Beaver County Detectives were just 1 day away from filing criminal charges against a Sheriff’s Deputy last month before once again being ordered to back down by District Attorney Anthony Berosh, multiple law enforcement sources and sources within the District Attorney’s Office tell the Beaver Countian.

Deputy John Joe Fratangeli, a Corporal in the Sheriff’s Office, came under scrutiny in January of 2013 after an investigative report by the Beaver Countian first called into question an Affidavit he filed to substantiate criminal charges against Larry A. Hicks. Deputy Fratangeli had accused the man of threatening to commit acts of murder at Friendship Ridge.

Reporting by the Beaver Countian revealed that Deputy Fratangeli had never spoken to the alleged witnesses he claimed to have interviewed in his Affidavit, and called into question whether Hicks had ever really made serious threats at the facility. The alleged incident came just one day after Sheriff David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Right against self incrimination during a hearing for a lawsuit filed against him by the County Commissioners.

An independent investigation subsequently conducted by County Detectives confirmed the Beaver Countian’s findings, and District Attorney Berosh dropped all of the charges filed against Hicks by Deputy Fratangeli. But soon after, Berosh’s office filed 11 unrelated charges against the man alleging he lied on applications to obtain a gun and concealed carry permit by failing to disclose a crime he had committed some 20 years earlier.

While it took just days for his office to investigate and bring the charges of perjury against Larry Hicks, a destitute African American man from Rochester, an investigation into Deputy Fratangeli’s materially false Affidavit languished for over 6 months. Then in June of last year, law enforcement sources and sources within the District Attorney’s Office told the Beaver Countian that County Detectives had prepared criminal charges against Fratangeli. But Detectives were ultimately instructed not to file the case by District Attorney Berosh after Brittany Smith, an Assistant District Attorney who was assigned to the case, revealed she was friends with the Deputy and could not prosecute him.

Berosh has remained silent for over a year about Deputy Fratangeli’s handling of the Hicks case and about the possibility of criminal charges. He has declined comment on dozens of occasions over the past 14 months when questioned by the Beaver Countian about Fratangeli’s Affidavit, and sources say his own Detectives have remained frustrated by their boss’ inaction. District Attorney Berosh has refused requests to grant jurisdiction over the case to state officials, and has faced continued criticism by both the Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office over his failure to bring charges against Deputy Fratangelli.

Now multiple sources tell the Beaver Countian that District Attorney Berosh has once again stopped his Detectives from filing charges against Fratangeli, this time just 1 day before they were scheduled to effectuate his arrest. Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that Detective Captain Tony McClure was prepared to file against Deputy Fratangeli on Friday, January 31st for charges stemming from his Affidavit in the Hicks case.

It was after false testimony by Detective Robert Chamberlain led to a mistrial on January 30th in the capital murder trial for Beau Chermer and Joseph Arlott, two men accused of murdering Daniel Santia of Hopewell Township, that Berosh ordered McClure to stand down. Sources within the District Attorney’s Office tell the Beaver Countian that Berosh feared the arrest of Deputy Fratangeli the following day would have looked too much like an act of political misdirection.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian it is now unclear when, if ever, District Attorney Berosh may give the go-ahead for his Detectives to proceed with an arrest of Deputy Fratangeli.

Along with being a Sheriff’s Deputy, John Joe Fratangeli is also a part-time Beaver Borough police officer and serves as a Supervisor for Independence Township. His mother is a Councilwoman in Aliquippa. Fratangeli has a sister who works in Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens’ Office and another sister who is married to County Commissioner Tony Amadio’s son.

Sources inside of the Democratic Party tell the Beaver Countian that Sam Rosatone, the Director of Security for Friendship Ridge who had direct involvement in the mishandling of the incident involving Larry Hicks, is now being floated as a possible new Chairman for the Beaver County Democratic Committee to replace Doc Sisk.

Corporal Fratangeli has previously commented about his arrest of Larry Hicks at Friendship Ridge, writing “I DID MY JOB! those who know me, know im no rookie at this. I worked for aliquippa for 11 years,” and “I was brought to be loyal to all brothers. I wont stoop to the lower level that most are now a days. I believe in brother hood And i will not change.”

District Attorney Anthony Berosh declined comment for this report.

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  1. if anyone wants to know how Beaver County got so corrupt look no farther than people like Berosh who let this stuff happen all around him

    • Mr Disgusted, Please don’t forget the genius voters who put one party endorsed all star after another in office election cycle after election cycle. Would be a shame to not give them credit, as well!

  2. my eyes are wide open now. there is more corruption in the county than I ever would have believed. why do you keep voting these crooks in. I’m sorry but the people have the power. send a strong message next election clean house. try some new crooks.

  3. I am disgusted that this mess hasn’t been turned over to state investigators !! What is everyone hiding in their closets that might come out under scrutiny? Clean house next election!!

  4. I have said this before but what the Heck.  Law enforcement in Beaver County at all levels needs to investigated as and treated as an organized crime enterprise.  Top to bottom.  From the street cops in towns like Ambridge (and others) all the way to the courthouse.  Thugs and criminals with badges. .  Why is it illegal and you will be arrested for lying to a police officer, but Beaver County Law enforcement can lie with impunity even on an affidavit  ?

  5. Well at least we know that the State Police and A’G’s office would file the charges but our own D.A. knowing that he’s fooling around with a hot potato won’t. What’s up his ass ? you know everybody’s watching, lets get er done. He only makes himself look dirtier than he really is.

  6. I agree with the people who are commenting. I’m a senior and I have my own news flash, seniors in Beaver County are the consistent voters folks, and mind you, we are not stupid. Mr. Berosh, why you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You Sir, are suppose to represent the laws of this commonwealth, not dodge the laws for political purposes. I have always voted a straight party ticket most years. This next county election I don’t give a damn if a D or a R is appears next to the names on the ballot, many court house officials will be voted out on my ballot. What we are reading is a tragedy, and one being directed by our very own elected gate keepers of the law. One day all these hands of corruption will have to meet their maker. I wouldn’t want to be one of them for all the tea in China.

  7. There has to be somebody above Berosh that could charge him with refusing to do his job. PA Attorney General? I don’t know, but at this point, it is beyond ridiculous.

  8. I still have a feeling your days are numbered John Joe. It must really suck to have to continuously turn around and watch your back.

  9. Wtf nobody said it wasn’t going to happen

    Time heals wounds I’m sure after getting debacle murder trial tossed they needed to regroup

    And when house is in order they will move forward

  10. I truly hope that the good voters of Beaver County have gotten the wake up call that they have needed for quite some time. Voting for that little R or D after a name doesn’t mean what it used to, and straight party voting is what has gotten us in such a mess. Just because that person spouts the “party line” doesn’t mean that they actually will live up to it, and Mr. Berosh and his ilk at the courthouse have proven this time and time again. How much more do you need in order to open your eyes???

  11. J P, people are reading and listening. i never voted D or R, but quit voting altogether. The article, responses, in particular normkaster, woke me up. thanks to all

  12. I see the Ambridge Chamber of Commerce is naming Berosh their civic leader of the year.  I guess with the Sheriff and all three Commissioners currently facing charges he was the only one left without a criminal record yet.  What a proud accomplishment for him!  LOL!

  13. A
    turtle was happily swimming along a river when a scorpion hailed it
    from the shore. A scorpion, being a very poor swimmer, asked a turtle
    to carry him on his back across a river. “Are you mad?”
    exclaimed the turtle. “You’ll sting me while I’m swimming and
    I’ll drown.” “My dear turtle,” laughed the scorpion,
    “if I were to sting you, you would drown and I would go down
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    turtle resignedly said:”Do you mind if I ask you something? You
    said there would be no logic in your stinging me. Why did you do it?”
    “It has nothing to do with logic,” the drowning scorpion
    sadly replied. “It’s just my character.”Don’t put all the blame on these criminals in power. They are just doing what comes naturally.  Blame the people who put them there. 

      • In a perfect world, the local Democratic Party might do some real soul-searching about its criminal candidates and elected organized crime family officials, but that won’t happen. My vote will go for the opposing Republican candidate(s) in the next elections, for it is the only way to keep the votes out of the Democrats’ corrupt grubby little hands. As has been noted here, it’s no longer about party loyalty, for that is a fiction;  it’s about putting the best candidate in office. We can’t allow ourselves to be exploited for another four years. One woman sheriff candidate shows promise, and that is the only way I would vote Democratic for that office. Let competence, not party alignment, be the guide.  

  14. I’m sure all those people in his family that either work of the county indirectly or directly are in Berosh’s ear  

  15. “Along with being a Sheriff’s Deputy, John Joe Fratangeli is also a part-time Beaver Borough police officer and serves as a Supervisor for Independence Township. His mother is a Councilwoman in Aliquippa. Fratangeli has a sister who works in Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens’ Office and another sister who is married to County Commissioner Tony Amadio’s son.” 

    there’s your answer folks…

    • You know, that shouldn’t matter. John Joe lied on a statement of probable cause….let me say that again…..LIED ON A STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE, and everyone in the county knows it. Somebody needs to man up and do something about it. Independence…..where are you at? Why aren’t you demanding he step down as Supervisor. What is wrong with you out there.Apparently, Beaver Borough really knows how to hire them. A guy that stalks a chick and threatens to kill himself over her, and a guy that lies on a statement of probable cause. Beaver County attorneys….if you have any clients that having pending court cases where John Joe wrote the statement of probable cause, please fight hard for your client because that probable cause may be fiction.

  16. Raven usually I look forward toward your comments and usually they are well vetted, but I can’t believe your I’m only voting for republicans statement. Lol they’re are otherwwell served offices, and the republican candidates that have ran ahhh yawn.

    To name 2 the recorder of deeds office is amazingly ran I deal with first hand in a professional manner and with the increased Marcellus shell work that office has gone main stream quick and ran well. The other being the Controller from day one that he beat the head of democratic party he has kept them all on edge with calling out wasteful spending from crooked lawyertrying double dip as county solicitor and getting a contract, to standing up against sheriff, calling commissioners on the carpet ect.

    And as a registered republican I will vote for both, other positions are useless and should be abolished.

    I voted for Christiana twice but never again he is completely backed by dirty democrat money that simply switched parties. Nichols was another waste but really no other choice the happiest day in Brighton township was when they got rid of him and all rumors have came to fruition on him.

    Marshall not in my district seems okay but had no real juice or influence

    Vogel honest hard working man that serves the county as a whole, but not the brightest but good staff I will take that all day

    Matzie a democrat is a good legislator that looks out for county and challenges corbett

    Just saying one party straight ticket never works right nobody that is decent wants to run in democratic party and the ones that wasn’t too run in republican are UN employed non taxpayers it’s reality

    Then again we don’t blink an eye to get rid of Santorum as senator when he was third highest in rank that was delivering ti western Pennsylvania, Melissa Hart was climbing ti LEADERSHIP we vote her out look at what to those spots it’s a joke

    So please tell Christiana when our school taxes keep rising because of cyber school to instead of fundraising hundred of thousands from charter pacs to change legislation for funding instead but then again he would have to Getty his head out of betters and sheriff’s ass.

    • @PSU come back:  I shall not vote straight party; that is a large part of what got us into this mess. I didn’t mean to suggest that. But for those of us who have been following, and have been affected by, the Beaver County governmental corruption problem for a long time now, I believe it is at times necessary to cut out some healthy tissue to get all of the cancer. And this situation IS a real governmental “cancer”. The corrupt Democratic candidates could not survive without the tolerance and support of the larger party membership, and its Democratic voters, and candidates could not get elected/reelected without straight party voting. Republican candidates know and use that very well, and many register as both Republican and Democratic to exploit it and get elected. Consider that for hypocrisy, but it works very well all too often, at both the county and local levels. Party loyalty for “-ics” and “-isms” is a convenient fiction of nonexistent pure government “types” that is consciously used to exploit the electorate. If qualified Democratic candidates step up, vote for them, but so too vote for a Republican who is even more qualified, regardless of how you are registered. Split the vote. The Beaver County Times reports today, as it gradually is getting the guts to get involved with investigative reporting and speak up — thanks to the new editor supporting the reporters — about the Sheriff trial testimony held away from the public in the judge’s chambers, for an anemic cover-up reason, and that is finally revealed. Finally, they are getting on board and joining this excellent publication in revealing the truth of the pervasiveness and depth of the problems. We can only vote and support these publications to help correct things, and that is becoming more and more important by the day, as people learn about the organized crime in Beaver County and start to do something about it. That’s right — ORGANIZED CRIME — CALL it what it IS and DEAL with it as such. 

      • In the future elections of Beaver County just do your homework.  Do a little homework before you cast your vote.  If everyone would just do a little back ground investigation into the candidates background you will find out the good and/or bad things surrounding each of them.  It usually doesn’t take to much time to get the needed facts (Prior history good or bad, Training, Integrity, Honesty etc.) needed to make the best choice.  We are in dire need of change in Beaver County and will need the votes to come out.

  17. @ raven and psu come back

    Take a look at republican Jim Christiana campaign reports online

    Littered with corrupt contributions from organized crime, imagine what may have been received off the books, GOLF OUTING ANYBODY? It’s pummeled with sheriff David family and cronies compound betters money,trombetta money ect.

    But look no further than Marshall in the 14th district same goes just not as bad, and employed a drug user arrested for drugs and theft, a worker that got paid to campaign on state time texting and phone call making for personal election. Ohh and he got his family and cronies jobs with sheriff then attempted to to write legislation giving sheriff more power.

    PUGH , reason he doesn’t have opponent is here openly tells union he is really a democrat and votes that way in Harrisburg

    Vogel good guy but hmmmm take a ride by his farm just happen to get Marcellus shell STILL PAD site on his land and million dollar lease…

    Nichols openly as of Thursday on wbvp belly aching about how it was okay that he gave 50k bonus to county worker cause she was good worker not his crony, hmmmm she was off on maternity leave during part of alleged good work time, after getting the bonus she quit. He also promoted and gave pay raise to the former chairman of the democratic party to the tune of 20 grand. That’s just a few it’s rampant no one party going to change it voting straight is for fools vote for the one that has best interest and will lead for county

    • You make some good points, Phoenix. As I said above, I don’t side with either party, and I am not registered as either.  I vote the candidate, not the party. The corrupt office holders that we are dealing with just seem to be preponderantly Democratic, in my opinion. I wish someone would summarize all the background information and links among the town, county and state politicians for the voters before the next election — a kind of police station organized crime family tree board, complete with names and pictures, and published here. I think it’s safe to say that there are few, if any, truly independent and unconnected politicians. People should know the details and take them into consideration when voting. 

      • The most chilling development for me is the apparent connection of some local judges with these politicians and office holders, and the swaying of or actual avoidance of rulings and intervention procedures that could help to deal with them. I hope not, but the news about court proceedings, or lack of them,  suggests otherwise. It’s also interesting how some recent court cases have turned over the rocks of some of these people and sent them scurrying, and, lending a view into those operating behind the scenes, now being discovered as part of the whole mess. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the courthouse workers are just one extended family. 

      • “I wish someone would summarize all the background information and links
        among the town, county and state politicians for the voters before the
        next election — a kind of police station organized crime family tree
        board, complete with names and pictures, and published here.” I think you just gave JP an idea for his next assignment 😉

      • I think that John Paul does an excellent service of providing links to other articles and the people, places and times that are related to the current story. This helps greatly, but even though I have been following this publication for more than two years, former stories and relationships are not easy for me to recall as I read a new story.  I suppose an effort could be made to include a “family tree” in the Discussion section, but I do not feel knowledgeable enough to try it.  Perhaps a piecemeal ongoing posting would work, that people could contribute to. The totality of the interrelationships is as important as the individual events seen on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Actually, the impact is much greater and perhaps even more valuable when it comes to doing something about it. Some people criticize the BC for focusing on the Sheriff, for example, but it is his actions over a long time, not the BC, that justify the repeated stories. He is a problematic, law-breaking fool that cannot stay out of the news, and only the most obvious tip of the corruption iceberg. There might be some risk of allowing hearsay — something that John Paul does his best to avoid — to dictate the assumed connections, and perhaps even erroneous conclusions that would anger some people, but refinement could prevent that. The local governmental problems are all connected, and there should be some easy representation of that for all to see. It would help people wrap their heads around the scope and seriousness of it and just maybe think of some solutions — especially at election time. 

    • @pheonix:

      I am sure you have proof of this right?

      “a worker that got paid to campaign on state time texting and phone call making for personal election.”

      I never campaigned on State time, I never made phone calls with my personal phone on State time, nor did I text anyone on State time. I ran an honest campaign because I was fed up with politics as usuall. I am proud of the race I ran. If you would like to discuss this more I would love to.

      • @Craig conforti

        Why did Marshall let you go?

        Also why isn’t anyone running in our district against him, he more than seems moderate and it’s a new district most don’t know who he is, I think republicans would dump him in heart beat

      • @ just wondering

        The official reason was “I was late to work too many times”

        As to the real reason, you can ask him yourself the next time you see him. My post card says he will be at the Chippewa Municipal Building March 27th. My guess is, and yes I have no idea what the real reason is, that a donor told him to get rid of me because of my election bid.

        Your correct that he is beatable, but it’s too late for a Republican to get in the mix. Money wins elections and the establishment will not back a challenger. Even if the incumbent votes with Unions 80% of the time. If the Democrats were smart they would run a “blue-dog” against him and concentrate in the new areas of his district.

        Just a question, Does anyone use their names on here?

  18. John Joe John Joe John Joe

    I’m no rookie, that’s classic

    Is it luck, lucky, luckier, luckiest or just luckily he dodge a situation for the time being….. I’m sure Tony Berosh will handle this soon and correct.

    Just turn it over to state police recuse your office and put the baby on someone else’s door stop.

    • I wouldn’t count on Barosh doing his job, unless his job is to cover for those he KNEW were in the wrong, and turning a blind eye to it. He needs to be removed from office, and the AG’ s need to be handing this mess.

  19. This is just another example of why I got the hell out of this City, County State 42 years ago. I love the way some fill that the people still have the power and just need to clean house in the next election. How delusional! The state of the political community in this entire nation and I mean all the way from the top honcho to the bottom of the rung street cop is so saturated with corruption that we are beyond any hope of hiring, electing or appointing any level of public servant that could be expected to actually serve the people for any length of time in a professional honest manor. People act as if this commonplace behavior on the part of our elected officials is something new. Wake up and smell the roses folks. This has been going on for as long as the voters have been electing people to what was originally meant to be serve the people in an honest well meaning way in the best interest for the people and the nation. Well that ship sailed a long time ago. The state, county and local police departments were so corrupt even back in the sixties when I decided to get out of here because I literally knew to much about what was really going on that I somewhat feared for my life if I were ever suspected of anything that might have exposed these corrupt officials. I actually had my life threatened a couple of years before I left. No this isn’t something new at all. The sad part of all of this is that we are far to gone in greed, corruption and power hungry public officials to ever turn it around to be what our fore fathers meant for the United States to become and remain a strong, powerful, worldly respected nation founded on strong Christian morals. Instead we have become a nation under the thumb of the all mighty greed driven corporate America. And this free democracy as it was intended to be has come to be corruptly run under that same corporate thumb through special interest lobbyist, and extravagant campaign contributions by corporations looking to control and receive special treatment from those elected into power to supposedly serve the people. That old adage: A Government For the People, Of the People By the People doesn’t seem to mean much any longer, does it? Eventually, hopefully not in my lifetime, this nation will implode under it’s own apathy, self entitlement, greed, ignorance and lack of any sensible, responsible leadership. I don’t think that horrible day is to far off when the greatest nation that ever existed will fall to it’s own needless self destruction!

    • AMEN! The corruption in Beaver County runs way deeper than anyone will ever know. The Federal Government is another story in a different book. Too bad most sheeple do not see it for what it is. The sad part is that most, if not all of these power hunger people will get re-elected again! All they need is that “D” next to their name. Sad, but true. How pathetic the voting sheeple have become. Just look at the web that John Joe has protecting him. And he’s a NOBODY!

  20. CHARGES GOT TO BE ABLE TO STICK.  I would have done the same. I believe the D.A. made the correct decision here

    • Um, have you actually READ anything regarding this? The charges couldn’t stick any better if they had been superglued on, with duct tape covering them! Seriously, the stupid people should not be allowed to comment. Please, for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE explain how the charges wouldn’t have stuck. I’m BEGGING!



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