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Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens’ son was fined $100 as part of a plea deal in a case where he was alleged to have shot off a firearm during a domestic altercation with his wife and mother.

Daniel F. Javens, 52 of Monaca, was facing 14 criminal charges stemming from an incident on March 14th in Treasurer Connie Javens’ home.

Police alleged that Dan Javens got into a verbal altercation with his wife sometime around 8:40pm the night of the incident. After she went into a bedroom of the home to get away from the man, he allegedly knocked it open in a fit of rage. The woman told police she feared for her life and pepper sprayed Javens in self defense.

Police further alleged that Dan Javens then retrieved his Smith & Wesson .38 caliber handgun and began searching the residence looking for his wife while yelling that he was going to kill her.

Officers say Dan Javens’ father, mother (Treasurer Connie Javens), and son were attempting to calm the man down when he fired a shot into a livingroom wall. The family told authorities they fled into another room fearing for their lives.

Among the charges filed against Daniel Javens by Monaca police were multiple counts of terroristic threats, reckless endangerment, and felony aggravated assault.

Beaver County District Attorney Tony Berosh recused himself from the case and referred it to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that Treasurer Connie Javens and her daughter-in-law became “uncooperative” with prosecutors, leading Deputy Attorney General Patrick J. Schulte to offer a plea deal to Daniel Javens consisting of three summary counts.

Dan Javens pleaded guilty to 1 summary count of harassment, 1 summary count of disorderly conduct, and 1 summary count of violating a Monaca Borough ordinance related to the improper use of a firearm within the town.

Beaver County Judge Richard Mancini accepted the plea agreement and sentenced Daniel Javens to pay a $100 fine in the case. Javens will surrender the firearm he allegedly fired off in the home for destruction.

Javens had been facing the possibility of a state prison sentence if found guilty of the original 1st degree misdemeanor and felony charges filed against him in the case.

Daniel F. Javens has begun the process of having all court records related to his case expunged. He was represented by attorney Dale Fouse, who previously served as the Beaver County District Attorney.

In June, Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens attempted to press criminal charges against a man who left a comment on the Beaver Countian about the case. She later lied about her attempts to have the commenter prosecuted after County Detectives declined to file charges against the man, dubbing his comment a matter of free speech.

Listen to part of the emergency response to this incident as dispatched by the Beaver County Emergency Services Center:

Correction 8:30pm 09/03/2014: This story originally named Judge Harry Knafelc as the sentencing judge in the case, when it was in fact Judge Richard Mancini. Judge Knafelc approved an amended information listing only the summary offenses in the case, while Judge Mancini approved the final plea and handed down sentencing. The Beaver Countian regrets this error and has updated the story accordingly.


  1. What a Load of Bullshit…..Anyone else, & they would be behind bars for at least 25 yrs., just on the Terrorism charges, & domestic violence charges, evolving a firearm……Rediculous……

  2. this fucking bitch shouldn even be treasurer of a lemonade stand!!! prosecute this you trailer trash shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol lol lol

    Lol lol lol lol

    What a joke and manipulation of the system.

    That’s one greedy bitch that needs voted out between family contracts, nearly a million in over looked taxes and now attempted homicide booted

    • Took the words right out of my mouth, Nicole!! I certainly hope when election time rolls around, the good people of Beaver County will remember that George David, Connie Javens and all 3 Commissioners GOT TO GO!!!!!

  4. Well even if witnesses become “uncooperative”…there still exists the 911 tape and police report and let’s not forget…the bullet hole…I would think the plea could have been stiffer. Seems like it sets a new precedent for any SOB who shoots off a gun in BC to know if the witnesses become “uncooperative” at a later date…which frequently happens for a variety of reasons including fearing for their own safety or bad publicity…that those perpetrators too will have the option to walk away w/ only a $100 fine.
    JUST PLAIN DISGUSTED AND EMBARRESSED WITH THE LOAD OF CRAP COMING FROM THE COURTHOUSE FOR MANY YEARS IN A COUNTY THAT I CALL HOME . not saying it is everyone, but a lot of names come to mind and make the news due to their ridiculous actions in their elected offices.

  5. I love how all these assholes talk shit on people cause Danny didn’t go to prison so y’all are gonna talk shit in my family that just goes to show all the haters out there and for the record. my aunt is good at her job so stop hatting Lang get a life

    • Do not forget the Judges that are seeking re-election too. Be it this cycle or the next. They have to go also!

  6. Sounds like someone thinks it’s ok to shoot up another persons house while having a disagreement with ones wife,WHAT PLANET IS SHE FROM?,and yes the scum bag needs prison and to room with a dude named BUBBA

  7. As this is anything new and isolated to this area. It’s global. From the beginning of time it’s always been a case of who you know & who you blow. Period.

  8. Stupid people will reelect her and probably find a “position” for her son in the Courthouse. The county should seriously consider changing the name of the courthouse to “Nepotism Courthouse”

  9. What did you all expect.100$ fine and a broom to sweep it under the rug they know everybody will forget about this in a week.and you all think a election will change this WRONG!!!!!.how long has that piece of dryed up poop George David been doing what he wants to do.wonder if they gave Mr David his 700 guns back.beaver county court house is nothing but a big extortion ring focused on robbing the poor who can’t afford to defend themselfs and they take their lives by getting paid by putting poor people in jail or prison.

  10. @darcy caler, your giving the family some sad representation with your yall talking shit ect.

    But then again hmmmm, are you the SPAWN off……..

    The one that got charged for rape? A few times?

    The one that just got shot while being high fresh from prison in New castle?

    The one that was arsonist?

    Or the one that owes every one money, and is a degenerate gambler? Oppps that is to vague.

    How about the one that just got busted by state police with dirty dealing in the notary plates, other side family hmmmm.

  11. It would be helpful to have pictures posted of the main people reported upon here, like Connie and Dan Javens, perhaps instead of, or in addition to, Javens’ house. The names of people in these articles should have faces put on them, so that a person of the public can know who they are when he visits the Courthouse or sees them on the street. This is really bad criminal behavior, and further personalizing it would be helpful for the public to know whom they are dealing with. Unlike the Mugshot Monday lineup, these people are public figures directly interacted with, and they have daily influences upon the public’s lives. It would help to be able to defend oneself against them when they are recognized. It would also put a face on the candidate names at elections when the time comes to clean house.

  12. After following the BC coverage of the “problem” people in the Courthouse for the past two or three years, it is becoming evident that looking for answers from within the legal system is a very long unreliable wait, especially when people like the Javens and George David can so obviously beat the system. The interconnections among the people revealed in these last two articles are absolutely incredible in number, and it leaves one wondering where to start to begin understanding it and doing something about it. These wrongdoers could not do what they do without an extensive support network, and part of that network lies within the public itself that puts them in office.

  13. If you have no victims, you have ” no crime”. The sad truth is that most people only want to be a victim for a day or two and most high profile people that are victims that period last until the first reporter calls for a comment.

  14. Connie, dear, there is a Western Psych Clinic at the Beaver Valley Mall. I am sure you will be able to receive a family discount if your entire family applies or are you too busy planning a “Uncooperative Party” for your son. The main feature will be his enrollment in the NRA..I wish I could attend, but I am all partied out attending the sheriff’s “he’s free perjury” party. oops.

  15. Quiet and Hold your Fire!! This is the great and powerful Beaver County Oz. After three attempts of knocking on the door of District Attorney Anthony Berosh a note was slid under the door that read the following, “Daniel Javens, pumpkin eater, Has a wife but won’t keep her. He threatened her with a shotgun shell and now Connie’s mad at me, so what the Hell?”
    According to courthouse sources, Dale Fouse and Judge Mancini were seen over at Shadow Lakes golf course trying out their new sets of Callaway Big Berthas that were inscribed “from Connie with Love”. Dale Fouse told the Attorney General that his client was totally innocent because after he had his forensic investigators examine the gun, the gun was not loaded, therefore Danny was just horsing around and not serious about shooting his wife. When asked about the loud sound of gun fire, Dale Fouse giggled and said, “Oh that noise, hey Connie Javens is a strict mother and when Dan entered her home and forgot to wipe his feet, she started smacking Dan with the night stick she borrowed off her good friend Sheriff David.”
    Quiet Mr. Fouse, you, fickle, feeble, flamboyant, flirtatious, funky, fungal, you! How dare you insult the intelligence of Beaver Countians. Beaver County needs to put Berosh, Fouse, and Mancini, “The 3 Blind Mice”, on a plane to Munchkin land – home of the Beaver County Commissioners. Maybe it is there the three of you can produce these hair brain stories and the munchkins might believe them. But you’re not fooling anybody in the Merry Merry land of Beaver County. Carry On Beaver Countians, Stay well, Stay informed to the truth….OZ~~

  16. Why didn’t D.A. Tony Berosh recuse himself from John Fratangeli’s case and let the State Police (the real police) handle it ?Tell me that the asshole isn’t afraid of sheriff David. As a matter of fact I’ll bet that David hires him !!!!!!!

  17. The DA , judge , and police are to blame for letting this atrocity occur. He would have been locked up if anyone else. Summary offenses are treated like traffic citations.

  18. As a family member of the Javens family. I am 100% disgusted by this and I completely agree with everyone. Something should be done about this. Too bad Connie Javens doesn’t want nothing to do with her family. So I could care less.. As for the rest they need not to be brought into this matter.



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