to vote in no-name candidates. But sadly enough if you aren’t a hooked democrat your chances of winning are nil…….

  20. @ eddiemerchanct

    Your in right church just wrong pugh

    I hear vote out incumbents? All of them cause? Really?

    We have state election going on now, nothing about that? It’s republican controlled state house and Senate also the governor mansion, ………

    We have state reps that create fake PACS to launder money got caught by this site, rents home, office ect, From the same king pin that had Veon in back pocket has stood by and watched our school taxes go through the roof because nobody wants to address issue on funding for cyber and charter schools, they all came in saying no new tax… but we got that, Marcellus shell had raped this state on inside deals, other republicans ran on say no to perks,wams and earmarks but they are getting passed out now… do we vote the RINOs out and the ones that don’t even pay PROPERTY taxes?

    Or should we worry about row officials?

    Come on, Rossi beat the head of democrat party, who had mike veon as his campaign chairmen, tried to home rule eliminate all ofthe offices county didn’t vote for it, has gone against all parties on spending and was first calling out sheriff, let me guess vote him out?

    Jan beall has never once had a malfunction in her office and personally I have to deal with it daily, the advancement in moderation with things on deeds and information honestly amazing.

    Terry Tatalovich Rossi never heard bad about anything with her office and she runsseparate business too

    Carol Firucci is 80 needs to retire but she runs good office also with recording of wills and adoption

    Javens agree with rest beyond time to go and it looks really criminal and lit of family getting rich

    District attorney probaly has served his time and ready to let younger shark take over.

    Sheriff George David obvious beyond his time to go and it’s entertaining but major embarrassment to public office and stinks with corruption but no state representative adding for impeachment why?

    Nicholls incumbent commissioner I agree needs to go he is a parasite self centered man needs to go

    I’m just saying pick battles New faces can beat, full tickets don’t work in county elections
    But really who the fuck cares about these positions

  21. going to play devils advocate here.  After reading the post I too might have contacted the da office to check this person out  He put a price on her head,.  With all the school shootings who posts things, what is the harm in making sure this person isn’t sitting in his house with explosives and guns.  If it was out of the realm of possibility  why did the da check it out?  Why not just say no case.  Sorry folks lot of crazy people out there and after reading these posts I think they all post on the beaver countian. 

    • The harm is that Javen’s motivation was self-preservation and retribution. You are not a Devil’s Advocate, you are a Devil’s Disciple.

      • Raven self preservation is a given but retribution?  I went back and read all comments, most are mean spirited maybe even slanderous but Mr. Glasser’s read more menancing. Sorry I would of checked him out also.  I’m not a disciple, actually check this blog for a different storyline, headline caughtt my eye, as it was meant to do.  I do find most commenters are mean unhappy people and that’s on all storylines.

  22. The BCT (J.D.Prose) gives no credit to John Paul and the Beaver Countian — once again — for investigating, uncovering and reporting on the tax problems. In today’s paper, Prose states, “Most recently, the newspaper reported that the county is finally addressing a $465,000 tax bill owed by Aliquippa’s Joan and the late Ralph Unis Sr., operators of Unis Demolition, which has done demolition work for the county for years.” This matter is opening wide up with legislators now asking for a full audit, but the omission of where the whole thing started minimizes the seriousness of it and focuses the problem on offices, not primarily on the individuals, where it belongs. Are you in or out of serious reporting, Prose? Or do you have to ask Fitzgerald for the answer to that? 

    • Raven – I also read that Times article and I agree it doesn’t give credit to JP, but I don’t think that decision was made by JD Prose.

      On August 18 2013, I sent an email welcoming Shane Fitzgerald to Beaver County, but filed a complaint at the same time stating in part, “I, for one, am sad to see Political Prose, as JD calls it, disappear from the Beaver County Times.” I concluded with “I wish you good luck. I would hate to see the paper go one-sided. However, I am REALLY going to miss JD Prose on Sundays. In my opinion, that was a big mistake”.

      I received his reply the next day. Since our emails were of a “personal” nature and not “official”, it would be unfair of me to publicly share his response. However let’s just say, the BCT news coverage for the past year under Fitzgerald has proven to me that my letter meant squat.

      A reporter writes of who, what, where, when and why. His editor determines how much of it will see print. I respectfully feel your questions should be directed to Shane Fitzgerald.

      • medinfo2000: They would not get past censoring. I’ve tried it. But, I do believe that the Fair Avenue crowd reads these comments.

  23. Mr Fitzgerald came in with brash hardline mentality as editor, it’s been a laugher, repeated articles about transparency and rep Christiana it’s comical they praise him, he’s done nothing to merge schools but still find way to support current funding off charter schools which are crushing school tax payers. But not one article about is cash cow personal campaign account? And who ran other PACs he controlled or investigation of connection to developer who is his master, landlord, ect.

    Praising of dwan walker numerous times in the paper.. Yeah that will sell advertisements and gain subscriptions.

    Recently they missed entire underline story with Unis, but virgin reporters and influence you will have that, it’s obvious in the past movements by some not to advertise and buy legal notices has played a role in the leadership of the paper, what’s funny they write editorial claiming accuracy in stories.

    It’s become the penny saver with few articles and about bottom line numbers so management can keep positions.

    The research of past decades of history and malfeasance has no bearing moving forward and sadly certain lawyers have boasted how they have neutralized the paper, in public meetings and in private circles. It’s sad truly sad….

  24. lying & intimidation by a person who holds a position of power in a gov’t office. I’m very surprised that never happens in the real world. ya’ that’s the ticket

  25. I just tried to post a comment about this story & was told my comment was to similar to another. well  whose trying to limit free speech now. shame on you

    • Your comment triggered our automated spam protection for some reason and was held in moderation.  It’s now live on the site.  Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

      • just like how EVERYTHING I post it goes to moderation no matter the content? Tell the truth J.P.! You’ve blocked comments of mine that was in no way “Spam”!

        Just admit You censor the comments!

  26. This publication is restoring my faith in uncut/non bias journalism.

    You people tackle some very serious issues and your research is impeccable.

    If the governments of the United States Weren’t so deeply corrupted from the Boro/City Levels, to highest State Levels, all the way through the Federal Level. This country Really would be One Nation Under God. I’m glad this young man is not being prosecuted for his open and public opinion.

    Thank you for telling the truth and exposing some of the core issues that are undermining the very fiber of our society as a whole.

    It all starts at the foundation. If it’s not justified on solid ground It will never stand the test of time.

    Thank You for all of your hard work and efforts


    Jeffrey S. Cox
    A very Disheartened Ashamed, & Disappointed in the MACHINE called Government.



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