Rep Aaron Bernstine (far right) and his wife with Sam Piccinini / photo via Bernstine Campaign's Facebook page

Republican State Representative Aaron Bernstine (R-10, New Beaver) has posted a video of himself receiving firearms training in response to an incident of vandalism at his home.

Representative Bernstine told the 3,200 followers of his campaign’s Facebook page today that he is prepared to defend himself and his family if necessary.

“Luckily for the folks who thought it was a good idea to vandalize my home, you were just out of reach of the security cameras on our property,” wrote Bernstine. “Throwing trash and human feces on my driveway makes you a pretty disgusting human being. I would strongly recommend that you not try to enter our home or property. As you can see, we are willing and able to protect ourselves. My family and I will not be intimidated and I will never stop standing up for the things I believe in. #CastleDoctrine”

The video shows Representative Bernstine receiving tactical firearms instruction from Sam Piccinini, a retired police officer and former Republican sheriff candidate. Piccinini commented on Bernstine’s video, reiterating the State Representative’s warning:

“To the individual(s) who thought it to be entertaining or fun to attack Mr. Bernstine’s Home and property, I take great pleasure and pride in issuing you this WARNING!!!!!! I trained this man and his wife to protect themselves and their entire family, if you dare to take him to task and or test his limitations, I can Guarantee you that you will be opening pandora’s Box to the level of your worst imaginable nightmare. I trained them to be more than capable of defending themselves against the scum that you are, and if you ever cross the line with this family your guaranteed to get a one way express ticket to meet your maker..!!!!! Keep up the great job you are doing Aaron, God and fate will handle the rest….”


  1. Sam Piccinini? Tell us why again Sam you aren’t working in Rochester anymore? Weren’t you teaching that class with another crooked cop that isn’t in law enforcement anymore? Bernstine is another fine individual. He’s at all the functions with Sheriff Guy and Tight Pants Christiana. You should hang with better company.

  2. Someone threw trash on his driveway and he is threatening to shoot them? Overreact often Aaron? I would be very concerned if I was one of his neighbors. He’s going to end up shooting somebody accidentally.

  3. Pennsylvania is facing a credit downgrade if the House doesn’t pass a bill to fund the government, and this guy is posting dumb videos of him shooting at a target. It would be nice if Bernstine showed some real political courage by demanding that his party’s leader, House Speaker Mike Turzai, get back to work passing a balanced budget. Bernstine is a typical, transparent, spineless politician.

    • Andy maybe you should call the offices of Turzi, Reed, and Bernstine. However Aaron has only been in office for less than a year and he has shown great political courage including posting his support for self defense which is defined in our PA Constitution Article 1 Section 21 and investigating the possiblity of the illegal selling of YDC. It is hard for Bernstine to do much at the moment since the house is not currently in session to meet with house leadership in Harrisburg right now.

    • Andy, What have you done to help your community? Have you even tried to make a difference or are you just one of many silly snowflake keyboard warriors who do nothing but criticize everybody else who actually work to make a difference. I bet I can guess the answer.

  4. Just what we need in this County another amateur with a gun. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. So the solution to the vandal “who by the way may just be a high school kid prank.” SHOOT THEM!!! Really now is it necessary to carry a gun? What has this world come to??? You obviously have a Camera try catching them in the act then taking them to court. To many Vigilantes.. Let our Law enforcement do their jobs. Report the incident hope they get caught and move on. Stay tuned for the next episode State Rep accidentally shoots neighbor suspected vandal… Guns are not the solution…Just what we need more violence.. I quit…

    • I have zero problem with being prepared for anything. I think it’s exceptionally stupid to advertise your preparedness and to dare people to test you. That’s beyond stupid, that’s just asking for trouble. He’s using his family’s safety as a campaign tool. That’s just unbelievable to me…

  5. Hey, here’s what’s NOT a good idea…dare people to try to hurt you and your family and taunt crazy people by saying you’re proverbial dick is bigger than theirs. Fucking morons.

  6. He should be at his JOB getting a budget passed. Instead he is going to war with an idiot who is mad at him for whatever reason. The political atmosphere is so toxic in Beaver and surrounding counties that maybe they’ll just meet on the street in front of the BC Outhouse and shoot it out. This guy Bernstine is obviously in need of some serious meds. Also, pray tell, why is Sam Pic not working in Rochester anymore? Don’t leave us hanging. The Republicans had a chance to redo the government but now we see it is the same old, same old shit. Little Jimmy C has f-cked up the whole county. Where will he go next? Forget about the Senate. he couldn’t beat his own meat in Beaver County let alone the rest of the state. He’ll be the laughingstock of the party. Note, he will drag down all you idiots who think he is a smart politician. Can’t anyone make their own decisions in politics? Always need a puppet master or clown to guide you? Sandie, you are on an island all alone in that party. Switch to Independent and forget them misogynist basturds. Election time can’t come soon enough. Midget, Stonewall Loser, Queen Connie & Amadio, start packing your shit up. You are DONE!

    • PA is a state Castle Doctrine state. I had a drunk couple and the wife’s friend on my property yelling throwing beer cans and threatening my mother who has a brain tumor that cannot be removed. I pulled out my fathers gun and pointed it straight at the wife. I was never sent to jail and the police found me in the right.

  7. When seconds count police are only minutes away. The question is how many minutes? It is about time we have a local politician who had enough balls to stand up to protect his rights and our rights. He has only been in a little over a half a year and shows more guts than most politicians that have been in Harrisburg for multiple years.

  8. All you critics read only what you want to. Nobody said they were going to shoot people for dumping garbage in their driveway. But, if the person(s) who did this ramps up his/her actions and threatens home and family, then he has the skills and ability to protect them.

  9. I would loved to have been there to witness that show of marksmanship. Whow really impressive, walks up to within 10 feet of a life size bright green target and can actually hit it. I bet he soiled his panties with all that action.
    Show videos of Bernstine going bowling next. I can see it now, he runs down the alley to within 10 foot of the pins and throws the ball. Then videos of Bernstine on a miniature golf course.
    What a manly man ROFLOL

  10. These comments are childish! Why is it wrong to be trained to protect yourself & family? Aaron has done more in a short time in office than our last rep. did in years! Winter is coming soon & snowflakes melt!! Thanks, Aaron!

    • Tell us Stacey… just what has he done? Name a few of his OWN bills. Not co-sponsored. He’s hanging onto some coat tails.

    • Come on, purchasing a firearm and training to use deadly force for the purpose of a vandal that put trash in your driveway. Bernstine is a punk kid that has never grown up and acting like an idiot. Go ahead and draw that metal and shoot, that the end of you. Nut job!

    • These statements made by Bernstine and Piccinini confirms premeditated intent.

      “if you ever cross the line with this family your guaranteed to get a one way express ticket to meet your maker..!!!!!”

  11. Bernstine is a bigger turd than the one left on his driveway. Whether or not Gibbons was any good makes no difference.

  12. The Ultimate Warrior is on KDKA today and in less than 3 minutes, it’s about Muslims, fake news, communists, liberals, gun protection…. by the end of the week Bernstine will be pushing for a big, beautiful security wall to keep the “bad guys” out of Beaver County!



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