County Detectives have completed what is being called an “exhaustive investigation” into an Affidavit of Probable Cause filed by a Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy to justify criminal charges in an alleged incident at Friendship Ridge, and District Attorney Anthony Berosh has now assigned a new prosecutor to handle a case against the Deputy, according to multiple courthouse sources.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that Assistant District Attorney Al Torrence has been tasked with handling a potential prosecution of Deputy John Joe Fratangeli, after an investigation by Detective Lieutenant Kim Clements and Detective Timothy Staub concluded the Deputy filed a materially false statement justifying criminal charges against Larry A. Hicks back in January.

Assistant District Attorney Al Torrence is replacing prosecutor Brittany Smith, who was originally assigned to the case, after Smith notified officials she had a personal friendship with Fratangeli.

Sheriff George David had accused Hicks of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge, the county run nursing home, back in January after Deputy Fratangeli filed multiple charges against the man including Defiant Tresspass, Harassment, and Teroristic Threats.

All of the major media outlets in the region began reporting about a foiled murder plot at the time, touting Sheriff David and his Deputies as heroes. Sheriff David said that Larry Hicks entered Friendship Ridge “locked and loaded”, ready to kill the vulnerable elderly who would have been unable to flee his attack. David said he was convinced many would have died if he and his Deputies hadn’t stopped the man. “He’s making threats and I think he would have followed through on those threats, but we stopped him, myself and my men stopped him, thank god,” David told news crews. “This is a facility with elderly people and disabled people in wheelchairs. They can’t move. We averted a tragedy here today,” he was similarly quoted as saying.

The Beaver Countian refrained from immediately reporting about the incident, after receiving secured communications from confidential sources close to David and Fratangeli, warning that the arrest “wasn’t right.” A subsequent investigation into the incident by the Beaver Countian revealed apparent inconsistencies between the charging affidavit filed by Fratangeli, Sheriff David’s on-camera comments to the press, and what witnesses to the situation were recounting.

The frenzy of positive media attention came just one day after Sheriff David exercised his Fifth Amendment Rights against self-incrimination during a hearing for a lawsuit filed against him by County Commissioners.

Sources familiar with the case say Deputy John Joe Fratangeli filed a second “amended” Affidavit of Probable Cause with County Detectives after the Beaver Countian published the first of its investigative reports detailing those discrepancies. Courthouse sources say an investigation by Detectives concluded the second “amended” Affidavit by Deputy Fratangeli also contained materially false statements.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh withdrew all of the charges filed by Deputy Fratangeli against Larry Hicks after those discrepancies came to light. A single charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit was later refiled by County Detectives, but that too was subsequently withdrawn as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors on a charge of providing false information during a background check to purchase the firearm.

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Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • It’s attitudes like yours, is why this county and country is in the mess it is in. I agree with sickofit, I sure as hell hope you don’t vote, but we all know that you do, and for people like this. You don’t happen to live in Independence Twp., do you? :thumbsdown:

  1. “Anymore”?!? This happened this year! This sorry excuse of a Deputy filed trumpt up charges against this man not once but TWICE! Do you know what type of sentence Hicks would have received had he been convicted of what this Deputy falsely claimed he did? He is an embarrassment to all who truly serve and protect.

    • Yes, sources….Do you want JP to name those sources, so Georgie and his trolls can make life hell for these people? Be thankful that those A”sources” know that someone in the media will report the BS going on. Surely you don’t expect the BCT to report it, do you?

      • Sorry, when I hit the shift key for the quotation marks I also hit the A key…didn’t mean to imply the sources were Aholes….might help if I proofread a little better

  2. This would never have been brought to light if it hadn’t been for JP’s reporting. The county taxpayers should be so grateful for the BC’s demand for transparency and accountability. Thank you JP.

      • Now if J P will check out the fat rat at the southern end of the county and all of his activities. His shenanigans make John Joe look like a choir boy

  3. Fucccck god damn sheriffs and all there bullshit this is what happen when thugs from quipp get put into court house!GO back to quipp where all you trashes all belong!

  4. That big ball of justice is finally starting to roll. And a lot of people care about what happens in Beaver County. I hope that J. P. keeps up the great investigative reporting. His “little blog” sure showed mainstream media how to go after a story and see it to the end. I hope I live long enough to see both Fratangeli and David both go to prison where they belong.

  5. Thank you Tony Berosh, there is hope. But, didn’t sheriff David obstruct justice knowingly conspiring with Fratangeli. Wasn’t he the main character in this fiasco ?
    The church going, racist and lying poor example of a law enforcement agency .

  6. Oh this going to be epic shit..

    stay tuned

    I can’t blink

    for real I can’t blink

    I’m so excited there isn’t enough skin to spare to blink

    Aanybody got some visene

    Oh this is going to be priceless…… that midget going to be bouncing off walls take those anti diarrhea pills your going to need them double J

  7. He “may” be charged, but guarantee he won’t do any time. He’ll plea bargain and get 2 years of probation. Hopefully, part of the plea deal will include that he can no longer be employed in law enforcement or run for public office.

    • Yes, a conviction and guilty plea, even with a plea bargain. Jailed or not, it’s a good first step. Hopefully, before the next election. The same for George David.

  8. Either way, as long as he’s forbidden from wearing a badge again. Karma’s on its way. Talk about my mother will you ? I can’t wait ! You have it coming “GAGA” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Well this is what happens when you play follow the leader. Whos next? ALSTADT-should be. All of the above have crusified a clerk, Stephani Guidice who did her job and wouldnt lie like the deputy and became the outcast. Although this subject is getting old, it will never be over until David and Alstadt are gone. If I was David, I would keep my face off of the news, the people in this county are looking for accurate information in a serious incident such as a air plane crash and you are already a proven liar.

    • Saw him on the 11:00 news last night too about the plane crash, actin’ all “holier than thou”!!! Paleeeeezzzz!!!! :erm:

  10. They dont care you play there game or pay those guys see what she goes through so they follow David or you will be next.Those jerks sit at home and think of what they can do next all I can say she is one tuff person.That deputy may of lied but his boss put him up to it most likely.Jay is a puppet on a string kissing Davids ass he is just a follower no where to go.

    • Yes Tibolet was and outranking Fratangeli, he should have corrected him. He along with the dumb ass sheriff should be charged with conspiracy. They all knew it was a lie and sheriff stupid, gave the order to do so. When J.J. gets convicted we’ll see how much he thinks of his stupid ass boss. John, so you’re a “COMPANY MAN”. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Haha. Thats nothing. Don’t dupe yourselves into thinking that its just the Sheriffs department thats trumping up charges and worse. Beaver Falls been doing it since I’ve been here. I was illegally arrested at my home and detained at the BFPD a few days ago. Still waiting for the reason (falsified affidavit) to arrive, I guess by mail, because I wasn’t given an explanation when I was released. All I know is that I noticed something they did, asked the cop about it, and was arrested. Was pushed through the police station (sorta violently), taunted, and placed in a cell for several hours.

  12. And back on topic, the guy wasn’t found guilty of lying on his application. No way would I, or you, fire a pro bono attorney on Benyos level an opt for a public pretender. Benyo, was it pro bono to a point, or were you going pro bono from the heart? In other words, did you leave him hanging in lieu of payment, or did he take a payment to get rid of you? Inquiring minds want to know.



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