Sheriff Tony Guy (right) with Chief Deputy Dean Michael / photo by John Paul

Depositions are set to begin in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by a former deputy whose testimony in open court helped lead to then-Sheriff George David being placed on house arrest for 3 months after violating provisions of his bond back in 2014.

Curtis Larrick, who had been a Deputy with the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office since 1992, was fired by the newly elected Sheriff Tony Guy when he took office in January of this year. Larrick alleges he was terminated by Guy because he supported his opponent, Democrat Wayne Kress, during the election.

After Sheriff George David was defeated by Kress in the Democratic primary last year, David and many of his most loyal deputies threw their political support behind Republican Tony Guy helping to carry him to a victory in the general election. Tony Guy aligned himself with many of the same people politically tied to George David, including local real estate tycoon CJ Betters who helped to fund Guy’s campaign for Sheriff.

Officials with the Pennsylvania State Police have said that Larrick was instrumental in their investigations into Sheriff George David and corruption within the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office and elsewhere in the county.

According to senior law enforcement sources, Tony Guy had met with investigators from the State Police following his election, who shared with the Sheriff-elect information about their years-long investigations. Larrick was among the only deputies that investigators specifically recommended Guy keep on staff due to his cooperation and truthfulness. But Guy ultimately terminated Larrick while keeping on staff most of the deputies that investigators specifically recommended Guy terminate — some of George David’s inner-circle of deputies who were accused of stonewalling investigators or harassing and retaliating against those who assisted State Police.

Along with his assistance to the Pennsylvania State Police, law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that Larrick provided information that went to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the IRS Criminal Division, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — agencies which also have had ongoing investigations into alleged corruption and organized crime in Beaver County.

Tony Guy denied his firing of Larrick was politically motivated, but provided no reason for the termination — multiple sources inside of the Sheriff’s Office told the Beaver Countian that George David and his loyalists lobbied hard for Larrick to be fired by the new administration.

Attorneys for both sides of the lawsuit have exchanged witness lists in preparation for depositions set to begin sometime next month.

Among those being deposed as witnesses for Sheriff Tony Guy and the County of Beaver are current and former Deputies Jay Alstadt, Charles Hurst, Richard Yonlisky, Randy Tallon and Jim McGeehan.

Tallon and McGeehan were among the deputies that Beaver Countian founder John Paul previously testified had harassed him following his criminal complaint against George David. Internal personnel investigations conducted by county officials concluded Hurst, Tallon and McGeehan were among those who had harassed Larrick.

Alstadt and McGeehan served in the chain-of-command for both George David and Tony Guy — Tallon was a vocal supporter of both Guy and David. Guy recently attempted to rehire McGeehan following his retirement as part of a county buyout, but the move was blocked by the Board of Commissioners who refused to approve the paperwork.

Among those being deposed as witnesses for former Deputy Curtis Larrick are Pennsylvania State Police Corporals Joseph Olayer and Daniel Mosura (who were responsible for the arrest of Sheriff George David), Chief County Detective Andy Gall, and retired County Human Resources Director Rick Darbut (who conducted a series of internal investigations into deputies in the Sheriff’s Office).

Sources inside county government have told the Beaver Countian that the Republican-led Board of Commissioners offered Larrick a settlement proposal of $5,000 to drop his federal case against Guy — an offer which was summarily rejected. The case is being handled by the county’s insurance carrier.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. I hope Beaver county implodes from all of its corruption and all of the racketeers are thrown out of town permanently! May be then residents will see real economic development from all the taxes each resident must pay. This Shell Corporation will be a fiasco at best.

    • Very, very true. Tired of the high going to even higher still taxes in Beaver County. Politicians better watch themselves, causing people to move out of this county and there won’t be anyone left to pay their high and going higher tax rates they want to charge people. Then we’ll see what their gonna do.

  2. The time has come to dismantle that corrupt cluster fuck known as the Beaver County Sheriffs Office. The sooner, the better!

    I for one, am glad I DID NOT vote for that little corrupt asshole known as “Tiny” Tony Guy. AKA-Mini Me “Cuz Cuz”.

  3. Instead of the county being responsible for fitting the bills of premeditated corruption on the part of an elected official, the official should be held personally liable for paying every cent of the costs related to their colossal fuck up. Sounds like enough federal agencies are at least now involved in corruption investigations that we should start seeing how far these humpty dumpties will fall very soon… And Lozier doesn’t get to tell the Fed boys to go pound sand like he did the state boys…better get busy Dave… Make it look like you are doing something before they pop in unannounced.

      • Who, unless a crook, would vote negatively on a comment that supports no pension for crooks in public service? Seriously????

      • I can think of two elected officials who are criminals and read the comments here. One is a midget and one is older than dirt… Take your pick and you’ll have the answer.

  4. That’s why Wayne should have won. If know Wayne for a long time and even told him I would help his campaign in any way I could even though I was in a different district. Wayne would be an awesome sheriff. Corruption is not in Wayne’s vocabulary. Next time Wayne there will be a new sheriff in town for sure. I want a call so I can help out you deserve to be there in that position knowing you for many years and your integrity and honor to the law.

  5. Get your signs ready Wayne Kress. I’m making room in my yard for them and resting up to campaign door-to-door for you.

  6. First off Mr. Kress should of been Sheriff these issues would of been addressed day 1.

    H.R didn’t do shit to help these deputies or prior deputies! PERIOD! They had no choice to take action cause it’s been shoved up their asses time in and time out!

    It’s funny to me, to see it circle back to one deputy saving the day again. Larrick whole career was saving that office.

    Get fired because he stood his ground and called out the corruption that is beaver county! Everyone cries how corrupt police and officers are and yet where were all of you when this man was serve up to be a sacrifice?! That’s why good officers keep their mouths shut because you become a target and Mr. Larrick was in fact a target!

    The rest are just riding his coat tails praying to save some face.

    Wonder what dick Joe Jo had to suck to again try to stay relevant! What a scum bag POS! Crawl in your hole and die like your hero buddy!

    Beaver County wake up and vote for the candidate not the damn party you fucking idiots!

  7. “I need more money for the safety of my deputies.”

    “I need more money for the safety of the people of Beaver County.”

    “I need more money for the dog.”

    Or maybe,

    Oh, yeah, I need more money for my friends and family and fired and retired cops and inexperienced kids who can’t find work anywhere else.

    Small bills, please?

    • All he’ll have to do is pop into his buddy’s office and ask. Next thing you know a single signed withdrawal slip is walked over to the bank and a money order gets purchased. Of course, none of this will be recorded in any of the county’s computer systems but there will suddenly be a short little jolly man that many may mistake to be a white George Jefferson handing out twenty dollar bills to many of his friends in the courthouse. In my opinion that is.

  8. yeah i dont see any real purpose for the sherrifs office in beaver county all i ever see them doing is driving around lost like running red lights because they feel like it and driving over the speed limit and tailgating other drivers that are actually obeying the law they should dismantle it and lower our fucking taxes and how about trying to get some of the money connie owes the county wouldnt that help alleviate the financial crunch they claim to be dealing with ?

  9. I am no fan of Tony Guy. He will never get my vote after he abandoned a woman at the hospital and then turned around and charged her with escape. However, Tony is the top dog and can run his office the way he sees fit. (unfortunately) That also means he can hire and fire anyone he likes. Curtis Larrick seems like a stand up guy. Unfortunately, this seems to be the wrong place for stand up guys for the next 3 years. This is the real world and people get let go all the time (and in Pa) for any reason the boss wants. I’m not saying Tony did the right thing just that he has a right to run his office. I would think Larrick would have a difficult time winning a lawsuit against him.
    My suggestion is for Larrick to run against him in the next election and if he wins he can clean house the way HE sees fit. I would love to see an election with two great candidates to choose from. (Kress or Larrick)
    I also have to give credit where credit is due. On Sat morning Dec 17th I went to Center Walmart and saw 2 Midland police cars and 2 sheriff cars parked in front of the door. My gut reaction was something big must be going on but what are the Sheriff deputies doing here and on a Saturday no less? Then I saw the police, deputies, and a handful of kids in the toy dept. I asked the officer and he confirmed they were buying Christmas presents for the kids. I thought that was fantastic! I hope the kids got to ride in the police cars and blast the sirens too.

  10. I hope the STATIES realize that TONY will screw them as soon as he gets a chance , don’t worry about screwing a brother Trooper …he is neither a brother or a Trooper but a power hungry little man that is trying to turn the Beaver County sheriffs office into a County police department . Breaking his word to the TROOPERS who supported him when he said he” would not attempt to become a POLICE Department” We will know better next time

  11. This should be interesting. I have a feeling there will be a lot of information gleaned from these depositions. I know everyone is clamoring for something to be done with the corruption in Beaver County. This whole thing is so large with so many dots to connect that it doesn’t surprise me that it is taking so long. I know we all live in a instant gratification world, but let’s have a little patience. The shoe is going to fall and it will come down hard. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if George David is charged again, this time federally. All of those carry and conceal permits he issued may come back to haunt him. He will be the first domino to fall because any prison sentence given to him at his age could result in a life sentence. He will squeal to get the deal.

  12. the Midget refuses to go away. He is so inept and corrupt that his office has become a bigger clown circus than that other f-cking loser from Aliquippa with two names, Georgie David. Can’t we get someone in Beaver County that morals, ethics and has the best intere3st of the taxpayers at heart. If you let that nitwit run loose he will have 500 sheriff’s and armored pieces ringing the courthouse. Every time I enter the courthouse, almost daily, I see the losers that he hires for family and friends. They couldn’t scare anyone but their shadow and know absolutely nothing about their job. They actually think that they are law enforcement. NOT! Errand and piss boys and girls. transporting prisoners, (taxi service), delivering subpoenas, (mail handlers) and guarding the fort. (Court, I mean Shit house). Get it through your small brains that you are not nor will you ever be anything but political hacks and whores for a Rino! If Tony the midget is a “R” then I am a rocket scientist. He is going to get his ass handed to him in the next election. He may lose the primary unless they bus them in from the last bastion of dumb, illiterate assholes, Aliquippa. Maybe Georgie will make another comeback so he can battle the Queen for the oldest dinosaur in the courthouse. Tony A, get off your lazy ass and start working with the team for the good of the taxpayers. Not your pension or family and fiends clubhouse. I feel bad for those of us who sat through your classes not knowing what a political hack you were. How many minds did you poison during your tenure? You owe the taxpaying public an apology and resign, saving you and your family any more humiliation for standing by losers like Tony, the Queen, Squerme, Stonewall and all the other losers at the shit house. Home rule, crush the empire now and restore honest government to this county. The taxpaying public deserves nothing less!

  13. the sphincter ring down there is just as strong under Guy as they were under David it’s a travesty now there are rumors about Guy wanting to be Commissioner he’s another Georgie

  14. How much of this tax increase will eventually go to funding everyone’s day in court over in Beaver?

    Once again, with feeling, when exactly do these people ever get around to doing the jobs they were hired/elected to do?

    One shit fest after another and don’t think a lot of it isn’t on county time and county money.

  15. If he makes it through 3 more years without being indicted he won’t have a snowballs chance in heel of being anything but the dog catcher of Aliquippa or CJ’s PISS BOY. I always though the State Police had professionals but again I was fooled. Taxpayers UNITE, Home Rule once and for all!

  16. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I truly believe Tony is a good man however he has made some truly questionable decisions.

  17. These are just the Ghosts of Christmas Past returning to haunt from the George David Trial. Tiny Tim will live, but no one’s goose will get cooked. Bummer. Many are drinking buddies. So, warm up Courtroom 1 at Zooky’s and have a merry time, ’cause not much is going to come of this. Larrick, one of the stars in the Courthouse racking videos, had no choice but to cooperate and will win back a job at the backdoor scanner, where he will stagnate until Kress is elected in three years. It will be fun listening to the testimony, though, on these cold winter days.

  18. ive seen no reason whatsoever to believe tony guy is anything but a POS seems like hes the same as george david with a different face i wonder what fairy tale amateur is reading from or what he’s smoking
    a good man ? hahahahahaha i did get a good laugh out of that tho so thanks

  19. We’ve gone over this shit-show so many times that it’s becoming more than irritating to read the bullshit that Tony Guy & Co. has done and lied about. Plus, talk about a rogue’s gallery of assholes!

    BUT the ONE thing I find VERY disurbing is “that the Republican-led Board of Commissioners offered Larrick a settlement proposal of $5,000 to drop his federal case against Guy…”. WTF!? Sandie, I thought YOU were for the taxpayers? What are you thinking, Party before truth and sanity? Knock that shit off!

    Let the lawsuit progress and charge Guy with discrimination. If he is innocent, which I seriously doubt, it will come out in court.


    • It mentioned that the case was being handled by the counties insurance provider. Seeing that I’m sure the commissioners were required to let Larrick and his council know it was offered.

  20. This should come directly out of the Sheriff’s budget. He should have to lay off the boot-lickers that work for him now to pay this person who was the only person to tell the truth.

  21. And Tony Guy has his eye on being a commissioner in 3 years. Please…

    Snapshot of first order of business…. Resolution 00001 Sexting is now permitted by all county employees who have gray hair on top but a fire down below. Dim the lights and get some anti-bacteria soap…it’s gonna be messy.

    Please one term for tony guy, then please end his political career, he is a liability, not an asset.
    25 plus yrs. for javens
    christiana is serving his fourth term
    amadio – Beaver County Commissioner since 2008
    Beaver County Voters, is life better for you and your families ?

  23. Is this lady on drugs or suffering from a brain defect? Nice post on Facebook
    I guess Sylvia stands by her POS

    Sylvia Zoiti Guy
    What a difference a year makes. I’m so proud of my husband for continuing to do the work that he promised. Through many adversities and political agendas he has remained the man he has always been, ethical and professional under all circumstances. I want to thank all of you that have supported Tony this year, he will continue to do what is best for the citizens of this great county. We have been so lucky to have made so many new life long friends through this process we feel very blessed to have them. Unfortunately we have also lost some people that we believed to be our friends and that I will sum up as a hard lesson learned.

    Here’s to a great 2017! #beavercounty #sherifftonyguy

    • BEFORE BEING EDITED : Unfortunately we have also lost some people who stood next to tony and realized he was nothing more than a midget. These very same people did not realize that tony was also a mental midget and they voted for him. They learned a hard lesson, many now look down on tony, well then again you have to, he’s a midget…. oh and while I’m at it, I HAVE asked him to get those damn teeth fixed. I tell him all the time, hey tony, why don’t you get dem teeth fixed, you look like yer maw.

  24. Check out the witnesses for Tony Guy: Jay Alstadt, Richard Yonliski, Jim McGeehan, Randy Tallon; each one in the news for less than savory actions. Then look at witnesses for Curtis Patrick: Rick Darbut, Joseph Olayer, Daniel Mosura and Andy Gall. Ever hear of any published news about them? Of course not, but trash hangs out with trash so watch out for lying from Tony Guy’s witnesses, just like the lying for Georgie.

  25. everything in this county seems to go downhill further and further each year…………it’s sad really…….and I am planning on leaving this place as soon as I retire and will not look back! I don’t think this county will ever get fixed! And why wasn’t the tax collector from Baden ever put in prison???? She turned her job over to her husband (was that legal?) and he robbed Baden of millions! All he got was 3 years! Shouldn’t she be in jail too???? Until the criminals are put away………it will always be business as usual!



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