State Representative Jim Christiana / press photo

State Representative Jim Christiana (R-15) has released a video officially announcing his candidacy for United States Senator.

The announcement can be viewed in full below:

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Smart play by Christiana….Sen Bob Casey is ripe for an upset. Casey is a lazy politician with no real accomplishments at any of the positions of trust the public has given him. Positions that he got because he has the same name as his father, a man of conviction and true accomplishment. Casey is a lazy politician, but an even lazier campaigner. He very well could be upset by a hard driving and high energy opponent.

    • That hard driving, high energy opponent would have to have smarts….Wonder Boy is a little short in that department.

    • Christiana has no chance to upset Bob Casey. Bob Casey is not lazy but Toomey is. I have very detailed feedback from Casey on various work he has done, addressing my concerns. Just got a letter from Toomey that did not directly address either concern I had. Or how about Toomey’s reluctance to have town halls? He advocated for a digital town hall. Yeah, right. The only time he is visible to PA voters is right before the primary.

  2. Arm chair quarterbacks on political front stand by and cast doubt, lol lol lol.

    Jimmy boy wins by 5 points

    This state of politics hungry for fresh, new energetic.

    Hopefully he stays true to democratic voters that made him relevant. If so he will win easy and be moving up from there…..

  3. Jimmy is a putz. But he will be way better than that empty suit known as Bob Casey. Casey is a know nothing, do nothing….nothing.
    Unless somebody better comes along, (NO, not Fetterman) Jimmy the putz got my vote while I hold my nose.

  4. We don’t even like Christiana- and he lives here. I don’t care how much of a Koch lover he is- not gonna happen.

  5. Tight pants hasn’t done anything for Beaver County yet in however long he’s been in office… unless it involves the cyber charter school

  6. Representative. Senator. Governor. None of those will fit you until you keep your nose and hands out of LOCAL politics. Nice homey video, but totally irrelevant, because senator is a state job, as is the representative gig. Pulling strings at the Courthouse is where you have chosen to make a difference. Drop that dubious achievement connection, and I might take you half seriously. Did you consult with Tony, Dave, Dan, Connie, et al, about making this move? What’s in it for them? Local boy and state job plays well at the local restaurant, but they are mutually exclusive. Get a shave and pants thst fit and come back when you are serious. Maybe finish correspondence law school and run for judge against Myron. That would help all of us. And, you could use the same video.

  7. I guess he thinks his chances of running the county are better if he calls from a DC area code.

    What’s the matter, Jimmy, haven’t you sucked enough from the government payroll teat?

    In order to run for a higher office you have to have a record of accomplishment. What does he have to show for his time in office? A lot of meddling in county business, a lot of controversy, and absolutely zero accomplishments.

    So if I were him I’d be working harder on my plan B because the chances of beating an incumbent who is highly popular in eastern PA is about as likely as our esteemed DA announcing charges against our treasurer in the friendship ridge theft of county funds.

    Don’t worry, Jimmy, McDonald’s is always hiring….. If you work really hard you might make your way to assistant manager in no time.

  8. So now that he’s running for a U.S. seat how much time will he devote to his current position. JP, get a copy of his state computer and cell phone and see if there is any campaign work done on the state tax payers dime? Oh and the state car that we pay for…. see what campaign dinners he’s driving that to on us.

    • That’s one of the tricks legislators pull on the public. They say they won’t take a state car or per diem. In this case, Jimmy doesn’t take a state car. He drives a BMW. Then he charges the IRS rate on that car. Honestly I’d be cheaper if he just took the damn state car but it sounds more appealing to the voters and plus his ass only deserves the finest things in life. He would never be caught dead in an American made sedan.
      As far as per diem goes. I don’t know if he takes it. If he doesn’t (which most R’s don’t because it sounds like you’re helping the state) they bill the state their recepits. Doing this gets some people in jams because then the public can actually see where they go to eat and what hotels they stay in. One legislator in PA campaigned on not taking the per diem on his first campaign. It sounded great to the voters, until he had to run in two years. His opposition pulled the receipts and it showed he was eating at fancy steak houses!
      Just a little food for thought the next time a legislator pounds their chest as they say “I refuse to take a state car or per diem!”. Congratulations voters, they just played you!

    • He wouldn’t dare do that. His boy from Westmoreland County, Eli Evankovich is gearing up for that. It may to be hard to believe but he’s even worse than Jimmy.
      Also, Camera Bartolotta is going to run too. She’s in Scott Wagners back pocket if you didn’t know. Just check out the PAC he created and it’s all there for you to see.

      Side note: I’m surprised no one has ever mentioned the cheesy horror film she was in prancing around in her under wear. Literally it was about a year before she ran.

  9. I think I just threw up in mouth. He’s such a little dip shit. At least he gave us enough time to throw our support behind someone else. First off, he will never garner enough support from the eastern part of the state. Secondly he’s done nothing for his own district in state politics. One good thing will come of it. Now we can get him out of government all together.

  10. I love the know it alls on here. Christiana and Evankovich DESPISE eachother. And Evankovich is not running for LG. He’s done with politics.

  11. If Jimmy gets that job, Beaver County population will dip and there will be 40 vacancies in county government as the extended family becomes his DC entourage.


  12. For someone “So into Fashion,” Little Jimmy has got to undo the button on the suit jacket, it gives him the appearance of child bearing hips.

  13. Little Jimmy C is such a pain in the ass that Speaker Mike Turzia kicked him off two state House committees.

    Now he plans to be a bigger hemorrhoid on the federal level by being a lapdog for Betsy Devos’s “deconstruction” of public schools, as evidenced by his acceptance of charter school donations for his campaign. Way to go Jimmy. Beaver Area School District (a PUBLIC school), should be ashamed to have you as an alumni. I guess you could say that Jim Christiana is a real Koch sucker.

    Hopefully, you will lose big time and go back to selling used cars.

  14. OMG, read the Times article on this. It’s like something from The Onion. The quotes are unintentionally hilarious. One guy, sitting in a room with Guy, Jim Marshall and the guest of honor refers to Casey as “low-hanging fruit”. My, God, and what was this gathering? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? LOL

  15. He has absolutely no name recognition outside of Beaver County. It’s bad enough “to hell with you” Toomey was reelected. I would suggest Jimmy submit his photos to GQ magazine, possible position available as a male model.

  16. Remember when he tried to force that consultant on the county, and the consultant had a history of advising companies how to hire foreign workers instead of Americans? Is that who Christiana will be advocating for if he gets elected?

  17. Jim is a prick, back stabber, ingrate and short but also a damn good candidate.
    I would not count him out.

  18. This is a bizarre decision. He is virtually unknown outside of SW PA. He must have heavy assurances from the leadership of the Republican State Committee that they will back him full throttle. Otherwise, you would expect much more substantial candidates from Eastern PA to vie for the nomination.

    If he was a smart strategist, he would make a move for Rothfus’ seat. All he would have to do is find some of Rothfus’ weaknesses, magnify and publicize those weaknesses and, then, get the local Republucan power base to back him in a primary against Rothfus. Rothfus is nondescript, ineffective and relatively obscure. Jim could annihilate Rothfus in a primary election.

    Instead, he goes after a U.S. Senate seat. He would be almost certain to win the Congress seat in the 4th district. The Senate seat would be much more difficult, if not impossible.

    • How about this, little jimmy just fades away. He has done nothing, I think he is running out of rungs on his ladder.

  19. Let’s go back and see Jims record and see what he really supports. Charter schools…check. Public safety…no.

  20. Lil Jimmy’s going to have his ass handed to him in the primary, without even making a dent in Casey’s war chest. His fall back position will be a possible run at Rothfus the Doofus but Lil Jimmy lacks any accomplishments in his stealth career. Casey is a nobody with just a little more achievements, other than kissing Obamas’ ass. If all else fails he can join the county whore house as a commissioner until he completes his online “Diploma Mill” for wannabe lawyers. The midget could make him a sheriff. Hell that’s where all the losers congregate.

  21. Where is Katie Mcginty? She has run for something the last 10 elections. Will miss ads of one of 20 children, daughter of a cop etc. etc. Sounded like a Monty Python skit.

  22. I always am amused when candidates suggest they will go to Harrisburg, Washington and shake things up, status quo no more. They are “freshman” will occupy a nondescript basement office, sparse staff and absolutely no power “to shake things up.” If, perchance, they are unaccustomed to not being in the spotlight as they were in their local environment and become bothersome, they are passed over for committee assignments. I am sure there will be a newly created position waiting for him at the courthouse when Casey is reelected.

    • That was a funny line , too. A guy that has done nothing of consequence for 10 years in Harrisbug is now tired of politicians who have been around for 10 years and haven’t done anything. I guess the mirror DOES lie.

  23. Jimmy’s tooting his horn in the Pittsburgh Press about getting Shell in Beaver County. That’s what makes him a good candidate. Shell is what all the politicians are using. Jim, tells us about charter schools will ya? And how the pad your pocket.

  24. Before he makes any more videos he should join the dollar shave club and perhaps have a nap. He looks like he just came in from a all nighter and somebody said “hey we have that video shoot this morning” The presentation is TERRIBLE.



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