Republican Representative Jim Marshall (left) with Democratic Sheriff George David (right) / Beaver Countian file photo
Republican Representative Jim Marshall (left) with Democratic Sheriff George David (right) / Beaver Countian file photo

A bipartisan delegation of state representatives has met with Sheriff George David, and at least some of those lawmakers are now advocating on his behalf, according to multiple sources in Beaver County and Harrisburg. Independent sources confirm to the Beaver Countian that county officials have been pressured to drop their lawsuit against Sheriff David by state officials, and that lawmakers are drafting legislation which would allow the Sheriff to resume providing security services to private corporations.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that a meeting was held at State Senator Elder Vogel’s Office earlier this month. Those sources say Sheriff David organized the meeting attended by others from his office, along with State Representatives Jim Christiana (R), Jim Marshall (R), Rob Matzie (D), and State Senator Elder Vogel (R). According to sources familiar with the meeting, Sheriff David has convinced lawmakers to put forth legislation that would overturn provisions in the Pennsylvania County Code which makes it a criminal misdemeanor for Sheriffs to provide private security services for outside entities.

Officials in Beaver County have also told the Beaver Countian they have felt pressured by Republican lawmakers to drop their lawsuit against Sheriff David, a Democrat.

Representative Marshall’s political ties with Sheriff David date back to at least April 24th of 2009, when the lawmaker first submitted a proposal to the state legislature on behalf of David seeking to grant Sheriffs full law enforcement powers. On April 13th of 2009, just days before Marshall began circulating his letter to fellow lawmakers, Sheriff David hired the Representative’s brother-in-law, Steven Montani, as one of his Deputies.

Last night Representative Marshall’s brother, Robert Marshall, was elected as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Aliquippa defeating Mayor Dwan Walker’s bid in a landslide 14-3 vote by committeemen. Sources say several others who had expressed interest in the Chairmanship unexpectedly dropped out of the running before votes were cast. Although Sheriff David had provided political support to Dwan Walker in his run for Mayor, sources within the Democratic Party say David and his allies were working behind the scenes to help secure Marshall’s win as Chairman.

Representative Rob Matzie’s ties to David are similar to those of Marshall’s. Representative Matzie’s brother, Mike Matzie, has been a part-time Deputy Sheriff in Beaver County for over a decade. County Officials approved a promotion today for Deputy Matzie to full-time status, filling a position in the Sheriff’s Office which had been left vacant for over two years. Sources say personnel documents approving the promotion began circulating just days after Representative Matzie’s meeting with Sheriff David and other local lawmakers.

Although Representative Jim Christiana and Sheriff George David have kept their political ties quiet, multiple sources within the Democractic and Republican Parties confirm the two have been long-time allies, an allegiance spurred by local real estate tycoon Charles “Chuckie” Betters. Sources say Christiana offered David’s wife Linda a job in his office after her employment as First Deputy Prothonotary came to an abrupt end in January of 2012.

A voicemail message left on Representative Matzie’s cellphone seeking comment was not returned. Voicemail messages left with the communications directors for State Senator Elder Vogel and Representative Jim Marshall were not returned. A message left for Representative Jim Christiana on his cellphone voicemail was also not returned.

Beaver County Sheriff George David has been the target of a Statewide Investigating Grand Jury for nearly a year.



Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Just when you think this can’t possibly get any worse…..this story gets printed. WTF? At this point, I think nothing less than a full-fledged investigation needs to be done.

  2. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things, but Deputy Matzie, from what the article states has been there for several years before his brother took office…and the position he filled was to replace a cherished Deputy who took his own life after finding out he had terminal cancer. I’m guessing they just didn’t rush to fill the position. Plus, if Deputy Matzie has worked there for 10 years part time, don’t you think a full time position is deserved at this point? He’s surely paid his dues.

      • LOther than David…its political suicide. David already hung himself with his acadamy award performance at Friendship ridge..

  3. Can someone tell me why these people would be George David’s puppets. What does he bring to the table, oh yeah, their heads on a platter. Don’t they have mirrors in their house. Don’t they know what toxic is??

  4. What a bunch of sneaking creeps…..They all should be investigated. How did the sheriff hire some one full time when they cry BROKE? What’s the matter with the commissioners wasting our tax money? You keep hiring in the sheriff’s office and they have nothing to do also hired one girl a friend of george’s to be the stole pigeon. Why do you keep catering to him?

  5. First off , what the fuck would Marshall get involved with this trash bag for? Big deal a part time deputy job? Why dirty yourself with scum like Georgie ,Myron and betters they did nothing to help you get elected,

    Rob Matzie attends a meeting who cares, listen and walk everyone is happy, he is a democrat and in the minority, as for brother getting job , DAVE Matzie has been there for 10 years doing his job and should of got one way before some of the other slap dicks, and Georgie blowers he doors his job and does it good and causes no problems,

    This is little mike veons brain child idea, who is that, mister botox and plastic surgery Jimmy Christiana hitting his knees for Betters, just like all the democrats use too now the reformers new generation of transparency Republicans are hitting the fucking knees same way only doing it under the radar little better except for this punk kid.

    1 he said he is against Wams grants, but got 2 million for betters property fit a dock that want even in his district

    2, on the books thousands from betters , Georgie Davids brother and other family members every year

    3 he has lived and still lives in property of betters

    4. He moved and the state pays for his district office in betters rental property in Center township

    5 that’s just a few,

    He is a flipper that loves name dropping, he meets in Aliquippa with the mayor,sheriff and others he has stated he will take Matzie with another democrat The mayor has been heard saying he is running for state rep, just a melting pot of trouble brewing, not what republicans thought they where getting,

    Now marshalls brother is town chair of quip who the hell and where the did he come from lol , well his brother is democrat 95% of the time so its fitting.

    Yeah bring back Marty Matthews this party got strong for a minute , now grand jury investigated democrats are conspiring with party leaders, same dirty money that ran democrats are running your boys whew weeeee , I seen it all now

  6. It only gets better I thought Elder you were smarter than this stay far away or they will bring you down next.It only gets better as time goes on what a joke I GIVE UP ON VOTEING THEY ARE ALL WORTHLESS you scratch my ass and i”ll scractch yours.I think we need a big change in this county and soon you would think it would slow up only gets better that”s something Chuckie tied in with him.Can someone please put out a ad help wanted for the county needed sum honest people that can help run and save us money and get this asshole Sheriff out off there we are going broke.Good job John Paul

  7. Marshall is a clown he is in office cause he want Mike Veon…..

    He barely won his own primary or it could of been anyone at that time, if republicans had balls they run someone against this democrat in Republican Garb, he going to new district next election and Wii be weak against another republican

    Same goes for Jimmy boxing lessons star bucks drinking all day public education hater Christiana , real GOPer run this kid is gone. Take them and creppy sheriff all out

    What a joke agree wit 76/95 add betters to the mix and dirty Aliquippa politics, and sheriff shit, this house is on fire what embarrassment to the republican party where cutting deals and doing dirty work for people that where apart of old democratic machine UNREAL AND IS PROOF NOT RUMOR….. sad joke and if its true about Christiana living in apartments and renting district office off betters , I will guarantee he will have a primary fight.

    Well seems like new attorney general going to have her hands full here again in Beaver County.

  8. Again what a Shame I will vote for a democrat over Christiana if a different qualified meaning real job and pays property taxes before running not like this kid next time, Vogel didn’t even understand what they where taking about so that is a waste of time

  9. Christiana wanted to hire David’s wife, take her see how long it lasts worked with her at the hospital she couldn’t get along with any one and she’s had about 50 jobs since then. GOOD LUCK you and the other girls in the office will need it.

  10. I honestly believe this man has lost his mind! Will someone PLEASE STOP HIM!!! Where is the media??? Where is the State Police??? Where is the AG?? Where is the FBI?? Where is Marty Griffin??? Where are the Commissioners??? WHERE IN THE HELL IS EVERYBODY????

  11. There….is……a……………brewing…….in……beaver county………rolllllllllllling…….in……..the…..deeeeeeeeeeep……..pile of old republican shitttttttttttttt….with …..old….democratic…….shit……………should of voted Paisley…….bring me Vinny back……atleast Gerry got this county some money……Rollin….in….the….deep.

  12. Ding ding ding ding mother fucking dong

    We got a winner sorry no chicken dinner

    All makes sense Charlie Betters is in the mix with fellow CUZ Georgie spread the bread and they will come ehhhhhhh

  13. @ fedup , they are eating free meals rigatoni and pizza and beer at the democratic events and stuff chicken and non carbonated drinks at the republican events to see through the shit to bloated to think

    Either thinking someone is going to take the guns from there hands or cut social security

  14. This is good love the comments,I just looked online holly shit the whole betters and Davids family have tens of thousands to Wonder boy Christiana no wonder he offered that chain smoking women a job and is in bed with sheriff haha

    Where is Act111 please elaborate on this

    What’s next towcimack going to switch to the GOP, and be the emcee of events the annual Lincoln day dinner for republicans going to give out a Jerry LaValle scholarship..

    Wait just in Charlie camp has switched to democrat and going to run for state rep


    • One would hope the BCTimes will publish this info…this needs to be out there for ALL to read!! By the way, good reporting, John Paul!!

  16. Sorry…. Gave thousands to Christiana campaign fund its online at department of state.. Laughing so hard at these idiots

    Hello knock knock he is under investigation by grand jury, let’s get in need with him and the others that have involvement, poir deputies have this Munster family looking security guard negotiating for them with crooks and felons as his right and left hands

  17. Wow, as a loyal Vogel supporter, I can now say, I will never vote for him again. Why would you get in bed with someone under investigation by a Grand Jury? Hope all that drilling money makes you and the family happy, cause I think ur gonna be out of a job soon if ur in bed with Georgie boy.

  18. Wow! As a fairly new resident in this County, all I can say is, sounds like George has enough dirt on all these Politicians to bring them all down. Why else would they support someone in the midst of so much negativity going on? All the time, the locals would like to have you believe they live in Mayberry RFD! This is whacked!

  19. Another sad example of the political leadership in the county today. They get ivolved with this but not one of them has lifted a finger to help Friendship Ridge.

  20. I thought Elder was one of us?! Now he’s in bed with all of these filthy politicians? Say it ain’t so!!

  21. What an absolute bunch of buffoons we’re dealing with here. How embarrassing this is for everyone involved, including the citizens of Beaver County. Fortunately, I do believe we are finally witnessing the death throes of these elected officials, who are concerned more with themselves and their buddies than the citizens they have been hired to represent. We can hire ’em and we can fire ’em. Now lets get at it.

  22. Is the George David signature on the document real or was it filled in by a secretary, deputy, another person or other woman? I really want to know. It doesn’t look like a man’s handwriting, and it’s not initialed, as would be done by a proxy.

    • i have learned after many years of watching these people and have caught them using stamps from the judges sending out illegal orders as well as other documents. Unfortunatly some documents grant an automatic signature so they can use stamps legally on them but they also use them when they are not proper. If you look at the signature under a strong magnfying glass you can tell the difference between a stamp and a real signature. A stamp has high edges. 😎

      • Thanks very much. It didn’t look “real”. I’m new to “automatic signatures” on official documents. That raises some questions for me, but I’m not going to pose them now.

  23. I could be completely wrong, but there appear to be cross-overs in the handwritings on the two documents. If wrong, I apologize for the inference. If right, wouldn’t they be invalid?

  24. Can someone please answer these questions for me?
    . Why is the grand jury taking so long with their decisions?
    . Why would anyone want to associate with George David at this point?.
    Why would the politicians want to change a law that will keep any county from being sued?
    Why are people afraid of such a little, uncouth man?
    I have the answere for you and they are all MONEY. Is this just another way for C. Betters to expand his shiekdom? With Georgie David being his main policeman he can do what ever he wants. He does it now, but with all his people in place it will be easier for him to change the makeup of this county and cost a lot less in the end. These people sicken me, I hope everyone gets caught, but with enough money spread around, it does not look good for the law abiding citizens of this county,

  25. @Megan Brenner: I reread the article twice. I don’t find anything that is unsubstantiated, or at least that cannot be referenced. The average person does not have the means, knowledge or resources to do in-depth investigative reporting about this matter, or others, as JP does. Also, this is not a stand-alone article. It is part of a political historical context of related issues revealed by the BC, and even the BCT, over the past few years. You do have a good point, though, I shall be calling Jim Christiana, the only politician I know personally who is mentioned here, and asking him about this article. I don’t think I would get far if I tried to contact the others mentioned. But, who knows? It might be possible. If it works, or not, I’ll post here regarding the results of my efforts. Thanks for speaking up; this site needs first-hand commenters like you posting here to clarify issues. I’ll start calling tomorrow, when I’ll have time.

  26. @ Megan Brenner carpenter
    do you follow all they tell you, and ever wonder if they are getting the full story?

    And i’m positive your not getting full story and who is all the players in this and the current investigation that was started by a republican attorney general and continued by the current democratic AG which has continued the grand jury along with state police, for the last 8 months I don’t know your how much you are aware of the format , buy to clue you in in simple terms it had to go pretty deep and beyond to last this long. So in short politically speaking it is wrong to be attempting to change any legislation in that position at current time, when investigations are fully under way for far more worse potential crimes and also including this scenario.

    But some things are clear and what is behind this and who all has given a few slices of there sole away.

  27. Lol get your facts straight, get yours quit reading the tea leaves that a few lay down for you, this reeks of political bull shit, that has been going on way to long, I wonder how much you even know of a certain few and secret life style some live MS chairmen

    Because you make a phone call all is well, lol I take the tea leaves comment back your using them for a garnish on your hoagies that your sucking down all day, vogel is only state elected official that is straight on the up and up, rothus on federal, hell I give Matzie more credit than Marshall and boy blunder Christiana which is the pure Eddie Haskell of politics,

  28. This cracks me up…everybody replying that Marshall is no good is either living in their moms basement or has the mind of a 3 year old. He is one of the only if not the only politician that worked for 20 years in a mill and has been in the unemployment line…ask not what your goverment can do for you, get off your lazy asses!

    • BlueCollar…..LOL, that was a hilarious comment. Unless you felt that you made an actual point or were at all serious. If so, yikes!!

  29. The sad thing is he is the political power in this county and has been for years. Of course these politicians are going to support his antics because they need his influence to get the votes. The problem is politicians aren’t in it to better the community they’re there for money and power. We need investigators that aren’t going to indulge in fat pockets or at risk of ostracism to come clean up beaver county.

  30. If the reps and senator want to change the law, that’s their prerogitiive, but right now the sheriff is violating the law. Further, about two weeks ago the state supreme court decided that sheriffs and deputies do not have regular police powers.

  31. Jonie you are the ass clown so get your head out of your fat ass…there have been shootings at malls in schools and on the streets so what makes you think people are safe just because a cop is sitting at the movie theatre. ..a shooter could just go to malmart or into lowes …so its not safe anywhere. ..its a wast of time to just sit at the theatre when there are many other places that could be a target….if its about protecting the kids then they should sit at tropical fun zone and not the movie theatre


    • If the friendship ridge incident was any indication of how his department handles a crisis situation then I pray that the legislature never changes the law. The LAST thing needed at a mass shooting would be a bunch of Barney Fifes trying to take control of it. It is true that there are some people who when given a badge feel as if they are important. We have an entire department who fits this description.

  33. @Jonie dolan….. Your are so clueless its nit about kids, the protection is still there by police departments that are insured and allowed by law.. Your referring to kids, movie theater is covered case closed, football games is school district problem they can get police protection or security from someone else, its not county tax dollars or Towns tax dollars that should pay for it, but what is your thought on doing bars late night parties? Bike runs? Gun bashes ect. On your tax dollars I go to gun bashes and when I found out I was livid some are free service some pay that’s a joke and waste now knowing the law and what the steering powers are that is a hike if you are going to pay get enforcement that is fully allowed to enforce the law

  34. @Megan Brenner: I just called Jim Christiana’s Monaca office, identified myself with my real full name and residence (no, not Rubric) and got a nice response from the secretary. I explained the BC article above, suggested she read it, and asked if the relationship description about Jim C. and the Sheriff were true, and about whether the PA County Code changing efforts by elected officials, including Jim, regarding sheriff deputies were accurate. She asked my interest, and I stated I was just interested in the accuracy of the article. She thanked me, took my phone number, and said that I would be contacted. So, my own research should begin to satisfy your request that readers get involved to obtain first-hand information.

    • @Megan Brennan Carpenter: I received a call-back from Representative Jim Christiana a few minutes ago. He explained the meeting mentioned in the article. I am personally satisfied with his clear response. It was quite productive and made sense to me. The content is verifiable. I shall not repeat the contents of the conversation, even though he said I could repeat it, because I am not a reporter for the BC, it was a personal query, and it would qualify as hearsay anyway. I shall say, though, that there is nothing to hide. It was essentially common knowledge that he shared that can be referenced from other sources. So, Megan Brennan Carpenter’s suggestion paid off. If anyone else needs information of a similar type from an elected official like him, make a call yourself. It’s quite open and easy. And, I was pleasantly surprised; the response phone call came in a little over an hour.

      Whether such positive results will come from phone calls to other elected officials remains to be seen.

    • Rubric, you are always telling people to put up or shut up so I’m going to turn the tables on you this time since you had a personal conversation with Christiana. How did he explain this away?

      Although Representative Jim Christiana and Sheriff George David have kept their political ties quiet, multiple sources within the Democractic and Republican Parties confirm the two have been long-time allies, an allegiance spurred by local real estate tycoon Charles “Chuckie” Betters. Sources say Christiana offered David’s wife Linda a job in his office after her employment as First Deputy Prothonotary came to an abrupt end in January of 2012.

      How do you know what he was telling you was the truth? Since you didn’t get him on the phone when you first called, he had time to “think” about what he was going to say to you. Also, this story broke the day before which also bought him some time to think.

      I think you are intelligent and reflective in your responses, but I need a little more from you on this one before I am convinced that there is nothing shady going down here.

  35. @Megan Brenner Carpenter

    Ask representative Christiana why at this time of 215 on Thursday in Center township at intersection of brodhead and Center grange by papa dukes bar . That the D.E.A is raiding property of a major campaign contributor of his , which had given him thousands.

    who is his brother what is he elected too, why would we change legislation?

    The chickens are coming home to roost.

  36. If their relationships are innocuous, then telephone calls should be returned and statements explaining their meeting and interactions should be answered. Do not quickly forget we are ultimately the bosses of the elected officials and they should answer to those they represent. Instead of fielding 33 phones individually with a prepared response, put it in writing.

    • Pengaroo: I can’t argue with that, but how and where do you propose they post their written summaries? Here? In the BCT? On the Court House wall? Should a secretary be required to be in attendance, as at school board and Borough Council meetings? Should the meetings be recorded for transcription? There is a tactical problem in doing it. Tell them how to do it.

      By the way, Jim Christiana’s phone call response to me was not prepared. It was a conversation, and he answered my questions directly, and in my judgment, honestly. What he said fit the facts as they are known to me. To me, there was nothing obviously evasive evident in his explanations, and I thanked him for his time.

      If other elected officials are not as forthcoming, then we can address that when it happens.

  37. I have strongly stated my support of JP’s reporting here in the past, and I still do. But I must propose less use of “Sources say…” and “Sources tell…” (the Beaver Countian) for reporting purportedly credible statements. Sources must be protected, but such qualifications are not necessarily facts. Also, there are many reasons for a phone call not being returned, one being inability or timing. Readers draw unwarranted inferences from such statements, and they should be used sparingly, and when possible backed up by names.

  38. Center Twp police now patrol the Cinemark so there are armed police officers in the theatre. And I agree with Meg want the real story go to the people involved not some coward hiding in the background.

  39. @ Tim Heyman I couldn’t agree with you MORE.. Jim Marshall should be ashamed of his tenure as a legislator.. Just drive through Beaver Falls .. He hasn’t done much.. I don’t see any private business or manufacturing moving in..only state buildings which means he’s grabbing tax money… Sad excuse for a conservative.. (but then again in my opinion he’s not) But perhaps he can help the Sheriff. And one more thing ..Wake up sheeple and stop being victims.. take a course in how to handle a gun and BUY ONE or TEN. !!

  40. Tough crowd here, Megan Brennan Carpenter. Well, I took your advice today and did some “personal research” on the phone. Perhaps the results and responses give you some more insight into the workings of the commentary here and what happens when we individuals get involved. I could have phoned God, talked to Him personally and had Jesus Christ listening in as he sat right beside me — and there would still have been doubting negative reactions from some of these commenters.

    Forward, regardless. I like your stuff here, though. And yes, I agree; the content here is not all infallible Holy Writ.

  41. Really Rubic – I’m saying really – I’ve read your comments you seem to be an informed Beaver person. Did Jimmie tell you that they all meet at Vogel’s office and played gin and checkers on Saturdays and talked about the sequester with the sheriff. Ask the question what do they all have in common with the Sheriff?? State Reps from both parties they can’t work together in Harrisburg but they met with Georgie on the weekends. The answer is money from CB, jobs in the Sheriff’s Department and legislation to benefit the Sheriff in his quest to be the top cop. Like in the Godfather when the undertaker whose daughter was raped asked Don Corleone for his help and he replied “Someday – and that day may never come – I will ask you to repay this favor!” Get the picture Rubic.

  42. Jonie- how does a deputy in the lobby stop someone from coming in from the back and killing people. I am waiting to see how the Sherrif thing plays out, but honestly . Please do some real research and don’t just beleive everything you read on this website.

  43. Rubic–People wouldn’t be so skeptical if you or Jim would at least explain why they met. It sure makes us think there was some underhandedness going on here.

    • I was told that the meeting was about the PA County Code — to interpret it. And he explained it. If you want to believe otherwise, that is your prerogative. This elaborate speculation about conspiracy theories and dark intentions is precisely why I wrote what I did and why I kept the topic focused upon the one issue. I have nothing more to say, because there is nothing more to say. That was the extent of the conversation.

  44. @ Megan Brenner carpenter @rubric
    @ Steve kochanoeski

    I think sometimes in politics you have to rely on sources say, when some can’t go on record, its called gossip or commentary when its found mostly to be over exaggerated, but being a stern student of this site some I like some things u don’t but one thing is, JPaul doors his homework gets facts and had uncovered and caused change in politics with over 20000 viewers

    Now for this situation i’m sure the source as we say, was either present for meeting or is connected to the meeting and couldn’t be of record for article, never the less I find no fault with meeting if it concerns legislation and it was I’ve of our elected officials and the delegation was present good means they where working.

    But what is strange it happens to be a sheriff that is under grand jury investigation and state police investigation which was started under a republican administration to a democratic change of guard and still continued, which is pretty strong and involves more than just being able to do outside work,

    Which a judge ruled on the law and have clarification, as miss carpenter said she is waiting to see how this plays out so am I, read past post from other articles some have been dead on, this has become more than outside work, terroristic threats, bid fixing, collusion, official oppression, time card fraud, illegal services, bonus gate, theft of services just to name a few all allegations that where well documented through different media and over 100 people called into investigation most recently illegal arrest and forging documentation on a arrest that the district attorney had to step in ask to get some medius time.

    That being said its frustrating why the legislators would even entertain this man until current investigation is concluded, i’m sure they all have better and more important things to take care of for beaver county at this time than a delusional sheriff that had had brushrs with the law for over 30 years and his democratic dealing with aluquippa that he had brought to beaver with his fresh from prison lawyer and his other is currently under investigation for double Billing or theft to, then add the connections with the other fealthy miney that comes with him that was involved with the last group of arrested politicians from beaver county, now they are involved with current officials just seems odd

  45. It is perfectly okay for private concerns to pay their local police dept for extra security. It is not legal under PA law for a county sheriff dept to do so. Our sheriff’s only argument is that “We’ve always done it that way”, and that argument seems to keep losing in court.

  46. I’m not disbuting what he stated to you and I’m not trying to make you defensive. Yikes! Apologies if you’ve thought that!
    All I’m saying is- when you “put it in writing” – you put it on record. Meaning- someone can go back and recall precisely what was stated. Good or bad. I find it odd that he feels comfortable to answer your questions, setting the “record” straight for you, but hasn’t ( at least to my knowledge) returned a phone call to the BC and therefore – putting it writing for the rest of us. I suppose if they have nothing to hide, why not return the call?

  47. Hey Rubic are you telling me Vogel, Marshall and Christiana are going to interpret the county code. They have attorneys in Harrisburg. A phone call by sheriff to anyone of them would suffice. YOU’VE BEEN CATFISHED

  48. I told you people before the Ohioville mess along with this- you may loke the State Police for citing you on 60, but they are one of the best law enforcement agencies in the country…they will clear this up, trust me…if any worng doing has been done, they will nail him.

  49. @Well Well: I refuse to try and unscramble your fragmented and texted post. I tried once, but I won’t again. Like my posts or not, at least they are readable. Maybe JP should add a grammar and mechanics checker to the spelling checker.

  50. @Rubric-Did you run out of syrup for those waffles? What the hell? Are you really that gullible?! Snap out of it already!

    • What is missing from this article, and comments, is logic. Let me explain. For example: If A is true, then B is true. A is true. Therefore, B is true. Or even more “complicated”: If A is equal to B, and B is equal to C, then A is equal to C. Simple. Everyday syllogisms. The article is founded upon hearsay, suggestion, inference and implication of relationships among the subject matters and events that are not logically demonstrated or proven by supporting facts. Yet, readers accept them as fact from false or unproven premises and make their own allegations based upon them. I don’t have time now, but I’ll get back to you about the specifics later, when I have time to dissect the contents.

      And, I don’t waffle with syrup. I make mid-course corrections when necessary. That’s what got us to the Moon and Mars.

      • It is my opinion that John Paul has crossed the line from objectivity in reporting into subjectivity and selectivity in his information collection for his news coverage, and, has perhaps unwittingly become a co-participant in his article content. To me, the shift has been gradual, but I think that it is affecting his credibility in some of the things that he writes. As I said above, this will become apparent when I explore it later.

      • you got all that from one conversation with jimmie huh? puppets never talk about the ones pulling the strings and you know nothing about them :lipsclosed:

      • Ok Rubric and a few days ago you were posting you thought all of the documents on here had forged signatures or all the signatures looked like they were done by the same person or maybe there were robots or secretaries signing papers. Go take your meds.

  51. I’m not sure what to take away from the article, but as I stated before a comment on the record from the people involved, about the meetings might help put suspicions to rest or perhaps even raise more. Who knows.

    Why won’t they comment publicly?

  52. @Megan it’s called having a first responder on hand I know personally knowing that deputy is standing there makes me feel alot better when my 17 year old daugher goes to the movies I dont have to do any research and I dont believe anything I read I go by what I know and one thing I know is that Sheriff David is one hell of a guy and I would vote to reelect him anyday!

  53. I wouldn’t trust anyone at that courthouse. I did and I was backstabbed. Left hanging. You just never know who is lying and who is telling the truth.



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