The Pennsylvania Statewide Investigating Grand Jury will be convening next week to begin hearing testimony about alleged corruption in Beaver County, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the proceedings.

The Grand Jury investigations are just a piece of a county-wide effort by the Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and several federal agencies — including the Federal Bureau of Investigation — that was first reported by the Beaver Countian last month.

During the past several weeks investigators with State Police have conducted numerous interviews of witnesses in separate investigations involving the Aliquippa and Ambridge Police Departments, according to five sources with knowledge of the interviews. Several individuals who have been interviewed by investigators spoke to the Beaver Countian directly about the ongoing probes on condition they not be identified by name.

Some interviews involving the Aliquippa Police Department have been conducted with the assistance of investigators from the Organized Crime Section of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Sources tell the Beaver Countian that FBI Special Agents have also been making inquiries involving the Aliquippa Police Department and the City of Aliquippa. Sources say the FBI has previously conducted interviews involving the Ambridge Police Department.

Based on information obtained by the Beaver Countian it appears state law enforcement officials are taking a “ringed target” approach to their investigations, starting with probes into municipalities on the outer rings while slowly but deliberately working their way in towards a center bullseye — the courthouse and county government.

Along with the Aliquippa and Ambridge Police Departments, the Beaver Countian has confirmed that individuals in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office and officials in the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas have been targets of active investigation over the past month.

Proceedings of the Statewide Investigating Grand Jury are secretive and it is unclear for certain what next week’s witness testimony will pertain to, although it appears the Aliquippa Police Department, the City of Aliquippa, and individuals associated with it are currently the subject of greatest scrutiny by state investigators.

The Beaver Countian has previously reported that Federal authorities have been investigating whether any of the alleged activities that may have occurred in Beaver County could fall under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act — RICO — which can be used to prosecute a pattern of crimes that would otherwise be barred by statues of limitations at the state level.

State and federal law enforcement officials have been making inquiries into prominent business figures, law enforcement personnel, and former and current county elected officials as part of their lengthy corruption investigations.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier and County Detectives have all been excluded from assisting in the investigations. District Attorney Lozier previously attempted to prevent the Pennsylvania State Police from investigating complaints about possible corruption in the courthouse.

Note: This article originally referred to Aliquippa as a “Borough,” when it is in fact a “City.” The error has been corrected.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.






  2. It seems that the higher powers that be feel a general house-cleaning is in order before the alleged giant economic engine that is the Cracker Plant becomes operational. In any event, an overdue exercise of required oversight.

  3. About time uncle Sam looks out for the people of Beaver County. Whose citizens Have been killed abused assaulted and slandered at will. The most victimized population in the United States. We will have reason to smile when they all pay for what they have done………

  4. Thank you JP once again for your amazing reporting! You are really exposing corruption and maybe something will finally be done. Actions have consequences and these people’s actions are about to catch up with them.

    • Economyresident, wouldn’t that be fabulous and she would be wearing her own clothes not her daughters.

  5. The trouble is that it has been a moving target for so long. I wish them the best of luck with their investigation. I am with all of you that something needs done. It doesn’t take Dick Tracy to figure out where to start. It’s getting people to talk. The real actors aren’t afraid of the suits.

  6. If, and ONLY if, none of the “Unholy Trinity” (Betters the father, David the sons and Unis the holy ghost) are included in this investigation, it really doesn’t matter. These people are pulling the strings in this county.

    • Tommy. Let us hope so. Every property to be purchased for the purpose of demolition has to have a forensic deed search completed. Who owned these properties and when, and how were these properties chosen for the bulldozer. It is my belief, and I hope to be proven wrong, that the wrong people will profit. Contractors need to be vetted. Get some of those who go about their daily life in their pajama pants to work. This is the time to get those collecting public assistance, in any form, to trade in those pajamas for Dickey’s and work boots. If Walker screws this shot in the arm up, shame on him. Until Aliquippa has someone with proven leadership skills it will be my opinion : 3 point what ever million will never revitalize Aliquippa.

  7. Where do all the defenders of these people stand now? And those who thought JP’s articles were unfounded? Judge diBenedetto, and quality queen come to mind immediately. I am so grateful for this grand jury. The hard-working, honest people of the county deserve it, especially the elderly voters who have been duped all these years.

  8. Bring in the cuffs, chains and buses and haul them all out of there. People will start singing and talking so much they will need slapped to get them to shut up.

  9. Brilliant! Start with the peons who will race each other to flip and turn into witnesses for the Commonwealth in hopes of saving their own asses. I hear that there is a certain mayor who knows that his fat ass would be used as a sexual pinata in prison, so let’s see how long it takes him to sing. (Hopefully this will also put an end to his delusions of running for county commissioner).

    The best part of this is that if they can indict a few of the wealthy shot callers on racketeering offenses, they can seize all of their assets at the time of the indictment and won’t have wait for a finding of guilt. That also means that they won’t have the funds to pay for a private attorney. I wonder how well they are going to mesh with their public defenders.

    How ironic that an individual who wasn’t being financially harmed by the current property assessment methodology may suddenly find that with the stroke of a pen they no longer have any property in the county.

  10. I still say all the evidence is in personal bank records and large cash purchases of officials and family.

  11. Accordingtome……
    Very interesting!..To go a bit further imagine that Shell were to use their deep pockets and world class lawyers to do exactly that! Have higher law enforcement…such as State Police highest officials do their bidding against the 2 biggest property holders in Beaver Co….i.e Betters and Unis….Im sure Shell would just love to grab all that confiscated land on the cheap especially after our Beaver County royalty tried to hold out for all the riches instead of taking fair market way or another this is going to be some funny shit for our perusal!

  12. Thank you, John Paul, for helping to create an “educated readership” that will likely be aware of the names that will eventually be surfaced, and very likely they will be names that have been formerly reported upon in the BC. That could lead to readers commenting about them and maybe even provide further inside information about the suspects. That would have been almost impossible six years ago, before your reporting. And, it is likely that your reporting has been useful in the investigations. Will the names “line up” with the targets of the investigations? Likely. And if they do, it will be a validation of the BC, and possibly a further justification for a JP Pulitzer.

  13. You all have stated the names of the usual suspects. I think that we are all going to be surprised about the names we don’t know and the number of people that don’t live here. I don’t believe, but I could be wrong, that there’s a RICO case in county government. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a RICO involving these police depts and others not mentioned. We shall see

  14. Wasn’t this reported in the BCTimes ?
    Sorry, I apologize. I must be confusing this with a story about Donnie Iris or maybe it was Justin Timberlake ?

    I do have a question. I am honestly ignorant how this proceeds. Being the Investigation is secretive, is it possible, the next we hear is, “We have found no wrong doing ?” Will any of the witness testimony be made public, prior to the next step. In other words, is this like a preliminary hearing behind closed doors? I hope I am making sense, if not I do apologize, again(see above)
    Thank you, JP/BC

    • Grand Jurrys are supposed to be secretive from start to finish. In a perfect world, the only time you know they happened is when they are finished. The fact that we know it’s being conducted means someone is leaking info that they shouldn’t be. So to answer your question, yes. The next you hear about it should be when it’s finished.

      • It is important to note that witnesses in Investigative Grand Jury proceedings are under no secrecy obligation, they are free to speak openly about their involvement if they so choose.

      • Yes, you are correct. Certain participants who have not signed a secrecy oath can indeed speak to whoever they please.
        I apologize if you took my remarks as insinuating that illegal activity was going on. I wasn’t clear in my explanation and for that I was wrong.
        As always, keep up the great work!

  15. I’m guessing that if they are going to a Grand Jury, it is to present facts and evidence they already have. The Grand Jury will decide if the information is strong enough to issue indictments.

    • Do you feel important now that you posted your daily Beaver Countian comment John Q Taxpayer? Now carry on your otherwise meaningless existence.

      That’s going to be one heck of a eulogy one day. “John Q Taxpayer – Didn’t accomplish much in life, but he sure was popular on the Beavercountian” lmao

  16. I just hope they get right to the big issues and they don’t get bogged down on who isn’t managing the ice arena vending machine “profits” properly.

    • The FBI has its own set of internal scandals that it is dealing with. I wouldn’t ever suggest that corruption in Beaver County PA is a major news event, but I do think that the FBI and its leadership would love to get some positive press. Exposing corruption in America’s heartland that costs the hard working taxpayers millions of dollars would be a nice win for the feds. Look for them to take this all the way.

      • Nobody on a national scale gives one shit about Beaver County. It’s difficult to get people in Harrisburg to give a shit about Beaver County. It’s hard to get the people IN Beaver County to give a shit about what goes on in Beaver County. If they do this probe, it will be on it’s own merits (or demerits) not as some tour de force to make them look effective in the eyes of the nation.
        That said, it will be fascinating to see what an unbiased, disconnected outside entity sees in our little corner of nowhere. No golf buddies, schoolmates, brothers in law, etc. to put some paint over it in a probe like this.

  17. Each and every taxpayer in this county is beholden to John Paul. His exhaustive reporting and informing an otherwise ignorant population is immeasurable. If we relied on the BC Times we’d still be like the mushrooms in the dark. Fed bullshit by a willing co-conspirator operating a democratic party mouthpiece covering these corrupt crooks asses for years. It should be renamed the Scot Tady entertainment show. Other than that and obituaries & comics it is totally useless for even 3 grade readers wanting to learn about the dysfunction we call the Beaver County Outhouse. Can’t wait until they fold up and peddle their propaganda to some other fools. They have no street credibility in this county. Start in Hooterville!

    • Right on, equalizer. It is appalling that the Times has not picked up this story yet. “A local news source has reported…” would work.

  18. It will be interesting to see who becomes the first rat to jump ship. Dwan is done so put a fork in his fat ass and get him a striped suit. Although, he would fit in perfectly at the courthouse with the rest of the turds. I want to see these crime families brought to justice, indicted and convicted. They have controlled corruption in this county way too long. Time to clean out the stables and flush the shit out. We may finally realize who has brought death and disease to this county peddling narcotics. it speaks volumes when the local Sheriff and DA are barred from helping their comrades. Yet we will find some losers on here that will back the Midget and Stonewall up, despite their obvious incompetence.

    • It will be most interesting to see who becomes the first rat. They won’t be able to keep their mouths shut. Let the blame game begin! They started this fire. Now they have to deal the heat.

    • Well, well ,well, Mayor McCheese what is going on in the town ? I think the fat in white may take a fall ! All that double dipping, stolen quad, abuse of his officers, his name calling, thievery for years. And maybe his minion sidekick captain will go down too. The fat rat was dumb enough to email a council member saying it was ok for him and the detective captain to double dip for years. I thought it was ok, because Ralph let me do it for years ! Yep go back and take then all down, it goes backs years of taking from the taxpayers. So bye bye to Anthony, Stoner, and Mayor McCheese, you guys knew what was going on and allowed it. Hopefully since there is an investigation going on, maybe somebody should be placed on unpaid leave ? RICO, RICO, RICO, bye, bye………….

  19. Going to be a wing at the prison that will have half of Alighetto in it. Like a reunion for the five families. Thank god for the RICO statute.

  20. I spoke to the FBI a while back at length. If you can provide any information to them I urge you to call them IMMEDIATELY. It is a very cathartic experience and will be like showing that we actually care. Don’t be intimidated. Many of you in the county know these corrupt bastards. You sit next to them in church or the clubs. They are not to be emulated. They are to be scorned, ridiculed and repudiated for their misdeeds. Now is your chance for revenge. Remember the guys/gals who f-cked you over, peddled drugs to your children and dragged this county to the depths of hell? Make that call NOW. This may be our last chance to save the future of our children.

  21. Maybe they ought to investigate the sleepy little town of Baden too! If the alleged phone call vote on hiring part-time cops wasn’t bad enough. I’d like to know how Baden could sell property along the river to Westview water authority when said property was willed to the people of Baden. It supposedly wasn’t to be sold, but the Boro did so, saying their was no proof of it. My biggest question, what happened to the money made on the sale? It was quite the topic here 2-3 years ago.

  22. My guess: This will be a follow-the-money trail, more than about political shenanigans. Business leaders, taxes not paid, expense accounts, money laundering, money diverted, false expenses, out-of-state transactions, drug payments/purchases, etc. And I cannot believe that the drug trade will not factor into it. It would be nice to see Courthouse con men/women being dealt with, but that might have to wait until later. But the INCIDENTAL information dug up and disseminated to the media might be as helpful, and damaging,as direct accusations of illegal activities. If we can’t grab them now, at least we shall know which rocks they are hiding under.

    • Saying that, it would be an exoneration of the public’s suspicions, if just one check, or even cash, from payments into the Treasury — over decades — or as part of the Friendship Ridge deal, were found to have been channeled into a private bank account — directly, or more likely in a series of transactions to hide it.

    • I’ve been witness to much bologna. Most current with Aliquippa Police not doing a thorough investigation in a criminal matter and therefore filing charges and arresting a man because a neighbor (of the officer)prostitute/friend/addict gave false testimony that even the alleged victim cannot back up. 3 months later no trial just a bunch of himhawing around on their part. Beaver County Jail violating rights. It just never ends. So much more input I have in so many things. Just hope this all begins a series of changes that will better Beaver County. Sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg. Considering the fact that officials continue doing as they please, I won’t hold my breath too long. Nonetheless, Thank You JP for all you do.

  23. Please don’t get fooled that the system always works, and those that are corrupt are prosecuted. Many deals are made. I would not be readying the buses and dusting off the shackles. We do not have one name nor an indictment to date. I am glad to see that the investigation is outside the jurisdiction, of what I believe, is the proven incompetence of BC’s Sheriff and DA Offices.
    Speak up. Get things on the record. Bravo to Equalizer13, passion, anger, and hands on involvement. The anger is hidden, proving his unbiased approach. Thank You JP/BC.

  24. I remember, back when they were trying to convince us that getting rid of Friendship ridge, would be the greatest thing for the county and would Net us millions of dollars. They went as far as to suggest it would create such a windfall that county taxes would be lowered for sure.
    The reality, it was never mentioned again, and in fact taxes went up and we were told the county is having major financial issues.
    Where does this magical money vanish to?
    Is there so much of a windfall, they are still counting it?

  25. They should also be checking with all the banks that have accounts with Beaver County. We all have seen those tv movies where the sudden or monthly deposits/withdrawals lead to apprehending the criminals. I would not be surprised if “sleight-of-hand” techniques were used in the FR debacle.

  26. As I stated in an earlier post, I don’t believe there’s a corrupt organization in Beaver County Government. First of all no one can keep a secret in the courthouse. Do I believe there are certain politicos that benefit from outside corrupt organizations absolutely yes. The key is how the money is laundered to ultimately make its way to those individuals. Narcotics, gambling and prostitution are all a cash business. I do not believe that there’s just one organization. More like a loose groups with the same interests. Everyone says follow the money, connect the dots ect. Easier said than done. This money is more than likely laundered through legitimate businesses, non-profits and religious organizations. I believe those are the lines that connect the dots. Who are the owners and board members of these organizations? I believe that is where you need to start.

    • Getitright the fog is lifting, see what a few days off will do for you. Imagine once retirement kicks in. I’d ask for leniency, then tell all, let em have it.

    • Maybe laundered through county contracts and purchases. Just raise the price of your goods and services and there it is.

  27. Dirty bastards deserve all the misery in the world to come down on them,The Hinemans, Baer, Yacicch, David, Tony Guy. You dirty bastards can only push the people so far. And your to dumb to realize this. what a history. This valley is not yours. This valley does not belong to you and yours. It belongs to the people. The people may stumble they may seem apathetic and weak. But they allways find there way back. And the people will impose justice on you all.

  28. Tom Davidson once again relegates the Beaver Countian to a “blog.” No, Tom, this is not a blog, and you are not half the reporter that John Paul is.

    To wit:

    “She (Sandie Egley) previously said she wasn’t running in a Jan. 1 interview with John Paul Vranesevich, who operates the Beaver Countian blog, but until Tuesday has not publicly shared her intention.”

    You will NEVER be considered as Pulitzer material, Tom, so stop trying to put JP down. Do you realize how antiquated considering only a newspaper as legitimate reporting is?

    Look out your window — it is 2018 outside, not 1950.

    • Why put this comment here? Because Tom Davidson’s historic attempts to discredit JP come at a time like this one, when his excellent investigative reporting has made a tangible difference in local politics, corruption and awareness of it. The BCT is a pathetic outdated rag that contributes nothing to keep the public aware and is a laissez-faire source of Democratic propaganda status quo. So screw you, Tom, and I’ll rag on you every opportunity that I get.

  29. What Tom didn’t report was that Dan couldn’t wait to get that microphone back to shout out that fighting corruption was NOT what he was elected to do..which had all the tables whispering. That solidified him to One Term Dan. Go ahead..Turn a blind eye so your friends can continue to rip us off!

      • He and the rest of them know they are out. Believe me, they are already pulling their strings working on their next minimum work with maximum pay job. Smooth operators.

    • Dan needs to get a new buzz term. ‘Moving Beaver County forward’ is about as ambiguous as it comes. It’s GOING to move forward, Dan. Every single day, every hour, every minute, its moving forward. It can either move forward on a positive track, or a negative one. You have yet to tell us or show us what you’re doing to make it better going forward. Only that you’re along for the ride on the never-ending slog into the future. By telling us nothing, you’re telling us everything we need to know about what you stand for, which is absolutely nothing.

  30. Joel Osteen – There’s a reason why the windshield of a car is so big and the rear view mirror is so small. When Camp finds himself without a courthouse job, who knows, maybe a daily podcast with inspirational messages. Come on Dan, you’re kinda a buffoon.

  31. Camp borrowed a Joel Osteen analogy – “There’s a reason why the windshield of a car is so big and the rear view mirror is so small. ”
    Dan, something to consider You should not borrow/steal from a guy like Osteen, he’s got friends in high places, with more than political clout.
    Lightning on the golf course? I would seek shelter.

  32. I once naively thought, about 5 or 6 years ago, that “Things don’t have to be this way.”

    But in reality, they DO.

    The same conditions exist as when organized crime families operated in Western PA in the latter 1900’s — just not as organized. Same names, same relationships, same ancestry, same feeder population, same activities, same results. I think this Grand Jury investigation will show that.

    And that corruption background is socked in for at least another 100 years.

    JP and the BC will always have work and stories to report, as new perps bubble to the surface of the fetid mix and start all over again. For sport, pick them off, one by one, but they will just regenerate like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s brooms.

    The answers — don’t come here, die off, leave, move, ignore it, become one of them.

    Things don’t have to be this way. You just have to go somewhere else to find people who have communities that don’t live by preying on the people.

    And yes, they do exist.

    • Once you start recognizing the members of the corruption as natural, evolving, predictable results of the environment, it becomes easier to understand and deal with. You might not like it, but you won’t be chasing rainbows and unicorns anymore, either. You will get results, though. Partial as they might be. Select just one, and you will see that the person could not exist unless the above factors were in place.








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