Ambridge Police Chief James "Jimmy" Mann / Beaver Countian file photo by John Paul

The Pennsylvania State Police are ramping up investigations into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann after a group of officers from his department filed formal complaints against him, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that multiple officers in the Ambridge Borough Police Department held a private meeting last weekend to discuss the possibility of coming forward with information about their Chief, ultimately deciding they would contact the Pennsylvania State Police together. Sources say more than a dozen officers have given statements in recent days, which have included interviews recorded by investigators.

Along with the officers contacting state law enforcement, multiple sources say documents containing allegations about Chief Mann had previously been left at the home of Ambridge Mayor David Drewnowski. Mayor Drewnowski has traded barbs with Chief Mann since taking office — at one point each of the men have attempted to use their authority to prevent the other from entering the Borough’s Police Department.

Earlier this year, the Beaver Countian became aware of additional interviews conducted by State Police concerning James Mann, who has become a focus of the same investigators involved in other ongoing probes into municipal and county government.

Sources spoke to the Beaver Countian for this report on condition they not be identified by name.

In the interest of full disclosure: In 2014, Chief James Mann was called as a defense witness on behalf of then-Sheriff George David during his criminal trial — the Beaver Countian’s John Paul was one of the named victims of George David in the Grand Jury’s presentment against him. Then-Sheriff David was acquitted by a jury of the criminal charges filed by Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Let’s hope this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you John Paul for bringing this story to light. There are many who have suffered at the hands of Mann or at his direction.

  2. Pssssst…. Hey CUz,ain’t nobody going to fuck with Jimmy Mann. Jimmy Mann ain’t nobodys bitch. Jimmy Mann is the most interesting man in beaver county for a reason. Jimmy Mann can arrest 3 crack dealers, Jimmy Mann can talk down 2 bridge jumpers, Jimmy Mann can do interview with big AMY on 11, Cuz ,Jimmy Mann can bust 3 loads all on 1 shift.

    • Yeah I was one of the bridge jumpers he pulled down. Also I sent him a pic of my tits to get out of a parking ticket. He took me to but drugs once in the marked car and to top it all off he knows I don’t have a licence and yet Everytime he saw me driving he just acted obvious. He is one of the better officers in Ambridge. Depenhart and Zang as well.

  3. Never heard anything good about Mann but what took these guys so long to go forward? He must have pissed in someone’s Wheaties. Bad Chiefs produce BAD LEO’S then protect them. Look around the county. Hopewell has a professional chief and plays it straight. As for the rest of the county, what you all hiding?

  4. When the State and Federal investigators set there sights on the Beaver County Sheriffs Dept. the people of Beaver County will have reason to literally dance in the streets….

  5. I’ve lived in Ambridge for the last 40 years I think he has cleaned up the streets a lot I live in lower Ambridge and it’s definitely better than it has been for a long time don’t know if he is responsible or the officers but it’s definitely better

  6. What do you expect. Big Dog Jimmy Mann, Cuz Cuz came from the Sheriffs Office. He had no experience in leading anything. It’s amazing to most of us that he got the job. Ambridge has been corrupt for years and he was the leader of it.

  7. The State Police are just going through the motions. Nothing will happen to him. Look at all the “work” they put into the Sheriff David problems, only for him to be found not guilty. The PA State Police are not interested in correcting bad behavior from local police forces and it shows.

    That being said. There are no “good” Ambridge Police officers. Not a single one. They are just pissed at their chief for whatever reason. None of them are any better than he is. So whatever is being said to the State Police needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  8. Investigations are supposedly ongoing concerning the Courthouse, Aliquippa Police Dept, now Ambridge Police Dept. any guesses at to which police department is next on the list.

  9. Not surprising that the hateful commenters on this site rush to judgment and liken Chief Mann to George David. To those who still pay rent to their parents like Mungo Jerry and the other knee-jerk fucktards that comment on this site, be advised that Chief Mann is well-respected in law enforcement circles as a talented, honest police officer who has done more for his community than the lazy, no-talent malcontents under his employ who are simply trying to embarrass him to pander to their new Mayor. If Mungo Jerry or any of you can boast having scaled the Ambridge bridge on multiple occasions to coax suicide jumpers from taking their lives, subdued Richard Baumhammers following a homicide spree, or tracked bank robbers and drug dealers for over 30 years on a civil servants salary, by all means speak up. Otherwise think about giving him the benefit of the doubt until the facts are in.

    • OMG, your comment is the funniest goddamn thing I’ve read in FOREVER!

      Now, shouldn’t you get back to sucking Mann’s dick?

    • I read in a history book that Jack the Ripper liked to feed the birds in the park. Still wouldn’t want him as a chief of police.

  10. All law enforcement and politicians in Beaver County have been given the benefit of the doubt since 1970. There is no benefit of the doubt left in the well its friggin empty….

  11. Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, Aliquippa, Ambridge, who’s next? Is there any law enforcement in this county that is not tainted? How can you expect people to obey the law when it is not being administered equally and fairly for all? Corruption, nepotism, ethical and moral violations all inclusive. Now the hint of sexual assault too. WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE TODAY? No moral compass or integrity. To protect and serve my ass. How about protection and Ill expect YOU to serve me your ass. These allegations have popped up too many times in this county to be fake. The LEO’s are abusing their power and may be predators protected by their Chiefs until someone gets a pang of guilt or have a vendetta. getting booty on the taxpayers dole is not a job benefit.

  12. That guy has a huge violent streak. He has taken money from people to drop charges. He has sexually assaulted many women (some minors! ) over the years. He’s been involved in redistributing drugs that have been confiscated. The list of bad goes on and on. About time the corruption got put into the light. So he did a good job once in a while, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.



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