Investigators with the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission had copies made of over 500 pages of documents from the courthouse last week as part of a long-running investigation into former Democratic County Commissioner Joe Spanik, according to multiple sources.

The Beaver Countian published an investigative report in January of 2016 first revealing a trove of documents from Joe Spanik’s political operation which were discovered on a county computer that had been used by his secretary, Lisa Walker.

Following the publication of the Beaver Countian’s report, District Attorney David Lozier instructed his County Detectives to do a preliminary investigation into the matter. Lozier said his detectives verified there was information that warranted further inquiry and referred the case to the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission, saying he wanted to avoid any appearances of political bias and that the Commission may be able to seek more substantial penalties if a prosecution proved appropriate than would be available if his office handled the case.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that ethics investigators made contact with the courthouse this week, having county officials make copies of over 500 pages of Joe Spanik’s campaign finance and disclosure forms archived by the Beaver County Bureau of Elections.

As the Beaver Countian has previously reported, investigators visited the courthouse in August of last year as well, conducting interviews of several county officials. Sources have also told the Beaver Countian that state investigators have been in contact with Henderson Printing in Rochester, a company that printed campaign literature for several county officials including then-Commissioner Joe Spanik. Investigators have visited venues which have hosted campaign fundraisers for Spanik, and have conducted interviews of several politicos throughout the county.

No charges have been filed against former Commissioner Joe Spanik to date; it is unknown when the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission may complete its investigation.


  1. Lozier said his detectives verified there was information that warranted further inquiry and referred the case to the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission, saying he wanted to avoid any appearances of political bias and that the Commission may be able to seek more substantial penalties if a prosecution proved appropriate than would be available if his office handled the case.

    That statement is so fucking ridiculous it is laughable. Turn it over to the State Ethics Commission but sit back for a year and DO NOTHING about the violations and malfeasance of Madam Queen and Vince LaValle. These fucking people should all be in prison.

  2. What’s amazing in my opinion is he’s afraid of Javen’s. He won’t do shit to her shes definitely got to him some how some way….. Call the FBI Of Pittsburgh for results these cover ups and continued audits are just costing the taxpayer’s of Beaver County more money it’s really ashame.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Lozier has no problem turning over the investigation to the state to avoid the appearance of bias but fires the state boys when it comes to Connie. She has something on him for sure.

    • It’s laughable that that you trust the same state police that dropped the ball with George David and has entire cadet classes being investigated for corruption and cheating. It’s also extremely hypocritical how you have zero issue with the length of time it’s taking the ethics commission to conduct their investigation but are shitting bricks over the time line of the javens investigation: they are taking around the same amount of time currently. No one in this county will be happy unless they’ve got someone to bitch about, the grass is always greener on the other side folks. If you don’t like what’s going on, get out and vote, run for office yourself, voice your opinion where it can actually be heard by someone that doesn’t reside in the same bubble that is the beaver countian.

      • I’m with you James T. Most of the stuff on this blog is petty foolishness. I will tell you all now the Feds are not coming and there will be no grand jury seated. John Q, none of this stuff going on in the county has anything to do with RICO. So call and call and call the FBI. You have been watching to many Law and Order reruns. As for Connie and Spanik, they are going to get a couple fines and a little admonishment.

      • The State Police did not drop the ball. The Asst. Attorney General did, because of a very smart defense council. And some of Geoge’s friends lying on the stand iced it.

  3. Another one bites the dust. More cover for Connie. If Joe was smart, (which is very questionable) he would turn states evidence and help clean up the mess he and his cronies created. He doesn’t have the decency to make amends to the taxpaying public. Self serving hack right until he is charged. This county is crying out for a grand jury to save the taxpayers or we will be taxed into oblivion by the ongoing corruption.

  4. Why do the wheels of justice turn so slowly for Beaver County crooks? Little people go to trial and are incarcerated very quickly. Guess they all gotta remember to cover their asses and circle the wagons around the Queen.

    • Because they are investigating but looking for a reason to dismiss it, not charge anyone. Their job is to make taxpayers believe all is well. They let a lot of time pass so everyone will forget about the case or at least the details become sketchy.

      And it works very well

  5. I think Lozier played under power lines when he was a kid or been drinking water with high levels of lead and TCE because he is sure the hell cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

  6. Stonewall is all over the map with his idiotic statements to the public. No wonder he hides in the dungeon dreading a visit from the Queen. One day he is for outside help, then he is not. WTF is sit with you Stonewall? You are so over your head you are making a fool out of yourself. Better to remain silent than open mouth and remove all doubt of your lack of legal expertise.

  7. Lozier is one that should be looked at by the Ethics Commission. The only thing he seems to be good at is spitting in the taxpayers face.

  8. Simple…He is hoping everyone forgets about The Queen. By taking down someone that used employees and computers for his campaign, but I don’t think this amounts to millions that The Queen lost, stoled, gave away or to pay of our DA. If these elected officials want to spend our hard earned tax money, at least take out The Queen Bee!

  9. i really dont think they are affraid of cunt t javens more like they are all owned by cjb and if dirt gets out on them it will lead back to him.
    who else in beaver county can afford to buy a state rep?

  10. Okay maybe Joey smarty pants SPANKIT, MESSED UP. But is truly amazing …….

    DISTRICT ATTORNEY LOZIER hands off that case but gets convinced to investigate CONNIE JAVENS AND MILLIONS MISSING.




    • I agree. It is a complete outrage. If I had to sum it up, I would say, well, IT’S JUST FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE.

  11. In my humble opinion:

    Look for answers in Tony Guy and friends, not necessarily only in Stonewall’s inactions. The road to the answers likely runs through him, and his frequently mentioned outside connection(s). Lozier was a late arrival on the Courthouse scene, after the other relationships had already been made. He seems to be not acting, and reacting to the powers that be.

    • Raven- Wanted to tell you and anyone else that’s interested I think it’s Channel 4 News doing a report Monday at 5:30 in regards to gross mismanagement and political hires on the PA Turnpike.

  12. Beaver County has been a political cesspool for decades. If the people of that county don’t know where the money is coming from, they have to be deaf and blind. For a while Raven was putting people who work for the county with their relatives; it would be nice for Raven to continue the practice because the people will see that the county payrolls are full of friends and family. The DA is a puppet for the head honcho, I predict nothing will happen to Javens, Spanik, Lavalle and countless others. Nothing happened to Towcimac (sic), David, Tallon and others.The crooks are like a festering boil, they keep coming back because the head isn’t removed.

  13. I agree with tinkergaloot above, especially when he asks “who else can afford to buy a state rep?”. The complicated answers to his basic question would explain this entire sordid affair.

    WHO turned the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission loose on a fishing expedition of a PAST Commissioner’s records for hidden evidence they MAY find, while Looser sits on his ass as we taxpayers SCREAM about being robbed in broad daylight by an elected official?

    If they (Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission) know Joe, you can bet they know Javens, BUT why are they silent on HER? WHO got to THEM? It’s been over a year and Looser says she DID violate the Code (Law), but she didn’t do wrong, because no one was “injured”. THAT is the sorriest-ass excuse I’ve EVER heard. So, WHO got to HIM?

    No, I am not a conspiracy nut, but the words of Buffalo Springfield (1967) say it best in “For What It’s Worth”. (For all you youngsters, listen to it on utube). Therein, along with “The Man In The High Castle” IS the answer to tinkergaloot’s question.

    All we can do is RESIST.


  14. I don’t know Joe Spanik, don’t give two damns about him good or bad, but what is the point of pursuing this when you have so many unanswered questions about current issues with sitting county officials? What are they going to do with Spanik, remove him from office? He’s past tense. Take care of the questions that are in the here and now.

  15. In my opinion I think it might be appropriate for the DA to undergo a chemical dependency and general mental health evaluation. There is something wrong upstairs or some type of substance affecting cognitive functioning when someone is all over the board the way he is and the fact that he actually believes the nonsense that he speaks to the public would indicate a possible cry for help. Don’t worry, Mr. DA… I’m sure the county has great disability benefits for you to take advantage of.

  16. The DA and sheriffs dept. can harass slander and encourage others to do great physical harm to citizens of Beaver County. who have committed no crimes. Harass and slander people now in there 50s and 60s who were just long haired kids back in the early 1970s who made them look exactly like the fools that they were and still are. Only now there so much worse. Some of these sheriffs deputies who have been around and are still in the Dept. It seems the only way they can feel alive and to feed there hate filled dried up souls is to keep chasing something that is long gone. The 1970s are over we have grown. You morons have not. Why don’t you people get a life. Try fishing instead of destroying other human beings.

    • You bring up a very valuable issue, although a very sensitive one. Too often, the law enforcement people are returning vets who now are left without their support group that gave them meaning and an identity and a standard of conduct, and, no viable civilian job now to take its place. So, they carry on that same life in public, and the public is the substitute enemy to take their frustrations out and dump on. Fewer are now Vietnam vets, leftovers from the 70’s, and some with heavy emotional baggage, but they have a following to continue kicking ass with thuggery, guns, dogs, aggression and uniforms to continue “protecting” us. They are in the small minority, but too often it is they who cause all the problems. The Sheriff’s department — and some local cops — are not the military, but from some of the behaviors, you would not know it.

  17. One infamous statement by George David, made after being found not guilty at his trial, was “Not Guilty! That means it didn’t happen!”

    Extend that kind of delusional thinking to others in that Courthouse. Even if they are caught, it seems to matter little, just so there is no formal “conviction” for it. So, matters of culpability can be the can kicked down the road, and nothing happens to them. An atmosphere of permissiveness seems to set in, and even an offensiveness to anyone suggesting that they have been engaged in wrongdoing.

    The Courthouse should be a place of applied law. But the people responsible for it are all too often the ones derelict in carrying it out. It is indeed an ivory tower of unaccountability.

    Guilty verdicts. Convictions. Heavy fines or jail time. The only things that seem to matter in dealing with them. And one reason Stonewall is ill-fitted to the job of policing his own. Focus on the drug problem and the day-to-day glut of cases — a convenient way to instill short memories in the public.

    Quid pro quo — a misapplied, irrelevant diversion that refuses to admit culpability. “Not guilty, it didn’t happen” applied preemptively as a rationale to excuse misconduct.

  18. Looks like a waste of time based on our DA’s current interpretation of crime and punishment.

    Let’s see if I can predict what will happen:
    The Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission will complete their investigation. Our DA will take their evidence and throw them out claiming it is his jurisdiction. Then we will have a public meeting where our DA will say that there is evidence of unethical behavior but since there is no evidence of anyone getting harmed, it really wasn’t unethical.

    Now that I understand how enforcement works in Beaver County, I can predict with 100% accuracy what will result from this investigation.

    Wow this is easy.

  19. Too late, my time has come
    Sends shivers down my spine
    Body’s aching all the time
    Goodbye everybody I’ve got to go
    Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth

  20. There are several cases in the Federal courts that could prove to be quite interesting in the next month. The docket has a number of entries that the federal prosecutors have filed motions to have documents sealed by the court. The motions have all been granted by the Judges. The cases are conspiracy charges involving the use of Federal funds. All those who have been charged have entered guilty pleas and their sentencing dates are on the docket for the week of Feb 27th. There are several on the Pa Cyber School and another for double billing of prescription medications that were distributed over a five year period to Beaver County care facilities funded through Health and Human Services and HUD.

  21. Your an intelligent articulate individual RAVEN with a pretty good understanding of what goes on in BC. your posts are allways very informative I allways learn something from your views. This is as close I have ever come to kissing ass. Your a straight shooter and that’s a compliment.

  22. Judge granted the motion and ordered documents sealed because it is “replete with sensitive information”

    Unnamed Beaver County co-conspirators between Jan 2009 to August 2013 for double billing the Federal Government for those in Beaver County care facilities funded by Health and Human Services and HUD.


    • oh man this shit is beyond scary. I didn’t know the assistant US attorney general ordered this information not only sealed but legally if you want to say that permanently sealed.



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