Lt. Randy Sutton / photo via Facebook

A nationally renown law enforcement expert and police advocate, who has come to be known as “The Voice of American Law Enforcement,” is weighing in on a controversial memorandum issued by the Midland Borough Police Chief. Retired Police Lt. Randy Sutton, a 24-year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, issued a blistering commentary suggesting Midland Chief Keith McCarthy is suffering from “testicular loss.”

The Beaver Countian was first to report on the memorandum by Midland Chief Keith McCarthy, directing his officers to cease conducting most traffic stops because of complaints he and the town’s mayor have been getting from members of the public. After the Beaver Countian published a copy of the directive it had received from a confidential law enforcement source, other news outlets soon followed with reporting of their own, including WPXI in Pittsburgh and the Associated Press.

Lt. Randy Sutton has now shared his opinion of Chief McCarthy’s directive with his followers on Facebook. Sutton is regularly quoted in the media as an authority on law enforcement, serves as the national spokesman for the “Blue Lives Matter” organization — which boasts 1.7 million followers on Facebook — and is a published author whose books include “True Blue” and “A Cop’s Life.” Sutton was a recurring figure on the popular police reality tv show “COPS,” was cast in the role of an officer in several featured films including the Academy Award Winning movie “Casino” with Robert De Niro, and he was honored by President Bush with the Presidential Points of Light Award.

Sutton did not have very kind things to say about the current controversy involving the Midland Borough Police Department.

“There must be some terribly contagious disease affecting Police Chiefs across America whose main symptom is testicular loss. Certainly the Chief of Police in Midland Pennsylvania, Keith McCarthy, seems to have developed a terrible case of the disease,” wrote Sutton to the followers of his Facebook page, which he uses to draw attention to stories of significance for the law enforcement community.

Lt. Sutton continued, “In what I can only describe as one of the most bizarre orders I have EVER heard of being given by a Law Enforcement ‘Leader’ (and in this guys case, I’m using the term really loosely), he has ordered his officers to, let me quote here, ‘adopt a seen but not heard from approach.’ This idiot under the direction of (you’re not gonna believe this Mayor’s name) Mayor Angela “Poobie” Adkins, has ordered his cops to stop doing police work. Why? The Mayor got some citizen complaints. I couldn’t make this up because you wouldn’t believe me. And to make this situation even more bizarre, this guy put the order IN WRITING!”

Randy Sutton pointed his followers to the Beaver Countian’s coverage and continued on with his scathing rant against Midland’s Chief, “[…] He’s got to be one of the dumbest people ever to pin on the Chiefs badge. Now there is a criminal investigation as there should be and both this idiot and good ol’ Mayor ‘Poobie’ need to go.”

As the Beaver Countian has previously reported, the Pennsylvania State Police have initiated a criminal investigation into Chief McCarthy as a result of the directive he issued to his officers. Law enforcement sources say McCarthy has already been interviewed by investigators as part of the probe, and that the investigation by State Police is still ongoing.


  1. Nothing wrong with Keith letting his patrolmen know that it’s ok to let a car pass with a bad headlight……. A reminder their job is to protect and not to harass and press every possible infraction that crosses town…

    • Its funny how those that complain the most about “head lights being out” out and bad registration tags as being excuses for being pulled over, are the very ones who seem to violate the laws the most. Vojnovich here is a prime example. Trying to interpret his ranting is difficult, but he seems to be a prime example of one who thinks he does not need to register his vehicle, drive with a valid license, obey school bus rules, not speed in residential areas and drive while intoxicated. Its not a simple headlight out, asswipe, it is putting other people in danger like you have many times in the past. DUI, suspended license and other violations are part of your record and everyone can check it at the PA Justice Portal Website. Be sure to search both magistrate and common pleas dockets and use his full name michael.

    • I was stopped by a state policeman for burned out tail light. He gave me a month to get it fixed. I did . So what’s the big deal. I didnt feel harassed. I fixed it and moved in!

  2. Sounds like a power hungry totalitarian point of view……oh wait, he was a LEO, now it all makes sense. I don’t support the why the chief did what he did, but I do support the basic narrative – aren’t there more important things to be dealt with? No drugs, no overdoses, no theft….wow

    • What makes you think they deal with any important issues either? Any policeman will tell you that big things start small. A car with a broken headlight can lead you to much bigger crimes. You think a policeman is going to turn on his spidey senses and sniff out the ‘real’ crimes by being seen and not heard? That’s not how it happens.

      Or maybe a driver in a car with a broken headlight will fail to see your kid riding his bike down the street some dark night. But who cares, right? As long as you’re not getting hassled by the man.

  3. They draw enough attention with so many frequent silly stops such as bad registration tags in 2017 which they are not issued just to have a close up encounter and hope to find drug oder or alcohol … People have jobs such as these officers they need to attend timely. If my headlights out flash your damn head lights I’ll get the point, if you see me three times in one week without it fixed make a stop and give a warning, no one’s at danger no one should feel targeted. It’s sad to say for once Midland is taking a step in the right direction with taking care of only necessary issues that can cause harm in the community, nothing wrong from my perspective on his choice of words to the officers, glad to see he can be as leanient as the department can be forceful

    • Headlight out requires attention. By the third time the other headlight (which is the same age as the burnt out one) might be out.

  4. John PAul you’re a disgusting human being. You’re a complete disgrace ..I personally messaged this internet bully reminding him there are two small children who will be affected by the way he chooses to portray things.. he answered me condescendingly and not even a week later put out a New article JUST to BASH keith and intentionally hurt someone. How absolutely disgusting …keith didn’t harm anybody no one was hurt , this is outrageous that this dude is targeting him and can’t find anything better to report on. See you in court you pos.

  5. This douche bag “expert” law inforcer needs to shut his yap!!! Just a prime example of a “small dick with a big chip”!!!
    Mike Vojnovich hit the nail right on the head. They are here to protect n serve. Not play gang leader.
    We all in the county struggle. Once you get a ticket, its a SLEW of money. Much more than the replacement bulb in a tail light that you pulled me over for and made me late to work, thus creating an infraction for me at work!! Its a vicious cycle.
    Im not known for really being a huge support for our local cops.
    But this guy in Midland….I’d shake his hand and THANK HIM FOR BEING HUMAN AND SEEING PAST THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR!!!
    Keep it up Chief, there’s more supporting you than not!

  6. The officers need to remember that they work for the people of Midland. If the citizens of the town of Midland are fed up with officer harassment, they can just vote to disband the police force altogether. Given the cost of supporting a police department and lawsuits against them, more towns are just giving up on having local law enforcement altogether.

  7. Are these adults writing these articles? Who is this Sutton guy? All i read was a grown man calling another man “dumb” over & over again. How pathetic. This right here is exactly how i teach my children NOT to be. and here we are… grown adults speaking this way. Thank God the people around here seem to be educated and understand what is going on. Im glad the majority seem to support Keith. Those that know him know that he is the best thing to happen to Midland. Genuinely one of the greatest people around. The world needs more of him.. and less of the negativity like Randy Sutton & John Paul.

  8. I like Randy. Been watching him on Cops for years. He even shared screen time with Robert De Niro in Casino. That being said, I really don’t care what he thinks. Hard working everyday people are tired of getting extorted for simple brake light violations and any other non life threatening violation. If cops really cared about safety, they would pull you over and inform you that a repair was needed. That doesn’t happen though. I received a $100 ticket for a brake light. I have 2 other brake lights. That was ridiculous. So unless a cop sees a life threatening violation, don’t pull the driver over or just pull them over and tell them to fix it. What is so wrong with that???? No victim. No crime.

  9. Its sad that people have such negative things to say about Mccarthy. People that dont know him. He is a good man and all the negative comments about midland from people that havnt been to midland in years. Its crazy to me

  10. As a chief half of his job pertains to moral code as much as serving and protecting the community, if the people speak… He considers, going against your towns people and denying a medium that keeps people happy and towns people safe isnt logical, when police cooperate with the people the people tend to cooperate back. . He’s trying to lift the reputation of RoboCop’s the departments been given due to the past chiefs lack of proper guidance to his officers

    • If this was about police focusing on more serious issues, the Chief should have said that if you pull someone over for something small and do not find drugs or other serious violations, just issue a warning. Sometimes people don’t know they have a brake light out. Asking police to stop doing their jobs is appalling

  11. Everyone needs to back the fuck off my Chief! He knows what he’s doing!!! Who the fuck cares if someone turning up fourth street didn’t use their turn signal? How about the cops start giving speeding tickets to the assholes going 40mph down my street when kids are outside playing.

  12. Randy Sutton looks and probably acts like your typical power hungry douche bag cop. All cops should adopt the midland policy, it’s all about money, what a joke.

  13. Seriously our town is doing great and this is an awesome community where we all take care of each other.
    So sick of John Paul fishing for drama and then finds nothing and creates it himself. John Paul and his gossip rag just tries to ruin people’s lives, it’s how he makes his living and gets his rocks off.

  14. So which is it? In this instance the chief is portrayed as “soft on crime”. Another time we will see bitching about speed traps and money generating check point programs. So, which one do you want? A little consistency of message, eh?

  15. This entire article is absolutely garbage! And you idiots reading it commenting against Chief McCarthy have no clue what’s actually going on! He is an amazing guy, father, friend and most importantly Chief of Police! Everyone has a boss they have to obey, he was doing as instructed! But to publicly criticize and belittle someone…how childish are you Mr. so called “expert”? Real experts get all their facts straight before passing judgement! I urge you to wait until the full investigation is complete before bashing someone you know nothing about publicly! What a disgrace you are! I support Cheif McCarthy 100%!

  16. I’ll be an adult (unlike some here) and retract my racist statement….yes I posted out of anger, which was wrong. Yes, I realize it’s a different guy. I was misinformed about the racist guy being the same John Paul. So to you, John Paul, I apologize.

    • @Ms Coleman

      Calm down and breathe for a minute! In all of your moral outrage regarding the treatment of this silly ass Police Chief you forget one very important fact. The Chief made a serious error in issuing a written directive that may in fact turn out to be unlawful….pending the outcome of the Pennsylvania State Police investigation…And signed off on the damn thing. Are you really suprised that even the guy living in the dirt floor shack in Chester West Virgina is calling the Chief an idiot?!?

      But unequivocally the diamond in the ruff is the name of the Mayor and the immediate recognition for what it symbolizes by an National audience…haha:-)

    • About time a retraction. ANYBODY can tell by that photo of John Paul that it was the former pope on that site and not the JP that runs this site. Geez, get your eyes checked….

  17. I used to support the idea behind the Beaver Countian, but not anymore. Why on earth would us here in Beaver County, care in the least what a guy in Vegas thinks? And JP, you’ve now shown your true colors. I used to think you wanted to bring to light corruption in the county. I now agree you’re nothing but a bully. In this article, you list all the supposed “hi-lites” of this Vegas guy’s history as if they make his opinion truly matter. Wow, he was on TV. Wow, he has followers on FB. To me, his opinion matters as much as Kim Kardashian’s when we are talking about 1 of our small towns. When I read what he is saying, & HOW he is saying it, I think he’s nothing but a jerk. And since he sounds like such a jerk, it instantly negates what he says. As for the chief, I also read his memo. Did he make a mistake? Most likely. Glad you & this Vegas dope never did. But in reading it, I also see where he says temporarily; not forever to turn a blind eye. So what’s the big deal? For a little while, people won’t get pulled over for forgetting to use their turn signal. Whipped-Dee-do. None of this situation smacks of corruption; NOT 1 LITTLE BIT. Get on to reporting something worthwhile. This just makes you look bad.

  18. Am I the only one who realizes that all the friends and relatives of the Chief were contacted and asked to support him via comments on this article? (who are you fooling)

    Look, there is simply no denying the facts. (1) this Chief is a moron for putting a policy like this in writing (rookie mistake); (2) this appears to be purely political motivation as it (a) involves the political cesspool that is Midland; and (b) the order apparently originated with “Poobie” who happens to be up for election in a few months; and finally (3) IT IS NOT UP TO THE CHIEF OF POLICE TO DECIDE WHICH LAWS TO ENFORCE ! (Its the legislatures job to make the laws, its the Chief’s job to ensure the said laws are obeyed) Otherwise, he would more or less be made King of Midland. Can he also decide which people to cite (maybe John Smith is an Outstanding Citizen that made one bad decision to drink and drive last night….can the Chief decide to not cite him ????) Of course not.

    We all make mistakes….but when we do we have to pay the piper, not contact all our friends and family to comment on a local news outlet.

    • Well….yes, what you said for that most part is true except for when someone breaks the law but didn’t have the intent to…. I’m sure that our DA can fill you in on how that works.

      So, in your example above if we had an imaginary John Javens-kowski as our outstanding citizen rather than the imaginary John Smith he wouldn’t be cited because he probably didn’t intend to break any drinking and driving laws. Not to mention the unwritten rules in this county that apply to the haves and have-nots….the haves do whatever they want without any consequence and the have-nots are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt even before the benefit of a trial and are the most likely to be mauled by a police dog on their way to the Beaver County Hotel with its riverfront view.

  19. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to make any additional comments, but………here goes. First off, Lt. Randy Sutton is extremely qualified to make comments regarding this situation!! 24 years Las Vegas Metro? Come on, give me a break, that in and of itself is a major accomplishment let alone everything else he is involved in. Were his comments a little harsh, yes they were, however, as I said in a previous comment, Chief McCarthy should never have put himself in this position. I don’t know if it’s simply due to the fact that he is young, with limited experience, or if he is scared of the mayor. Either way, he made a mistake. It’s fine as a chief to tell your officers to step up patrol if there’s a problem, but you are not permitted to direct an officer to “not” do his job, especially in writing!!!! And, again, as far as the mayor, NO mayor has any right, except in a city, to stick their nose in the business of the police department. Contrary to what most people seem to think, the mayor does not run the police department and it never ceases to amaze me when I hear someone say, “I’ll just call the mayor”. In this particular case, I honestly think the mayor told the chief what to do and if he had been a more seasoned chief, he should have simply told her to put it in writing, not him. That way the monkey would have been on her back, exactly where it should be. Not the first time she has stuck her nose in the police department’s business. Take her police radio off of her, if she still as one, take her key to the police station, keep her ass out of the patrol cars and let the cops do their jobs the way they were trained to do it. And another thing, for all of you JP hater’s out there, he was given a copy of the memo by an officer that apparently works for Midland Police and he writes stories every day about situations that are brought to his attention that bear publication. The sad part of this story is the fact that Chief McCarthy is now the subject of a situation that has drawn national attention. It would have been nice to see a story that said the chief told the mayor to go pound salt instead of complying with an order from her that has now put him in the limelight. It’s a shame that it has come to this. Even if it is decided that the incident does not warrant criminal charges, this whole ordeal has shed a bad image on the chief. Finally, some of the people commenting on this article should probably refrain from commenting. I’m sure most of the cops in the area know who you are and it’s not from going the the ball game with them, lol.

  20. This is a Chief who gets things done on a larger scale like getting guns and drugs off the streets of Midland. Couldn’t agree more that John Paul and Randy Sutton are disgusting people. Not even sure why this is a news story. Only second rate news station like WPXI would run such a minor story. Checks the news people we are under surge from Hurricanes and Earthquake plus a maniac in North Korea….these are real stories. The letter was INTERNAL to suggest backing off of minor offenses…but alas we have a mole who feels compelled to put it out their for everyone. I forgot only JP and RS walk on water…in their book no one can make a suggestion not an order to bring closer ties to the borough. You guys need to get a life.

    • I suppose you think that Associated Press is one of those second rate news outlets too. Not like the real news networks like Fox where they think sunshine comes out of Donald Trump’s ass when they aren’t too busy sexually harassing their female employees.

      I know…fake news, right?

  21. Follow the law and you won’t get pulled over! My family is in the car business and bend over backwards to make sure cars are legal to be on the road, midland NEEDS to be making the money off traffic stops and should not let up, have you seen the garbage people drive down there???? Clean that town up!

  22. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver county. Arrest the Chief and Mayor for official oppression and set an example not to interfere with the law. Of course Loser would say that it cant be won in court so don’t hold your breath. I sure wouldn’t want to go into battle with a leader like that Chief. I wouldn’t follow him across the street.

  23. Just realize this so called America’s Policemen is from a city that prides itself on breaking ever law on the books….”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. I’ve been to Vegas many times and have personally seen many laws broken ….drunks falling over and Police standing by laughing and moving on without an arrest. Porn handed out on the streets in front of police….what hippocrits. Vegas Police are the laziest and dumbest and all should be let go and start over.

    • The only real difference is that here the police don’t laugh at the drunks falling over but instead laugh at the victims that their dogs just mauled. You apparently have never driven through Beaver Falls where the cops just drive past the streetwalkers. I think someone handing out porn is a lesser problem to have.

    • Based on your previous comment you weren’t pulled over “numerous times for no reason.” You were pulled over the first time because of a burned out lightbulb. You were pulled over again a second time a “few weeks” later because you are irresponsible and/or lazy and didn’t replace the lightbulb that you should have taken care of shortly after they pulled you over the first time. You are just such a poor victim of those horrible police officers, aren’t you? Maybe your luck with the police would improve going forward if starting tomorrow you put your big girl britches on each and every morning and begin acting like an adult by taking responsibility for yourself instead of blaming the rest of the world for picking on you.

  24. Last comment from me. The only problem I see is a memo (Internal) released to the media….who ran it (must be a slow week for John Paul). Every Law Enforcement agency has unwritten laws about minor traffic violations….Examples: going over the speed limit…they allow 10 MPH, seat belts, plate lights, small crack in window, winter tires on in summer, etc…..all of these are only ticketed if stopped for some other more serious offense. All the Pros on here are not just from family and friends but respected citizens of the borough who are very pleased of the hard work from the Mayor and Chief. This is not a Vegas sized town but a small community trying to survive.

  25. I don’t understand how the opinion of this guy is relevant to what goes on in our town. He doesn’t live here. Doesn’t know what’s going on. His information is coming from your half assed “investigating.” I would be more concerned with the fact that prior to Chief McCarthy our tax dollars were going to unnecessary stops, entrapment and harassing behavior. What you fail to ask or write about John Paul are the drug busts he’s done since taking over. The amount of money, illegal guns and drugs that are off the street now due to the man who suffers from “testicular loss.” Seems to me it’s quite the opposite. He has enough love for his town and dignity as an officer/chief to finally do something to clean up the streets and you decide to make a mockery of a great man. You have completely failed with this article and if I were you, I’d be embarassed by this type of reporting. But Midland residents are standing being their Mayor and Chief because they are 100% right by their decision. You should really try to find more important things to write about.

    • Ahhhh…So, you were one of the people who called ol’ Poobie and complained and are now happier than a pig in a poke living in Midland now that you don’t have to worry about those bald tires anymore. It comes as no great surprise then that you support this great man the way that you do.

  26. Perhaps the “Voice of American Law Enforcement” would like to chime in with his thoughts on Wijnen-Riems. After all, that started as a ‘you didn’t pull over for another cop even though he didn’t have his lights and siren on so I’m going to harass you’ call. And Wijnen-Reims had no problem manufacturing a reason to arrest the driver. Maybe that’s OK in Vegas, I don’t know.

    I don’t know anyone involved in the Midland case. I’ve got no skin in this either way. I understand what Chief McCarthy was trying to say- lighten up on the BS tickets. There’s no reason to fine someone for simple mistakes. Like several previous commenters said, if you see the same car for a couple days, then let them know and give them a chance to fix it. I really distrust the idea that there’s very many instances where a tail light out leads to any kind of drug bust, or any other escalation. Perhaps some of the police on here can tell us if they see many occurrences of that, but without some kind of evidence to the contrary, I’m skeptical. With that said, it was certainly foolish to put it in writing. UNLESS he’s got some officers who he feels ‘enjoy’ being bullies and fining people for simple stuff, then he’d have been better off just talking to his officers and letting them know his thoughts on the matter. The only reason to put it in writing would be to have written support should the officer continue to conduct him or herself in a manner that runs contrary to the Chief’s direction. In the end, I think it’s a bunch of noise about nothing.

  27. First off for all the people commenting on this post that are not from Midland need to shut the fuck up When your police officers are pulling you over for bullshit and cant tell you what for thats called harrassment and getting on here bashing Keith man sit down somewhere I have seen this man take time out of his day to get out his police car and play football with our children basketball with our children patrol the streets in the
    morning while our children are getting on the bus for school yall have no idea how this man cares for his city regardless of what other people may think of Midland and our chief we love our town and the people in it so all yall can fuck off and worry about the real issues in the world not little old Midland

    • @Midlandpride

      It’s wonderful you have so much beaming pride for your community. That is a fine and solid attribute to possess when attempting to convey to a wide audience your heartfelt, genuine feelings on the matter, however does your intense pride happen to wax and wane like our lunar cycle?!? The reason I ask is your paragraph setup basically……..intro 1st sentence…..ya’ll fuck yerselfs……….huge n valid subject matter………grand finale last sentence….ya’ll fuck yerselfs.

      Again it is commendable to have home town pride, but maybe try to work on consistency and maybe a tad less of th go f yerelfs……IMhO.

      • @Mungo thanks for clarifying that it was hometown pride that she has. I thought it was just a side effect of inbreeding.

      • LMAO. You say my comment was unacceptable for lack of substance. How about “Go pleasure yourself!”

  28. It is an officers duty/job to uphold the law…including vehicle codes! If your vehicle is not up to code, then that’s your responsibility if you get a ticket for it! Vehicles without working tail lights, signals, illegal tiny, etc…all pose potential hazards. That’s why they are in place. Telling your officers to be seen and not heard are stopping them from doing their job and not upholding the law as it should be.

  29. sooo when someone who is speeding, makes a turn, with no turn signal, no tail lights hits a lil kid then you will all be screamin bout “they ain’t doin nothing to keep us safe”!!! Just another reason to get out of the miserable town that is goin to a bunch of drug dealin aholes!! Soo glad my parents got us outta there!!

    • For your sake I hope they moved you into a school district that has a remedial grammar class for you to take advantage of…..

    • I live In New Brighton … I see people pulled over all day and night …. I don’t see people over here raising hell because they feel harassed … and they aren’t pulling me over all the time …. wonder why ? Oh wait … I know why …. my car is legal …. my inspection is current , registration current , insurance current , license valid , all my lights work properly …. lol …. this ain’t rocket science

  30. This article is a bit of a toss up for me. All I’ll say is this; I was driving through midland around 9 pm on a Thursday. I was pulled over for my “illegal window tint”. I drive a car that has ZERO tint whatsoever. I’m talking as clear as a wine glass. The officer then asked multiple times if I was drunk (no). And then attempted to search my vehicle. (Again, no.) when I refused he took my info to his Cruiser for a good 15 minutes, then issued me a verbal warning and to have my tint removed. I literally laughed out loud and drove home. Midland has a history of BS traffic stops, but to only stop someone for a “blatant DUI”… really chief? Good friends with Retired Chief D’itri. Real shame he stepped down.

  31. So citizen’s pay the taxes that pay the police officer’s salaries? This asshat is actually suggesting that the mayor shouldn’t listen to citizen complaints about the police department that they actually pay for???

    The job of a police department is to serve and protect the public. It’s not the job of the police to rule over the public and ignore their issues and complaints. We’re all thankful for the work they do, but some forget that at the end of the day they are answerable to the people who pay their salary.

    And for the record, I’ve witnessed a few stops because the officer “couldn’t read the registration sticker”. So instead of calling the license plate in and having the county check, he just pulled the cars over. Meanwhile some trash was smoking crack behind the VFW, only a few blocks from the police department.

    The mayor and chief are right. Midland has more important things to worry about besides taillights and not being able to see a registration sticker.

  32. Gringo is a douche bag. John Paul is a douche bag.. branchetti is only nice Midland cop there. Every one avoids Midland end of story.. Mike v is a hard working man that makes double what 80 percent of you make and helps his brother and mom.And rest of his family out.. also officer McCoy is super respectful (Beaver) and bo blinn and weighmer reims are tool bags.. bo also cheats on his wife great cops there. Keep the drugs out. Thank you.. but don’t be such a douche bag. also beaver has jurisdiction in midland so did they get that memo as well… idk it’s one thing getting out of towners.. but to literally have the residents of the town hate where they live from unnecessary stops is another thing. Mf beaver countition.. dude is a fraud that exploits people and slanders others.. some may deserve it but dude just seems like he rants more than practicing actual journalism

  33. First paragraph of the quote from Sutton reflects EXACTLY what is going so wrong with the law enforcement community and why there are so many police who are far from protecting and serving vs being bullies. Really a disgusting human…



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