A comment made by Republican State Representative Aaron Bernstine (R-10, New Beaver) to his Twitter account has sparked a national debate. Bernstine tells the Beaver Countian he believes the controversy is being created by “liberal commentators” who are twisting his actual words.

Bernstine’s tweet was made in reply to an article published by The Hill, “Protesters shut down St. Louis streets after ex-cop acquitted in murder of black man.”

“If anyone EVER tries to stop my car on a highway with negative intentions… I will not stop under any conditions,” tweeted Bernstine.

His message has quickly garnered thousands of replies so far, including ones by nationally recognized reporters. Major online news outlets have also begun to write about the tweet.

Bernstine began responding to the deluge of messages with additional tweets of his own.

“Feel free to call my office and let me know if you think it is ok to refuse to stop if thugs try to stop me or my family on a highway,” he wrote.

Bernstine replied to a tweet by Keystone Progress that encouraged people to call his office to complain, “Difference between me and these snowflakes is that I won’t be assaulted in name of ‘free speech.'”

“Apparently you think being inconvenienced in traffic entitles you to commit attempted murder,” tweeted Keystone in another message, to which Bernstine replied, “Ask people in LA how that worked out for them.”

Sean Kitchen was also among those who replied to Bernstine, “Odd that someone like @AaronBernstine who is against Sharia Law will advocate for a strategy used by ISIS. #PaHouse.” The legislator remained unfazed, tweeting back to the man, “Wrong…. I’m saying when thugs try to stop cars and threaten drivers trying to go to work.”

Salon.com, a major online news outlet with nearly 1 million Facebook followers, ran an article today about the controversy under the headline, “GOP lawmaker threatens to run over protesters who block streets.” Think Progress, another online news outlet boasting 1.7 million followers, ran an article of their own featuring a similar headline, “Republican lawmaker vows to run over protesters who block highways.” Raw Story, also with over 1 million followers, ran with the headline, “‘I’d def not stop my car!’: Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker vows to mow down protestors who block streets.”

It is not just online news reporters who have taken notice of Representative Bernstine’s Twitter posts. Among those replying to him are Kurt Eichenwald, Contributing editor of Vanity Fair and MSNBC Contributor. “@AaronBernstine …save this 4 ur allocution when it forces u 2 plead guilty on murder 2 charges to avoid this tweet’s proof of murder 1,” he wrote.

Aaron Bernstine told the Beaver Countian that he stands by his remarks and believes the fuss is being created by “liberal commentators” who have distorted his message beyond its actual meaning.

“I think people across this country have grown tired of people that are committing acts of violence in the name of peaceful protests,” he told the Beaver Countian. “With the numerous situations that have happened, just as recently as the so-called ‘peaceful protesters’ — who chose to damage people’s property and assault police officers with weapons including bricks and tried to burn buildings down to the ground — my point was that I am tired of that behavior and I know that other people in this area, across this Commonwealth, and throughout the United States are tired of it as well.”

Back in August, the Beaver Countian wrote about a video posted to Facebook by Representative Bernstine that showed him receiving tactical firearms training in response to an act of vandalism that occurred on his property.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • I agree! I can’t believe how people want to twist everything around! It’s ridiculous! I would not stop my car either if there was a group of people acting violently, being threatening and illegally blocking the road!
      There’s a huge difference between what he said, and comparing it to ISIS mowing down innocent people on sidewalks! Insanity how people don’t realize the difference!!

      • A VICTIM MENTALITY may manifest itself in a range of different behaviors or ways of thinking and talking:
        * Identifying others as the cause for an undesired situation.
        * Awareness of NEGATIVE INTENTIONS of other people.

    • I am so glad people can see “negative intentions” from INSIDE their car.
      Don’t bother stopping and talking to other human beings,
      just go ahead run them over with a car.
      When you are arrested and in jail what is going to be your defense?
      1) There was more than one person in the road….
      2) They were holding signs…..
      3) They were black….
      4) I used my ESP to tell me they were dangerous…….
      When protesters block highways or streets that they are not permitted to be on, they do risk arrest. You can call a cop but you do not have any right to become judge, jury and executioner.
      It is ok to run over them with your car, are you really in that big of a hurry to get somewhere?
      Just like you can’t shoot someone for standing in your yard because you “thought” they were going to break into your house. You can’t run over a person because you “thought” they were a danger.
      Blocking traffic is not aggressive behavior. Try to think of another excuse before you kill someone.

  1. They were thugs and it wasn’t merely an inconvenience. The police were called out to keep the roads open. There was a major Hospital at the intersection and they get a lot of trauma traffic. I’m all for free speech and peaceful protests but when you put people and property in danger you are no longer getting your message across, you are a criminal.

    • Those thugs need to be arrested. Blocking traffic and aggressive behavior is not peaceful protesting. I’m sick of all these liberals causing disturbances.

      • If you are in a car with your family and there is a crowd on the street and you fill threatened, what do you do.
        Put the car in reverse, dumb a$$.
        If you plow through a crown you do not know what will happen. If you put the car in reverse you are safe.
        Simple as that, except for brainless vigilante hunter Bernstine
        Bernstine strives for drama, you do not hear of any other representative acting so childish.
        The Shame of Beaver and Lawrence counties.

    • Oh Lord nut case Bernstine at it again. A few weeks ago scared of his own shadow Bernstein posted a video of himself at a pistol range because, as it turned out, someone threw human crap on his driveway. Now this comment. It is way past time for a mental evaluation of Bernstine. There are many screws loose there.

    • Mary Kutzko – How could you tell they were “thugs”? I did not see any burning cars or smashed windows.
      Maybe it was the color of their skin, but that would make you racist.
      How were you inconvenienced? Watching something on TV that disturbs you?
      Change the channel. You and Boorstine should leave any problems in St. Louis to the police.
      This had nothing to do with his district or his job.

    • I did not realize his district included St. Louis.
      If he is so interested maybe he should move there and run for Mayor.
      I guess Boorstine never heard of “minding your own business”.

  2. He never said he would run people down because of inconvenience in traffic! Snowflake! He said he would not stop for Protesters with negative intentions. I don’t blame him. If it’s between those people that claim “peaceful protest” and my children I would not stop either! Those that do, and their child gets shot or a brick through their window and injuries one of their family members. Don’t call the media crying and then set up a go fund me page to pay for medical expenses!

    • You can see “negative intentions”? Please tell me how you do that.
      How would you feel if someone ran over your child and said “that child had negative intentions”.

      • I agree with Aaron. Sidewalks are fo pedestrians. I don’t think he would drive his car down a sidewalk full of people. If they walk out on the highways, threatening violence toward a commuter, then they bettter move offf of said highway. If I was breaking the law, blocking traffic on a public highway threatening violence and the driver tried to push me out of the way, believe me, I’m smart enough to get the hell out of the way.

    • Name some accomplishments that Bernstine is responsible for to this point in his term that would make him “exceptional”.

  3. What a dumb fuck. Good luck with vehicular manslaughter and hit and run charges. Maybe he’ll hit a geriatric person blocking a crosswalk for too long, as well. He proves the point that nobody ever gets anything by asking nicely. It’s ridiculous to threaten violence when his driving lane or road is blocked. Penndot better watch him! Boohoo, it’s taking you 45 minutes to get home instead of 15. Oh no, it’s the end of the world!!! Who the baby here? Why, oh why, would people protest with people like him around? You can’t fix ignorance like this.

      • A pedestrian is defined as “a person walking along a road or in a developed area.” Clearly standing in the road and blocking traffic, does not meet those qualifications. They do not have any right of way. Also, he did not say he would run anyone over, only that he would not stop.

      • @ToadyTodd – Only in MARKED CROSSWALKS! Peds DO NOT have absolute right bon the road. Idiot.

    • Maybe you should try reading the article instead of showing your ignorance. He never said he would run over peaceful protesters, he said protesters with negative intentions…

    • Todd Boggs never heard “thug” in any terms of color…where in the heck are you coming up with anything other than what was actually said…??? Nothing to do with color or pedestrians in a cross walk. Can you actually read, oh I get it your just reading in your OWN words. Good luck with that!

    • I’m not surprised my sarcasm was missed in reference to the laws that govern the road and our interaction with people on them (whether protesting or walking across the street in crosswalks). Those are sarcastic points in an attempt to point out how ridiculous it is for a government official to say something like that in reference to mowing people down on the road that are protesting. People are too busy agreeing with him to realize the laws they’d be violating by doing so.

      Here’s some articles on the word thug in NPR, Newsweek, CNN and for the perspective of an African American black person, Ebony.





      • Boggs are you retarded, sorry mentally challenged? He never mentions mowing down people and especially those in crosswalks. He said HIGHWAYS, so your fucking stupid crosswalk reference is invalid. Cherry picking some liberal interpretations of the word thugs Is also stupid and retarded. How about linking references to Merriam Webster or other dictionaries that make no reference to thugs = black association.

      • Todd, sadly you’re dealing with very uneducated, insular, angry, white people. The very definition of Dunning-Kruger Effect. The more intelligent or well spoken and well cited your response, the more angry they get and the simpler their responses. See how their only arguments are calling you stupid or “retarded”?

        They know they don’t have any real arguments. Just vague nonsense and deflections copy pasted from previous bigots and privileged white people defending violence against protestors/PoC. They care little for specifics, and will repeat what they’ve heard others say to defend their own. Long after it’s been argued down and debunked. Mainly because they lack the ability to investigate any further. I’ve discovered that even when faced with overwhelming facts, they simply stop caring when it suits them.

      • Todd, sadly you’re dealing with very uneducated, insular, angry, white people. The very definition of Dunning-Kruger Effect. The more intelligent or well spoken and well cited your response, the more angry they get and the simpler their responses. See how their only arguments are calling you stupid?

        They know they don’t have any real arguments. Just vague nonsense and deflections copy pasted from previous bigots and privileged white people defending violence against protestors/PoC. They care little for specifics, and will repeat what they’ve heard others say to defend their own. Long after it’s been argued down and debunked. Mainly because they lack the ability to investigate any further. I’ve discovered that even when faced with overwhelming facts, they simply stop caring when it suits them.

    • You’re the ones name-calling me without making any substantial arguments. What this government official is advocating violates the law. There are legal consequences if you hit people with your car and drive away. The irony being that he’s suggesting an illegal activity to prevent a potentially illegal activity (negative intent – because he’s a mind reader?). It’s just silly.

    • Todd feel free to show where I called you any name. You are taking words out of context and trying to justify your ramblings. You are flat out calling this man a racist with no proof what so ever. And to make matters worse you actually tried to use CNN and Newsweek as trusted news sources. LMAO Please…

    • You didn’t. Your online associates did.

      As for sources, well, that’s why there are two others lists as well. I can get university studies by linguists, if you want. But I don’t if you’d trust people who study language for a living.

      I never referred to him as a racist. I said he used coded racial language- kind of like saying Jeez instead of Jesus. This is if we’re being technical, just like saying I “pulled the race card” wasn’t intended as an insult.

      Also, it’s like everyone’s forgotten their car has reverse when they see a large group of people in the way. If the way is blocked, I’d assume basic logic would tell you to choose another direction instead having an overly emotional response.

      You still didn’t address the legality of what he’s actually suggesting, though.

    • He has every right to use force if he feels his or his families well being, is threatened. It’s called stand your ground.
      The Pennsylvania self-defense statute provides that use of force is “justifiable when the actor believes that such force is immediately necessary for the purpose of protecting himself against the use of unlawful force by such other person on the present occasion.” 18 Pa.C.S. § 505.
      If you are blocking the road and pounding on my vehicle, trying to open my doors, making physical threats to me or my family, you now fall under the stand your ground or self defense statue. You are now fair game for whatever action that is taken to keep myself or family safe.

    • Another irony, “feelings” have been legalized as grounds for self-defense. Who’s worried about feelings and injury all the time, really? It sounds more like anger-management classes needed for too many folks with road rage when they see a protest. Farmer’s markets better watch out, too, if they block a road.

      So rather than back up and not kill someone, instead let’s go through the crowd with a vehicle and kill more people (who may not have participated in the behavior found threatening)? Either way, PA’s stand your ground requires that the assailants have a lethal weapon for it to be legal self-defense, so that crowd better be loaded up with knives and guns.

      In any case, he wasn’t as specific as you when referring to stand your ground. Nuance is good.

    • Hands can be considered lethal weapons. Several sets of hands are worse. Signs made of wood, bull horns, a rock, all examples of lethal weapons. I am sure with some research, there have been people killed with all the above examples.
      Once again you fail to use his entire statement when making your argument. He specifically stated protesters with negative intentions. He’s being specific in stating those causing trouble, damage and harm to others. Not those being peaceful protesters. Other states have already passed specific laws pertaining to violent protesters and running them over with a vehicle.
      You are entitled to your opinion but the facts are the facts. You want to break the law by blocking roads, assaulting innocent people in their travels, then you deserve everything you get.

    • As for the right to freely travel, actually we don’t. It’s why we get driver’s licenses and passports.

      No, I referred to negative intentions in several other posts, where I suggested that he might be a mind reader. My point being the difficulty of proving negative intent in court. Caution should be used in these circumstances instead a ridiculous attachment to traveling on a particular road that’s blocked by civil disobedience.

      As for lethal weapons, I’m referring to the legal definitions. If you’re a professional boxer, then yes, your hands are a lethal otherwise its more difficult to prove. As for the others you mention, maybe if the crowd was filled with MacGyver wannabes? A bull horn – an intent to deafen, maybe? Although, I don’t believe that’s a legal category for a weapon. It’s been fun.

      • Funny you are concerned about your “legal definition” but want to use the urban dictionary when he used the word thug. Webster’s Definition of thug :a brutal ruffian or assassin, says nothing of color.

      • Because word is applied to actual laws (travel).
        The other is modern parlance (thug).

        Everyone knows what white people mean when they use the word “thug”. Don’t even try to pretend. None of you. NONE OF YOU. Are fooling anyone.

    • Bob Wells – here’s an example: if a mob of black masked, club wielding, cement Coke can holding screaming antifas isn’t threatening, Then wth is?! I wouldn’t stop. As another poster on this site said “Reginald Denny stopped”

    • Simple solution. The police need to start treating BLM and Antifa like the criminals that they are when they first step out into the road and begin blocking traffic. I blame the feckless politicians that have been ordering the police to stand down to these thugs. Stay off the road. If you are going to play stupid games, you will win stupid prizes.

  4. Bernstine is the worst of our representatives. This is the guy who spread the false rumor that the Islamic group that was going to buy the property in New Castle was going to put in a terrorist training camp and that they dumped trash in his driveway.

    He is a poor excuse for a representative.

  5. Stand by your words, Aaron! You said NOTHING wrong. Nobody has the right to corner you or your loved ones on a road. DO NOT APOLOGIZE. We keep giving in to these liberal idiots and pretty soon we’ll just be apologizing for being alive at all.

  6. He’s trying to come off as a tough guy. Trump does the same thing. Both are probably pussies when actually confronted. He’s becoming a disgrace to his district. First the YDC mess, then the budget, now this.

    • It’s so nice to see people like you making idiotic comments like this. Thanks for sharing your inability to speak English while condemning those you believe are unable to speak sensibly. Mostly, thanks for sharing a photo of your business so those of us who find these comments and this behavior reprehensible know where to boycott.

      • Angela – Triggered SNOWFLAKE!
        Go suck a binky and go to your safe space you child!

    • Angela Stachowiak thanks for your comment
      I don’t take offense to anyone else’s views
      There’s good and bad in everything
      One other thing
      I am very choosey Who I work for – one criteria-they must be realistic
      Im so busy I have to turn business down
      I personally have more business
      Than I can handle
      I’m thankful to the many who appreciate my ability and honesty

      • “I don’t take offense to anyone else’s views”

        I just call people “libtards” though.

  7. I’m just glad that he is so staunch in his opinion on a hypothetical situation. What’s all this bravado? Are violent protesters an issue out on 588?
    Tell me this, is the budget settled down in Harrisburg? YET? How about Bernstine, here, get with his colleagues and get that 2 1/2 month late budget FINALLY completed before he armor plates the car for the next Wal-Mart run to New Castle?

  8. I stand with him. This country needs to grow a damn spine. Stop being mortally offended at everyone and everything. I’m shocked Trump hasn’t been criticized for breathing yet.

  9. The protesters have taken the free speech act and turned it into physical violence, the mayors of the cities do nothing but watch so as a citizen one must fight back and defend against those physical protests haters.

  10. The real test of dedication to your cause is to stand in front of traffic when there’s a chance you will pay a price. Just wouldn’t be real commitment if you knew that everyone would stop and pander to your bitchfest.

  11. Assault is against the law, whether passive or aggressive, as a law maker Mr Bernstine should be upholding the law not advocating violence. And I will be voting against anyone who promotes violence.

      • When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away!
        Let me know how that works out for you.
        The police have no obligation to protect you at all! Did you know that?
        If you call 911 in beaver county, you have at least a 15-20 minute response time. FACT!

    • Matt Reider He is a LAWMAKER. His JOB is to make and UPHOLD the law. Give examples of where PEACEFUL PROTESTERS were beating on people’s cars? What you have described is a riot, NOT a protest.

      • Angie, for someone that studied English language, your above reference or question is an oxymoronic loaded question. There are no examples of peaceful protestors beating on cars! That is because that type of protest becomes violent or is known as a riot. But there are many examples of what was ” deemed” as peaceful protests or social injustice gatherings that did indeed end up with cars being beaten upon. If these peaceful protestors are willing to damege police cars then then would have no trouble damaging a regular citizens vehicle.

    • Those nitwits do NOT have a permit to close any roads. So, when you try to slowly and peacefully drive through their little blockade, THAT is when they do turn violent.

    • Not only do they, BUT YOU, have the right to PEACEFULLY PROTEST. It is your constitutionally protected right. Neither YOU, nor this jackass PA state rep have the right to drive through them. Too bad for YOU.

    • Jason Buffington WOW. Look at you there with your cultural appropriation and absolutely no knowledge of history. They did SO MUCH WORSE than block highways. They destroyed property. They confiscated property. The set up BLOCKADES. They did whatever it took to FOUND this nation. People weren’t safe from harm simply because they were perceived to be colonials.

      You work for a trucking company. I wonder, are you in a union, or are you a scab? Are you one of those guys who tries to drive over striking union workers? If, by some chance you are actually in a union, you realize that this rep thinks that striking union workers should be driven over as well, right?

    • I was being sarcastic. But since you wanted to troll. Let me answer some questions. No, I am not in any union. No, I am not a scab. You can only be a scab if you cross a established picket line to preform the job of someone on strike. No, I have never driven over anyone not have I stop to ask for a union card.

      I have read this Representative’s statement. I did not over read it like so many people have. He stated to stop him in a “negative way”

      So if the fireman are having a boot drive they should be OK.

    • Yep, exactly. AND, your license should be taken away before you kill someone’s kid. Jesus Christ. You’re a legitimately horrible person, and so is State Rep. Bernstine for encouraging you.

    • I am of the generation that really protested. Not once did any protest, block traffic, burn buildings, throw bricks at people. If you all think that your protests are worth something, don’t hide your faces. Don’t surround people screaming. The protests I witness today are riots and should be dealt with as rioters. Yes if I feel intimidated by rioters, I will fight back.

    • Cathy Morris You’re from the generation that got theirs and has screwed their children and grandchildren. You don’t know the difference between a PROTEST and A RIOT. What never did and what you falsely claim to watch people do now are fiction. I direct you to look up ANYTHING on Bloody Sunday, The Edmund Pettus Bridge march, or any other Civil Rights march. You won’t, I know, so I will provide you with a short film that depicts BLOCKED STREETS, PEACEFUL PROTESTERS, AND POLICE BRUTALITY.

    • Mike Kelley Every time I drive through Beaver, there are children AND families AND elderly people walking through the middle of the streets EVERYWHERE. Just two weeks ago, an elderly man crashed into a business on Main St. in Beaver while a toddler was inside with her mother. My brother’s best friend was killed when an 80-year-old woman ran a stop sign and killed him. Elderly people cause more accidents than ANY OTHER DRIVERS. But Cathy Morris thinks it’s funny. I hope you’re not walking through Beaver while she’s driving there.

    • Liberals often project what they are feeling about themselves onto others. This to make themselves feel better or to insult the other side…..because insults are hard to address when trying to speak intelligently. They frustrate as spoken of by Saul Alinsky.

      Look at Hillary……for an example.

      I find your comment funny….Lol

    • Bill LeBlanc because your idol Donald Dump never insults anyone or projects his faults onto someone like Obama. Sorry, Bill, but you’re a joke. Btw if Saul Alinsky’s name were John Smith you’d never mention him.
      And we know why. Don’t bother denying it.

    • Bill LeBlanc ahh insults.. I seem to recall a certain businessman turned politician referring to an entire ethnic group as “they are rapists, and murderers and I think “some” of them are good people” I seem to recall this politician mocking a reporter with cerebral palsy. Insults indeed

    • Christina Murphy actually that is not what Donald Trump said….when you only get portion of a conversation it changes the meaning. The President stated a fact about illegals. They are not the cream of the crop. They are often fugitives from justice and therefore murderers and rapists. If you check the statistics you will find that not only are the illegals way more likely then the general population to be doing those crimes…..the people they like to pick on…..are the legal immigrants. Build that darn wall to protect the legal immigrants.

    • Your position is fact-free LeBlanc. Immigrants are here because they can’t survive economically or politicvally in their home country, not to pursue criminal lives. The “wall” won’t solve the immigrant problem. Most “illegals” are here on expired visas, not because they crossed the Rio Grande.

    • The law you cite covers automobiles not pedestrians. (TITLE 75 § 3353)
      For pedestrians try TITLE 75 § 3543, nowhere does it say that it is legal to hit a person with your car.

      A VICTIM MENTALITY may manifest itself in a range of different behaviors or ways of thinking and talking:
      * Identifying others as the cause for an undesired situation.
      * Believing that other people are generally more fortunate.
      * Awareness of NEGATIVE INTENTIONS of other people.

    • Christina Murphy that’s a ridiculous response. Feel free to troll elsewhere. No one ever mentioned the KKK or neo nazis and I’m pretty certain anyone on this thread would include them with the mobs that need to disappear 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • And yet, this comment came out after BLM protests. This ass has nothing to say about racists, Nazis, white nationalists, or the KKK. He doesn’t disavow Trump’s racism. Neither do you.

      • So true Angela! Never has he spoken out about Nazi’s, white nationalists, etc! But if there are some black people protesting, or Muslim people looking at moving near (note, not in) his district, then he has a very vocal position to share.

  12. Most of you are in the same boat as he is…Tough guy wanna-be’s that think because you have a gun and play on the range you are suddenly a killer. Feel free to try and talk your way out of running someone over. The only thing you are gonna get is the chance to find out what prison rape feels like when you get put in with real killers. Maybe you can lube up with your tears.

  13. Aaron, keep up the good work. I support you 100 percent. If someone is blocking you on the public road, they obviously do not do that for some peaceful reason. They have displayed that they do not obey the laws and only to force you to confrontation. Those kind will stop at nothing to harm you for pursuing a your peaceful life.

  14. This man is reprehensible. His statement is wrong. He creates a boogie man for you, then he claims he will slay it for you. This is a weak man’s way of trying to be a “big man”. Pathetic.

  15. He just stated what most of us mentally think we would do in such a situation. One wonders, when does the looting begin..Christmas is only 3 months away. Oops, that’s not nice.

  16. With his smarts and attitude he is a real threat to the left. They of course would love to destroy him….anyway they can. With his drive he could very well take a bigger role in this State….

  17. It would have been more accurate coverage if you would have identified the critics as a bunch of liberal leftists.

  18. Mow ’em down like a lawn mower!
    They DO NOT have the right to disrupt my life with their asinine BS.
    Just try it with my family in the car. Getting run over would be the least of your worries.
    Go ahead, make my day!

  19. Rep. Bernstine made his comment because of an article published by The Hill. According to Google, “The Hill is a top US political website, read by the White House and more lawmakers than any other site”. Is he trying to impress a “certain reader” in DC?

    The question here is, EXACTLY what does he mean by “negative intentions”? He says “‘liberal commentators’… have distorted his message beyond it’s actual meaning”, yet IN HIS QUOTE refers to those who differ as “snowflakes”. Might I suggest he read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” instead of “The Art of The Deal”?

  20. Everybody settle down. The kid is just trying to imitate Trump. He will outgrow it. Keep in mind, however, that he IS absolutely right!

  21. If they are blocking streets and injuring police officers, then things are out of control.

    However, people do not need to know every person’s every thought.

    So sick of it all!

    Someone tweets something, then we have to hear what everyone else thinks about it.

    Most of the time, things are said without thinking things through and then it becomes the controversial tweet of the day and people jump on the person, try to get him fired or whatever.
    Can’t everyone just shut up and try to get along.
    Try to fix things.

    I miss life before twitter

  22. This guy is a head case who has done nothing job related. How about you try to do something with your job. Maybe you and tight pants Christiana can work on the budget and cut some more important funding so that Pa can continue to have the highest number of legislators.

  23. How about you make some comments on getting the state budget don’t instead of posting on twitter all day. You’re in the same boat at Jimmy Boy Christiana. Not sure you know what a budget is yet?

  24. It’s nice to know that an elected representative, if being protested against, will run said protestors over. NOT!!!!! So all you good, law abiding citizens, just stay in your nice safe homes and let the rest of us try to get a handle on the government that is robbing and raping all of us and this country!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the Vietnam Conflict era when hippies and Peaceniks took amongst ourselves to try to bring the conflict to an end and peace to the nation!!!

    • A VICTIM MENTALITY may manifest itself in a range of different behaviors or ways of thinking and talking:
      * Identifying others as the cause for an undesired situation.
      * Awareness of NEGATIVE INTENTIONS of other people.

  25. He and the sheriff are very close and are at all fund raisers and hand shake festivals together. I’m sure the sheriff will be the investigator when this kid runs someone over.

  26. Hellz yeah! Glad to see so many of us are on the same page as Aaron. Pro life is for snowflakes, cupcakes, and libtards and Christianity is for the weak- if people threaten you, scare you, inconvenience you- you take them out! No turn the other cheek, no “do unto others”- you take them out! Jesus was a pussy who would turn the other cheek and cherish the life before him. Not my representative. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!!! Right on Aaron!

  27. If anyone tries to forcefully stop my car I will not stop unless they are stuck in the wheelwell. If they are I will stop and pull them out . Hopefully there is no fight left in them at that point. If so I will elevate my level of defense.

  28. And he should NOT apologize for letting everyone he knows that he is a REAL man and will protect his family at ALL cost!!!!! Don’t threaten him and you won’t get hurt. End of story.

  29. Once again, Beaver County makes an ass out of itself, fighting to the death against the imaginary threat! When was the last time that we had a road blocked by people in Beaver County? Tractor Day at the high schools? What’s all the excitement about?


    You know, like, if , some group would , you know , ever come here and find some resaon to take over the streets .



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