The Pennsylvania State Police and the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office are investigating allegations that a large sum of money is missing from the coffers of the Midland VFW.

Law enforcement sources confirm to the Beaver Countian that a criminal investigation was initiated after current officers of the Midland VFW filed a complaint alleging money may be missing from the organization’s accounts.

VFW posts serve to provide social, financial, and emotional support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their dependents.

Financial documents filed with the IRS in 2012 by Midland VFW Post Commander Donald Smith showed the organization brought in gross receipts of $196,748, had income of $109,409, expenses in the amount of $112,640, and had declared assets of $22,854.

When the Midland VFW was contacted by the Beaver Countian today by phone, a woman who answered confirmed the investigation but said their organization has been instructed not to release any further information about the matter.


  1. It would appear that someone helped themselves to the financial support part of their mission.  There must be more to this story…don’t hold out on us JP….who are some of the current/former officers?  Will it surprise anybody if at least one of the names are one that’s been reported to have helped themselves to $$ from someplace else?  

  2. Why can’t the local police do the investigation? Last time I checked Midland has a police department….can’t miss them with that ridiculous yellow stripe in their uniform pants……. Their priorities must be focused more on traffic enforcement than criminal investigations….. Seems any case of importance in Midland is handled by the state police…..

  3. Midland needs help as does quip. Cracker will help save it along with classic American school of economics (high tariffs, internal improvements, investment in basic research).

  4. @me or your an officer with a ax to grind with MPD. Got to love the extremely thin blue line. Could you please site other cases MPD gave away that happened strictly in he borough limits.

  5. @get a clue… How about when the fire chief stole money? State police given the case again….. And no.. Never been arrested and no ax to grind…. But thanks for opinion on me

    • Midland police have no time for white collar crimes like these.Afterall, they are constantly investigating why John Doe was in one of the bars for more than an hour. Just read the beaver county Times. You’ll see countless dui’s. That’s fine and all but there’s more going on than just a guy that drank 3 beers or a kid that had a small amount of weed in they’re possession. 

  6. @wildbill let me get this straight. You talk trash and make light of DUI’s? Gonna go out on the limb and guess you have a few of your own. Well your opinion is splendid, but I appreciate that most drunks know to stay of the roads of Midland. I’m kinda of a fan of my families safety. Wow dude, just wow. Drink another one.

  7. In regard to this subject, face it folks the local police are there for one reason only and that is to make money for the government entity it serves and it’s assorted attachments.As for the Bears their skirts are far from clean they got trash there too in my opinion

  8. This was reported to the head officials years ago as to his wrong doing and they did nothing everyone sat around and talked about him behind his back as to him stealing money from the machines and from the bar but no one wanted to step up to handle it. Now everyone acts surprised to this. The VFW Was a joke all it was was his way to buy houses and live a luxury life all the patrons supported him for years . If the newspaper wants a story ask his ex wife she can fill you in on the crew from the VFW just wasn’t one it was quite a few

    • You mean the same ex-wife who divorced Don and then took ALL of the reported items that were bought illegally with her?

  9. Tyler, any fossil fuel use at this point only leads us to our faster demise. While we talked for 40 years about doing something about greenhouse gases, our carbon dioxide budget reduced to zero. And, what better revitalization then green energy whose product is freely given by the sun. And, it even doesn’t have to be drilled or mined.

    • Jean Dove, you should no what u are talking about before u make a commit and maybe since u like to express your opinion maybe u should use your real name



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