Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp / photo by John Paul

A multi-year financial management plan for Beaver County — funded by a state grant and produced by independent analysts — shows the county is in the middle of a financial crisis that must be addressed to avoid insolvency. The analysis stands in sharp contrast to public statements made by Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp, who have attempted to cast doubts about the county’s dire financial position.

In a draft copy of a report by Public Financial Management (PFM) Consulting Group obtained by, the company puts to rest any uncertainty about the condition of Beaver County’s finances. The draft copy is stamped “confidential” and notes final numbers are subject to change.

Projections show the county will face a $5.4 million deficit in the General fund beginning in 2019 that will grow by roughly $2 million each and every year through 2023 — the final year studied by analysts.

From the draft report by PFM

The projections are consistent with prior projections released by the company in November 2017 as part of an Early Intervention Program grant funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

“[T]he severity of the problems highlighted by the baseline projection should not be dismissed as ‘just one scenario,'” analysts wrote. “During our departmental interviews, some people asked questions like, ‘Are the problems really that serious?’ or ‘Are they any worse than other Pennsylvania counties face?'”

PFM analysts detailed how Beaver County’s commissioners have been “balancing” recent budgets:

“In 2017 the County increased its real estate tax rate by 17 percent to help balance its budget. Coupled with the debt restructuring that reduced associated payments for a couple years and the pension credit related to the Friendship Ridge sale, the tax increase reportedly helped the county generate a $4.7 million surplus for 2017.

“In late 2017 the County adopted a balanced budget for 2018. To do so, the County zeroed out its contribution to the employee pension plan for one year and used $1.3 million in reserves to cover its anticipated expenditures. The actions that helped the County in 2017 and 2018 — trading lower debt payments now for higher payments later, double-digit tax increases, skipping contributions to the pension plan, using reserves to cover current year expenditures — are not sustainable over the long term. Meanwhile the County’s investment in repairing and replacing its core infrastructure remains modest at $700,000 in 2018 and there is no meaningful plan in place to fund needed capital improvements beyond that.”

Commissioners have in effect been “balancing” the budget by compounding the severity of financial problems the county will be facing in coming years. The county’s budget remains structurally imbalanced, with recurring expenses significantly outpacing recurring revenues.

Following news of a General Fund “surplus” from 2017, Commissioner Amadio boasted that Beaver County never was facing budget deficits, that the county’s budgets have been good, and that then-Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow had been wrong in his assessments of the county’s dire financial situation.

Amadio told WBVP: “For example, when it was stated that it was a $16.5 million deficit two years ago, that’s 1/4th the General Fund. That’s impossible to come back from that in two years. So that was my concerns, my concerns were the budgets were good, the ending surpluses were good, and I’m just happy.”

As has previously reported, the county ended 2015 without the necessary funds to repay tax anticipation loans as required. Under then-Financial Administrator Vince LaValle, the county drafted bad checks with insufficient funds in its bank accounts to repay the loans. The move carried a $6.91 million cash deficit into 2016, when additional loans were obtained to prevent the original loan payment checks from bouncing once cashed. It was news never reported by the Beaver County Times or WBVP.

“I feel vindicated,” Amadio told the Times at the end of February. “I’m just happy that everyone finally realizes there’s a surplus. My major concern is our chairman [Commissioner Sandie Egley] talking about the big deficit Beaver County was having, and we’re sitting on $4.7 million.”

The Times responded by publishing an editorial in March, “Our View: The sky is falling – or not,” bolstering Amadio’s claims and forwarding his false narrative. reacted by publishing an editorial of its own, “History Will Judge The Beaver County Times Harshly,” warning the public about the newspaper’s reporting on county government.

Commissioner Dan Camp joined Amadio in singing praises about the county’s finances — the two used the political cover provided by the Beaver County Times to fire Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow on March 8. Luckow had been using public meetings to sound an alarm about the county’s finances — it was reported following his termination that he would continue assisting law enforcement in their investigations into county government.

Commissioners Camp and Amadio last month hired “Susquehanna Accounting and Consulting Solutions” from Harrisburg to fill the vacant role of county financial administrator. Commissioner Egley came out against the contract after learning the group would work remotely and not make itself available during public meetings in Beaver County.

Commissioner Camp told the Beaver County Times: “It’s important to see a different style of financial administrator than we had before. They are an outside company, and they won’t be playing favorites.”

Commissioners Amadio and Camp signed a contract with Susquehanna Consulting last month despite no formal vote being conducted at a public meeting.

While other counties in Pennsylvania are also experiencing the problem of flat property tax revenues against growing personnel expenditures, the PFM analysts say Beaver County’s problems are far greater than most.

“As noted earlier, this County’s debt burden is higher, its spending on capital projects is lower and its credit rating is weaker than other Pennsylvania counties that largely have the same constraints. The County should not be content to be at the lower end of the rankings.” Analysts noted that “of the 38 Pennsylvania counties that have received credit rating scores from Standard & Poor’s, Beaver County had the third lowest score as of April 2018.”

Analysts also pointed out that S&P repeatedly downgraded the county’s credit rating to the third lowest possible before reaching “junk bond” status, and noted that S&P found the county has suffered from “weak management” among other problems.

“Beaver County government’s financial challenges are real and require deliberate action to fix now,” concluded analysts. “If the County tries to address these challenges solely on a year-to-year basis through its annual budget process, leaders will back themselves into a corner where they will need to implement more severe tax increases, service cuts or both with the sole purpose of remaining solvent.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Horrible!
      The last groups of county commissioners have made their government a shithole.
      The Times is fake news!
      Will anyone run against this mess?

  1. The county funding 400+ hours of overtime for the District Attorney’s detectives in six weeks will not help matters – and who knows the amount of overtime that will be accumulated by the end of the year. Contrast that expense with the cost of the Pennsylvania State Police assisting in investigations – a total expense of zero dollars. Perhaps it would be cost effective and financially intelligent for the District Attorney to rethink his refusal to work with Troopers in major crime investigations. Sandy Egley was right to suggest this fix months ago.

    • Piss poor attempt at politicking for your next attempt at the DA office? Wow! I wouldn’t stoop so low. That young lady is someone’s daughter. There, but for the grace of God go you or one of us.

      • My comment has nothing to do with politics. There should be no effort or expense spared in bringing a murderer to justice. However, I disagree with the decision not to involve the State Police in the investigation of serious crimes (like homicide) in Beaver County as a financial matter for taxpayers. The county must stop spending money it does not have and one way to make budget cuts painlessly is to utilize the State Police.

        As to the DelTondo homicide, involving the State Police as the primary investigating agency would have removed any stigma of corruption and impropriety for a jury. Instead, at this point a defense attorney has plenty of opportunities to point at disfunction by the Aliquippa PD and District Attorney’s Office to raise reasonable doubt.

        I can not imagine the pain of the young woman’s family of losing her to a senseless and unjustifiable act of violence, but how horrible will it feel if the person charged with the homicide is not convicted because of questions raised about the manner in which the investigation was conducted or the motives behind the investigators.

        The public does not know at this point what investigations are being run into Beaver County government and law enforcement by the Attorney General or the federal government, but what happens to the DelTondo investigation if any of the individuals involved with the DelTondo investigation are indicted or otherwise connected with corruption? This homicide needs to be investigated properly and a conviction obtained. Petty feuds, hurt egos and mistrust between law enforcement agencies should not be tolerated or permitted to interfere with protecting the community and bringing criminals to justice.

      • @tiredofitall
        Well if you are so “tired of it all” then maybe change brands to Summer’s Eve! Cuz you my friend are in fact a douche.

      • It’s facts, not political posturing. If you want bullshit, buy the Times. Top story, Scott Toadie’s report on upcoming concerts!

  2. So our illustrious commissioners have lied to us? Say it ain’t so! But of course, Sandy was the bad one so…

  3. Stop all incompetent officials pensions ( and we know who who they are ). That would help somewhat. Why reward incompetency? We the taxpayers are being punished for their stupidity and paying for their vacations to Mexico.

  4. Camp, Amadio and the Beaver County Times along with WVBP, what a bunch of liars, the walls will come tumbling down and then it will be interesting to see who blames who about what is sure to come! When the taxes go up again and it SURE is going to happen, for the two media should be ashamed for not investigating and going by what has been on the Horizon for the last few years and not reporting it but turning there head the other way? For the other two liars, if the people like who they voted for great, just start saving up because it’s going to cost you for putting people like that in office! The only way out is to raise taxes again and again, for what is definitely going to happen when people, you put in office just care about them and care less for the people that have to clean up there mess in raising taxes again! Just keep believing in them and it’s going to cost us all!! Again thank’s JP for your investigating that I Believe! Great work!👍

    • The only thing the Times and WBVP worried about was if the payment checks from the county for the ads they ran with them was going to bounce

      • I beleave it’s that they don’t want to say any thing negative about the County for fear of loseing all the advertisement revenue, but the dum asses won’t lose revenue because the County has to put it in print for bids and other documentation by law that has to be advertised! They are the only printed paper for this area! Figure that one out? Although they are losing customers by the month, because you can’t beleave anything they print!!

      • Both of those entities should never be considered anything but mouthpiece’s for crooks in the county. No professionalism anywhere. Interview with Egley last week was a joke. Poor quality broadcast and filled with commercial bullshit.

    • Those dopes at WBVP are lucky to make their way to and from the station every day. They barely understand baseball , let alone the county budget.

  5. This is like looking at autopsy pictures. It definitely ain’t pretty, but the truth often isn’t. Now the problem is to elect responsible people who will deal with the issue rather than sweeping it under the carpet.
    I shudder to think what would occur if a plain old citizen wrote “millions” in bad checks. He’d be cuffed and shackled and taken on a “perp walk” up the courthouse steps flanked by clicking photogs and shouting reporters.

      • Need outsiders with no connections but reality is they cannot win for lack of funding. Write in Egley next election.

  6. DAs office a joke. sheriffs dept. and surrounding Beaver County law enforcement under there and Aliquippa police influence beyond corrupt a total aberration. And the Valley is disintegrating into financial meltdown. But those Sheriffs Deputies ride around in there new autos free gas and take county owned vehicles home with them. Not to mention the lives they have destroyed or damaged. But you can trust your commissioners Beaver County has plenty of money. Those State financial investigators don’t know what there talking about.

  7. So now that the public is finally getting to see that it is all smoke and mirrors the county administrators are feeding them about our true financial situation, maybe, just maybe they will say they are tired of the county blowhards blowing that smoke up our asses. I don’t know who the right people are we can vote into office to fix this, but DO know for sure that it’s high time this current batch of ass clowns in office need to be voted out.

    Also, a legitimate investigation would show a good percentage of them should go to prison as well…………

  8. Look at the budgets of the Sheriffs department, DA’s office and the Jail. All 3 are out of control with Lozier being clueless and misguided by Guy. Guys office is full of political hires that he has to keep happy for their votes and on top of that he’s Mia at work. Schouppe is to busy with the nurse “when he’s there” and his budget is so wack Einstein would shake his head. These people need held accountable. Vote, vote, and vote!!

  9. Many people in the county have seen and stated that Commissioner Amadio and Camp are clueless when it comes to running the budget of the county and all other legal matters. We need people in this office that not only know and follow the law but actually know what they are doing. Camp is totally clueless and just follows Tony around like a puppy dog and does what Tony says. Grow some you know what.

  10. Amadio and Camp are lying to get elected again. All they care about is their money for nothing jobs and will keep lying about finances and when they have to raise taxes again and create new fees like the 5 bucks they added to vehicle registration fee, they will say it can’t be helped because of contracted raises and pension obligations. Amadio and Camp have to go , we can’t do any worse

  11. Sounds like they need someone with a strong background in managing out waste but has no bias. That party must be on site to observe the waste. Spreadsheets don’t always tell the full picture (but in this case the spreadsheet supports the need for someone with a backbone and lean management experience). Those types are hard to come by at the salary the county pays (80k won’t cut it for someone with the right background)

  12. At this point, one must assume that the two might be incapable of understanding the math. Conehead, a high school education. Sleeper, a junior high school history teacher. Neither one of more than average intellect. Together, a psychological Folie a Deux. Nope, working with higher math just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Better to look into a group home for them, teach them some social skills, and look for employment in a sheltered workshop.

      • THIS IS CRIMINAL. Camp, Amadio and Spanik belong in jail. Yes, Spanik. He knew of these problems and did nothing but worry about getting re-elected. I AM SO SICK OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

  13. Look out Beaver Co. here comes a big tax hike for all of us to pay unless we are smart and move to Ohio

    • Got my most recent tax bills and checked old bills. Our taxes have gone up over $3000 in 13 years – with nothing to show for it!!! The mall is a wasteland, new businesses are a joke – let’s add another Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Once the Shell plant is finished – many of the other businesses that have come to the area will leave. Still – County officials still getting paid, people still believing their lies because the Times said so, roads are horrible (just FYI – Shell hired engineers to build the infrastructure for the new plant and they were done in months and it had to be completely rerouted is a fabulous road. So WTH is PennDot doing on our roads and bridges that take years and begin to fail just a couple years after they finish???), and I would like to know where all the infusion of money from Shell went (they put out literature concerning all the $$$ they were going to be funneling into Beaver County)… someone’s pocket? At least the additional space they sponsored at the Carnegie Science Center is visible! I honestly don’t care who runs against these commissioners – I will vote for them!

  14. This sickens me! I receive a pension from Beaver County, one that I paid into for thirty years.I want to keep my pension, but Camp and Amadio will screw with it. I wonder what other pensioners think. I wonder how some of them feel about who they voted for. J.P. and Edgley were right about the budget, but there are still many who follow Camp and Amadio with their white canes.

  15. To Ricardo Luckow : How these two idiots ever got away with firing you is something I will never understand, NEVER! I have said this many times, Camp and Amadio stay in the lane of least resistance, and at whose expense? These are not victim-less crimes. They are responsible for taking away your lively hood.

    • It will just be that much sweeter when his testimony ends up being the factor that causes one or preferably both of them to be sentenced to jail. In my opinion, of course.

  16. The unfortunate reality is that nothing will change until elected officials have personal liability for their actions while in office. If that day came today we’d have two commissioners awaiting trial for conspiracy and embezzlement.

    If sheer stupidity ever becomes a crime then they’re going to have to release a whole shitload of low offense inmates at the jail to make room for damn near the entire courthouse.

  17. One thing that I always wonder about is the pension fund is always stated as up , down depending on the investment performance. I think they need to base it on cash flow expectations over the following years and not just based on the market performance for the year. Rarely will things stay up , nor, will they crash for a long period. And never do you need the entire balance all at once for distribution. I don’t know if that is how they are doing it or if that’s just how they present it to the public.

  18. I wonder what excuses the two commissioners will make when they raise our county taxes…will they cite the poor economy, bad investments, massive overtime in the DA’s office (hardly) but I have a feeling they will attack Luckow for his wrong projections. But he did project deficits in the coming years, so that will not work, but they will blame someone.

  19. At Hopewell parkfest right now and the good Sherriff Guy is here with Hopewells finest…..what a tremendous contrast of personalities…..or maybe not….beautiful evening for a parkfest tho….

    • So that’s where the Midget has been hiding instead of working. ,Campaigning for office already? What a big set of stones for such a mutant. So f-cking delusional that he actually thinks he’s going to win. Is his lack of showing up at work concerning anyone? Actually the more he stays away the less he can f-ck up.

      • There had to be 20 people running around the park with clipboards pleading with people about their voter status. One after another continued to engage my whole group with the same question….” Are you currently registered to vote?” Believe Mungo when he tells you mini man standing with Hopewell’s Chief near the FOP tent with all these clipboard voting groupies running around had a very “campaigning” feel to it! One thing the two gentlemen did in fact do very well is position. themselves at the entrance of the park at the conclusion of the festivities and did a hell of a job directing traffic!

  20. As much as I hate to say it, this is not a surprise to anyone who has an ounce of common sense. Beaver County has been a wreck for too long to remember. If it wasn’t for the feds stirring the pot and the scam artists in charge getting nervous about having to make some sense of the mess that they enjoy so much, it would be business as usual. The corruption and theft of everything imaginable by the thieves in charge would make even the hardest criminals jealous.
    This article only talks about the property taxes but there are so many other ,theft by deception, taxes that make me wonder where could all the money really be going. 911 tax. $1.50 for every phone in the county and the county 911 is supposedly seriously underfunded. HOW!!! $5.00 additional tax per year on every licensed vehicle in the county. Where is that money going? That is only two of the many excessive taxes that are forced on us that we get nothing for. How about all the taxes on cable bills for another example? How about all the tax money taken in from Federally subsidised county owned property?
    The thieves in charge need to come clean about two things minimum. Where is all the money? How many years of expected money from the cracker plant has already been spent and on what?
    It’s way past time that more people start asking the obvious questions and hold the thieves in charge accountable from inside the still unpaid for jail they couldn’t do without!!
    The spend, tax and then spend more policies of the thieves in charge need to seriously looked at sooner rather than later.

    • You want to run some numbers?
      How about these………
      PA gas tax per gallon – 50.7 cents for gas – 63.6 cents for diesel.
      Federal gas tax per gallon – 18.4 cents for gas – 24.2 cents for diesel.
      The official statistics according to the EIA (Energy Information Administration, are that the US uses 9,253,000 barrels/day (388.6 million gallons/per day)
      PA consumes 120,457,000 barrels of gas per year. Times that number by 42. (gallons in a barrel)
      5,059,194,000 gallons per year.
      Could not find numbers on diesel fuel.
      Mind boggling.

  21. Just as I wonder about the disconnect between reality and Lozier’s statements in the Deltondo case, I have to wonder about Amadio and Camp’s statements about the county finances.

    As reality overwhelms incorrect statements, how do these guys think they can possible survive?

    I ask again, are they really that stupid or do they already know that they won’t see consequences? These are the only 2 possibilities.

    • You are right, Beaver Newbie. They can only answer two ways. They don’t know how to do the math, or, they are crooks. Which is it, Conehead? Are you a crook, Sleeper?

      Well, either way, it is now personal. Because this thievery is going to take some of my money. You assholes should go to jail, because doubling down on obvious lies makes it apparently deliberate.

      Stupid? Deliberate? Deliberately stupid? Stupidly deliberate?

      Hire Luckow back.


      Then get the fuck out of Dodge.

    • Maybe, but unlikely. One could hope, though.

      Christiana a Commissioner? Stranger than truth. Back to being a used car salesman.

      The Midget also apparently has his sights set the job. Can you imagine that guy, who tries to overspend his own budget with voodoo economics, added to this thievery? Not I. He also has Monacaquippa roots, like these two clowns. It could be even worse.

      Maybe a Courthouse job fair, after the San Rocco Festa in August, held at St. Titus Church in the Quip would make things easier for them. No campaigning, no signs, no expenses, just slaps on the back, winks and nods.

  22. I am guessing that Sandie Egley knows exactly what these two guys have been doing and what they are about. Maybe she even had input for this article.

    What better timing to write an op-ed for this publication and affirm what has been documented in this article?

    What does she have to lose? She’s not running again. What better way to validate her own investigation of Beaver County government corruption?

    Come on, Sandie. Put another nail in this coffin.

  23. I also think Ms. Edgley should speak out, especially to wbvp and the Bc times. It is an audience she will not find here at the BC. Every voter needs to hear this information to understand the depravity in their county government.

  24. Let’s assume that a property owner has County real estate taxes of $500 for next year — only one part of the revenue. And let’s assume that he/she will take 5% hit because of this bad creative bookkeeping/theft/ignorance/mental retardation/poor schooling, etc. In February, he/she makes out a check for 5% more, $525. His wealthier neighbor makes out a check for $1050. Etc. Some people get socked for even more, much more. What if the hit becomes 10%? That’s $550 or $1100. That is the Queen’s share. Add to that Borough, state and federal taxes. Now we are talking about serious money. Money that some people simply don’t have. I don’t care who you are, but this issue is a real problem, not just some bad PR for Conehead and Sleeper. Now, add multiple future years of the same and more money each year. Will you delay that vacation? Switch from Stella to Bud Light? Will you, as usual, vote straight party for these clowns again? Of course you will. And that is part of the problem. Not for them. Not for you. For us. Thanks. Thanks for nothing. And no thanks to you, WBVP and the Beaver County Times, for dumbing down your audiences. And thanks to Zooky’s for stocking lots of cases of Bud Light.

  25. Stagnant revenues and out of control spending are a blueprint for fiscal ruin. One thing that everyone reading this site should be aware of. As long as we have the type of government that has out of control political hacks pissing through money like we have it, the commissioners are powerless to stop them. They have NO authority over them. Only budget and if anyone ever had an opportunity to view the circus budget hearings you would say WTF? They pass a budget and the three stooges (Stonewall/Midget/Jail just circumvent the budget by handing their comrades OT like water). Great for election and campaigning to get your kids jobs but ultimately we ALL pay the price. Taxpayer rape is fundamental to politics in this county. The most important things to turn this county around are a government modeled after Allegheny County with one person in charge and totally responsible/accountable. My opinion is the most budget busting item is the so called “government workers” to unionize. That idea was purely for political purposes. Especially in this county. Do any of you think that these guys will fire anyone/ they are all related and mobbed up with Friends and FAMILY, Inc. ( Where would the Netherlands and all the other familia go?) RM should hire his relatives for landscapers and servants. Better suited to that line of work. There are too many others to name each. Just get a DNA chart and follow the lineage. . We need a referendum to abolish government unions once and for all. They have ruined the budgets of governments, schools and soon our seniors will be living in the streets, unable to pay their taxes. It can all be traced back to Amadio, Spanik and Nichols. Now the two asshat clowns are following the same model. Spend future revenues today and the hell with tomorrow. As I have stated many times, bankruptcy is on the near horizon. Wait for the weeping and wailing of the multitude of citizens ignoring the problem with head firmly planted either in the sand or up their asses. Better yet, grab the Times and salivate over upcoming concerts and the good old days.

  26. Let me ask an open question with no judgement of my own.

    Is anyone seeing a big effect from the cracker plant construction in the area?

    I was driving around yesterday, through Rochester, through New Brighton, through Beaver Falls and Chippewa and I saw more recent closures since I was last there than I saw new business. Are we seeing any bump from this in this county? I remember the “10,000 CONSTRUCTION JOBS!!!!” but aside from a lot full of worker shuttle parking in the half empty mall, what evidence of all this activity can we point to?

      • 10,000 jobs , spread out over the various stages of cracker plant construction. the bulldozers grading the land. the roads built. the truck drivers hauling all that dirt around. the cement mixers. the security guards. the laborers. thye list goes on, you get the idea. maybe all these folks have jobs, all 10,000 of ’em, but only for a couple years at most, till the construction is done. thats a lot of hotels makin good money putting up all those out of state folks. and when that plant is built, they will be empty drug and party dens, and more blight. and they want to spend 20 grand to promote tourism?? the COLLAPSE OF BEAVER COUNRY is coming. give it a few more years…

    • A LARGE portion of the jobs are already taken by persons that are from out of county and out of state for one, so sorry Beaver Countians – the measely number of jobs from the start has already shrunk considerably. But in direct answer to your question, no, it has not done anything for Beaver County and if my first impression holds true, it is going to do nothing but drag us down horribly in a multitude of ways. I don’t think it’s coincidental a new cancer treatment center is coming to town…

      • I noticed that, too about that center. It’s not even about residents getting the jobs. I get the feeling while these workers are here, they go to work, shit, take a shower and leave with those paychecks to Pittsburgh, Cranberry, Washington County, everywhere but here. For all this influx of “activity”, no restaurants, stores, entertainment, nothing new in our county. If you don’t sit in construction on the 376 bridge or near the plant site for whatever road improvement that Shell wants, you wouldn’t know it was here at all. And this was the “game changer” for us.

    • In quip I’ve notice a rise in business at several restaurants. Other than that i see nothing.

      Of course according to DeWan many locals will be hired. The library has had several seminars regarding resumes and record expungment. He makes it sound like all of quip will be hired.

      • To be fair, Dwan and everybody else. You ever see the Chamber comments or listen to Rob Pratte and some of the cheerleaders talking about BC? This is a big problem in Beaver County. We get something, somebody announce plans and we wait for it all to just come flowing in. Is there any push to bring things in or do we just expect it to act like a magnet?

  27. So these asses are stealing our money, and lying to us about the economy. Are any of them accountable to a higher power in any way. We can not keep saying “Vote them out”, when every batch of crooks running for office are just as bad.
    What happened to the Millions of dollars we were going to rake in from the “Awesome idea” of pawning off Friendship ridge?
    I remember Amadio, talking about millions in surplus we would get after the deal was done and taxes going down.
    Do they not have the ability to tell the truth?:

  28. October 3, 2012- WHISPERING TONY told us-“This PILOT proposal represents a real commitment to our community and the people of Beaver County,” said Tony Amadio, Chairman of the Beaver County Commissioners. “If the Shell project moves forward, a PILOT would help us to ensure the financial sustainability of our county, municipalities and school districts in the years to come.” He’s no better at predicting the future than Punxsutawney Phil, yet people buy into his horseshit. Camp and Amadio continuously prove their incompetence. The firing of Ricardo Luckow was a travesty, neither Camp or Amadio had a legitimate reason for such action.
    The public is welcome, in THEIR COURTHOUSE, to ask questions and voice opinions and concerns directly to THEIR EMPLOYEES (commissioners) each Wednesday at ten am.

  29. On WBVP, Dec 1, 2016, Treasurer Connie Javens set the record straight.

    From the Beaver Countian, Dec. 1, 2016:

    “Treasurer Javens informed listeners that she does not believe the county is facing a financial crisis because she checked and there is still money in the county’s bank account.”

    “Treasurer Javens jumped back in, “You know what, you know what, I’m going to speak out here, there’s not a cow in Texas that will tell me we were $17 million in the hole and in a week we find $13 million, there’s not a cow in Texas going to tell me that.”

    So there, yinz naysayers!


    • I second your mooo! That old bag is laughing her ass off. They finally found someone dumber than her in this county. How will we know if she dies? She already has her death mask on. Love to be a fly on the wall when she meets her maker. She’ll lie to him too and try to bullshit her way in. She can use Conhead and Sleeper as “lack of character” references.

  30. The actual Dire News is that these two will handily win reelection..they both have a “name” that voters seek, voters vote a straight ticket and unless the Times suddenly starts printing actual county news instead of which aging rock star will/or will not appear at various venues..that is the sad fact. A huge percentage of the electorate are uninformed and unfortunately, we see the result.

    • unfortunately i have to like this comment. the older folks in the county probably do not look at this site or proclaim it to be “fake” news. they rely on the times or am radio to tell them what is going on

      • Careful, Eddie Pgh. Lots of us old geezers read the Beaver Countian. And, lots of us old geezers cancelled the BCTimes and turned off the radio long ago. It takes old geezers like us to understand what the Courthouse old geezers are up to.

  31. Look Tony Amadio was a whiny school teacher who served as supervisor in Center Twp for years, but didn’t balance or guide a budget ever, he was a vote getter for the ticket. So what makes you think he’s going to know anything about county finances? He still thinks Vince LaValle was a financial genius lol.

    Dan Camp ruined a 3rd generation business that he took over in 6 months, then was a semi truck dispatcher for 6 months, then people wanted changed and put this little kid in charge of county, lol jokes on us, he can’t balance his own check book.

  32. Amadio and Camp keep telling us to move along, there is nothing to see here and, in essence, they are right. There is NO MONEY, NO PLAN, AND NO CONCERN ON THEIR PART and NO COMPETENCE. Vote em back in though, it’s the Beaver County way. After all, you had a candidate for Treasurer who actually knows finance but you put Connie the Con back in so she could protect the Unis and Betters interests in the County. I would say we should privatize the County Jail but that would just turn into another Friendship Ridge cash a palooza for Connie and her ”family” and we would end up losing money AGAIN… Seriously selling any County assets while this regime is still in office (Camp, Amadio, Javens, etc) will only result in their pockets being RE-LINED as well as those of their friends and families.



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