The Beaver County District Attorney’s Office is investigating an alleged incident at the jail that occurred after a guard purportedly place a male and female prisoner in the same holding cell.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that a woman is alleging she was groped by the male inmate after a guard locked both of them in a cell at the Beaver County Jail. Sources say a second guard separated the two inmates after discovering them both together.

Officials tell the Beaver Countian it is strictly against the facility’s policy to detain inmates of the opposite sex together, and that the guard involved will likely be facing disciplinary action.

Sources say the County Prison Board was notified of the incident which is now the subject of a criminal investigation by the District Attorney’s Office.

Multiple sources spoke to the Beaver Countian about the matter on condition they not be quoted by name because the incident involved personnel matters and security issues.

Beaver County District Attorney Tony Berosh confirmed that his office is investigating an alleged incident at the jail, but said he could not comment further until after the investigation has concluded. Berosh said he expects to be presented with a report about the incident next week.


  1. Sounds like its time to start drug testing the employees….obviously something impaired their sense of judgement.

  2. Who was the guard that locked them up together? Can the sources say, or would that be a hearsay allegation based upon an unfounded accusation, if he/she is not eventually charged? Or, must it wait for an arrest or formal charge(s) to make the name(s) public? It seems that Mugshot Monday’s group pictures and charges are often based upon far less information, for less serious matters, and those names and pictures are published in the local paper and internet wide without a formal conviction in a court of law. My guess is that someone in this comment section will know, as is often the case, and the names will be discovered, perhaps with less grace, more confusion and harsher treatment than making them known in the current article.

    • It is important to note that personnel matters are generally not public record and stories of public employee misconduct or negligence can be extremely difficult to tell as a result.

      I know for a fact that reporters for the Beaver County Times were desperately trying to find out why the Prison Board held an executive session last week but they were unable to do so.

      I spend a great deal of time fostering relationships and building trust with sources throughout the county, including inside of the jail, which very often allows me to tell stories other reporters can not. That being said, sometimes what I can publish publicly is constrained in those situations for various reasons.

      Sometimes I simply don’t have the information, sometimes I have to withhold information to protect the identities of confidential sources, sometimes I have to withhold information as a condition of being able to tell a story (this is often the case in instances when there is an ongoing investigation which sources do not want to see hindered in any way), and sometimes I have to withhold information for very specific legal reasons.

      I never like holding back information and doing so is never my default position.

      As Raven has noted, the comments section often sees information relayed directly to the public by others. I obviously can not vouch for what others publish, but I work hard to protect that forum as an unfettered asset to the community.

      With this particular story, there is an ongoing investigation which I am told will be wrapped up rather quickly. I expect to be publishing a follow up next week after it has concluded.

      • Thanks, John Paul. I am a strong supporter of the content and manner of your reporting, and I assumed that the information was withheld for one of those reasons.

  3. Raven you are one smart cookie. But, Mugshot Monday only has convicted people in the paper. Usually sentenced or people who violated probation or parole. Arrested individuals without a previous sentence are not included in Mugshot Monday.

    • O.K., weredareres, I checked, and it looks like you are right about the photos being published now. But I believe that has not always been the case, as Nikki says. I seem to remember the words “…should be considered not guilty until convicted in a court of law.” I still think that it is sensationalism and exploitation, though, and I don’t see what good is done by it. Judging by the comments, it is just a form of public pillory for cheap shots by the public. Some of those poor devils who are first-timers and just screwed up unintentionally really don’t deserve the ridicule. But, that’s just my opinion.

      • Raven and Nikki you are rightt I remember quite a lot of people who were upset about the posting of people who were not convicted. Whoever complained was right on the money and the Times and the county learned a valuable lesson. Thanks for setting me straight.

      • The beaver county times is a gossip sheet and a divisive product for the uneducated in this area who want sugar coated crap and something to talk to there equally uneducated neighbors about and Fitzgerald needs to shut his hole and do his role which is to act in a proactive role in providing accurate and informative news .Have you read the letters to the editor lately ?Talk about pick and choose.I for one do not care what Fitzgerald’s opinions are since it appears he is living in lala land ,Ben Bradley would be spinning in his grave over the b/c Times in my opinion .

  4. @liljoemama: Right on. Very true. Fitzgerald’s anemic attempts at commenting are usually given only when it’s safe — usually when the BC has already paved the way, days ahead — and his middle-of-the-road pap is meant for people who are satisfied with superficial explanations. It also explains why his reporters write safe stories that do not offend anyone, especially those “in power.” It sells papers and greases the skids for his political contacts, but it doesn’t help anything in the way of change.

  5. Raven there is so much wrong in Beaver County that truly it would be hard to know where to start .The schools are a mess ,the courty court house is a swamp and the local government does not even have a clue about anything .Quit voting for idiots for all positions because you know them or they are your fifth cousin etc .If someone cannot read a balance sheet they do not need to be in office or running anything let alone be in a position of power .

    • The BCJ has never actually “rehabilitated” anyone, and the staff there, are all idiots. Even when the deputies are there for sheriff transports. THAT’S a clusterfuck you don’t even want to imagine. I have so many stories from there, that would make your head spin, and each and every one is verifiable. They can all be fact checked, with dates and times to boot.

  6. @weredareres

    Oh my friend no mistake here….

    The jail is the political dump ground of family black eyes but actually pays well, really over paid , except for the part time people they get screwed….

    Which one are you, the friend of a friend, nephew of?, the call of specialist, the drunk, the can’t fight someone in real life but beat helpless inmates up, the bang inmates for cigarettes, or blowjobs for candy bars, the bring in drugs for sex, the bring in drugs cause someone paid you too, the give STD to wife from inmates, the hope nobody piss test me gaurd??

    • None of the above. I keep my nose and urine clean. I don’t take FMLA. I just know where some of the bodies are buried. So which one are you?

  7. No more like an inmate was asaulted a couple weeks ago. The gaurd was mad about being force over and ran in a young 18yr olds cell who only weighed 100pounds and choked him and smashed his head against his locker. he still works there and wasnt punished at all. they just kept him off the pod and outta sight. that jail is so cr
    ooked and messed up.



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