Mayor Dwan Walker

Tensions inside of the Aliquippa Police Department have reached a boiling point, according to multiple sources within the City. Several officers within the department say the force became fractured after Mayor Dwan Walker gave promotions to two rookie officers, refused to allow an officer on temporary disability to return to work, and allegedly threatened another officer who was acting as a union representative.

Mayor Walker promoted rookie Officer Joseph Perciavalle to the position of Assistant Chief last week. Perciavalle was hired by the Aliquippa Police Department about two years ago, fresh out of the police academy. Officer Perciavalle went to high school with Mayor Walker and has a child together with the Mayor’s cousin.

Mayor Walker also promoted Officer Ryan Pudik to the position of Detective Captain. Pudik has likewise only been with the force for about two years, although he did work at other departments before getting hired on in Aliquippa.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that longtime Aliquippa Detective Sgt. Steven Roberts refused a promotion offered to him by the department.

Aliquippa Officer Neal Nicholson, who serves as union representative for the department, recently filed a grievance with the Mayor on behalf of Officer Paul Cain. Officer Cain has been on temporary disability since having hip replacement surgery. Although released by his doctor to return to work, Mayor Walker has refused to allow the officer back on duty. Mayor Walker wants the officer to pass an arbitrary physical agility test and undergo a complete medical analysis by a doctor of the City’s choosing before returning to work. Officers within the department say Walker is trying to force the officer out, and allege he shredded the grievance filed on behalf of Cain before threatening Nicholson’s role as K9 officer on the force.

But Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker denies there is any animosity within the city’s police department. “It seems someone is drawing me into something,” Mayor Walker told the Beaver Countian. Walker insisted he never shredded any grievances, and that he “takes every complaint serious.” Walker said a grievance involving Paul Cain will be discussed at the next Aliquippa City Council meeting. The Mayor also said he hadn’t heard that Detective Sgt. Roberts refused a promotion offered to him.

Walker later sent the Beaver Countian an official statement about the controversies. “It is the policy of the City of Aliquippa to not discuss personnel matters additionally promotions were made in the department based on a desire to change the vision of the police department and encourage forward thinking to advance the vision of the city. These changes were made as part of an over all plan to remove the stigma that plagues Aliquippa and encourage growth of the city.”

Mayor Walker appointed longtime Aliquippa Officer Donald Couch to Chief back in February. Couch has been with the department for about 18 years.

At a recent meeting of the town’s Zoning Board, Dwan Walker announced he plans on running for reelection as Aliquippa’s Mayor for two more terms before seeking a spot as County Commissioner and then Pennsylvania Governor. Walker has been unemployed since September of 2012, when he was forced out of his position at FedEx for repeatedly conducting city business while at work.


  1. Vote him in just like you did the sheriff and we’ll be paying for his mistakes too….. Let Quip pay for him, the county taxpayers are taking enough of a hit.

  2. No job since Sept. 2012? What has this paracite been living on?  He wants to run for re-election? I don’t think so. And the beat goes on !

  3. Maybe the mayor should be more worried up the streets of aliquippa instead of giving promotions. I live in downtown and I can’t even walk down the street for fear of something happening. Some mornings I’m meet on Franklin Ave. By drug dealers and even prostitues! Way to run a town mayor

    • Aliquippa a disgusting place to live. If the town grows it will be by a infestation of more drug dealers.

  4. Doesn’t matter who you vote into office or who you promote, the town is never going to get better with all the corrupt officials they have down there…it amazes me..clean the city up for starters

  5. Aliquippa needs to bring back street police who walk the beat and can enforce the law like judge dread ha. I grew up on franklin tough place to grow up.

  6. Aliquippa deserves anything they get. The city is a joke. Ask the mayor about the gas and oil industries…he will lie about that too…fuckin wannabes!!!

  7. This fat a** phony wants to run for commissioner then governor???? LMFAO!!! Salt and his crew have something special planned for Mr. Walker – he won’t be reelected.  Typically, Walker has been bugging Shell about diversity at the proposed cracker plant.  Memo to Walker: Shell will not hire unqualified, uneducated Quip welfare kings (and queens).  This includes you Mr. Walker, cause without a job since September, you are officially another Quip Welfare King.  GET A F****** JOB!!!

    • All the comments on this post are a joke.  A lot of talk and no action.  How many of you who have such negativity have been to a council meeting?  How many have done anything positive for the city?  Quit running your mouth from behind a computer screen and do something.  Complaints without actions equals whinning.  How can you make a change in the city without making a change?  You can’t put the people that are “supposed” to get promoted in place.  Then you will get the status quo.  No one ever said change is easy.  Get over it or move  If you arent from Aliquippa, go away.  Like your town is any better. 

      • I’m so sick and tired of people like you blah, blah, blahing about what have you done for the city so today I’ve decided I’m going to unleash all my pent up frustration about this subject. Change will never happen in Aliquippa because black men and women do not want to face the reality of what it takes to change the culture there, but I have no problem laying it out right here.

        1. Black men-stop spreading the seed all over town. Pick 1 woman. Date her. Marry her, and then have kids with her. Your kids might have a fighting chance of making it if you do. If it doesn’t work out, divorce and move on.

        2. Black women-see above. It applies to you too. Plus, free birth control is available everywhere. There is absolutely no excuse in 2014 for an unplanned pregnancy or a teen pregnancy.

        3. School is important and it matters. It is your ONLY way to a better life this day in age especially in Beaver County. Take it seriously, and for the love of God, start instilling in your kids at an early age that it is important.

        4. If you take school seriously, you can get a job, get off welfare, and then you won’t have to sell drugs.

        5. Having multiple generations of welfare recipients from the same family sucks. It means your family is a bunch of lazy losers. Welfare wasn’t intended to be a permanent support system. Find yourself some motivation, get some job skills, some schooling, and go find a job.

        6. Black men-lose the thug mentality. It isn’t cool. It makes you look stupid and uneducated. People laugh at the way you dress and especially the way you talk.

        7. Black women-lose the thug mentality too. Parent your kids. Be there for them. Don’t drop them off on grandma to raise. She already screwed you up. Do you really want her screwing up your kid too?

        8. Stop killing each other. If you take that education seriously, you won’t need to be involved in the drug trade, which means you have a better chance of surviving past the age of 25.

        9. You have been given every opportunity in this country to be successful. Take advantage of it. You make choices in your life that put you where you are today. Don’t blame anyone but you.

        I’m sure I will get flamed for this, and I don’t care. It needs to be said, and I have the balls to say it.

    • Name calling?  Are we 12 years old?  Who cares about “Salt and his crew”?  The only plans they have are to continue the lie and slander campaign because they can’t win a fair election.  Their time is done.  The people will not accept the status quo.  They will not let “Salt and his crew” steal from them anymore.  Their games are finished.  It is time people stop letting the media, and other people for that matter, influence their thinking.  Be an adult and form your own thoughts and opinions.  Its obvious you are a Salt lackey.  Do you have an independent thought that they didn’t put in your mind for you? 

  8. Damn political h8rs seems like he is being Obama’d in my eyes can’t stand a black man in power and just like the country we live in got screwed over with the previous leaders but the present is skapegoat the city of quip is just the same on a smaller scale in laimans terms THE MAYOR CANT TO ANY FU!?$NG worse than the ones before him .


  10. It’s a wonder how beautiful Aliquippa once was in the 70’s & 80’s. The economic downturn of the Steel Mills destroyed the economy, but yet other townships were effected as well. How come they all survived and Aliquippa has not? It still looks like a ghost town even after they have made some minor improvements. You still hear all the stories and rumors of what goes on in the plans/projects and you can call me racist, a bigot or whatever you want, but Aliquippa is no where near the glory days of old. Facts are facts. The trash needs taken out and city needs cleaned up. Buildings need demolished and new ones need to be built for this once glorious town to ever prosper again. Maybe Betters can buy it and turn it into something worth looking at again. Why not he has everything else around the city. The old hospital. J&L property. And all kinds of property all over the place in Beaver County… Aliquippa needs a real mayor with a business sense background and a name big enough to carry over the years of change this once great city needs….

    • The Aliquippa of the 70’s and 80’s set the stage for what it is now. Why do you think everybody started to move out it was a shit hole then. You’d really have to go back to the fifties and mid sixties to remember a beautiful town . After the riots and busing the schools went to hell and there was no stopping it. The mill closing had really little to do with what killed the town Four out of the five blast furnaces were running in the late seventies and the downtown was still a dump and it the borough  couldn’t pay it’s light bills.. The urban culture and political corruption killed Aliquippa as it has killed cities all over this country.  Nothing or no one is coming to save it. As the old buildings burn down , fall down or whatever the low life  will spread out to the surrounding areas in the older housing the slum lords take over. Sooner or later the school district will be forced to merge with Hopewell and the decay will spread there . Bye , bye Davidson Heights and Cresmont.

      • Yep, what Jackson said! The politicians in that town stole all the money, and the sheeple kept right on voting them back in office again, and again, and…..

  11. That is an easy assumption from the outside looking in. Unless people are planning on doing something to make a change or get involved, don’t offer an opinion. How can you complain about something you are not involved with?

  12. Don’t believe everything you read! Aliquippa I slowly coming along and i personally know of many who are making that happen. By there hard work without pay . All to restore The city for Gods glory not The people. There is a lot going on in quip new businesses and programs for the good and bussinees and

  13. I’m not going by what I read the newspapers or see online I’m going by first hand. you don’t believe me I’m in Linmar right now. And I agree Becky there has been some improvement. But it needs so much more!!

  14. I was at The mall yesterday and saw a drug deal! It’s everywhere . Yes it does need more .. And I am not afraid to say what it need . God! Situations are so much deeper than what is seen on The outside. Me and my family have all been part of trying to do that and it has been an honor getting to know people .. We all bleed red! Anyone else want to be apart of it just ask I can show you how! Anyone can complain .. Very few step up!

  15. @Nick Raupp how much shit gets swept under the carpet and out of the media that takes place in Hopewell twp? fact of the matter is there are more dope heads in your neck of the woods then you would ever know, but as we all know that business never makes the paper!

  16. For real that many promotions?

    Wasnt one a victim in a shooting but failed to cooperate with authorities? Then went ti police academy.

    It’s a joke and the ONE aliquippa since has passed only one listening is Dewann himself to the rhetoric he is spewing and the low hanging fruit that is at his feet or getting paid by the city. If the loyalist really watched what was going on you would see it’s corruption 101, and it’s being monitored by others.

    Run for county commissioner lol let alone governor , he won’t get re= elected mayor.

  17. This is true as well, be we aren’t talking about Hopewell. This article specifically states Aliquippa. Maybe your beef should be with the writer and not someone just pointing out facts on the subject. I lived in Pittsburgh for quite a while and had to drive through the slums of the burgh, just to get to work. Now if you want to throw the city of Pittsburgh under the bus as well now would be the time to do it since I mentioned the city. BTW might you be any relation to the current Mayor of Aliquippa? I’d be pissed to if someone wrote an article about my family that wasn’t true.. Or is it true he lost his job while furthering his career in the political field and looks forward to being governor one day? I didn’t post that…. And it makes it sound to me the corruption is everywhere and if he gave a raise to a family member and a promotion, wouldn’t that look suspicious? Maybe he needs to clarify himself and show what the big plan is to clean up the town to clear the Walker name. Sounds more like an accusation than the truth, but who am I to decide? I am merely putting in my 2 cents as I see it. Am I wrong? No I am not.

  18. The assistant chief, dear god!! He can’t even do police work as a patrolman. Salt n peppa doesn’t qualify you for a supervisory position!! If he spoke proper English in a proper tone that would be a good start! Your not shopping at Foot Locker for a uniform, put down the XXL’s and get fitted for your little body

  19. And he surely didn’t get shot while he was helping wayward youth! Should never even been hired. Way to go BC Academy, you pumped another douche bag out

  20. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell that big face crotch got the chief job?

    He should of been charged down in monaca for trying to lynch a few black kids while drunk it’s on video with his hoopie son. Complete racist but mayor did bring Georgie David back to the fold his first two years so uncle dewann must like them David dukes.

    How come nothing moving on the teenager girl that was trying to be pressured in to sex for drugs then took off and was shot at by certain people and wasn’t charged and witnesses seen it hell few could be ruled potential victims cause they where walking down street. Enough text messages went out confirming it happen with in department and around it?? No charges yet hmmmm maybe working san rocco at the club is that good?

    Does city drug test on the regular? Nope how about PBT for alcohol you be surprised who running city?

    I WOULD GO ON but it’s useless and only few will respond with shit, I pay my taxes on many properties for what can’t sell them just rent a few and watch personal home value deteriorate.

  21. I applaud Dwan for everything he has been trying to do… Not one person talking negatively or speculating would ever be able to take on the job he has! He doesn’t make all decisions without fight he still faces the crooked politics of Battalini that never did anything for Aliquippa outside of line his pockets! Paul Cain should be lucky he was even still an officer after all I recall years ago he was suspended for statutory rape allegations… The officers promoted are excellent officers… I have more faith in the younger officers in quip than I do some of the older ones!

  22. Nick Raupp.. we are all adults here, we are able to seperate our personal feelings from what is right and what is wrong. Family aside. Anyone who doesn’t know Mayor Walker personally can read that article and form an opinion. How does an opinion help any situation. People need to act to change a community. People need to come together to change a mindset. Mayor Walker is doing an excellent job and a meaningless article from a meaningless publication will not stop the change that is coming to this City.

  23. It shouldn’t be long  before the mayor position becomes a  $200,000 per year full time position…..eventually the unemployment and political kickbacks run out and a man of his size gots ta eat….u knows what I’m sayin’?  

  24. When I see how ignorant some of the people that comment on this site are, it makes me wonder where their education came from? I see more ignorance from the people that live outside of Aliquippa than the ones that do live in Aliquippa. This site should be shut down, what a waste of space!

    • Nobody makes you read it.  Nobody makes you comment on it so you obviously find sufficient value in this website that when a decision has to be made regarding how you spend your free time this website won out over the myriad of other things that you could be doing.  So if you believe that there is nothing to see here I would suggest that you move along.

  25. He’s the mayor of a crap town that’s been in depressed city status for over 10 yrs. He hardly has a difficult position and it’s unenviable. Not like he’s the mayor of pittsburgh! Overlooking quasi govt and it’s 8,000 residents isn’t that hard. Doesn’t he have a biblical quote to share over this drama or is he walking across the ohio?

  26. It all comes down to facts. It is real simple there is miles and miles of riverfront property that were given tax breaks to bring in jobs and nothing has been done. Fact. There has not been one new road fixed in aliquippa since this new administration started. Fact. There has not been one abandoned building or house razed since this administration started fact. Nothing has been done to fix this city. All that has been done is waste the few taxpayers money on fighting who should be on council and should be on this board and who should be on that board. Some should realize not one man can fix aliquippa alone it has to be a collective effort. I’m sure the county will never vote in another canidate from aliquippa after this circus for the last two years let alone the state.

    • It’s all about the vision…and that takes time….years and years of articulating it before you do anything that has material results.  Just ask the mayor….he will tell you.  The problem is that there are idiots who actually believe the bull that comes out of his mouth in between shoveling it full of food.

  27. Maybe when Dwan runs for governor he could team up and choose for lt. Governor that guy with the tattoos all over his face who was running for Pittsburgh mayor.  What a dream ticket that would be….tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.

  28. The craziest thing about this site is these are all police officers talking about each other. Chs has to be a cop.

  29. God has chosen you Dwan therefore no man can tear you down walk in faith and Let God handle your battles you’re doing an amazing job

    • Why is it that people who are really stupid or really corrupt always think they were “chosen” by “God?”  I never hear anyone intelligent ever say shit like that.
      Sorry honey but Jesus didn’t die and get resurrected so he could listen to the type of bullshit that comes from Mayor Dwan’s mouth for all eternity.  Trust me.  
      Unless fat albert comes down with a verified case of stigmata I call shenanigans.

  30. How about paving a road, picking up some garbage, try applying for a grant. Showing change is better than talking about it.

  31. If you have no job, then the salary for being the mayor of Aliquippa must be pretty damn good, Just saying ! Wise up down there fools !  

  32. I congratulate Joe on his promotion. He is a hometown boy who cares about the city and it’s people unlike most of the officers on the force. The force needs a change, and I believe that this decision will lead the department in the right direction. People who don’t live in this town don’t know how the community have been treated by the officers who are supposed to be protecting and serving. Out with the old, in with the new. Congratulations Officers on your promotions. You deserve them, no matter what outsiders have to say.

  33. Where and what are Pee Wee’s credentials to be assistant chief. I’m hardly a Couch fan, but what if something happens to him? Pee Wee’s big adventure would be a disaster!! He has no clue and all those he works with would back that up. Smart move by Roberts. Pee Wee and Pudik should have done the right thing and respected their senior officers and turned down the promotions. They’re in over their heads.

  34. Instead of pushing away people willing to help, have a true one aliquippa. Work together instead of worrying which team you’re on. Nothing will ever get done bickering with one another. Every town has business in their downtown except aliquippa. Work together people or this depleted town will get worse.

    • Sheetz, Aldi’s and Popeyes were all interested in coming in.  But upon being reached for comment, Sheetz and Aldi’s claimed Aliquippa had decided to go in another direction.  Drilling seems to have come to be a priority.

    • Then WHY are YOU here commenting on ANYTHING!?      DEE-WON has done NOTHING for that town, NOTHING! Oh, wait, my bad, he did get them a new flag. And black indian head decals on their new po-po cars. Concerned  citizen said it best. Refer to his or her comment. Don’t be surprised if this LOW LEVEL mayor brings back cuz-cuz and lying John-Joe back to the force. He may have to after the dust settles and there is no one left on the Po-Po force except the low level people he promoted.

  35. For you commenters complaining about JP and the articles: don’t read the fucking article. If you are a Dee Wan supporter, so be it, but Dee Wan is one dumb black man. How dumb? He was fired from his paying job for doing government work on the clock. He is incompetent. Hell, he is so dumb, he will read that and think “man, ahh don’t pee mah pants.”
    The guy actually plans on running for state government. It would be like that movie “Idiocracy”.

  36. Always Waiving the Red and Black Banner of Aliquippa. A mayor with no job and he is leading our once proud city…Think something is wrong with that?? Come on people wake up.

  37. Pudik has prior chief experience. He was the chief at South Heights PD… Department of 1, the chief is the only person on the force so I’m sure he gained experience overseeing and managing people.  I thought policing was a profession? It appears municipalities are making a mockery of the profession and putting slaps into positions which are setting them up to fail.  The move by the mayor isn’t good for the person, the department or the city.  To the mayor, don’t waste your time running for commish or Gov…. Save your money.

  38. We need a mayor that knows how to run a city, he obviously does not. Once again I will say he will NOT get my vote EVER!!!!

  39. and that he “takes every complaint serious.”. JP, what is the reason you put those words in quotes? Don’t get too clever for your own good. Your demographic aren’t the only people who read this and understand the reason you put that in quotes.

  40. Any plans about turning parts of the city into a drilling field for gas and oil? Im all for it, tear down linmar and franklin ave….secret plans or emails I wonder? Of course people living in the city think quip is good…but the people on the outside looking in is where part of the problem lies….if you want people to come to quip, you gotta give them a reason. Quip is a shit town, u cant argue that, period, nuff said!



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