The Beaver Countian has obtained copies of photographs submitted by William C. Pittser as part of his private criminal complaint against Ohioville Officer Nevin Beatty.

William Pittser alleges that on July 17th he was pulled over by Officer Beatty for expired emissions and inspection stickers. He said Beatty came up to his car and rapped on his windshield where the stickers were. “He hit it with his knuckles,” said Pittser. The man said the officer didn’t hurt himself when he rapped on the window. He said the officer issued him a citation, and he then went over to his father’s house.

“I didn’t see a crack until after I was leaving my dad’s house about two hours later,” said Pittser. “Apparently there was a nick or ding in the window. When I put it in reverse it popped.” Pittser said he was sure the crack had to be from the traffic stop with Officer Beatty, because no one had gone near his vehicle while he was at his father’s house. In his complaint, the man said he subsequently had to replace his windshield which caused him to “incur more debts.”

Officer Beatty has denied any wrongdoing, characterizing his encounter with William Pittser as a “routine traffic stop.”

Pittser told the Beaver Countian he was encouraged to file a private criminal complaint against Officer Beatty by Mayor John Szatkiewicz. Officials in Ohioville have said that Mayor Szatkiewicz has “wanted to get rid of” the officer since he sparked a public corruption investigation into Chief Ronald Lutton. Mayor Szatkiewicz has denied those assertions, and has characterized the investigation into Chief Lutton as a “witch hunt.” Law enforcement sources say the investigation into Lutton by the Pennsylvania State Police is still ongoing.

A trial for the private summary citation for “Criminal Mischief” filed against Officer Beatty by William Pittser was continued last week, after District Judge Tim Finn recused himself. A new hearing date has not yet been set.

Officer Nevin Beatty remains off of Ohioville Borough Police Department’s schedule as a result of the private criminal complaint filed by William Pittser.




  1. Usually when a stonechip runs it will run as one crack. Especially in the corner of the windshield. As soon as the crack runs off the edges, it relieves the pressure and it stops. That looks like an impact to me. A very hard impact.

  2. so a cop hit the window with his fist so hard that it cause that to happen but he didnt hurt himself at all and none of them cracks was visible until hours later?

    it sounds like magic!

  3. This guy needs to be fired anyway. He thrives off of harassment in a town that doesn’t need him. Numerous stories about this coward’s power trips, just ask around.

  4. Unless you are an experienced mechanic, your thoughts and assumptions are practically null and void. To shed some light here, yes Glassman is correct when speaking about a chip and it splitting typically in 1 or 2 lines until it reaches the edge of the glass. Remember this is safety glass, it is meant to break under pressure. Being that this was a blunt force over a baseball sized blow (considering fist size) this windshield would now have a weak point. And yes I’m sure the weather played a portion in the rest of the glass shattering, but this is good that it was found now and not next winter where the responsible party would pay for their actions. Please though, I am in no way defending either party here in this article. I would just like more facts to be in the article, and for those commenting about it to at least have some knowledge of what they are speaking about before just putting down their assumptions to weigh the levy to one side or the other.

  5. What a bunch of bs. I’ve been inspecting cars for 10 years now. I’ve even broken a winshield or two by accident. I also know how hard that needs to be punched in order to break like that. Regardless of the cops history, find a better reason for termination rather than this joke.

  6. Correct me if i am wrong, wasn’t the stickers removed by Officer Beatty at the time of the traffic stop?

  7. This seems highly unlikely that this was caused from someone “rapping” on a window. Given that this has all types of cracks- it’s more than likely from repeated blunt force. Now- It’s possible that the officer smashed in the window- but not probable- and more likely someone else other than the officer. Would glass expert be able to determine how many strikes were made in that corner?

  8. I am not condoning a witch hunt in Ohioville, but I do believe this resident’s story. During a traffic stop with Officer Beatty, I also experienced a similar incident. As he approached my driver’s window, he punched the side of my mini van. I do not know the reason he punched it, but it was no accident. It was a very hard and definite punch and, yes, I did complain immediately following the stop. Chief Lutton was still in charge at that time. Nothing was done about it and no follow up. This officer was known for creating reasons for traffic stops and I know from experience how unprofessional and intimidating his conduct can be.

  9. You all claim that Officer Beatty is a “bad” officer” and is intimidating. There have been many times when another officer was mistaken for Officer Beatty, even by the mayor & council. They looked so much alike right down to the haircut, goatee and prayer pin. That is why Officer Beatty now wears his hair differently. Are you so sure that all these intimating stops were done by Officer Beatty? These two were both known for being the only officers that did any work in the borough and that’s why anyone knew their names. Can u name any of the other patrolmen that work for the borough? Probably not. Don’t cut someone down for doing their job.

  10. I like Officer Beatty, my house was broke into and the Chief came with an Industry Officer. This person did not steal much but totally destroyed my home. And i am a single parent with two special needs children, We all knew it was my Ex. The chief sent someone to do fingerprints, which was a joke because every surface in my house was “not the right surface” to pull fingerprints per the police officer (lol) it was a few months later and nothing happen, then someone that lives near me said my ex had called her right after my home was broken into he ask her if the police ask her anything that she needed to tell them her and her husband invited him over that fay for dinner. So i went and found the Chief and gave him that information, his exact words was “to bad she did not come forward that day and he could have did something”. I did not know that they had to have witnesses that day to go do something about it! Plus he did take one thing off my porch, i described this item in detail, which the Chief did find it where he was staying, but that was not proof and that he said he had just bought one too. So this cost me thousands of dollars on top of my insurance and because i did not feel my children was safe i called to have a security system installed. But it would take a few weeks to have this done. During that time a friend stayed with me, and Officer Beatty would stop at night if he seen my light on just to check on me. So i felt better just knowing he was watching out for us. He did not need to do that. I never seen him be anything but professional. However, i know if i broke the law he would also ticket me for that. At lease i know where he is coming from and he treats everyone the same. So if you don’t like him maybe it is because you broke the law and gave you a ticket? Would not let you out of anything? I think i would feel safer with officers that i know stick by the book and is actually doing their jobs. And i am not saying there are not others, but i am just using an example of Officer Beatty because he is the one that every seems to be talking about. So Officer Beatty if you read these comments, stay strong, and stay that cop that takes there jon serious, i know it can not go to your head, for heaven sakes you was a officer in Ohioville! You never seemed cocky to me, just taking your job serious. And if you need anything let me know. Don’t change for anyone. And i hope all that is going on with the Chief and Mayor can be explained away, because i want to believe that they did not do anything illegal since it appears some people looks up to them. But if it goes the other way then they need to pay for it, and put you back on the schedule.

  11. I currently don’t live in Ohioville, but have in the past. First, I don’t feel one way or the other about Chief Lutton. If he is guilty, then he should pay the price. As for the Mayor, he seems as though he has overstepped his bounds, and should be punished. This PIttser guy seems like a character. There is no way I believe that a “tap” on a windshield caused the damage in the picture above, and based on his shady history, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it himself. Also, it’s because of this charge that Officer Beatty is no longer on the schedule. If and when the judge throws this out, Mr. Pittser should have to pay for Officer Beatty’s lost wages.

  12. You guys call him a coward yet you respond as anonymous, haha. It is none of my business nor is it anyone elses. It is common sense the shattered windshield was not caused by the officer’s fist because the break would have appeared instantly. Officer Beatty does his job like any other good cop and because you trouble makers do not like him you want to cause trouble. If you have received a citation from officer Beatty then I can say you deserved it. Officer Beatty is far from an intimidating bully and I salute him for his continued duty of protecting you bums when you look to attack him. I am sure you guys put your lives on the line daily like these officers do too.

  13. Can’t wait to see this one play out. Keep us posted JP. I’m not a big fan of the badge, but I want to believe there are “good cops” out there.

    P.S. Jay Alstadt for Sheriff!

  14. Ahhh, that window looks like someone punched it out. That is not a simple crack in the window caused by a heater or defroster. Both of the defendants could have broken it.

  15. Not caused from someone “rapping” hard on a window. I hope that when this comes to light- that this schmuck who is smearing the cops name- gets charged for slander, defamation of character and has to make retribution for such.

  16. LISTEN AND I WILL ONLY SAY THIS ONCE. If you compain to a Chief to town clowns they will 9 times out of 10 support their officers. They are brothers in the best sense of the word. Now, I am not condoning the punching of windshields and vans, so if your complaint goes unanswered CALL THE STATE POLICE BEAVER= TROOP D-BARRACKS 4. THE STATE POLICE, POLICE THE TOWN CLOWNS…see how easy? IF you were harrassed, and I MEAN REALLY MISTREATED, there is your answer…but I wouldn’t go there unless your story is real. Making false claims is a crime.



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