State Representative Jim Marshall / press photo

State Representative Jim Marshall (R-Beaver/Butler) has issued a co-sponsorship memorandum seeking support in Harrisburg for a proposal to give Sheriffs and their Deputies full law enforcement powers.

Representative Marshall — whose brother-in-law is part-time Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Montani — issued the following memorandum to his colleagues in the State House on January 25th:

“I plan to introduce legislation to amend Title 42 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues, the Judicial Code, to vest Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs with the same power to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth as currently possessed by municipal police officers.

“For many years and through numerous court cases, the authority, powers and duties of the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs of Pennsylvania have been questioned and challenged. This proposal will delineate those issues.

“Please join me in co-sponsoring this legislation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

The proposal by Representative Marshall comes at a time when Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy has been facing budget constraints and criticisms from the Board of Commissioners, who say Guy has been attempting to overreach his statutory authority by inserting himself and his Deputies into functions that are outside the scope of his office.

Under the Pennsylvania County Code, the Sheriff’s Office is considered an arm of the courts, and unlike police officers, Sheriff’s Deputies do not have any investigative powers. The job functions for Sheriff’s Offices in Pennsylvania include providing courtroom security, transporting prisoners, serving civil papers for the court and executing warrants.

Prior proposals to give Sheriffs full law enforcement powers have been met with wide-spread resistance. Statewide law enforcement organizations have previously released statements against the initiative, including the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, the Chiefs of Police and District Attorneys Associations.

The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association has previously taken a position that it would be more beneficial to have local police departments consolidate into regional forces than to authorize Sheriff’s Offices as additional law enforcement agencies.

Back in 2013, Representative Jim Marshall proposed legislation which would have allowed Sheriff’s Deputies to contract out their official services to private corporations. Marshall’s proposal came at a time when the Board of Commissioners was engaged in litigation against then-Sheriff George David, who was found to have violated provisions of the Pennsylvania County Code by ordering his Deputies to provide security to companies like Cinemark and industrial properties owned by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters. Marshall’s measure failed to garner support.

An attempt by Sheriff Tony Guy to promote Deputy Steven Montani to full-time status was blocked last year by County Commissioners, who refused to sign paperwork approving payment for the move, and then voted as members of the County Salary Board to eliminate the office’s vacant full-time positions.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Are all Sheriff Departments as corrupt as the one’s locally? If not then I fully support this. They should be able to do their job to the fullest capacity.

    • Their job is to serve warrants, provide transportation for the jail and security for the Courthouse….Where does it say that the deputies have powers of the real police?

      • In AZ deputies are real police—they have the same power in the counties that the police dept has in the city limits. I don’t why its such a big deal here.

    • They aren’t as highly skilled and vetted as the State Police, so I vote no and am disappointed in Marshall for floating this plan. We should be recruiting someone to run against him.

  2. Did this idiot do any type of study as to what this would cost the citizens of Pennsylvania ? You would have a bunch of yahoo deputies out there running up overtime and performing overlapping duties with the police. Not to mention the cost in additional equipment and wear and tear on current equipment and vehicles. This is just a flat-out stupid idea and a costly one at that.

    • I have to agree Buzzkill, clearly if given an enigma this guys brains would leak out. Every major agency for law enforcement listed says that its not a viable shift in powers. Aside from that as you stated the resulting taxes would be horrific. Why not simply as a legislature put in a motion to examine existing departments and reiterate to them what their budgets and duties presently allow.

      • @Mr Eric…….Mungo is “puzzled” as to what enigma is made of that allows it to leak? It’s no mystery that this fella is lacking in grey matter! But the conundrum that presents itself here is no riddle, only to Mungo perhaps! Simple clarification would clear things right up! Thanks in advance…

    • This idiot is obviously being bullied by his close friends and relatives EMPLOYED by the Sheriff’s Office. He needs to bury is empty head back in the ass he popped it out of. The Sheriff does not need any more authority than what he has now. I’m so tired of these fucking retards finding ways to take more of our money. This piece of shit needs replaced

  3. This is almost moot at this point anyway. DA Lozier already managed to get a resolution passed that allows him to deputize whoever he wants to be part of his drug task force, essentially giving those ‘deputies’ the power to investigate and arrest. They’re going to keep pushing this either through the front door or the back door. At least Marshall is has the decency to try the front door. Meanwhile, our back doors are already being violated, so to speak.

    • In case the DA is reading this, moot means irrelevant. I realize that ‘moot’ is often used in terms of the law and the law doesn’t seem to be the DA’s strength. Mr. Lozier, you’re welcome.

  4. OMG….Can you imagine the damage these ‘wannabes’ will cause….Most of them are political cronies of the Sheriff and have no or very little training. The Courts will be overwhelmed with lawsuits for illegal arrests being made by the undertrained deputies. When will these people understand that this is not Allegheny County, which actually has a County Police force? The Sheriff’s office has defined duties…..leave it at that. If they want to be cops, then get trained as a Police Officer and get an actual Police job.

  5. Chris Kurtz, its not their job. their jobs are outlined above. as it is, they can’t do their job without getting overtime. adding additional responsibilities would only cost the taxpayers more.

  6. My theory is that the State-level politicians are trying to justify their existence right now. There has been a lot of talk about shrinking the size of the General Assembly. Adding more responsibility to the state-level agencies and taking it away from locals means Jim and friends might not have their cushy jobs eliminated. Everyone knows that we’re playing a huge game of musical chairs and the music is about to stop. They would rather see the odd man out be the local police departments rather than themselves. There are only so many dollars to go around and Jim/Jim want it going through their pockets.

    • Elaborate on this a bit please? Its appears you are up on a few missing details in “The days of Beaver County” drama of corruption and nepotism

      • It definitely has to do with your Daddy’s employment do you think Marshall is going to bat for the greater good? Get your head out of your ass and go ask Uncle Jimmy why?

      • Tony, you sound just like daddy. I punk ass blow hard. I wonder, do you have a
        S I S T E R LOL

    • Lenny, Spot on brother. He is being bullied by the bullies in uniform. This is the dumbest attempt at power grab I have seen in a while

  7. Reading the Beaver Countian this morning made me want to vomit and laugh at the same time. Here is a perfect example of why relatives/friends should not be hired. I am fortunate that I moved out of Beaver County, but I have moved to a smaller county that is almost as corrupt. The Beaver Countian helps to fight this corruption, people listen to J.P. fight this cancer of nepotism! Don’t be sheep, fight this with all your might. Remember people like Fratangeli who filed a false affidavit, Tallon and his back seat loving, David and his empty gun. Stop Marshall! I am fighting in my new county because I am retired and no one can threaten my children or my job now. Make sure you let Harrisburg know what is going on and you are not going to put up with it anymore.

    • Here is a link to the State Representatives and PA Senators of Beaver County. From this link you can click on your perspective State rep/senator name and find contact information. I highly suggest contacting these officials and letting them know how you feel about Jim Marshall Controversial Proposal to give the Beaver county sheriff’s office full police powers at our expense and without proper police training. This will have a much larger impact then just posting a comment on the Beaver Countian. (although I do suggest doing both so our voices are heard.)

  8. If the Sheriff’s Department gets full police powers, then the next logical step in this power grab would be to eliminate all the local police departments in Beaver Co. All local law enforcement could be consolidated under the Beaver County Sheriff’s Dept. into one law enforcement body for the entire Beaver County. Imagine the overall budget savings eliminating all the Chiefs of Police, Assistant Chiefs, Captains, & so on. Each local government could allocate formerly budgeted money from local police depts to support a leaner law enforcement body under the Beaver Co Sheriff. Did anyone else consider this eventual possibility?

    • That has to be paid for and it would be paid for by a huge increase in county property taxes. Communities with less crime would be forced to subsidize policing for communities with more crime. We all see how much deputies are making ($100,000+) so I can’t imagine it would be cheaper.

      If you have been following the history of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department you should know why having them as the sole law enforcement agency in the county is a very bad idea.

    • Have you considered that a state-sponsored law enforcement agency would be about as efficient as every other state-sponsored anything? What’s the current budget deficit in PA right now? $3 billion? Yeah, let’s let them take everything over.

    • @Hall
      I believe you are living in a fantasy world. We already have a law enforcement agency that has county wide jurisdiction. In fact, it has State wide jurisdiction but we still have local police. Your philosophy sounds like a great idea but unrealistic. It is already proven it will never happen.

    • Hall Gary while your are in that dream state, imagine this. Those you bring into the fold will need retraining, and you can’t just rid the workforce of Chiefs of Police, Assistant Chiefs, Captains, & so on. Let us delve deeper into you whimsical daydream, Should the present Sheriff, who has proven he cannot oversee a budget, be appointed Grand PooBah.

    • Or they can get rid of the sheriff’s department and have the police do the jobs instead of promoting the political corruption that has always been our sheriff’s department…

  9. Once the civil, and Muslim war starts the government can use all of the help it can get. But they will need training,pushing pencils and working the street are 2 very big different things.

    • Like Ohioville Police (Mayberry). I think last year I seen an actual policy vehicle on our roads maybe a hand full of times last year. And we know they are not fighting crime, houses here has been getting broke into for 2 or 3 years “The Daytime Bandit”. They could not catch him if he broke into a cops home, while he/she was home! Then they normally don’t even let the residents know. Last week a 14 year old was home alone when it happened. People need to know. Anyways, we don’t need the sheriff’s department adding to the “lack of doing” more of a job they can’t handle.

  10. This is ultimately not about County Sheriffs. County Sheriff’s derive their power from the County Code, which is a state law. This is a State power play. And it’s not about enforcing the law, it’s about money. Money that citizens pay to local municipalities does not go through the state in any way. THAT is what this is all about. If you grant these extended powers to the County Sheriffs, you have to manage it at the state level. New agencies, oversight committees, etc., etc. This is a move by Jim/Jim to protect THEIR jobs.

  11. Just to draw the parallel, why do you think Christiana has a woody for PA Cyber Schools? It’s because it diverts local taxpayer money to the state where he can get at it. It is ALWAYS about money with these guys. They are using their legislative power to fill their pockets.

  12. What did James Christiana promise you, Ron Marshall? Who in your family or friends is waiting in line for a job? What will Tony Guy do for you? Give you free public speaking lessons to fool the masses with alternate facts? Help you win the next election? Of course. That’s it. Start planning now for the next one with the Courthouse cosa nostra on your side.

    You are nothing but a fucking lap dog. You have never been a sharp knife in the drawer, but this stupidity finally confirms how dull you really are. The whole thing is so transparent that General Motors will be using it to replace the windows in their new cars.

    You are an asshole, and it is time for you to leave politics for good.

    Tony Guy, Tony Guy, Tony Guy. Nice move, Tony. Who’s next?

    • There you go Raven…another county job that was obtained by using a hook. When does anyone hear the name Jim Marshall?? Doesn’t this drone have more important things to do than stick his nose into the county Sheriffs Dept?

      • I think someone got to him. He’s not smart enough to do this on his own. Tony’s running out of wild cards to play his hands.

  13. what a shock to a stale culture…finally the notion that it is stupid and expensive to do local policing on a postage stamp basis might be taking hold?…imagine the millions and millions that could also be saved with regard to land use, schools and infrastructure by entering a 21st century structure of government…budget problems solved right there, but local officeholders and muckity mucks hold us all hostage to preserving the mediocre status quo

  14. looks to me like someone bought themselves a state rep to further their cause with the sheriffs dept

  15. Why in GODS name would the Sheriffs Dept want more authority and more responsibilities when they are already operating with a restricted budget? And something else…..leave our cars in our lot at night. Drive your own car!

    • I look at it as an attempt to validate the Sheriff’s department, John Q. From that, an expansion of duties would be “justified”, and they could operate in coordination with local police departments, FBI, State Police, etc. Lots of overtime, all hands on deck 24/7, kennels of drug sniffing canines, armed to the teeth with AR’s, the whole nine yards, Beaver County’s new Goon Squad. Hell, buy a tank and have some real fun. I think Guy will continue to do stuff like this until he succeeds or is voted out of office. He should have stayed on with the State Police as a consultant, office boy or something. He will never accept being lesser than he was. It was a bad career move, and now everyone is paying for it. This has nothing to do with Jim Marshall. He’s just a patsy.

      Wayne Kress for Sheriff. Please.

  16. Next Budget Meeting with the Commissioners:

    Tony: ‘My deputies are so qualified and valuable that Jim Marshall is proposing that they be credentialed as police officers. That will mean, of course an increase in salaries. And the citizens of Beaver County, and the Courthouse, will be safer. Pleases order new signs for the Courthouse Police Department, Chief Tony Guy in charge.”

  17. Jim Marshall is an idiot! The last thing Beaver County needs is MORE government monies for the thieves to divvy up. Finds someone to run against this idiot and let him get a deputies job from the Midget. My question is: JIm Marshall, shouldn’t you be working a balanced budget instead of getting involved with thugs like Tony the Midget? Do the job the taxpayers are paying you for and stay the hell out of the sewer we call the courthouse. Remember, these so called deputies are cronies and political hacks, NOT law enforcement and never will become qualified. keep wasting your time. When does the Midget get any work done when he’s constantly kissing peoples ass for help. Sandie has got you frustrated eh little runt? Maybe get your wife involved to fight your battles you loser. Dan Camp, go look in the men’s room and find your balls. Once they screw Sandie over you are NEXT!! Don’t be so naïve!

  18. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Hey political hack, a vast majority of Sheriff Deputies don’t have the required training. They also don’t have the time to do their actual jobs such as serve the thousands of warrants that are on file let alone be Police Officers. His brother in law is a Deputy or so I’ve heard so this may be where it is originating. In Sheriff Davids day, you would be hired and given a uniform and gun without any training. You would then start work the next day. He actually had people in the movie theatre providing security with zero training.

  19. I’d rather give every thug in the county a gun and protect ourselves. We only need to protect ourselves from the government! Again, time to hire more family and friends. F-ck the taxpayers!

  20. Fortunately this has been tried many times and failed every time…. It will fail again this time too for two reasons. First, in counties with smaller towns and unincorporated areas who currently utilize the state police as their primary law enforcement they would be faced with a money dilemma. They can’t afford to increase the size of their sheriff departments in order to allow them to exercise this new power. Second, and more importantly there is no judge willing to risk less security in their courtroom or late prisoners for trial because the deputies are busy playing one Adam twelve. EVERY judge is very politically active even though it is often times not publicly noticed…. There’s not one lawmaker who is going to go against the entire population of judges in the state.

    That all being said, Jim Marshall has just demonstrated the best possible reason to make this his last term. HOPEFULLY the voters have wised up and will send him to Farmer Elder’s farm to milk cows.

      • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. No it’s not Rick Crawford, because they would have to go to a Police academy to be trained to become certified Police Officers . I would assume the County would have to pay for that and it is tens of thousands of dollars for each person. Again, they don’t dedicate their resources now to get THEIR work done let alone doing Police Work. I was told there were upwards of 2000 pending warrants in this county. Take those bad people off of the streets and it will reduce crime which will help us all. Friggin Amateurs.

    • They’re already making over $100,000..what do you think they’ll be making at the taxpayers expense.. look at ball the over time already doing what they do…you’d have to hire even more deputies just to cover what is added to them.. its total bs.. I pay enough I taxes already
      I don’t want to have to pay any more then l already do..

  21. This is how most of the country functions…. county wide policing has so… many benefits… been saying this for years. the bigger cities still need local police but all these lil municipalities no way…

    • And in other states where sheriff departments have investigative and arrest powers they hire candidates who are fully qualified on day one. In this state there are no requirements to be hired as a deputy (except for knowing someone who works in the courthouse or is willing to blow the sherrif). So, the cost of getting the entire staff certified would be astronomical. The more comments that you make demonstrate how little you actually know compared to what you think. You’d be smart to quit while you’re ahead.

    • Pa Sheriff’s deputies attend and graduate a very similar training (Act 2 Sheriff’s Academy) as any other Municipal police officer in the state (Act 120 Municipal Academy). Sheriff’s are utlilized in almost every other state without issus and they still have local and state police departments. What evidence can you provide to assume it would be an different here? There is none. Not to mention Governor Wolf’s proposal to tax every municpality in the state that utilizes state police covage now. There are approximately 2800 sworn deputies in Pennsylvania that could immediately start local partols and do it cheaper then the taxation Gov Wolf is proposing for full time state police covage. I think it’s at least worth a good look.

    • Exactly!!! Sheriff’s are utlilized in almost every other state without issus and they still have local and state police departments. What evidence can they provide to assume it would be an different here? There is none. Not to mention Governor Wolf’s proposal to tax every municpality in the state that utilizes state police covage now. There are approximately 2800 sworn deputies in Pennsylvania that could immediately start local partols and do it cheaper then the taxation Gov Wolf is proposing for full time state police covage. I think it’s at least worth a good look.

  22. Just what is needed here in Beaver county give the corrupt maniacs more of exactly what THEY want. Same story over and over again with these people. Let them finally get it through there heads that there time of getting away with there deals and maneuvering in the dark are over someone has turned the lights on.

  23. Didn’t montani give underage kids booze and got axed from his job? Just one of the many stories from that office. I could’ go on and on. But what do you expect being led by tony the ass!!!

  24. It appears that Christiana & Marshall did not listen to the taxpayers of Beaver County. NO means NO more helping yourselves.

  25. Gee, Rip. Are you sure about this??? Some of those deputies might end up in a position to arrest each other.

  26. Talk about the police state.. once this happens say good by to your local know this would be the next phase in this move by the sheriff’s office.. once they gain this authority…look at the small town already consolidated PD’s. Because they couldn’t afford the ones they had.. wait till your taxes jump so high that it would be the only way to have protection was to join the others that will be policed by the sheriffs department to protect your community..

    • Sheriff’s are utlilized in almost every other state without issus and they still have local and state police departments. What evidence can you provide to assume it would be an different here? There is none. Not to mention Governor Wolf’s proposal to tax every municpality in the state that utilizes state police covage now. There are approximately 2800 sworn deputies in Pennsylvania that could immediately start local partols and do it cheaper then the taxation Gov Wolf is proposing for full time state police covage. I think it’s at least worth a good look.

  27. The state is three billion in debt, the truly unemployed are waiting endlessly for their Unemployment compensation because of staff reductions yet we see no movement toward reducing the size of the General Assembly…no work actually gets accomplished because our elected idiots devote so much of their time to the needs of the lobbyists. After all, votes cost money..and do our elected idiots actually think we believe them when they proclaim lobbyists do not influence their votes. Vote them all out, everyone..the good and the bad..clean slate. Unfortunately for the voters, many of the idiots run unopposed.

  28. Consider also the increase in costs to hire people to perform the duties now performed by the sheriff’s office.

  29. Sounds like a power play for Jimmy C. His best bud Guy gets the power, and now has more leverage against the commissioners.

  30. ”This would be no different than giving police powers to the Cosa Nostra and deputizing it’s minions! Nothing more than a power grab, a way to keep Beaver County Tax payers in line…if you know what I mean!!

  31. Have you seen/heard what that department has managed to “screw up” over the years. All they need now is MORE irresponsible “power” and a bigger budget and we’d have to declare a State of Emergency.

    • I think all of our police agencies are doing a great job, however we also have local and state police officers who have been arrested charged and convicted of much of that same crimes here in PA. Sheriff’s are utlilized in almost every other state without issus and they still have local and state police. Why assume it would be any different here?

  32. Untrained boot lickers and political hacks with more power. What could go wrong? Their real full time duties would continue to be aiding and abetting RICO statute violations by drug dealers and local politicians like the “families” businesses. Over 2000 warrants but plenty of time for the Midget to cry for help in his battle for a gestapo all his own. Get everyone in Aliquippa a job as sheriff’s. That would work out great. All crooks and hacks under one umbrella led by the worst personnel manager to ever slither the earth. Park the damn cars too, they are the taxpayers property not your family car you thieves.

  33. Here is what I see as problematic:

    “For many years and through numerous court cases, the authority, powers and duties of the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs of Pennsylvania have been questioned and challenged. This proposal will delineate those issues”

    So, what we are saying is that deputies are overstepping their authority and job description. Instead of requiring them to limit their activities to what they exist to do, it is now better to just give them the authority that they are taking, even though they don’t have it? Seems like a strange reaction to me.

    Why now? What has recently changed in Pennsylvania that makes it necessary to change the role of deputies? Did I miss something?

    Also, if implemented, can we expect a reduction in the count of municipal policemen? Will they like and support that?

  34. I can see it now, Sheriff Dept. speed traps everywhere….(of course, to protect us). But hey, what a great way to raise money for the county coffers. 😉

  35. Focus on the big picture. Do you see a pattern here? Every time javens name is mentioned in a story they throw out more bullshit javens is the one to consentrate on shes the big fish in all of this shit

  36. I’m not gonna sling shit here on anyone, or hide outside the county to drop names of people that you use to kiss there ass when you worked for the county or almost Civigenits. What I will say is there a a lot of professional people in the sheriffs department that never get mentioned. I might not like all that is said and done but for now Tony Guy is the sheriff and Donald Trump is the president find a way to work with them and respect the position. You didn’t have the balls to fight the system when you were in it

  37. This is the mission statement from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone see where they need a canine unit, ESU or any other bullshit that Tony is throwing out there? Doesn’t appear any need for neo Nazi “special forces”. Power play by our local hacks and that’s that. if this were to come to fruition our taxes will go through the roof and crime will not drop one percent since all we are doing is arresting the street level guys every other month for headlines while the big fish keep reeling in the dough and dispersing it to friends and family. it’s the Beaver County version of “Catch and Release” for good statistics but the epidemic continues. Throwing more money at a corrupt government is never the answer. Taxpayers unite against corruption. Call the FBI and report what you know, 412-432-4122

    The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county and is called upon in times of riot, strikes, patrolling duties, courthouse security, and the transportation of prisoners, juveniles, and mental patients.

    •Conduct the sale of real estate and personal property
    •Serve civil processes (lawsuits), PFAs (Protection from Abuse Orders), subpoenas, and other legal documents
    •Issue licenses to carry concealed weapons, licenses to sell firearms, and licenses to buy and sell precious metals
    •Serve criminal, domestic relations, and bench warrants
    •Provide transportation for prisoners and dependent / delinquent children as per court orders
    •Provide security for the county courthouse, properties, and county parks
    •Enforce court orders and injunctions
    •Enforce laws of the commonwealth and to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  38. Sure, lets just expand their powers, because they already dont abuse the powers they have. They dont act with complete disregard to the wishes of the public or county commissioners. they arent using privately owned dogs to do the work, and illegally contracting side work, all while the tax payers fund their personal dogs vet bills and food. lets just give em full police powers and not worry that anything extrajudicial will happen. there will be no abuses of power or privileges and they certainly wont disregard actual law or their duty to respond to the chain of command. how is this even a thing when every article i read about the sheriffs department is negative and the current commissioners are trying to restrict the office? am i in bizarrro world? Maybe Marshall should read about what some sheriffs depts actually get up to.

  39. The people of Beaver County can’t afford to pay the sheriffs dept with the duties they have now how high will our taxes go if they expand their duties?

  40. I think Dave Pyle did sling shit. He forgets certain situations, I will try to refresh his memory. Remember the officer who kicked a handcuffed inmate because the inmate called him a name? Remember the officer who wore a tuxedo while at work at the jail? Remember the officer who still doesn’t know when to use they’re, there or their? Remember the officer who was in the RHU and needed help? Remember when some officers did not respond in a timely manner for her “All Guards” call? Some of these situations you were directly involved in. You gave your all to the jail when you worked there and I applaud your dedication to your job, but unfortunately I remember you saying, “You know her, she is a (religious affiliation) you know their kind they fuck each other in their churches.” I gave 30 years to my job and did my best, I never watched anyone suffering and sided with the aggressor, something I don’t think you can say.

  41. Oh great…then little tough guy Dave Hunter will have full police powers to abuse. This proposal is asinine.

  42. Trina Gonzalez I applaud your interpretation of 35 years of working in a jail under the conditions you and I had to work with. Although your perspective may have been clearer if your head wasn’t so far up Ethel’s and the Warden’s ass. It’s easy playing Monday night football on Tuesday morning but most of the time my crew was in the front line when the ball snapped up you made it a point to always be as far as possible Out Of Harms Way. You were excellent at playing managements let’s see how the wind blows before you would committ – never a leader no balls and no back bone leadership. I could elaborate on your numerous negative episodes but that would degrade my integrity. Have a nice day you live with your past for I sleep well at nite

  43. Some of these deputies who want full powers were not very good street cops as it was. That’s why they ended up where they are. All they did was rape the system. Glorified mail men. Half of what they do can be done electronically. Maybe Marshall needs to introduce legislation to allow for legal process to be served by digital format instead of this losing legislation.

  44. You David Pyle are right in not elaborating on my numerous episodes, because I can dish it out back to you. I will only say that Aunt Bea called for help and it arrived too late because within 48 hours she succumbed to the mistreatment from your crew. You might not have any blood on your hands, but you know how others treated her and you turned your back. How well do you sleep now?


    • Darrin PA SHERIFFS ARE COUNTY POLICE AT ONE TIME SHERIFFS WERE THE ONLY FORM OF POLICE IN PA. Allegheny County PA THE SHERIFFS HAVE 100pct FULL POLICE POWER SINCE THE 90s WHY DOESNT ANY ONE COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT? ITS BECAUSE ALLEGHENY COUNTY SHERIFFS ARE A VITAL AGENCY FOR PITTSBURGH AND THE SURROUNDING AREA. Why can’t all sheriffs go back to having FULL POLICE POWER LIKE ALLEGHENY COUNTY??! Lack of knowledge about sheriffs in PA seem to be the biggest problem and wanting to penalize 66 other sheriffs or I should say 65 because as stated allegheny sheriffs are full police for what one county has done?? You do realize Ohio, NEW YORK, New Jersey, WV and Maryland sheriffs are all FULL POLICE. It makes no sense that PA SHERIFFS ARE NOT IN EVERY COUNTY BUT ONE.

  46. This is a perfect way to help balance the state police budget Gov wolf, the state police and the Pennsylvania chiefs of Police association has been trying to ram down our throats. Giving the county sheriff’s departments there investigative and arrest powers back would put roughly 2800 sworn deputies back on the streets to help state and local law enforcement cover the gaps in coverage throughout the state, and help the whinneing state police with there budget issues. The problem is the state police and the past chiefs association will never allow it to happen. Giving the sheriff office his powers back would threaten the states budget. Any other state in the U.S that utilized it’s sheriff’s office as they were intended knows that the main police authority in the county in the sheriff’s. The PA state police fear that like know other. Thrust me they will fight this tooth and nail.

  47. I recently viewed the March 19th Edition of the Standard Speaker talking about Governor Wolf’s proposal to tax all Municipalities in Pennsylvania who utilize State Police Coverage. My question is wouldn’t it be cheaper on all Municipalities to instead back State Representative Jim Marshalls push to amend Title 42 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues, the Judicial Code, to vest Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs with the same power to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth as currently possessed by municipal police officers.This would not only put approximately 2800 sworn deputies currently working in PA back out on the streets assisting other local and state police departments with crime, But would also help in closing the coverage gaps in Municipalities that don’t have there own police departments. County wide Sheriff’s departments are utilized in most every other state as county police and should and would certainly help in Pennsylvania as well. If the state police and Governor Tom Wolf truly wants to help Pennsylvanians and Municipalities. Then why not make this a serious option. Unless the state police is just interested in our tax dollars and not truly doing what is cheapest and most effective for the residents.
    Thank you for your time.



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