Jack Manning from a 2011 ad for County Commissioner

Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy is among a small group of county officials who have recruited Chamber of Commerce President Jack Manning to run for Commissioner in the 2019 Republican primary, according to sources who have spoken directly to the individuals about next year’s county elections.

Sheriff Guy, a Republican, had initially sought out Manning as a potential candidate to run against Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, although Egley later announced she will not be seeking re-election and will focus the remainder of her term helping to fight corruption in county government.

While the Beaver Countian has confirmed Manning’s intentions with well-placed sources in county politics, Manning denied he will be running for public office when contacted directly, saying, “I’m not running for anything. [I’m] committed to what I’m doing at the Chamber.”

Sources say Manning wants to finish out this year at the Chamber of Commerce and does not intend to openly discuss his political plans until early 2019.

District Attorney David Lozier and Coroner David Gabauer have also been actively working with Guy to recruit candidates for the 2019 county elections, according to sources in the Republican Party.

Jack Manning had an unsuccessful run for Commissioner back in 2011, a loss largely attributed by politicos to his status as an Independent candidate on the ballot. Manning’s self-financed campaign saw a storefront headquarters in Bridgewater and local cable ads airing on HGTV, MSNBC, and CNN, all branding his “I Back Jack” campaign slogan.

Also privately discussing his intentions to run for County Commissioner in 2019 is Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker, who has told a large circle of people that he prayed about the matter and is now committed to running in the Democratic primary.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. The Chamber of Commerce is the devil- pushing open borders and slave foreign workers to compete with Americans. Anything or anyone affiliated with the Koch brother’s Chamber of Commerce should be rejected out right.

      • Oh, I’m sorry. Do you pay your CoC boys club dues every month? A huge % of the population despises the CoC. If they were just a local social club, fine, but the national Chamber is destructive. Be aware what you are paying into.

    • That’s the national Chamber of Commerce. Has nothing to do with local C of C’s. I know the similarity got you all excited to say something bad about Republicans though, so do carry on.

  2. I will not vote for anyone hooked up in any type government or law enforcement. My vote will go to an unknown underdog regular Joe that knows the suffering of low wages, increasing taxes and wasteful spending. Someone who is familiar with using their own vehicle to get themselves to work, paying their own fuel costs, insurance, repairs. Someone that knows what it is to worry about putting food on the table, paying the light bill and trying to get and keep health insurance. I will vote for NOBODY that is already experienced in government and taking from the people. When the people fear their government, it is no longer the peoples government. That is exactly what we have now.

    • When a people fear their government its time to. I wont finish the quote but Benjamin Franklin wrote it as a warning to his fellow Americans. An everlasting warning.

    • How hard of work is the Chamber of Commerce-what do they do? How many employees/volunteers is Mr Manning in charge of? What payroll..money coming in-going out is he involved with? What do they accomplish on a daily basis? I myself along with a big percentage of Beaver County residents(I’m guessing) do not have a clue what hell the Chamber of Commerce is, or what is produces. Get a clue–we need workers in County politics-not office birthday party organizers-Q is 100% right-except he is missing the fact that people who have a lot going on will never run for County office—it’s a waste of time

  3. Over Achievers, DA David Lozier and Coroner David Gabauer have also been actively working with TinyTonyGuy to recruit candidates …. Where do they find the time in their day to day exhaustive duties.

  4. ‘I Backed Jack’ in 2011, but he now has a couple of strikes against him. First, anyone that Tony Guy and that gang supports HAS to be crooked, or they wouldn’t back them. Second, the Chamber has been working way too closely with some local businessman who are already firmly established to receive grant money directly rather than going through the normal channels that might result in new businesses being developed (going back to my first point). The local tycoons do not need my grant/tax money. Third, if he is telling us right now that he is not running and he turns around and runs, then he’s a liar. I have no more time for lying, even little white lies. That speaks to character, not just gamesmanship.

  5. Dwan Walker?? Just what we need, more Aliquippa politics. How bout you try to run Aliquippa and it’s police department since it’s apparent the chief or anyone else in that corrupt place can’t do it. Vote no for anyone from Aliquippa, Center or Monaca running for anything.

    • Please dwan will be lucky if he and the fat rat in white and his little buddy at the police station do not get taken in under the RICO act by the fed’s. dwan as a county commisioner, not from federal prison. He got everyone in Aliquippa fooled, but he can not fool a grand jury. The millions they got will go for the fat rat in white or the chief thief to buy more palm tress for his pool on Monaca Heights. I can not wait to see them get taken out in handcuffs’s. Yep, I ain’t tripping I am double dipping, you big dumb dummy, I still can not believe you wrote an email saying Ralph, Stoner and Anthony said it was fine to double dip and steal from the city. Hell who knows maybe you all can have the same cell together. Oh and I still remember you guys crying when Anthony lost the election and you guys were crying like little bitches at the AIC, payback bitches !

  6. Damn right he’s going to run with the “good ole boys” of Friends and Family, Inc. A lot more taxpayer money on the county government side to waste. All you need to read is who is encouraging him to run. Vote them all out next time. Plus side is he won’t lack cash as he is pals with the local “tycoons”. Money and power. That’s your bottom line.

  7. Doesn’t appear he’s missed many corporate luncheons either. Another fat cat politician squealing to get at the county taxpayers trough. Dwan as a candidate for what? He needs to get a real job first.

    Look at Alighetto and imagine that on a larger countywide scale. Borrowing a popular phrase “A shithole!” I don’t care if we get newbies that don’t know shit. Look what “Experience” has gotten us so far?

    • Come on Man … Da-mayor said it himself, He does what he does, for the chest bumps and high fives. Aliquippa just got a 3+ million $ grant TO BUY, again! TO BUY, then demolish 18 homes/ businesses. Do you think any of those parcels might have been picked up for pennies on the dollar, then resold to some insiders, friends, relatives, and those that are owed favors ? There is little to nothing left to Aliquippa and the decay is unstoppable. Let’s look at history and prior grant money. What did Aliquippa get? Some trees and flowers in the ONCE down town. Not good for Aliquippa not good for the County. You just ain’t got it save the tears.

      • Klaw-Great point! If Dwan does to the county what he’s doing in Alighetto we are really in trouble. Junk yard on main road through town. Piles of UNIS demolition shit still along rt 51 but growing on other side where it’s less visible. Boarded up dilapidated buildings, no tax paying businesses. Selling knock off clothes on Kennedy Blvd and no one gives two shits. Garbage strewn streets. Obviously no one takes any pride in that shithole. Give it to Betters for free and call it “Betters Hood”. He can bulldoze the whole town and start over. Who in their right mind would locate anything in that town? Workforce? F-cking joke. Infrastructure? Can’t even plow streets or patch potholes. Hundred year old water sewer system. Atmosphere? Shit scary. Livability? Great if you like junked cars for your back yard or main street. Keep praying Dwan. You ain’t got a snowballs chance in hell. Even God would laugh your ass out of the room.

      • No not pennies on the dollar-a good demolition company could have each house demolished put in tandem trucks and thrown out quicker than most can imagine-literally—it’s a grant spread out to friends coworkers and such. Just another day in our wonderful County—I mean with a hammer pry bar saw-zall myself 5 or so of my cousins friends could get rid of those pesky houses—MY BID $2,995,999.00 whatta say

  8. Jack I know Tony Guy’s got a silk tongue but don’t make the same mistake David Lozier did stay far far away from him!!!

  9. I agree Get Straight, DO NOT VOTE for anyone south of the Ohio River. Especially, Monaca, Center and Alighetto. They are born and bred corruption with their milk and church wafers.

  10. Kiss of death, Jack and as for Dwan….keep praying, you know what thoughts and prayers are good for these days.

  11. Look at this county. The WEAKEST , POOREST area, Aliquippa, is the most involves and influential area in Shithole County. With their track record of success and achievement. That explains a lot around here.

  12. Anyone with a backround in law enforcement will be no good to us. They are already against the people by nature.

    • I disagree. Blanket statements are seldom true. There are many good men and women in law enforcement…and many not so good. I will say that Mr. Guy’s recommendation of Mr. Manning is suspect.

  13. The midget does not have a creative bone in his corrupt body. Trying to screw Beaver County with that Aliquippa bullshit. Georgie David did the same thing. Why not bring Veon back Make Georgie sheriff again. And make his brothers commissioners. Take a good look around Ambridge Monaca Beaver Falls Kinda looks a lot like beautiful downtown Aliquippa. Gotta get rid of these people even if they have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. And Lozier hell the average ten year old wouldn’t let Lozier prosecute a bicycle theft. No wrong doing here little boy. That’s what they treat the people of Beaver County like.Children they can lie to and abuse at will.

  14. While I don’t always agree with John Q, he expresses the opinion that non-government candidates seek office. I agree that we should consider average, tax paying, working citizens and small business owners be given a shot to run things. Without question, the Beaver County government has failed us for quite some time. I wont patronize anyone by suggesting that electing the average citizen just be given a shot because “they cant do any worse” than those currently running Beaver County into the ground, but that is likely true. The discussion of a candidates qualifications and experience is often debated but remember education, having certain degrees and certain experience does not necessarily mean they will be a good politician. Common sense, good work ethics, and a sense of commitment are all good qualities a politician needs but rarely possesses.

    • It needs to be an honest team. You can’t get anything done with one vote.
      We voted a team in to change things. Two republicans. Now we have two Democrats as the majority of the board. Our Chairman is outvoted every time.

      The way some people talk about elected officials is unbelievable. It’s no wonder why we can’t find good candidates.

  15. Beaver County is not friendly to small business owners. Many small businesses are double taxed via the Business Privilege Tax. This is a hardship for those of us who had small businesses. No tax breaks for the hundreds of small pizza shops, beauty shops, and service stations, but SHELL gets breaks, favors and county officials drool over them to the point it is pathological. We relocated to Butler County, lower taxes, less corruption, fewer government employees with a significantly lower budget while having more citizens. Less crime, lower unemployment, more recreation and community facilities to use. I think Sandy is qualified and has been doing well and is just overwhelmed by all the corruption/cronyism/nepotism etc. Its up to the voters to get her help.
    Politicians often go to “grassroots” campaigning maybe now its time for voters to look for a “grassroot” candidates.

    • I agree, gringo. My county is the same. No conflicts, overspending, blatant nepotism, or shady backroom deals here, just officials with a conscious. That is why I can look objectively at beaver county, where I was raised. The cancer has been there at least 50 years. My classmates were the children or cousins of the “favored” ones. It is simply outrageous how the county has been so devastated by the actions of a few.

  16. We need some everyday person with experience in business and don’t live like crooked Connie, or a million dollar house. Someone that knows the taxpayers are the boss! What taxpayers make between $50 and $100k and pays pennies a month for a benefit package like they receive! Plus they can leave after 8 years with a great benefits package and never do a thing!

    If the state police and FBI takes the criminals out in buses I would consider running for Treasurer. I have the business experience to do it. But would be hated.

    Because I would fight for employees to get wages that’s compatible to BC wages and pay what the average person pays for benefits. I currently pay $1000 a month for family insurance. Increases in salary should be earned, not voted on.

    We don’t need a local government bigger then Pittsburgh. Or more people in the sheriff’s department then most Counties in PA. It’s all a joke. Our county is not a shit hole, it’s the (some) government employees.

    • Who can leave after 8 years with a benefits package? You’re just what we need for treasurer. You’re illiterate and misinformed.

      • And Perdue? Really? And remember, I said I was never in politics or “one of the good old boys/woman’s club” any where I have work.

        However, I am a no body in BC, I have worked in business for 30 years. More important, I care about Beaver County and want it to be a better place. But hey, maybe Connie will stick around for you! Please like you, keeps good people from running, because life without the bulls**t is easier.

        And with JP only having a little under 25k followers we need to get more people reading the Beavercountian. There are too many people that is clueless to any of this. Which means the same old same shith**ls will be elected.

    • Once again I would like to point out that Allegheny county employs 7000 people not even counting the self funded (no tax money taken) entities such as the Allegheny county airport authority which alone employs around the same number of people as beaver county.

      Also if you read that retirement policy it clearly states that payment will be reduced if you leave after only 8 years. It is not uncommon for employees to be vested in their retirement plan after 5-10 years, in fact it is pretty standard across the public and private job sectors so let’s not pretend that employees getting a pension after 8 years of service is some crazy unheard of practice.

  17. So instead of doing the job these fucks where elected to do, they are instead trying to figure out how to stay in power and fuck us up the ass some more.
    I hope that the cancer that killed DeFilippi is contagious and kills everyone of these useless fucks before the next election. One can only hope.

    • @WTF you made my point very easy to understand. Why would anyone want to run for office when you sit here and call them every name in the book?

  18. That’s nice that the sheriff is recruiting people to run for office. Sounds more like a death wish than a blessing in this Mayberry RFD County. I hear Jared Kushner is being vetted for Connie Javen’s position later this year too.

  19. Dwan is praying that there will be plenty of newly created jobs for his family, relatives and friends. That $3 million will vanish like the proceeds from the sale of FR…now you see it, now you don’t. where did it go?

  20. So our options will be puppets controlled by the Midget and Stonewall or Dwan who was told by a burning bush that he needs to “earn” more money from the population of the entire country even though the town that he’s managed for years now is still just as big of a shithole as it was when he started.

    Gee, that’s sort of like having to pick between getting herpes or gonorrhea.

  21. lets not even consider this butthead, where were these so called Republicans when a few Republicans where running for positions this past year, hiding and scheming with each other and going to every Democratic function they could go to. just remember if you lay with dogs you will get fleas or worse.

  22. It never was about the Sheriff job, was it? No, being a phony Republican plant made the sham worthwhile. Bide your time, get friends elected, be appointed, set up a new order of Quip gangsters in the big house. Nice try. Too bad it is so transparent to so many people.

    • Exactly! Why is Guy not concerned about doing his job properly instead of how to make himself great again with cronies he can lead around by the nose? Why is he playing politician when he should be playing sheriff? They all make me sick!

  23. If Manning or Dwan are on the ballot, they will probably win. Beaver County voters are notorious for 1) voting straight ticket, and 2) voting for the name recognition. They cannot be concerned about qualifications. Dwan will receive a majority of the votes from Allighetto.

  24. It was so transparent to so many people, yet we ended up with a 4ft. 2in. sheriff, actin’ like he’s 5 feet tall. Just a foot note: The last time I saw him at the courthouse, in his cowboy boots, I swear he was “Liftin.”


  25. Guy, Lozier, and Gabauer are a dangerous cabal. Should they be successful in loading the court house with their cronies, this county will not survive. It will make the last fifty years seem like a Sunday School picnic. It will eventually lead to state intervention.

    • It looks like Brighton Township has bought the land Gabauer wanted to build a crematorium on. At least we won’t get burned by him anytime soon.

  26. An unfortunate part of all of this is that the same names, the same source, the same relationships, the same Cosa Nostra feed the political beast at the Beaver County Big House. As John Q. said, voting for new blood must include unattached unknowns. Of course, that won’t happen. I have said before that it would take another hundred or more years to flush the system, but none of us will see that happy day.

    • The unknown part would work because we wouldn’t recognize the name. As far as the unattached, that would be a little more research due to marriages, kissing cousins, aunts, uncles and in-laws. Then there is also close friends and friends of friends. I change my opinion from a little more research to a hell of a lot research, maybe an impossible task all together.

      • I think that Ancestry DNA kits might reveal that everybody in the Quip is related, perhaps even showing that Dwan and Tony are cousins.

      • I don’t know about myna being in ravens dna. But there sure is no assholes in his bloodline.


    Quips in the lead!

  28. anyone that comes out of Allighetto is most likely going to be backed by chuck betters in order to further his interests
    definitely a red flag there
    he already owns tony guy and connie javens and who knows who else he owns

  29. Here is a challenge to Sandie Egley — listen to Senator Jeff Flake ‘s address today and consider the state of affairs locally. Then, publically and forcefully address the issues of corruption for all to hear. Identify them, state who is responsible, chart a path to fix the problems. Publish it in the BC and BCT. I know you can.

    • Raven I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER Yet, it’s a last ditch effort .. FLAKE NEWS on fake news- throw in Stalin .. but maybe I watched something different. I don’t get what it is you’re tryin’ ta sell. Get out a make sure you sidewalk is clear.

  30. You want to talk FAKE NEWS, trumps doctor said his PSA was 1.2 at 71 years old, maybe when he came out of his mother. NO WAY NO WAY, not 1.2.

  31. Raven here it is, if anyone is really interested. After Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the media Senator Flake chose to criticize the president. His rebuke was solely about Free Press and despotism, not the Cosa Nostra, and not a single time in Flake’s speech is the word corruption used. Get of your ” I am really really smart ROUTINE. ”

    • Your projected inference that I am on some kind of “smart” jag shows that you are taking this personally. I don’t know why, but I must be doing something right.

      • That was not my inference. However can you please explain your advice to Commissioner Egley and how it relates to Jeff Flakes speech today on the floor of the senate. The meme will remain, I can see it bothers you .. I must be doing something right.

  32. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment test is an administered test. So, I can’t fill it out. It was wasted on Trump, though, because it doesn’t address his erratic behavior. Take note, though, that you have just invalidated a confidential test by showing it, and anyone who sees it will now be excluded from taking it. The medical center and PPA will love you for this.

    • It was in fine print, sorry Raven you must have somehow missed it. It is printed-PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOU ARE DUE TO HAVE The Montreal Cognitive Assessment test PLEASE LOOK AWAY.

  33. Commenting here and encountering boorish crap like this is just not worth it anymore. The irony is that an average commenter is perceived to be some kind of “smart” person trying to egotistically lord it over others. That ignorance, my friend, is the basis for why some people here are so vulnerable to being exploited by the corruption. On the national scene, ignorant people got conned by a flawed, lying demagogue. It worked. Locally, it is much the same. It works here too. So, shoo people like me away, and you will have to deal with some things that you will never understand. And revealing the test? Yeah, you fucked that up good. Real good. And you don’t know why. More of the same. Goodbye. Asshole.

    • @ Raven – That test is on google images, so anybody could access it at will. Your argument should be with google and all other search engines that show it to the public, not weezulgoespop.

    • So, shoo people like me away, you know the ones that are smart, I mean really really smart, like me, and you will have to deal with some things that you will never understand. Wow, who is the real asshole here?

  34. Raven, though we don’t always agree I enjoy your perspective. If everyone agreed all the time we’d have to live in La La Land. Instead it’s just good ole Beaver County. Don’t let boorish, immature behavior bug you. I like when people are pissed at me. That means I struck a nerve or divulged something that people want to ignore. It’s SOP in this county.

    • I like your postings, equalizer13. Insightful, relevant. Good stuff. But I am cutting back. Dealing with the damage by Orange Man is enough at times. The nation is in serious trouble, and thousands are being hurt daily by the madness. It has to stop, and people have to speak up.

    • I’m with you Raven, but some of these investigative reports infuriate me so much I just have to make my opinions heard, for my own benefit.

  35. Raven,bruisedwittlebird REALLY ? … “And revealing the test? Yeah, you fucked that up good.”
    How many people do you know..” do YOU KNOW, that even heard of the MoCA test, Prior to DJ Trump asking that it be part of his recent Physical Examination. The very SAME posted ATTACHMENT, that I did not REVEAL was broadcast on the Evening News -ABC,CBS,NBC also shown on CNN, MSBC, Fox News. How many people do you know, will now have to say … “Sorry I will have to recuse myself, I saw this on the BC posted by one, Weezulgoespop.” come on.


    • After the back and forth Weez, love the meme. I enjoy your sense of humor. I know one guy who doesn’t get it. He is held hostage, while encountering boorish crap. I ask the old bird to read through many of his past comments. Nothing boorish about his Sylvia Guy posts. Keep up the pot shots, it let’s some air out of the Ego’s. Fair warning Weez, you better be looking over your shoulder, because that unassuming twelve year old with a backpack? He may really be a MoCA agent. How absurd !

  36. Raven-I can not find anything wrong with the opening volley. I regret that typed comments pick up attitude and decibel levels that were never intended. We all have heard, ” look what he/she said in this email” and in re-reading, up goes the drama. I just want you to know I watched Senator Flake’s address, and did not understand the correlation that could have prompted your challenge to Sandie Egley ? Sorry and I called you on it.
    The Orange Man is in all of our heads, and causing great anxiety. People have to speak up, I agree. After the 2016 election, one lesson : A Vote for Harombe actually helped put an ORANGEaTANG into power. I will tread lighter, I appreciate your opinion and willingness to post. Come over here you crazy ole loon and give me a hug. It is time …. I cut back, sincerely.

  37. Man Beaver County. Be thankfull these gangstas and movers and shakers here cannot take there show on the road. Can you imagine these pillars of Beaver County on a national level. That’s scary as hell.At least this disease is contained to Beaver County.It exists because of an aging uninformed block of voters. But someone maybe more than one has an eye to the future.Trying to perpetuate this virus with the poor and disenfranchised. And I mean no insult to anyone.everyone should have a safe place to live and food to eat.But the price imposed by these evil bastards is way to high. Better to live under a bridge than become one of there slaves.

  38. Agreed. The price to keep this current administration or any crony or family affiliated with them is too high. We can’t pay the price anymore or risk any further damage. We must have all new officials and hopefully they will start cleaning out the Departments. A platform of ending nepotism, cronyism and cutting county jobs is a sure win if a candidate uses it and means it.

  39. The sad thing is for those that do not read the BC they will never know about the 2 clowns and their activities (and inactivities ) . They may run for office again and will probably win.

  40. We have arrived at a point at which investigating, reporting and commenting about people involved in local corruption simply IS NOT ENOUGH. IT DOES NOT WORK TO STOP IT. It is a minor annoyance that the perpetrators can live with. NOT ONE has been arrested, charged and convicted in the past six years. (Veon and Havey were pre-BC).

    There is NO ACTION on what is uncovered here. And that is a fucking waste of excellent investigative reporting.

    So, put up or shut up, PSP, FBI and AG. Make us believers that something can be done, or leave it to fester for another 20 years. Why should I waste my time getting all pissed off here and taking heat, when there might be NO answer at all?

    People come here to find answers and help make a difference. But if that is a fool’s errand, I can spend my time in much better pursuits.

    So, what do you have, and what are you going to do about it?

  41. Every investigative report here uncovers the truth. We find out our county government is broken more and more with each report. Broken parts scattered all over the place. They have been operating the corruption machine with impunity for decades. Also I believe that the commenters who defend the current government are members of Friends And Family Inc. like Connie and daughter. They don’t bother me with their comments. Raven, you give them way more of your time then I ever would. You are a well informed commenter here and I know how you feel about giving it a rest. I feel the same way sometimes. Keep up the good research.

  42. All right. Calm down now. Nobody is going to get arrested, convicted, or sent to jail. That is just wishful thinking. Life will go on as usual. And you people know it. Relax.

  43. Ditto John Q on Raven. Don’t be discouraged either. I won’t be silenced by the criminal element of this county.

  44. Since the FBI, PA.State Police are in town and visiting the courthouse, perhaps they can solve another mystery..who changed the wording/minutes of the Commissioner’s meeting, remember that scenario few months ago. I filed that mystery behind the Friendship Ridge sale.

  45. Atty. Benyo probably still has his eye on the D.A. job but I have to wonder if we would be better off with him as a commissioner? Just thinking out loud and thinking outside the box. He may not want the pay cut though. I’m okay with Manning though.

  46. Benyo couldn’t win the Rochester Twp supervisor election. How’s he going to win a county election? The way he’s going after police departments he’ll never get backing from any FOPs with money.



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