The Pennsylvania Auditor General’s Office is now investigating possible pension fraud in Ohioville Borough, a source within the state office has confirmed to the Beaver Countian.

The investigation by auditors working on behalf of Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is focusing on the Ohioville Borough Police Department. Ohioville does not have its own pension fund and relies on a state fund for borough employees.

Ohioville Borough Council voted in January of this year to allow former Police Chief Ronald Lutton to retire, rather than fire him, after evidence of massive fraud dating back decades was allegedly uncovered by the town’s secretary. Lutton is currently awaiting trial on 64 felony counts of forgery for allegedly concocting fictitious court slips to justify overtime pay he did not earn. Former Borough Secretary Maureen Hapach has alleged Lutton stole over $250,000 from taxpayers since 1992 as part of his scheme.

Hapach resigned at the end of last month alleging she was being harassed and threatened by Ohioville Borough Solicitor Paul Steff for going to the State Police with evidence against Lutton.

Ohioville Council approved a tentative plea deal for Ronald Lutton which would have allowed him to collect his state retirement and use those funds to pay restitution of just $60,000 to local taxpayers. But law enforcement sources say the Auditor General’s Office is concerned that if the accusations against Lutton are true, Ohioville Council may effectively be allowing their former Chief to steal from the state to repay the borough, as his alleged forgeries would have defrauded the state pension fund along with the municipality. Sources tell the Beaver Countian that auditors are also examining the possibility that the alleged fraud perpetrated by Lutton was so extensive he may not even qualify to receive a state pension.

Ohioville Borough had failed to notify the state about possible problems with Ronald Lutton’s pension account.

Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that officials with the Auditor General’s Office have met with the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office about the matter. Those sources also say the Beaver County Detectives Bureau is now reinvestigating the case against Ronald Lutton in an attempt to determine more precisely how much he may have bilked from taxpayers.

Sources within the District Attorney’s Office tell the Beaver Countian a tentative plea deal that had been negotiated with Ronald Lutton is now moot and the case will likely go to trial.


  1. That trial is going to be interesting.  Busy times in Beaver County.  The state is going to realize that corruption busting is good business, and here in Beaver County, business is boomin’!!!  They should start making some real examples out of some of these clowns.

  2. But will these investigations really help anything? Or will even more corrupt individuals take place in their office? 

  3. Hopefully Lutton and Steff end up in jail. They are a disgrace. Steff obviously didn’t have the residents best interest at heart. All he cared about was protecting his buddy. I’m guessing there are council members shitting their pants. How long will it take for them to start turning on one another in an effort to protect themselves?

  4. It is about time someone bigger, badder, and with more power stepped up and stopped this madness. Karma, baby, Karma!

  5. SILENCE!!!   Mungo Jerry SILENCE!!!(I say in my best riddler voice):
    Mungo Jerry, When is a donkey spelled with 1 letter???When it’s U!!!

  6. Mungo Jerry:  Riddle me this???
    What is it that no man like Lutton wants to have but no man like Lutton wants to lose?
    A lawsuit.

  7. Relax Kemosabe’s, ” You have the tongue and courage of a coyote. You speak much but say nothing.” ,   Tonto 

  8. Someone needs to let John Paul know that there’s other cities in Beaver County besides Aliquippa and Ohioville.

  9. just to clarify everybody bsmith that is commenting on this page IS NOT BRENDA SMITH OF OHIOVILLE. SHE IS SICK OF PEOPLE THINKING SHE IS LEAVING THESE COMMENTS

  10. This is the group of people going to get sewage in ohioville wow backdoor deals here we come aging who is in charge of this?

  11. Relax Kemosabe’s ” Some of you like squaw who squall all the time like angry mag pie–her talk to loud, talk to much, make headache “.  Tonto 

  12. Blakemore if you take the time to read other articles. They are not exclusively in Ohioville or alliquippa. Just seems to be where the dirtbags are. The Ohioville alleged police force needs to be disbanded dismantled. This has gone on long enough. Everyone in that department has made it what it is. The one guy who gave a damn about the community has been suspended. They have the chiefs concubine working regularly she is a joke. Close the doors lock it up and split the territory with Brighton midland. The council should be all brought up on charges as well as the current chief.

    • Relax Kemosabe, you seem to have personal insight into the inner working’s of Ohioville Borough and the Ohioville PD?, I am guessing you are a disgruntled former employee? once again, “you speak much but say nothing” Tonto



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