The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) will be sending a team of investigators from its Human Resources Office into Beaver County next week to investigate allegations made against the county’s Domestic Relations Director. Multiple independent sources tell the Beaver Countian that some of Beaver County’s Common Pleas Judges have been at odds over the controversial Director for years, and say those tensions rekindled after this publication released an investigative report about the man in early April.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that AOPC investigators will be looking into allegations levied against Domestic Relations Director Joseph Signore by courthouse employees. Investigators are also expected to be making inquiries about alleged failures by County Court Administrator Richard Defilippi and Beaver County President Judge John D. McBride to take meaningful action in response to those complaints made in recent years.

The Domestics Relations Office is a branch of the Court of Common Pleas which enforces court orders relating to spousal and child support.

“I know of complaints about Joe [Signore]’s behavior that several women made and those complaints all fell on deaf ears,” said one courthouse employee. “It’s the good ol’ boys club and we’re not members.”

This publication is not identifying any of its sources by name, many of whom say they have fears of being retaliated against. Several courthouse employees described multiple complaints made by female employees against Joseph Signore through the years alleging degrading and misogynistic treatment.

In an interview with the Beaver Countian earlier this month, Signore spoke of what he called the difficulties of managing an office comprised of a majority of female employees. “My office, itโ€™s got 26 women in it so thatโ€™s a balancing act,” he said at the time, “but I was raised with six sisters so I understand it.”

AOPC’s state investigators are scheduled to conduct interviews of court officials and employees on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Sources tell the Beaver Countian that among those set to be interviewed include President Judge John McBride and Judge Deborah Kunselman.

Multiple sources have independently told the Beaver Countian about heated confrontations between Judges McBride and Kunselman following the Beaver Countian’s latest report. Sources say Judge Kunselman — the county’s first and only woman judge — chastised President Judge McBride for what she views as his repeated failures to take action against Director Signore or even to have the accusations properly investigated.

“I heard it time and time again that [Court Administrator] Defilippi, [Domestic Relations Director] Signore and [President Judge] McBride all plan to retire at the same time when McBride’s time is up,” said another courthouse employee. “I don’t see anyone doing anything to change that unless they’re forced to.”

County Commissioners have also received complaints about Joseph Signore’s absences from his office and about his behavior when he is there. The county’s law department researched what actions the Board of Commissioners could possibly take against him if deemed warranted, ultimately determining they do not have the legal authority to discipline or terminate him. Although Signore is a county employee, provisions of Pennsylvania law preclude County Commissioners from taking any employment action against him, something which can only be done locally by the Court Administrator and President Judge. The prohibitions are based on a separation-of-powers doctrine which provides checks and balances on power by establishing independent branches of government, including the judiciary.

The Beaver Countian’s investigative report published on April 7th detailed some of Signore’s absences during the workday and revealed Court Administrator Richard Defilippi provided false information on county time cards, allowing the Domestic Relations Director to be paid for an extra week’s vacation last year. The investigation also uncovered evidence which bolstered claims by courthouse employees that Defilippi and Signore had taken trips together to a casino during the workday (following the Beaver Countian’s report, Director Signore changed the vanity “Signore” license plate on his vehicle to a standard-issue one not as easily recognizable).

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts is overseen by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, which has ultimate administrative authority over the entire court system and all of its personnel.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Wow!!! A balancing act. If Donald Trump would have said those negative things about women, the Demoturds would be screaming. First, the Honorable John McBride is an old washed up fossil who should retire and spend some time comparing Cemetary plots instead of covering for his boys. He diminishes a distinguished career doing so. It’s a game that these fucktards play. They are arrogant little twits who could not survive doing an honest day’s work. I hope and pray these libitards get exposed. It’s always a one way street with these disgusting pieces of dog dung. GET A FUCKING JOB ASSHOLES. Take the gutless spineless District Attorney with you. That’s the next investigation. He obviously did not promote on merit. More like in “performance” question is; what kind or performance did he evaluate? I am so tired of this counties bull shit. Hey Mr DA, stop interrupting preliminary hearings. You are not very well versed in criminal law dumb ass.

  2. Why is it that this publication continues to slander the people in charge at the courthouse, but not the employees? Is there a problem with authority figures in your life? I don’t know Judge McBride or Joseph Signore personally, but I have had the opportunity to watch both of them in their jobs. They were professional, fair, and courteous, and got the job done that they are paid to do! I am a woman and I work with 12 other women and I can tell you it isn’t easy…..they are backstabbing, gossiping, moody creatures and they know it! And was it really professional of you to say he had his vanity plate changed?! I would too if I thought some moron was following me! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen either of these men, so unless something has drastically changed in their lives, I think the problem may be with the cackling hens in the courthouse! Maybe you could follow several of them around!

  3. Not really sure what the artical has to do with the DA’s office. Maybe people just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. Always gotta be creating drama

  4. I ‘d be more interested in Signore’s “flexible work schedule” than hearing the mistreatment complaints from a bunch of old hens at the Courthouse and in his office. I’ve seen that crap in other offices and it’s usually “fun” with one guy and “abuse” with another.

  5. About time the tables are turned against those crooks! Investigate the whole system! How is a mother with a bachelors degree receiving a 0 for earned income? Since when is a mother with 3 children physically incapable of working?

  6. What about the investigation with Connie Javens really J.P. its been forgotten in 4 months another fucking cover up ???? This bitch would screw the pope over if she could. The d.a. still tells us nothing nor Connie a BIG FUCKING COVER UP and a screw to all us taxpayers . The d.a. will be one term bye bye…..


    • I too am curious about Connie but am wandering if they are just trying to get all the ducks in a row to ensure a slam dunk conviction. Don’t want this one getting all screwed up like previous cases in this corrupt county

      • Kirk, I hope this talk is real, and NOT BULL SHIT!

        Been going on too long.

        We need the crooks reviled


  7. Yes, what happened with the investigation on Connie Javens? How can all that missing money get swept under the rug. What’s it going to take to get rid of all these people?

  8. About time! The skeletons are about to fall out the closet.policing for profit.and conviction,s of innocent people because of scare tactics. And plea Bargain’s and the lie about how if you are charged and take it to trial a person will get more time in prison.because if you take it to trial and the county has to spend the money for a trial a person will get more time in prison.this is the scare tactic.this is wrong and should be a crime in it self !plus how the police and the courts use the media to demonize the person who is suspected of a crime but not yet convicted.people are convicted by the media before the have their day in court.our courts are all about money not guilt or innocence. Beaver county is said to have a 98 percent conviction many innocent people are in jail because of their corruption.

  9. I guess coming to work is optional and treating people with respect is a craps shoot. It’s simple, come to work, do your job, and treat people as you would want to be treated. Hold them accountable!! Wake up BC!!

  10. There seems to be a pattern that continually repeats itself whereby those in the courthouse whose behavior is so aggregious that it’s completely self evident that their employment should be terminated but because they are either elected or the reporting structure precludes it (such as in this case) they are permitted to thumb their noses at the citizens who pay their salaries while they continue with their illegal and unethical behavior. I think the majority of these are well beyond the capabilities of the county DA’s office and unless Mr. Lozier is prepared to do the right thing even when it may mean that the consequences are not politically popular then it would be to everybody’s benefit (except for people like Mr. Signore or Connie Javens) to turn all of these situations over to the PA state police and the state attorney general).

  11. I’m surprised the DA didn’t jump in to try to stop the State from investigating like he did with the state police and the Javens affair. Oh, this must be out of his reach. Well perhaps we all need to contact state agencies and file complaints then maybe something will be done about the corruption.

  12. From reading this I give credit to Judge Deborah Kunselman because it can’t be easy to stick your neck out for other people in the court house of ours! People are finally standing up for each other I’m happy to see it!

  13. Yes!! Keep going Beaver Countian!! Keep reporting enough of the dirty truth and maybe something may finally happen to stop some of this crooked bullshit.

  14. It must be especially difficult for Signore to manage his office from the casino floor. YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY BE IN THE OFFICE TO MANAGE IT !

    • @JohnQ..I totally agree with you… and btw, what ever happened to the Yeti (Paul Steff) in the Public Defenders office? Is he still WORKING in the PD’s office? He’s another one who “micro-managed” the Public Defenders office from his private office. Way to much drama in the Beaver County Courthouse these days, and JP hasn’t scratched the surface yet with all these new faces in the Courthouse! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Well this should be interesting. I applaud the AOPC investigation. However this will just extend the period of time for Signore. It will be months before there is a report and everyday wasted is another day closer to his retirement. He’s still going to ride off into the sunset with his beaver county retirement.

  16. The E- mails will be his down fall, that can’t be covered up and lied about. Personally know a few that received a hundred communications from county e-mail systems for they’re umpiring assignments. That’s just from few I know, the whole umpire association was ran by him through county system.

    That’s running a business that he profits money, also while on county time. He could have his pension removed.

    Albert Richard DeFilippi ( court administrator) , could of cleaned this mess up prior to the shit blowing up, he choose not to and instead frolic the golf course and casinos with him during work time and file false time cards.

    AOPC does investigation, I would simply pull the last 24 months of his player card for the two at nearby casino’s and bammmm. You will have just now found your paper trial.

    This isn’t longer lunch than the max, or ducking fifteen early. This is actually not showing up for work and being clocked as present.

    It’s criminal.

    Another mark on PRESIDENT Judge McBride legacy. Which the AOPC should look at some of the past years, that he signed off on plea deals for heroin and cocaine charges by repeat offenders numerous times while exceeding way over the simple possession amount.

    It wasn’t until it hit his front forty did he start to stand up. Well really just raised his head.

  17. Through my experience with this group, I lost all hope of any fair equitable treatment in the Beaver County Courthouse. It’s a terrible money making machine that does not give a rats ass about you, me and any of the children affected by their mishandling of power. I really hope the end of this brutal regime is coming to an end.

  18. Well…….the Sheriff car was back on main street this morning. Apparently the “take home car” policy has changed already. Didn’t take long! What? A couple weeks?

  19. Dear jp you still have not got the other one ,follow the money and talk to people about the actions of the individual running that dept



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