An attorney from Beaver has been disbarred by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court.

John Michael Biondi was disbarred following a complaint issued against him by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Action against Biondi began back in 2011, after the Family Court Administrator of Butler County was repeatedly unable to contact him about domestic relations matters involving several of his clients. Butler County President Judge Thomas Doerr ultimately issued an order removing him from those cases.

The Pennsylvania Office of Disciplinary Counsel attempted to contact Biondi to resolve the issues, but he ignored their letters and phone calls as well.

Investigators for the Disciplinary Board tracked Biondi to “Witch Flavor?” ice cream parlor on Third Street in Beaver, where they hand delivered letters about the disciplinary actions being taken against him.

John Biondi had opened up Witch Flavor? along with a partner back in 2011, although he is no longer involved in the operation of the business.

Investigators reported that Biondi would open the letters handed to him, read them, then summarily dismiss them. He also failed to show up to several admonishment and disciplinary hearings scheduled in his case before the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Biondi refused to provide staff from the Disciplinary Counsel’s office with his current address to send further communications.

“Respondent has made no effort to confront his disciplinary issues and has provided no evidence that he values his privilege to practice law,” wrote the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. “He has forfeited any opportunity to accept responsibility and express remorse.”

The Pennsylvania Office of Disciplinary Counsel recommended that Biondi have his license to practice law suspended for four years for failing to respond to their various inquiries and hearings. The Pennsylvania State Supreme court instead issued a rule requiring him to show cause why he should not be disbarred. After he failed to respond to their letters as well, the Supreme Court issued a final order disbarring him from the Commonwealth.

Biondi could not be reached for comment.

Editorial Note: This article originally identified John Biondi as being an active operator of Witch Flavor? in Beaver. Although his name is still listed on the company’s website and in various state filings, he no longer helps to run the now popular establishment that he once cofounded.


  1. This whole thing makes no sense. Law school is not easy or cheap. Wonder if there is a mental health issue going on.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you, regarding the mental health thing. Maybe he just cracked. Law school may not be easy, but neither is being a lawyer in this area, either.
      I think he just came to the point where he just stopped giving a shit, and chucked it in the fuckit bucket.

      • Honey, I.m baaaaaaaack from doing things instead of complaining. It seems to me the last time I was on someone was telling me where I was stationed in the Military that never served themselves. As well, as non serving woman Raven but I have some time now. Even if what was said about me was true (which it was not) it was far more than Raven or your other buddies ever did. This disbarment of this attorney is nothing more than being thrown out of what the Supreme Court called a club in 1921. It has zero meaning as anyone who saw the case law and the federal law I posted on this site would know. He can continue to practice as long he doesn’t call himself an attorney. Looks like the person Nikki claims didn’t know anything continues to be the only one that has defeated the Sheriff in court. Seems like I did something the Attorney Generals high powered attorneys could not. How about it Nikki how many cases have you won since I have been gone? Spike

      • Nikki, Lets see a person has a mental health issue because they get thrown out of a club? Would it still be a mental health issue if he got thrown out of the YMCA? Spike

  2. What’s more disturbing he was the chairmen of trustees of the CCBC board and big republican supporter in the party in the past, but some chemical mix ups few hit and runs next thing you know your loading mulch at local home store.

  3. Has this man committed a crime? Has he skipped town with a boatload of client retainer funds? Perhaps he has just decided to stop the merry-go round and get off. If no one else has been hurt by his decisions or actions, then I fail to see why this is newsworthy.

    • You state “if nobody was hurt” by his actions. I would like to point you in the direction of the VERY FIRST PARAGRAPH of this story. There were PLENTY of people who were hurt by his actions, or lack thereof, by NOT SHOWING UP to domestic relations hearings. Those hearings are a bitch, and trying to retain a decent lawyer who is well versed in domestic relation law in PA is rather difficult also.

      I’m not so sure that you read the article at all, did you?

      • Nikki, just what was his side of this story? I can’t recall hearing it. I’m sure you would not ever draw a conclusion without hearing both sides. Well versed in Domestic Relations law? Nikki Domestic Relations law goes from page 213 to page 271 in the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and you call learning this much difficult? The Manual to set up and install my computer is longer than that. Spike

      • I’ve been dealing with Domestic Relations court since I was 20 years old. It’s NOT just a few pages in a book, there are a lot of other things that have to be taken into consideration. Do all of us, and yourself a favor, and quit peacocking around. You ONLY won your case against the sheriff BECAUSE the judge’s hands were tied by the law. Should your carry permit been revoked? ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY. And I’m not the only one on here that feels the same.

        Oh, by the way, how are your 4 different civil suits going?

  4. I’m a little surprised no one has connected the dots about Mr. Biondi, Esq. He has ties to the Court House, and was recently divorced from the assistant county solicitor.

  5. Wow Nikki all I did was ask you what the other side of the story you made a determination on was as I’m sure you wouldn’t do something as irrational as draw conclusions on half a story. Silly me I thought Domestic Relations issues were based on the law so I’m right on the edge of my seat waiting to learn just what those other things are? I only won because the judges hands were tied by the law? Isn’t that why you should win a case? That darned old Dennis he only won because he was right about the law and that’s not a good reason. You have said some shockingly stupid things on this site but this one out shines them all. Do you think I should give the permit back, because I was right?

  6. Nikki Supreme Court and Pennsylvania case law are based on Blacks as it it what the court uses for definitive terms. You don’t even know that? Maybe more ink will help? :))))



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