Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens / file photo by John Paul

A magistrate’s office in West Virginia has sent a note to the Beaver County Board of Commissioners, raising concerns that Treasurer Connie Javens used official stationery to complain about a speeding ticket her daughter got last month.

Renee Javens Zuk was given a speeding ticket by Deputy JD Ellison with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department back in March. The citation was changed from 84 mph to 74 mph in a 65 mph zone. A clerk in the Nicholas County Courts told the Beaver Countian that Zuk entered a guilty plea in the case via phone and that the fine had been paid. According to the clerk, the matter was presided over by Magistrate D. Wayne Plummer.

Beaver County Commissioners received a letter in the mail today from the court in West Virginia, containing a copy of Treasurer Connie Javens’ letter to the judge that she had handwritten on stationery containing the letterhead, “From The Desk Of Connie T. Javens, Treasurer”:


I am paying this in protest your deputy was looking for drunks after your St. Patty parties and we were on vacation and they were stopping every one. How do I know this we stop to have lunch and your dear people told us. Sad!! [sic]

Enjoy your day judge.


Connie Javens

The court also provided County Commissioners with a copy of the envelope that Treasurer Javens originally used to send her letter, showing it to be official stationery for the Beaver County Treasurer that included the Pennsylvania seal and listed the county courthouse as the return address. A short note to the Beaver County Commissioners was written on the copy of the envelope, reading, “Is it typical to use county paid for stationary [sic] for personal business?

Along with sending County Commissioners copies of Treasure Connie Javens’ letter and the envelope, also included was a receipt for payment of Renee Javens Zuk’s traffic citation.

The Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department had not returned a message left by the Beaver Countian seeking comment about Javens’ letter as of the time of this report. Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens has previously instructed the Beaver Countian not to contact her again seeking comment for articles, vowing to file charges of harassment.

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    • Well, to be fair, you can’t expect her to buy personal stationery on the small salary that they make in the Courthouse! HAHAHAHA

      This reminds me of the segment that Jim Rome does on his sports talk show where some jackass athlete pulls the ” Do you know who I am???? ” schtick when they want special treatment or are arrested. And people actually KNOW who that person is. LOL

  1. What a dumb-ass! First of all, who cares if they were looking for drunk drivers, she was going nearly 20 mph over the speed limit. And she has no business using county supplies to conduct personal business. Hoping the judge would throw the ticket out? I agree, she needs to go. She keeps doing these stupid things and apparently doesn’t see anything wrong with them.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps, senility isn’t setting in. I mean after all she is a self described old woman/grandmother…

  2. Total abuse of public office. Throw her stinking ass out onto the street. Let them go down to fucking West Virginia where they belong. They can sit down their with their fucking cousin counting relatives. These county commissioners need to serve the people and deal with this old broad once and for all!

  3. Oh, Connie! Do you ever think before you act? Do you really believe yourself to be untouchable? What a piece of work, I’m surprised your left didn’t read something like… Do you know who I am? Do you know the is my daughter? How dare you cite a member of my family, the royal family of Beaver County! etc…
    You are a fool Connie and your actions more than support the fact.

    • No economyresident, she doesn’t have to think because there is never any consequences to pay for her actions. She is never made to answer to anyone.

      • economyresident, the inaction of our District Attorney and any other investigative body has given her the belief and apparently the fact that she is “Untouchable”

  4. As a loyal taxpayer and voter, I want to file a lawsuit against the county treasurer for misusing my tax money for personal gain and personal business. How about a class action suit with numerous plaintiffs?

  5. And this surprises y’all why? It is the residents of BC that keep electing these greedy abusive douchebags. Stop voting along party lines and MAYBE something will change……but we all know that will never happen in BC

    What a shame

    • Partys don’t matter. The quality of human that can fund being elected here, well results speak for themselves. Vote out a corrupt Dem., elect a corrupt Rep. Lose. Lose. The people truly have no power here.

    • This is an article about Connie, right? Doesn’t matter the laundry list of illegal / unprofessional conduct and she still get elected……I feel your pain but facts don’t support your theory. There is a trend in the last two elections but other than that it’s straight down party lines

    • I got burned by a few too. But your not going to clean up 5-7 decades of graft and corruption overnight. I’ll be voting more folks out instead of good ones in. IMHO, the unknown is worth a shot against a crooked known

    • I agree with Bret. An unknown is better than what we got right now. This is exactly why I wish there were term limits on every political position.
      Like they say, diapers and politicians need changed often and for the same reasons…

  6. You would think a person in her position would know how to properly write a letter. Not only does she not know how to form a sentence, she doesn’t use proper punctuation.

  7. The Democratic Party’s Heads are spinning of why they have been losing elections everywhere. Here is one case where they have done NOTHING about Connie Javins. The people will vote her out of office the next election if she runs but the democratic party should ask her to resign NOW!

    • I’m not sure that the people will vote her out. They’ve failed to do so thus far. We can only hope.

      • @FreedomFirst…..Rumor has it she’s not running again…neither with Werme! The 3 Stooges, Peter, Paul & Mary, whatever you want to call them are definitely gone too…I think the R-Party has had a belly full of Egley!!! She SO needs to go!!!!

      • Vote out all of them! Those 3 commissioners and Rossi too. All bad for county. Where’s Camp been? Havent seen him at courthouse since his friend Cantelmi was fired???????

      • They do what they want and go where they want. They work when they want because they are accountable to no one.

      • These political hacks should answer to us. On Election Day vote these lazy asses out of office. Camp don’t want to show up for work? In 3 years he won’t have to worry, he won’t have a job. Vote them out!!! They answer to us voters on Election Day!

  8. She is in-real and a disgrace to Beaver County! She is probably getting demented and doesn’t understand she is the butt of Beaver County’s jokes! Time for her to step down!

    • I AGREE RON.

  9. I am confused on how she is still in her position? What does it take to remove someone? Use of tax payer stationary, and I will assume postage, cannot be permitted along with ALL the other indiscretions? Seriously, can anyone explain how she is still in this position? Can you do anything you want and not be removed no matter what?

    • We need Tom Leydig for Controller. His credentials are too good for treasurer office. Rossi has to go. Someone else can run for treasurer!

  10. Before you all start the “Why don’t the commissioners get rid of her” complaints, it’s because they can’t. They have no power to do so. Someone voted her in for another term so deal with her nonsense amd next time get your friends, enemy’s and relatives to vote for the other person.

    • Not convinced of that, Grace, I think it’s arrogance and entitlement. She got away with it for years until JP began exposing that cesspool of a courthouse.

  11. LOL !!! What a piece of work she is. Nothing surprising to me anymore coming out of that corrupted hole of a court house. Abuse of power at its finest !! I just bet this is going to be another one that will just get swept under the carpet without any accountability, like always . Won’t hear anymore about it. Family helping family that is all they ever do in that corrupted hole. Bunch of crooks that need to be held accountable for their misuse of power to help out family members ,friends and the misuse of taxpayers money !!!

  12. It is time for her to go!! She feels she is sooo entitled to everything!! I bet her kid does too. Mommy I got a ticket they actually gave me a ticket!! Pull some strings mommy. Unbelievable!! That court house needs a good cleaning!!

  13. The family was on a Myrtle Beach holiday. Dumb F***, they always got some kind of speed trap on Rt 19 near Summersville, WV. That area is so depressed even Wal Mart closed. What did she think she was going to do? Get it dismissed? She’s crazier than a shit house rat and there’s not a damn thing we or the commissioners can do about it. She’s ours for the next three years. By the way Connie and Renee, go f*** yourselves. Sue me.

  14. C’mon, Renee, this is getting embarrassing. Take her out for dinner, order her some warm chicken lentil soup, and explain to her that your basement can be made into a nice efficiency apartment. If that doesn’t work, take her to Chester and leave her there. For yourself, watch out for the WV natives. They don’t like Yankees who treat them like banjo players from Deliverance. By the way, there isn’t a backroad stretch of blacktop in WV that can handle 84 MPH, so that must be a fiction. I would appeal that, but not with Friendship Ridge stationery for correspondence.

  15. “Hi, I’m the treasurer of an economically depressed county in Pennsylvania. I’m important enough to have my name on stationary. Please rip up my daughter’s speeding ticket”.

  16. Oh my gosh, enough with this disgusting woman already. Can’t say enough that Beaver County has had its chance to be rid of her and yet somehow, here she is, still in office.

  17. for those looking for a way to get rid of her, theft of office supplies for your personal use is THEFT. hand written, signed and sent. you don’t need more proof.

  18. To everyone who keeps saying”why doesn’t the commissioners do something about this?”. They can’t. She (Connie) is an elected person. The commissioners can not remove her from that position. Only people that can remove her is the citizens of Beaver County.

  19. She is just plain ignorant…And we as county residents are ignorant for allowing her in office still doing her shenanigans while we stand idely by and don’t protest…our silence does nothing but send a stromg message that what she does is ok. Here’s the courthouse address…wrie a letter or two!
    Beaver County
    810 3rd Street
    Beaver, PA 15009

  20. Oh Connie coming close to the closing 2 years out of the 4 for you and the fucked up d.a. Loser Lozier thats covering your old ass. 1 term d.a. i may add. Connie, I will give you my opinion your sly like the snake you are and shead many skins and you have taken within. Never got caught by the weasel you just slithered away every time. J.p. has with the help of your big mouth self and thing you call a daughter have abolished your reputations. You are totally a fool at the cost of even your family sad sad what you have done. Now that your close to your last breath on this earth remember as you enter the enternal fire what you have done while you were here to these good people of Beaver county .

  21. Funny how Janet Caldarelli and Gerald “Duke” McCoy do not have anything to say in support for Connie the Con anymore……Why is that Janet and “Duke”?


  22. Why hasn’t this arrogant …self -centered …pain-in-the -ass ….been investigated ????….she reminds me of Hillary Clinton….she’s disgusting….her own son came out and said he is tired of her BS…as are many Beaver County residents….she honestly thinks she’s totally entitled as well as untouchable….

    • You are absolutely correct.

      I went back and checked the original note from the court to the Commissioners, it had the spelling “stationary” and I apparently picked up on that error and continued it into the body of my article.

      I have corrected the error in my writing and have made a notation in the quoted note from the court that it is being published exactly as it stands in the original [sic].

      Thanks for pointing out my error and for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

      – JP

  23. The real crime here is that Beaver County has a Treasurer that is so illiterate that she cannot string words together to make a coherent sentence or use punctuation correctly. That would be enough for me to never vote for her. The Treasurer of any county should be able to write basic letters that are grammatically correct. She should be removed for being an illiterate dumbass.

  24. And what action, if any, are the Commissioners contemplating? Nothing. Remember her famous words to her son “people are jealous of the Javens family.” Jealous indeed that she can withdraw millions of dollars with absolutely no accountability…yes, indeed we are jealous.

  25. I’m pretty embarrassed by her lack of punctuation. County letterhead and she cannot even string a few words together properly. So entitled that she complains about a speeding ticket apparently hoping for leniency by using tax payer funded paper.

  26. This woman is the personification of arrogance and corruption, Shes so used to committing such massive criminal acts here in Beaver County she actually believes West Virginia is impressed with the javens name. Some information for you Mrs Javens. You are not famous — You are infamous

  27. Well, let’s put it this way, if anybody steps out of the confines of Beaver County into Ohio, West Virginia or anywhere else, then it’s your responsibility to obey all laws, traffic laws in the state or county you are at. Go from there, if anybody, doesn’t matter who you are, does wrong according to that states specific laws written in the books, and you are guilty of breaking them, then, your responsible, simple as that, no ifs, no ands, or buts about it, just plain black and white, a spade is a spade and a ace is a ace. Applies to all, or they mean nothing.


    According to Pa Code for elected officials she could be charged with several counts, including Conflict of Interest, Malfeasance, and Unlawful Use of Government Property. A violation of state ethics and public corruption in Pennsylvania can result in a FELONY with a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $10.000.00.

    Hey Lozier, all it takes is a County District Attorney with balls. How much longer will you remain silent on her letter, not to mention her Friendship Ridge fiasco? What’s the penalty for Conspiracy to commit a Crime?

  29. I’m a frequent traveler to NC and FL. I looked up Nicholas County, WV and sure enough, Summersville is in the middle of it. Summersville is a well-known speed trap town, AAA warned me about it 15 years ago. Still, I think I like to drive fast but i don’t go 84 mph.

    • Actually, Jon, your comment is troubling coming from someone so visible and active in the local Republican party. What you just said (and I’m paraphrasing) is that Connie’s actions were a waste of time because her position here has no influence in WV. The real issue here is that her actions were, in and of themselves, wrong. I certainly hope that you have not been influenced by the current local Republican party leadership into seeing things through a cracked lens, or that your perspective is somehow influencing the Republican leadership. I hope that your comment is merely a testament to your own ignorance.

  30. Okay stationery, envelope, and postage compliments of tax payers? Is her daughter a minor, without a job, an indigent? Maybe she should protest paying the fine to her ADULT child who was speeding in another state, already had the rate of speed reduced, and clearly thinks her mama can bully anyone. SMH, such elite mentality truly is astounding for this woman who thinks she and her daughter are entitled.

  31. A simple act like stealing small office supplies like pens and company tablets and committing petty theft is usually not a big deal for most office workers or their bosses. They order accordingly to absorb the rip offs. Children like to play grown up with the stolen items at home with friends. Fun fun fun.

    But this is not just any petty paper pilfering office purloiner, is it? No, it is a person at the controversial center of missing and/or mishandled monies during a multimillion dollar purchase. So, it becomes relevant. No matter how petty.

    And, the motivation, apparently, was to sway official opinion by political influence, wasn’t it? That posturing, also, apparently helped sway and carry the Friendship Ridge deal. According to her son, she was the go-to, the channel for monies. They had to go through her. She unilaterally signed the checks.

    So here it really isn’t apples and oranges, big potatoes or small potatoes. It becomes a pattern of behavior repeated.

    Did she use a Courthouse “Forever” stamp also? Two? Now we are talking actual money. The small amount is irrelevant. Children stealing a 50 cent candy bar can be charged with retail theft, and some are. Result, a lifelong record to explain at every job interview.

    It is not hard to understand why so many people hate this woman — her behavior, over and again, shows a contempt for “the little people” and an exploitation of an office they entrusted to her. She IS the office. The office IS she. There is no difference between the two.

    Leona Helmsley (look it up) found out the hard way that the little people can get pissed off enough to throw the arrogant bastards in jail.

    Are you listening, Stonewall?

    • Agreed. This action is insight into the mindset of Ms. Javens. She knows that no matter what she does, no matter how ill-advised, no matter how shameless, no negative consequences will result from it.

      I don’t think she has the capacity to grasp why others find this wrong. She’s just too far gone.


    FRIENDSHIP RIDGE IF YOU RECALL THE SIMPLE INEXPERIENCED DISTRICT ATTORNEY SAID ” connie broke laws but no crime was committed ” so he has made the move of doing nothing.

    Meanwhile fifty misdemeanors could be filed. Unreal

    But he plays politics with other shit…

    He’s a one term D.A, and he might not even fill the term after a few of his blunders go through investigations……

  33. All we can do is express our anger and poke fun with our comments. Nobody is going to do anything to reign in her arrogance. I think she is doing it on purpose as a slap in the face to us and the commissioners. Truth be known, she wants everyone to know that she has more power than the taxpayers and especially 3 county commissioners that are afraid of her.

    • 3 county commissioners and DISTRICT ATTORNEY LOZIER. They are all travel in the lane of least resistance, at our expense.

  34. She should be censored by the commissioners and get Stonewall off his ass and start pressing some charges to force her hand. She has got to go sooner rather than later. Obviously personality disorders and delusions of grandeur and self importance. Maybe her family needs to sit her down and tell her to do the honorable and just thing for once in her life and resign for the good of the taxpaying public. This won’t help the family schemes though, especially the pitiful excuse of a daughter crying to mommy to make it all better. Kiss my booboo. I agree that Tom Leydig would be a waste of talent at the Treasurer’s Office. Go after that useless Rossi and get the Controller job so we can begin to unravel all the theft and corruption of the last 30 years. Without the excellent job of JP NONE of this ever sees the light of day thanks to the useless BC Times and their inept staff of liberal whining feel good pimps. They give us swill while the county rots from the inside out. Get Tady on it, he writes a hundred pages a week about bullshit entertainment. MAYBE he should be covering the court house, it’s quite entertaining. Better than the circus.

  35. This incident should be forwarded on to the same ethics review board that is investigating Spandex’s indiscretions. We haven’t heard much about that one, but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it either.

    • Crime and Punishment: I agree. This is not a small matter. Stonewall did not bring charges or even investigate the Friendship Ridge deals further, because he could find no “quid pro quo” (something gained from something done). Well, this is a glaring quid pro quo, no matter how small it is.

      At the heart of the matter is that the public — in general — is tired of it all, so they react to even the smallest thing, like a grain of salt in a wound. Tired of a broken system that is screwed up from top to bottom. Judges and department heads hire family, friends, girlfriends, mistresses and rank amateurs instead of qualified applicants and subvert faith in the considered justice of their actions. A member of the public cannot even serve jury duty with full confidence in that noble civic duty, because — SOME FEW — police officers fabricate arrests, badger and attack the public, file false arrest reports, lie about what happened and commit lies and perjury on the stand in testimony — something reported upon here in the past. One even laughed about it as he was recorded doing so. So, yes, this might seem small, but it is typical of the whole damn place, and one has to start somewhere to clean up the mess.

      • Raven, I’m 100% with you. To me, this is as much an article about the DA and the commissioners as much as it is about Connie. What are they going to do about this? Is this just going to go the way of Connie being Connie, or will some action be taken?

        I still refuse to believe that Stonewall investigated Friendship Ridge in any substantive way. You have stealth transfers of cash from Connie and Vince, and you have a performance bonus being paid even though the requirements were not met,. You will never convince me that both of these situations are innocent. Not where this group is concerned. If nothing was found, it’s because no one looked.

      • Call it an opinion or whatever you want. There is nothing that will convince me that this wasn’t anything but poorly done money laundering.

  36. We won’t have to vote against Javens since she isn’t going to run for re-election, but when election time comes around, please remember the three county commissioners that sat there and did nothing about Javens.

    • As in the budget meeting, where the Commissioners sat by and watched Javens stand over, insult and point a bony finger at a veteran who wanted to request more transparency in her actions, they did nothing as she reamed him out. A Sheriff’s Deputy should have been called to throw her ass out, but, nothing.

    • Rumor is she’s not running again. I tell you what, if James Cicco would run for Treasurer or Commissioner, I would vote for him.

      • She is not running again because she knows
        she will never win another election. She just made it
        the last time, and not by much. Her secret is out
        everyone knows who she really is and what she has
        done for the past twenty years. She is an embarrassment to women. I don’t know how she
        can show her face…what a disgrace.

  37. She can’t even write a proper sentence!…..

    I am paying this in protest your deputy was looking for drunks after your St. Patty parties and we were on vacation and they were stopping every one. How do I know this we stop to have lunch and your dear people told us. Sad!! [sic]

    Enjoy your day judge.


    Connie Javens

  38. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. She is definitely out of touch. She is stuck in the “mill hunky” way of doing things from the 1970’s hence the pants suits she wears.

  39. “Im Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens. How dare you give my adult daughter a speeding ticket for only driving 20 mph OVER the speed limit ! You should be kneeling before me & kissing my ring !” How about you fuk off Connie !

  40. I don’t know Connie personally….and I am NOT defending her but two things strike me here……slanted reporting and biased comments…..number one, a 10th grader can read and understand that the Beaver Countian has a beef with Connie….so please don’t present your article as reporting the news when the article, even for the internet, is slanted……the fact that the speed was reduced and the fine settled “smells” of small town justice whereby police use the law to pay their salaries….get 20 speeders today or counsel will cut your hours next month…kind of thing….no accusation on my part, but no explanation in the article why a buy out of the ticket was accepted….as for sending a note on county stationary….she was probably upset and wanted them to know who she was….petty…..almost as petty as a local court using their taxpayers dollars to report said “pettiness”. Lastly, please tell me that every person commenting negatively has never been upset about getting a ticket…..and that every person commenting has never said or done something when they were upset that they didn’t think through or regretted…..outstanding, every writer and reader of the Beaver Countian is perfect…..congratulations. Do I think what she did was wrong….yes, is this a big deal….imho…

    • And there folks is another Connie and Killary voter! “They did nothing wrong!”
      You sir, is why this country and county is in such a mess.

    • The speeding ticket doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with anything. It’s the fact that she used her office, her position and a Beaver County letterhead to respond to what is personal business. According to the report, she did pay the ticket under protest. I’ll just bet there were a lot of phone calls made in her behalf to get it completely swept under the rug. When that didn’t happen, she paid. So what they were running an unsavory tricky speed trap. They do the same thing in this county all the time.

    • I have gotten several speeding tickets in my life and I was upset, with myself for driving too fast. I was even offered by a magistrate to fix the ticket I received in Allegheny County because he knew my boss. I declined because I broke the law. It was simply do the right thing, so my children would know their mom did the honest thing. So Tom, that is why I do not like Connie Javens, she believes she is above the law.

  41. I don’t see why yinz all waste your time writing anything about Mrs javens.they are never going to do anything to state or federal prison where she belongs.she knows all the shady and criminal doings at the courthouse if charged and convicted she would undoubtedly spill the 55 gallon drum of yinz need to quit wishing her bad tidings it will always turn into disappointment.

  42. What entitled bitch with absolutely no shame. Why don’t they try to act like adults and have herself and her daughter be accountable. She is like Helmsley never can take any bit of of criticism and tries the silence of the receipt because she’s a Javen. She needs to resgin before she makes beaver county absolutely broke. I hope somebody shows this to the news stations and the it’s reported on what she does. I’m glad this site exists.

  43. Arnt you a piece of work !! Now your teaching your daughter that higher positions can get you out of things and allow criminal activity. Maybe you should have taught your daughter better. Your daughter shouldnt have been speeding in the first place.

  44. My cousin Just told me she never got her dog license, from the 1st of the year(when she sent it in)!! When she called to inquire, they about ripped her head off saying how “understaffed”!they are in that office! He refused to look into it! Can you imagine!!??

  45. You have to love the guilty Christian consciences of dutiful Beaver County citizens who worry that jack booted SWAT thugs are going to break down their doors and arrest people to collect late dog license fees and steal their undocumented animals away to turn them into food for the starving children in Thailand. Yet, millions of dollars can be unaccounted for, and the bleeding hearts want to give the poor Treasurer another chance to reconcile the balance sheets. Search your nagging consciences, and don’t commit lawless civil disobedience, but wouldn’t buying an identification tag at PetSmart or the vet and giving a donation to the Humane Society make more sense?

  46. Your so called cops in the your home town of Monaca are the worst amateur hour DUI fishers in the county. Why don’t you complain about them? I’m sure you hear about it all the time. Worst cops around, bunch of wanna be punk bitches. Ive been pulled over 5 times so far just because I’m driving home from work late. And the lame excuses they use as to why they pulled you over. especially the fat ugly one. Bunch of punks.

  47. Forget about an election to purge her. The woman has invalidated herself as a viable elected official, now effete to effect change or impose her will. A placeholder. Beyond the everyday job duties, she can do nothing that is not scrutinized. She has become a lame duck by default. The fall from “grace” has been of her own making. The only real quandary is why she persists.

  48. Of all the worst bosses I have known, there is none more hatable and more destructuve to an organization than the Authoritarian Bitch. That malignant demon deserves no sympathy, no commiseration, no tears. It is a self-imposed poisoning of relationships that deserves only a consignment to Hell, so that the victims can deliver the same treatment in return for timeless eternity.

  49. Does anyone know- if queen Connie resigns, is jailed, or dies, what happens then? Special election? Or does the Deputy DJ take over?

    • An opinion, EJ: She will drag herself to the very end and not run again. She will be given a publicized, lavish and obnoxious “not guilty” party at the Fez on a scale to match George David’s. Gushing accolades for decades of “selfless” dedication to the county’s Treasurer’s office will flow like cheap wine from her admirers and have a similar boozy effect upon attendees.

      But, in my opinion, I have to think that she is staying on partly to “hide” the “books.” If Tom Leydig — or even someone competent and not tied into the current friendships — were to be elected to the office, and the much needed internal audit were done of the books, we would see one of the biggest stories of the decade for the Courthouse. Put John Paul on standby. Her family members would be turned out of their jobs, and connections through finances would explain much of what is happening now and in the past among the different departments. Even if no illegal activities were uncovered, the channeling of monies in different accounts would likely involve a ton of people working in the Courthouse now and in the past.

      The woman is not a force to be contended with because of her winning smile. No, it is likely all connected by a money trail that has been hidden for far too long. The monies are the dynamics. So, follow them.

      Of course, I could be wrong about all of this. In that case, have a happy retirement, Connie, you have earned some time off. But, maybe you could start it now?

      • I agree Raven. I have always thought that she has stayed so long for the purpose to cover damning information and impede it from ever being found.

  50. Just sent this letter to Connie:

    Ms. Javens:
    Allow me to introduce myself…I am Sally Rea, M.Ed., a special education teacher supervisor. This has about as much relevance to this correspondence as you sending a letter to the presiding magistrate in regards to Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department issuing your grown daughter a speeding ticket—a letter sent by you on Beaver County stationary. The only difference is– I as a tax payer along with all of the other tax payers in Beaver County paid for that stationary. That may mean nothing to you…big deal– a couple of bucks. Well it is a BIG deal to us…those of us who are elderly and on fixed incomes who go without 3 meals a day because we can’t afford it; those of us on disability who go without medication because we can’t afford it; those of us who are single parent families who do not have the money to buy our child a new coat because they outgrew their old one; those of us whose parent lost a job who can no longer afford dance lessons for our child; those of us who are veterans who cannot afford to pay our heating bills; those of us who worked for 35 years and now cannot afford health insurance premiums and those of us who are lucky enough to have jobs but have nothing in savings. It is a VERY BIG DEAL. Please use your personal materials for writing your next letter.
    To quote you…
    “Enjoy Your Day County Treasurer.”

  51. and this letter just went out to each of the commissioners…
    As a taxpayer and resident of Beaver County I have finally been pushed to the limit where I am going to express a concern. There are so many purported shenanigans that go on at the court house and within Beaver County government that I am not going to comment on at this time as it is so hard to sort out fact from fiction. I will say that it is very disheartening though hearing about one issue after another after another…. I grew up in Beaver County, have lived in several different states and moved back here because it was such a great area to grow up in. It is embarrassing though to me; as it should be to you and to the county as a whole with so much nonsense going on—which I will not get in to as I am quite sure that you all are aware.
    I will say that I feel that there are sufficient facts out in regards to Connie Javens using county stationary to write a letter to the presiding magistrate in regards to a speeding ticket that her adult daughter was issued in Nicholas County that I can actually comment on.
    • Her unauthorized use of Beaver County resources paid for by taxpayers
    • Her unauthorized use of stationary which could give the allusion that she was trying to make a point that she was in a government position (intimidation?) or that she had the backing of Beaver County on this issue
    • Her blatant disrespect for law officers
    • Her blatant disrespect for the magistrate
    • Her poor writing skills in the letter
    This single incident in itself would warrant some type of disciplinary action in any organization as it should (not even taking into account of the other issues related to her job as county treasurer that Ms. Javens allegedly is involved in). I would hope that there would be some follow up with her in this matter. As I had mentioned in my letter to her (see attached copy)…I am a tax payer and it is a BIG DEAL to me and so many others when there is monetary abuse at our expense—even if it is a few dollars. If she is so comfortable blatantly writing a letter like this in this situation, one has to wonder how many of the other situations that we hear about are actually true.
    Cc: Sandie Egley
    Daniel C. Camp III
    Tony Amadio

    • Meanwhile Sally Rea, I just came past the courthouse at 11:30 and there are 4 Sheriffs cars parked. That means they are back to driving the other 30 cars back and forth from home to work. They promised us to stop that practice, and they did for awhile, but now they are right back to it. I feel bamboozled by these bunch of liars.

    • That’s fine…. but you do understand the commissioners can’t get rid of a row officer. You can write all the letters you want and she’ll still be there.

      • Understand…however; she does answer to some supervisor and there should be some sort of follow up with her in regards to things like this. Also, the more this stuff is put right in front of them on their desk by unhappy taxpayers, they may be more willing to address with her.

      • Sally Rea- They are all afraid and intimidated by her. Hence we have commissioners, detectives and a D A that sit back and no nothing. They should find a way to force her to attend meetings and the D A and court administrator should be obligated to serve the people and dispense justice along with the county legal dept. The woman is not following the rules and doing her job right. Might be difficult to get rid of her, but may be possible to charge her or impose sanctions.

  52. Sally Rea, great comments regarding the Queen and her obviously incapacitated condition. Like John Q said, the lying losers under Tony the Midget are using the taxpayers dollars for personal gain AGAIN. Did he (Midget) not promise to cut costs and use only essential vehicles? Again, he just laughs at us fools and rapes the taxpaying public with glee in his heart. Doesn’t give two shits about professionalism or ethics. One term piece of shit Sheriff and his band of thieves. The problem that permeates the whole courthouse is apathy towards doing the job and serving the public to the best of your ability, then basically taxpayers, “GO F-CK YOURSELVES”. Isn’t a damn thing we can do about it right? They’ll be surprised next election.

  53. Next election I will vote for anyone except the drones that are in office now. I don’t care if they have any qualifications. In fact, I would love to see a Regular Joe voted in to replace any of them. The people are sick and tired of being lied to and bilked by these bums.


  54. An additional reason for CJ to stick it out until the end could be the loss of three family incomes, and maybe more. The family is not wealthy, despite attempts to appear otherwise, and they would take a hard hit in the pocketbooks. In two years, with the loss of the next election, they could take a hit of more than $100,000. People grow into their incomes, and without some serious finacial planning, they would go back almost to square one.

  55. Whom do you think will be absent in the upcoming talks to discuss the Friendship Ridge deal and monies owed, one way or the other? That’s right, the one person in the middle of it all, the self-appointed “Banker” in this Monopoly game, shifting funds around in her own secret shell game. Mumsy will be mum again, on directions from her lawyer.

  56. Raven, can the commissioners subpoena Beaver County’s Banker if on the advice of her lawyer she is a no show in the upcoming Friendship Ridge deal?

  57. I think the commissioners should summon her to a public meeting on Wednesday and let the public ask the damn questions that everyone else is afraid to address. Make sure that idiot Stonewall is there too. Then the public can engage in a dialogue with these two useless idiots. What would they be afraid of? The new solicitor seems to be a no nonsense guy so they better circle the wagons cause I think shit is going to come to a screeching halt in the cover up and illegality of the Friendship Ridge ROBBERY. Like Goodfellas, someone is going to turn to court for immunity to save their ass then it all will unfold. Nail there ass to the wall solicitor.



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