Commissioner Egley in her newly decorated office / photo by John Paul

The Executive Board of the Republican Committee of Beaver County held a special meeting today at their headquarters in Rochester. The meeting came at the request of Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, who said on Thursday she intended to confront State Representative Jim Christiana about what she called his “back door sneakiness” being used to undermine her authority as Commissioner.

A source familiar with discussions during the meeting said that rather than Egley forcefully confronting Christiana, the gathering instead served as something of a political intervention for the Commissioner herself.

“Sandie started by complaining to the Executive Board that she was being picked on,” said the source. “She told everyone she felt like she was being bullied by other officials including Jim Christiana and Tony Guy and that she was tired of it […] She said she didn’t come to Republican meetings anymore because she felt like people were trying to intimidate her.”

The source said some of those at the meeting told Egley that she was the cause of her own problems.

“Jim [Christiana] and Tony [Guy] and others in attendance explained to Sandie that it was her own actions and statements that people in the party have been reacting to, and at times her conduct reflected poorly on both herself and the Republican Party […] if she altered her own behaviors she would notice others responding to her more favorably,” said the source. “By the end of the meeting [Sandie] understood that all of the Republicans recently elected into office are trying to do what’s best for the people of Beaver County and everyone thinks she is now finally ready to be part of that team.”

The source said that based on discussions during the meeting, the public should expect to see a difference in the way Commissioner Sandie Egley communicates about county government, including the frequency and scope of interviews she grants to the Beaver Countian.

Commissioner Egley declined to comment about today’s meeting when reached by the Beaver Countian via text message, directing this publication to a joint statement signed by herself and State Representative Jim Christiana that was distributed by Republican Party Chairwoman Carla Yacoviello to the press following the meeting:

“The executive committee of Beaver County held a productive and positive meeting this morning and we are encouraged by our united path forward. We were able to address several issues, concerns and differences and look forward to making Beaver County a better place to live and work.”


    • I’ll tell you what is going on here, Charlie Brown. They are proving my point that the Republicans in Beaver are no different than the Democrats in Beaver. EVERYBODY thought we were in this new age of county government and look, less than a decade and it’s party hacks and self-serving politics.

      You are getting played Republicans, just like you laughed at the Democrats for the last 10 years. Same shit, just coming from a different set of asses. And it stinks just the same, doesn’t it?

    • Intervention, yes that’s what she needs. She’s the root of the turmoil in the county. I hope her combative behavior stops but I doubt it. In my opinion she may need more help! She’s way over her head in this position as commissioner, underqualified, underexperienced. That goes for her running mate Camp too.

      • Gone Girl-

        Her combative behavior………Is bringing results. Results that benefit the entire county. Unless of course you are independently wealthy and feel the need to fund the “Old Boys Network” and corruption that has brought this county to its knees.

      • @what did you say : can you contribute an opinion instead of calling names and insulting commenters on this site? Do you have an opinion? Does your big mouth have an opinion?

      • @ Fitz. What results did Egley bring to county? Raising taxes? Adding a $5 fee to our registration? Remodeling her office so it’s comfy for her? Creating new positions and hiring people with huge salaries, when all along she says we have a 17 M defecit? Are the retired department heads still getting paid over $75 an hour on her watch? We taxpayers don’t need these results at the hand of Madame Chairwoman Egley!

  1. She had them on there heels. Then called meeting to what?

    Now they on tippy toes with butt cheeks clinched tight and she’s on her knees screaming, I’M GOOD FOR THE MONEY SHOTTTTTTTTT….. THEN again they would need more than tippy toes, I take that back,

    Butt clinched tight standing on a step ladder.

    Whewww good shit.

    • Egley sounds like a child, not a leader! She says , She’s being bullied, she’s being intimidated??? Grow up and try to be a responsible leader of this county, stop your whining!

      • Wendy and Big Mouth, I would like to see how you hold up after you have gone through the year she has. Would you have the fortitude to deal with all the problems that have come up for her every day and still attend all the meetings and constituents causes that she does after her work day is finished. She walked, blind, into a cesspool of corruption and does her job every day with dignity and respect. From you attitudes, I don’t think you could deal with all the responsibilities she has. You can’t see the forest for the trees.
        A thank you to Fitz, John Q, Raven and all others who stand strong behind this woman.

  2. Damn I hope she didn’t drink the cool ade. I said it before that the only commissioner with any balls has a vagina. Please Sandy don’t let these short sticks get to you. There’s alot of us behind you. Please hold your ground and carry on.

  3. As Joe “Bubble Head” Biden would say – “It’s over”.

    Well Sandie, it was fun while it lasted! But I guess not even you could stand the pressure of the powers that be.
    The Unholy Trinity of Beaver County

  4. Sandy sold all us out but she got a couple new friends in the court house to talk to now so good for her have fun eating lunch with Tony Guy and Connie Javens!

  5. Well it appears we have a new boss in town, he has 2 jobs dictating policy for Beaver County, and pretending he is doing the “people’s business” in Harrisburg.

  6. You can be certain that Commissioner Egley did not drink the Kool-Aid. She is the only person involved in local government that will not be swayed nor intimidated. She is observant and asked for this meeting. It’s good to get a true assessment of who your detractors are. The biggest problem she has, is Jim Christiana, he has made things very personal. The Executive Board, you can bet are minor players, who play for team Christiana. Rather then argue when out numbered, play it cool, I am sure Sandie has many more cards to play.
    At the present time Rep. Jim Christiana has vowed to continue lobbying for paid maternity leave for House GOP Caucus employees into the new legislative session. That’s right ! -House GOP Caucus employees! Christiana is fighting for Government employees, we all know, are far better off benefit wise, than most of his constituents, Yet he is FIGHTING for people he does not represent. He is stepping far outside of what he was elected to do. Please, bombard his office with phone calls. Let him know he is being underhanded in regards to Commissioner Egley. Let him know you would like for him as YOUR elected state rep. to Represent your interests. Let him know you would like him to stay OUT OF COUNTY POLITICS!

    • Commissioner Egley gave up fighting for us because it got too hard I’m not going to call Jim Christiana she’s not worth it.

  7. She went from one extreme to another in a matter of days something is emotionally wrong with her.

    • different kind of intervention needed- I get it, and this is more underhanded than I thought someone would stoop to. I will wait to get a “quote,” from Sandie on this meeting, before I throw it all away.


        “The executive committee of Beaver County held a productive and positive meeting this morning and we are encouraged by our united path forward. We were able to address several issues, concerns and differences and look forward to making Beaver County a better place to live and work.”

    • Egleys statements show a lack of confidence, lack of leadership. She appears weak, an emotional, ineffective leader! In my opinion, she should resign.

  8. Well everyone that believed she would really fight to make a difference. Should at least ask her to take the knives out of there backs.

    • oh yeah republican intervention. That bullshit had nothing to do with the republican or democratic parties. It had to do with keeping and maintaining certain personal interests. And everyone knows who and what they are.

  9. Put yourself into this situation, the two minuscule power brokers, most likely sitting shoulder to shoulder waiting to take a swing, and all the kings horses and all the kings men. DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A SECOND THAT COMMISSIONER EGLEY doesn’t know how to play her hand. You go to these meetings looking for the tells. She went to see – “who is, and isn’t with me,” looking for those who understand what is really going on behind the scenes.
    I found this funny reading : the public should expect to see a difference in the way Commissioner Sandie Egley communicates about county government, including the frequency and scope of interviews she grants to the Beaver Countian.
    Let this play out. Now is when we need to rally and show Commissioner Egley we support her. She knows the only truth being turned out to the public comes from the Beaver Countian. Give it time.

    • Give it a rest! Jim Christiana is almost a political genius and Sandie Egley is barely above retard in intelligence don’t act like this is some big plan by her she got played because she wanted to be loved and we all know it! I don’t know who you are but you can’t save her from herself!

    • I agree 100% I can’t believe how fast these people can turn on Sadie. Would not want them as friends.

    • Someone with a good head on his shoulders, and obviously knows the ins and outs of everyday life in the Beaver Vounty Court House. She just tested the waters all right and found a bunch of snakes were swimming in it. Right on, Milage May Vary!

    • Sounds like you KNOW Sandie pretty well, Milage May Vary. Sounds like an annialation rather than an Interventionm, rather than a meeting. Ms. Egley is smart enough to back down temporarily to see who converges on her and who supports her. Don’t ever think she is a cowering, emotional baby. I cannot believe John Q, Raven or you would pull your support for her. She is not a quitter and you don’t want to get on her bad side. That little snake and his buddy have trespassed into the wrong back yard. Wee are out here, Sandie, and we are still behind you.

      • @What did you say You simple asshole, Who the HELL are you talking to. I support Commissioner Egley . I have no idea where you would get even a hint from anything I posted, that I do not fully support Sandie Egley.

    • Someone with a good head on his shoulders, and obviously knows the ins and outs of everyday life in the Beaver Vounty Court House. She just tested the waters all right and found a bunch of snakes swimming in it. My apologies, Milage May Vary. I was talking to you and all her supporters with nothing but praise, but I was also talking to her detractors in the same breath. I’m sorry it was confusing. Please read it again. I have only respect for you and Ms. Egley. She will be having a hard row to hoe going back to it, but she will do it.

  10. Goes in to give Jim hell. Comes out issuing a joint statement of unity. Got to admit Jim is good!

  11. Mileage May Vary – I agree and certainly hope you’re right. I can’t understand why all the thumbs down.

    Sandie – PLEASE remember what you said just the other day, “I say what I mean and I mean what I say, I am always up front with my intentions”. Sounds like this “intervention” was probably more like an intimidation. First and foremost, YOU have to look in the mirror every day and make decisions that you KNOW will affect your constituents. YOU have to go to bed every night and think about the effect of those decisions on the public taxpayers. Do NOT sell your soul to ANY machine.

    I am a registered Democrat. After watching your political performance this past year I would vote for you again in a New York minute. Your actions thus far have gone far beyond Party demands because it seems like you really care. DON’T LET THEM GET TO YOU. YOU are a strong woman.

    I hope to God future articles in the BC will NOT show your betrayal of the public who are cheering for you. PLEASE do not recall your recommendation of Wayne Kress and switch to Asshat Tallon. This will be the first test of your free will after the meeting.

    and Jim C… go f*ck yourself.

    • Jay bird, love your post in support of Sandie. I’m obviously not expressing myself as well as you and I agree with everything you said. I can’t understand all the thumbs down either, except to say that people do not stand by their convictions anymore. They jump ship on the first big wave. I think I’ll wait and see what the whole story is. You can bet that she went back to work today with her her head held high.

    • She put out a joint statement with Jim Christiana to the press saying they were united together. Are you saying she was deceiving them too? Fuck her either way.

  12. “…that it was her own actions and statements that people in the party have been reacting to…

    A classic line and administrative ploy to instill doubt and a little paranoid defensiveness in those who won’t play by the “rules.” It usually starts with the subterfuge semantics of a seemingly innocuous “we are concerned.”

    I don’t think she caved. And there is nothing wrong with looking for avenues of agreement even if it seems like cohabiting with the enemy. Without the meeting transcrpts or recording, it’s just a guess, based on third party recall. It seems like a chess move that might be sacrificing a pawn for board position.

    At worst, there might be a little of the defense mechanism of “identification with the aggressor.” Wait it out until the smoke clears. I think you will see Big Brother in the background pulling some strings on an unwilling marionette waiting to cut them.

    • This is worse than the time she brought her husband to speak for her during an interview with the Times. Maybe she should of brought him to speak to Jimmy and Tony for her too and this wouldn’t of happened.

    • Raven – I couldn’t agree more! Hopefully she will have the chutzpa to “agree to disagree”. She’s smarter than all of them put together. It will take a long time and an enormous amount of energy to chip away at this rock hard, petrified pile of dung we call Beaver County Politics.

      • She’s smarter than all of them put together, you say? Except when she opens mouth and inserts foot!

      • Well put Fitz. That Housee is full of immoral, corrupt vipers. Ms. Egley and Camp had no idea how bad the situation is there. It can’t be cleaned up in one year, though. Despite that, they have made some drastic and necessary changes in that time. Beaver County can be proud of those two, if Camp stands with her. I would like to see the smile wiped off “Little Dude” and his sick a$$ buddy’s face.

    • Mileage May Vary, I did go back and read both our posts. It does look like I’m an asshole, but let me assure you that I’m not. I’m just upset about all this crap going on and people are so mean to Sandie. I’m so angry.that my thoughts are all over the place.
      You, on the other hand, are more precise and to the point. I like reading your posts, and I assure you that I agree with you wholeheartedly. I do not have a doubt in my mind that you support Sandie. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression as to where I stand.
      I must say, I’ve never been called an asshole before and it hurts.

  13. I would be interested in hearing from this source what *specific* behaviors and actions that Christiana and Guy felt were counterproductive. The specifics here would be very helpful in evaluating what is going on.

    Over the last year, when I look at what Christiana and Guy are up to and I compare it to what Egley has been up to, I would have preferred that a meeting would have resulted in Christiana and Guy saying that they have come to a level of understanding and plan to work better with Egley. What has happened is the opposite of what I would have preferred.

    I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of active work in improving how Beaver County is run. It just might be.

    • Chairman Egley had a lot of scandals over the past year including pay to play involving her assistant Randi Bick, redecorating of her office after laying off staff, attempts to unnecessarily raise taxes by 30%, trying to make political appointments to boards instead of bringing in qualified individuals, and more. I hope she is being sincere and starts working with the other Republican leaders who have been trying to move Beaver County in a positive direction.

      • Is this the itemization I am looking for or is this speculation about what might have been discussed?

      • If the people in BC only new the truth about this woman. Why don’t you ask Sandi how John Paul gets all his information. She is a liar and will get caught. #dumpSandi immediately. She is actually a democrat disguised as a Republican trying to give our party a bad name. One term Sandi your days are numbered.

  14. from the newly increased taxes to all the underhanded i’ll bet illegal activity going on in the courthouse and around beaver county and all the players involved i think we all need to grab some ky jelly cause we all got fucked ….. come on did you really think there was a politician in the peoples corner trying to help the people

  15. “the source said…”. Usually, I have faith in JP’s sources. But this time, with the results being so contrary, I have to hedge. Without recorded conversations, I have to say that this reporting is premature. Unless she just caved under pressure and fatigue, this doesn’t fit. Nope, there is something else operant here that is missing.

    • I would agree with you Raven except she issued this statement and according to the story wouldn’t say anything else to John Paul when he asked.

      “The executive committee of Beaver County held a productive and positive meeting this morning and we are encouraged by our united path forward. We were able to address several issues, concerns and differences and look forward to making Beaver County a better place to live and work.”

      I have to think John Paul knew how significant this story would be and wouldn’t have published it unless he knew something went south. I think you’re right she caved from exhaustion and I bet after a night or two of good sleep she will regret putting out the statement with Christiana. I look for her to back away from it soon but this incident will haunt her for a very long time it makes her look very weak as a person.

      • General Admission Political Observer Mr. Christiana-that was well written but you messed up with your acronym GAPO(General Admission Political Observer)
        shouldn’t it be CAPO

    • Raven, There seems to be a “noticeable odor” here. Let it play out, there are plenty of new commenters weighing in with all the jc rhetoric. Remember before purchase, the eyes should be bright, clear, and convex, never cloudy or sunken.

  16. You commenters are disgusting. The personal attacks. The speculation. It’s not that complicated. Don’t you understand it was a Republican meeting? To discuss keeping internal (between the party) disagreements out of the press and public (rather the someone running to J.P. to give him the latest dirt every day). It’s in their in interest to not show that the party is in any kind of disarray, which actually compared to local Democrat party, isn’t even close. They’ve had disagreements on issues, yes. That’s a good thing. But every single disagreement before there’s a resolution doesn’t need to become a Beavercountian article. That’s what this meeting was about. Grow up.

    • isn’t Jim Christana the guy that was putting things on facebook all the time to hit at Sandie? so they had a meeting to convince Sandie not to defend herself from him and she fell for it they’re all her friends one big happy family!
      the commenters are right she’s stupid

    • T-Pain, I disagree. While I can agree that the contents of the meeting was internal party business, those involved chose to issue a press release at the conclusion of the meeting. This makes the contents interested to the general public.

      If they had a closed-door meeting with no press release, this would be a different situation.

      Christiana and Guy – what are you trying to stop or reverse? If you aren’t willing to say, then I am suspicious that you are trying to change things for less-than-honorable reasons.

  17. wow Revelations trying to move Beaver County in a positive that how you interpret ripping off the taxpayers and living off the blood of the people they are supposedly here to help ?
    you are either seriously stupid or just plain blind to all of the backdoor dealings going on here
    i havent seen anything at all here that indicates any of them are trying to help anyone but themselves

  18. When the Treasurer said, “I just want to get along” the old bird was showing signs of fatigue and a vulnerability to the constant barrage of criticism. But, she didn’t cave. So too, here.

    When I see Sadie riding in Tony’s Sheriff car and throwing candy in a parade, I’ll believe she jumped over to the dark side. For so many people to automatically assume so, after 12 “good” months, doesn’t make sense. But believe me, if I am wrong, my criticisms of other people in the past will pale in comparison to how I will vilify her. She was up against some rather, strong, willful, influential people, and being conciliatory might have been the best way out, for the present.

    A worse scenario is that someone got to her. But for now, I’ll leave that to The Godfather movies.

    • “being conciliatory might have been the best way out” I agree again but it’s very disappointing she chose to take the off-ramp. As I said above I think she will back down from the statement but a lot of political damage has already been done it was a major error on her part.

      • I have been in that kind of “propaganda interrogation” against three employers who wanted me out in favor of their own person for the job — cheap shot, overwhelming odds.

        The first thing that happens is confusion about made-up allegations and half-truths that don’t fit experience.

        Then, self-doubt and wondering if there were Is something wrong with you that you are unable to see what you did wrong.

        Then, a dread that the people are out to get you for some underlying reason you don’t know.

        Then, the anger at being falsely accused.

        Then, arguing to no avail.

        Depression sets in as you realize you have no way out.

        Then bargaining.

        Finally, a belief that you really might be screwed up and an adoption of their points of view.

        That doesn’t work.

        So, you are screwed.

        And, that feeling doesn’t go away.

        So, revenge. And that works, because you know the truth, and you wait for the right time to exact it, in public.

        They are embarrassed or out of their jobs.

        Or, you get in step and join all the others on Animal Farm.

  19. There once was a woman named Sandy,
    Who ate shit out of Jim’s hand like it candy,
    She noticed the smell
    but still couldn’t tell,
    So she kept eatin like everything dandy.

  20. Ms. Egley ran on the platform of transparency and working for the people, not the establishment. So far I think she has done that to a capacity of about 90%. I won’t believe they turned her out or flipped her. Those other politicians, democrat and republican alike are out to get what they can for themselves and their families. I don’t agree with everything Egley as done, but I think she’s done a good job for the people overall. I would say to Ms. Egley, keep cutting costs, keep cutting budgets, keep cutting employees, get the personal down to about 700 to be in line with other counties by comparison and keep looking and fighting county corruption. You won’t be popular but you will be re-elected over and over for many years to come. You are the only one that seems to remember that you work for the hard working people of Beaver County.

    • If people want revenge for some imagined flip-flop, Egley is only collateral damage here. Go after the the real problem, Christiana. That little fucker needs to answer for this. Lou Gentile tried to go legitimate with a coterie of gangstas. Didn’t work. Here, one of the rank and file wants to go legitimate but has to bow to the gangstas of party politics. Neither party has its house in order. The underlying problem — a state representative is meddling in county politics. His hometown politics. Courthouse politics. This ain’t high school, and he should be mature enough to realize that. But he’s not.

      • The real problem isn’t even Jim Christiana it’s the people behind him whose interests he’s protecting to further his own ambitions.

  21. PRESENTLY( today’s BCT ) Rep. Jim Christiana has vowed to continue lobbying for paid maternity leave for House GOP Caucus employees into the new legislative session. That’s right ! -House GOP Caucus employees! Christiana is fighting for Government employees. Employees that are far better off benefit wise, than most of his constituents. Jim C. is FIGHTING for people he does not represent. He is stepping far outside of what he was elected to do. Is this guy A State Rep. or is he the STATES REP. ? This is, in my opinion is a theft of time, time taken away from sworn duties to his constituents.

    Do a search on the Caucus employees salaries. Compare what he is asking for(without representation)and wants to add, to what you have, your daughter or others have as far as benefits. IN THE END WE PAY FOR THIS !

  22. Will someone please post the people who attended that meeting? An online search reveals the following Republican party executive committee members, but they might not be current or the people who attended.

    Current Officers
    Committee Chair

    Carla Yacoviello
    cell: 724-561-5614
    home: 724-947-5636
    office: 724-777-7255

    Committee Vice Chair

    Maria Longo
    Phone: 724-494-2560

    Committee Treasurer

    Mary Beth Fratangeli
    Cell: 412-979-9029

    Committee Secretary

    Robert Mizenko

    RCBC Committee Chairs:

    Fundraising – Alicia Hinzman (
    RCBC Website – Pamela Hupp ( or cell # 724-561-5623)
    Social Media – Tracy Plevel

    • Looks like who is who for the local vowel gang. it would be useless to contact them for they have spoken and are agreement with party before public! Sad to see so many women abandon their sister in time of needing support. Says a lot about their character or obviously lack thereof.

    • What was your point in posting these people’s names and emails accept to encourage harassment. Grow the f up.

  23. Sorry for the f bombs but I can’t take much more of those two turds bullshit. meanwhile. While they’re attacking Sandie who is doing the peoples’ business? Oh that’s right, that’s not their job to serve the public. It is to soothe their pissant egos and serve THEMSELVES and family and friends. May they all rot in hell.

    • “they’re attacking Sandie”

      Sandie issued a statement with them saying they are on the same page that’s not attacking her she joined forces with them and signed her name to something to the public letting us know she did it.

      • Your screen name is totally offensive. It shows ignorance and disrespect. Surely you can come up with something that does not reflect your lack of intelligence and “ape like” gut reaction to a current event.

  24. Now is not the time to abandon Sandie and Dan, rather stand behind them even more as they battle corruption and criminal enterprises. Truth, justice and the American way! Just not Beaver County way! This county is rotten to the core and gets the shitty government it deserves.

  25. Quote from T-Pain, “………To discuss keeping internal (between the party) disagreements out of the press and public.” “It’s in their in interest to not show that the party is in any kind of disarray,”

    IMO -From first hand experience …This is how “Trombetta” ran his ship and opened meetings. How did that work out for him and his staff???? Not so well!! Sandie if you are listening to your constituents, please let this comment serve as a warning that continued transparency is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED and will serve you well. Don’t let this type of mentality bring your career to an end. Stand your ground and stay courageous. Remember who voted for you. We are counting on you to continue to make a difference. Do not trust these people. Ever!

    Equalizer 13…you are so correct, “Sad to see so many women abandon their sister in time of needing support.”
    Women who are too insecure, too easily manipulated and in fear of losing their title, positions or income. Women who never had the right mentors or substance to succeed. Women are notoriously the first to stab their “so called sister in the back”. They will do it in a way that men cannot even fathom. It is a definitive example of gender survival due to Envy, Competition and Self Worth. It is wrong!! Mean Girls…Meaner Women. So very wrong!!

    Commisioner Sandie Egley you must keep your head up! They might have you on the ropes right now, but don’t forget who is the ring with you. It is all of us who are demanding transparency and the end of political corruption in our backyard. Democrats and Republicans alike!!

  26. I’ve given this more thought. This doesn’t sound like the Sandie I’ve read about in the BC. Her current actions don’t jive with how I’ve perceived her up to this point in time. I can’t imagine her buckling to those two tiny midgets, Guy and little Jimmy C. This over-night change is too dramatic and VERY unusual.

    In MY OPINION, word filtered up that she was “causing trouble” and word filtered back down to STOP IT. Sandie made some “noise” locally and “SOMEONE” heard from up on high. Maybe she has heard (and been “warned”) by “SOMEONE” from the state or national level.

    One of the main goals of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is to “influence” politicians (mostly Republican) all the way down to local county and township positions. Some Pa ALEC members that MAY have contacted Sandie are Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) Butler, Rep. Richard Stevenson (R-Butler, Mercer), and Rep. Brian Ellis (R-11), State Chairman. Only time, and Sandie’s actions, will
    tell the tale.

  27. Someone should look into the support that Tight Pants Christiana gets from the cyber schools? Also look at how his votes went as far as issues for/against cyber schools

  28. This makes me angry. Classic manipulation and intimidation Ms Egley don’t let them make you question yourself. They don’t give two shits about you. Stay the course. You are doing just fine without them.

  29. You screwed up Sandie. Issued a joint statement then gave all of those “haters” an opportunity to come on here and say you are “unstable,” “a child,” “the root of the turmoil.” I guarantee some of these new posters were the same or associates of the same people who talked you into this joint statement. Stick to your guns, Sandie. You have been right. They have been wrong. Don’t listen to any promises to run you for a state seat, etc. They’ll never, never do it.

  30. Everyone take a deep breath and relax. This is what they call politics regardless of party. We witness it through a different lens as we are concerned citizens with a desire for a functional and transparent government. They are in the mix and there are rules and guidelines that dictate various protocols that we may not like, but is the basis of party politics. With that said, it is my hope that this is what is in play here. I appreciate anyone that is willing to run for office, get elected and “shake the trees!” We need more politicians to challenge the staus quo and be willing to stand up to the machine to ensure proper representation of the electorate.

    • Ya there’s probably a lot of gangs behind Sandie now that she’s in bed with that crowd. Probably gangs out of Aliquippa, Ambridge, and Beaver Falls to be specific…..

  31. Sandy chose her party over us people just so she has some friends she should of joined a book club instead of been conmissioner. Traitor.

    • Your are spot on this wasn’t about doing what is good for Beaver County this is about Sandie not wanting to feel like she’s on an island anymore. She put her personal emotional needs first at the cost of destroying the bipartisan following she has built and that’s not good for anybody. She’s a failed leader.

      • In my OPINION:

        This was not her conscious decision. She was browbeaten and intimidated. If you want to blame someone, blame Christiana. He was apparently behind the whole thing. Then blame him for meddling in local politics with the local Cosa Nostra. Check out the members of of the local Republican Party Committee. One, the wife of an unconvicted, fired liar and perjurer; one denied candidacy because of an arrest; one so far up Trump’s ass that she can’t see daylight; one who posted a denied application on social media to subvert the legal role of Commissioner. SHE MADE THEM LOOK BAD, BY SAYING THE TRUTH about local courthouse people, AND THEY GOT PISSED AND EVEN. She was an obstacle, and they removed her.

        End of story.

    • Traitor, I think you’re being a bit harsh. It was one meeting and it was basically 10 against 1. What did you expect her to do in that meeting exactly?

      My advice, everyone should just relax. Sit back and watch what happens next. Actions speak louder than words. The dust will settle and then we will have a better idea what really happened.

    • @ Traitor – I disagree. Commissioner Egley is in a stage of personal growth and in an engaged passage of independence. You also need to learn to spell, with correct capitalization and grammar. It is “Commissioner”. Maybe you should seek out a well run book club. It would be to your advantage.

  32. firegod you sound like one of those boot licking little assclowns that everyone hates
    ( probably one of those dipshits with the light bar on top of your escort thinking you can drive like an ass running red lights and stop signs because you hang out with firefighters)
    try not to be so happy about politicians doing shit behind everyones backs screwing them out of everything they can get and getting away with it

  33. @What did you say, I would like to offer some advice… I am only asking you read and comprehend others comments before you post your replies. Maybe you were enjoying the game, and some refreshments prior, during and after. Or maybe your an ass?

    • Takes one to know one, Milage May Wary. I have not said one derogatory remark about you and I have apologized for my scrambled thoughts, but you continue to insult me. What is wrong with you. Let it go or we’ll both know who the asshole really is.

      • @What did you say. Sorry, name calling Is something I try to avoid. I apologize, sincerely. Somewhere along the threads our wires got crossed.
        I fully support Commissioner Egley. The former commissioners left her and Commissioner Camp, and the county with a real mess. I hope the three commissioners will begin a new era, working together. It is a bad deal to see Jim Christiana trying to involve himself in the county politics. I have read through his facebook exchanges, and there, I have seen the underhanded way he operates. In my opinion Tony Guy would be better off, if he were to distance himself from Christiana. Prove he can work within his budget, and be his own man. Now, he just can’t, in too deep. Many people turned out for Tony, but he proved quickly to be a pawn as did Lozier. Will politics ever change ? It takes one person to set the ball in play, I believe Sandie is that one person, if Dan throws in with her it’s a win for Beaver Countians. My advice to Dan: Dan be honest, you won your seat on the Camp Name, be proud of your family, don’t let the story be told Jim Christiana pulled the strings and made it happen. Jim has his job to do, have him do it, don’t let him get involved in your job.

  34. It’s been one day! Holy smokes, let’s let actions speak for themselves over a bit of time. I’m sticking with Sandie! You’ve got no one else in the courthouse on your team.

  35. Just think of the enormity of what has happened here. Christiana has told Egley to not talk to the media, in this case, John Paul. What the fuck?! I have not read one word here from her that has been wrong. That little fucker has told an elected official to shut up. Why? Because it makes him and his cronies look bad to have the truth getting out. Fuck you, James, fuck you very much.

    • Excellent point, Raven. It certainly appears as though Jim and his posse don’t want Sandie talking to JP because they don’t want transparency into their dealings.

      This may have been a monumental miscalculation on Jim’s part. Whoever the ‘source’ was for this article may have thought they were making Sandie look bad with the whole ‘intervention’ (implying Sandie was doing something wrong that required correction). But if you look closer, what the source inadvertently told us is that almost everyone in the meeting told Sandie to stop being so transparent. In other words, they are ashamed of their behavior.

      • If you take a look at the people James has surrounded himself with, it is not much different than what Lou Gentile has done. From the committee members that hypocritically trashed Sandie to the people in the courthouse that he is protecting and supporting, these are not much different. Some are actually the same families and friends, due to party jumping, and there is considerable party crossover among the members. Don’t look for “pure” political parties in Beaver County, for they don’t exist. They are hybrids of family members who form the local Cosa Nostra, picking which one to support for elections. I resort to the Anglo-Saxon language at times, because this guy has NO business trying to influence and guide local politics. He simply has not graduated from high school, and he thinks that politics is just an extension of being a class officer popularity contest. .

      • DUH! Wasn’t thinking when I posted that that your comments would more than likely be deleted before the public got to see them anyway.

    • You love the drama. You want every little disagreement blown out of proportion into a click-bait article so you can make your snide comments. Why don’t you man up and tell us all your real name? Some people just want to watch the world burn. That’s who you are. You don’t want functional gov’t – you want drama. Get a life.

  36. I don’t get some of you talking like Sandie is a child Sandie is not a child she’s chairman of Beaver County. Sandie wasn’t kidnapped and taken to that meeting Sandie is the one that asked for that meeting. Sandie made the decision that she would rather go along to get along than stand her ground. That’s on Sandie not Jim Christiana or Tony Guy. If she is as frail and easily manipulated of a person as some of you are making her out to be then she should resign because she has no business running a county.

    • Because being told to shut the fuck up and do what you’re told is being bullied. Nobody likes bullies.

  37. Champagne flowing, a celebration…another distraction and SHE is so happy….that call’s for a trip to the bank.










  39. Hey Raven – I’m an avid reader of the BC, as you and others are. I’ve got a question for you.

    For THIS specific article I notice an abundance of “new” commenters, many being critical of Sandie’s performance and showing a large number of thumbs-UP for the criticism. Also, the “pro-Sandie” comments are receiving larger numbers of thumbs-DOWN. It doesn’t jive with previous Sandie articles whereby she usually received favorable reviews and the “thumbs” agreed.

    IN MY OPINION, it appears “SOMEONE” is attempting to “stack the deck” and “rig” the thumb numbers, in order to give the impression to everyone, and especially Sandie, that she isn’t fit to be our leader.

    So… Do you think I’m seeing things, is Putin up to his usual tricks, or maybe Midgets Inc. are attempting a coup?

    • I can’t talk for anyone else but I’m one of the people who gave thumbs up to a lot of what Sandie did in the past but I’ve also given a lot of thumbs down in this post because I don’t support her announcement that she’s now united with Jim Christiana and his buddies. At this point she’s either a total sellout or a very weak person with emotional issues no thumbs up for that from me sorry.

      • Emotional Turmoil – NO thumbs UP is OK by me.
        Sorry, I didn’t know you were a such a staunch Sandie supporter, until JUST prior to this post.
        Funny thing though, I can’t find ANY reference to “Emotional Turmoil” in ANY comment section of ANY previous BC article, unless you JUST changed your username. Again, sorry about that.

    • I don’t know, jay bird. It’s unusual, and it doesn’t fit the former feedback about her. Christiana circled the wagons against her, and those he is protecting seem to be feeling their oats. As was also said here, below, the truth piranhas will whittle them down eventually.

  40. @jaybird, I agree, and Emotional Turmoil helps to add credibility to your opinion. Let the dust settle, Putin, would never do anything this undisguised.

  41. I was not going to comment on this article but…. I agree with a few of the commenters that are saying to wait and see what she does. Sandie has earned my respect this past year I I thought she did a good job for her first year in office. Other republicans did a horrible job (I won’t mention the GUYs name) and another just did not do his job at all. I am not so willing to throw Sandie under the bus over one statement made about a closed door republican meeting. I will wait and see how she does over the next couple months. As far as the added comments and thumbs down I am sure there are a few new ones on here from the midget camps but also a few other people got wind from the times ect. Good news is the readership is growing. Granted the world is full of stupid people but they will not last long. The piranhas will quickly tear them apart here.

  42. “At this point she’s either a total sellout or a very weak person with emotional issues no thumbs up for that from me sorry.”

    Sorry, but when did being a Commissioner require one to have a bar fighter constitution? I’ve seen her in action, and she is the calm one, the organized one, the logical one, the the soft-spoken one, the conciliatory one, the one with a memory, the one who smiles. She holds things together. Of them all, she is the most stable.

    Did Tony and Connie and James set their staffs on a comment writing assignment here? Sounds like it, because some of this is pure vitriol that doesn’t fit reality as I have observed it, or as other commenters have observed in the past.

  43. ALL of this, ALL, is the result of a state representative meddling in and trying to control politics in his home town. And older veteran politicians don’t usually do that, or if they do, it is much subtler and the result of years of laying a base of credibility. The Turtle Mitch McConnell on steroids. This is in-your-face subversion and influence pedaling, with no apologies, and working both sides of the aisle. Try and stop that, and you get called out and abused and targeted as the one who is the problem.

    Sandie has shown for a year that she can do the job efficiently and effectively. But she is butting heads with people in a system that has been in control for decades. Connie, Tony and Amadio can’t win in person, so they drag in the Big Gun to do it for them. Having no pride, and feeling his oats, he is glad to do it, in spades. Isolate her from the media. Divide and conquer. Dan, are you taking notes?

    This kind of confrontation was eventually inevitable. Sandie was becoming too effective, too popular. So, she was taken down a couple of pegs when she went into the lion’s den and said, “What’s up?” She got her answer, and so did the public, when you try to change corruption in local government, and someone has to be the sacrificial lamb.

    • “Sandie has shown for a year that she can do the job efficiently and effectively.” BULLSHIT. Raven, what dog do you have in this race, because your staunch support for Sandie is starting to look very suspicious.

      • I have never met her. I don’t know her personally. I have observed her and followed her actions for the past year. I have attended meetings. Have you? Of course not. And she is not my dog in any race.

        I shall challenge you, though. GIVE EXAMPLES of where she has screwed up, SPECIFICALLY, and I’ll retract my statements accordingly. And don’t tell me that denying Tony Guy more voodoo economics money for his deputies has placed the county and deputies at risk. And don’t tell me that denying Connie the taxing job has been unfair. No. Real stuff, real harm. Can you do that?

    • Ok Raven, I accept your challenge. Let me ask you this- what agencies/offices that the commissioners are ultimately responsible for are running so well that they deserve praise? Or, as I see it, are many (if not all) of these agencies running inefficiently and ineffectively, and is it not appropriate to hold the commissioners responsible and accountable? Obviously, the commissioners are not responsible for how things are with the sheriffs, DA, etc., but they ARE responsible for other agencies in the county and have had over a year now to respond to some of the problems with these offices. So when the office on aging or the housing authority or the behavioral health office is run like shit, and the commissioners just keep employing and overpaying the people who run these offices like shit, then I hold the commissioners (Egley included) responsible. THAT is some real stuff, real harm. Also, specific to Egley, she has made a habit of talking tough and then, like a true politician, not following through. For example- Beaver Countian 07/26/2016 – “We have not received the activity logs and a few days ago we asked our Solicitor to send a letter to Sheriff Guy as a follow up to our second request that had not been responded to, so we ultimately put a deadline. If the deadline is not met, we will follow through with legal action against the Sheriff. This is the end. He’s done.” 7/21/2016 – “After Sheriff Tony Guy raised concerns about his budget, we asked him for information about his office,” Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian in an interview after yesterday’s worksession meeting. “After six months, we finally received that information from the Sheriff. My decision on his budget stands and this is now a case closed. It’s done.” Both of these articles are from July, yet she continued to discuss the budget with the sheriff for months and ultimately only reduced the sheriff’s budget by $42,000. And a letter from the solicitor was never sent. Also, I don’t care about the money spent or not spent on an office redecoration, but to me it is an example of misplaced priorities. Are there not enough issues in BC to worry about?

      • Lono I like this sort of discourse and am opposed to the commenters with fuck in their name.
        There are too many problems, I feel most were inherited. We have three Commissioners,one of which is trying her very best to clean up and move the county away from business as usual. I walk on eggs when it comes to Dan Camp, because he will go where the wind(Christiana) blows. Dan should be proud of the Camp(it’s what got him to the courthouse) name. Dan needs to learn and execute his duties. It’s far to early in his political career to pretend to be a player like Christiana. Dan needs the maturity to realize this is not a popularity contest, i.e. who will I make mad, will I get invited, should I continue to allow WORMEY to refer to me as danny at meetings. With two Commissioners on the same page, good things can happen. With all three Good things WILL happen. Good things such as out with the bad in with the good. CLEAN OUT THAT DAMN COURTHOUSE…reduce government, row office, duplication of duties, a bloated sherriffs office and Tax office. Look into the benefits of Home Rule.
        I would be remiss if I left out Tony, Poor Tony, he is that guy in the fast lane driving below the speed limit. I think he is a great guy, but is not a decision maker. Two of the three Commissioners need to get out of the lane of least resistance, I’ll let them decide which two I’m talkin’ about. All Good People. Lano we won’t agree on some things, but I like your style.

      • Long, how do you know a letter was never sent from the solicitor. Sounds like you are very close to the sheriff. Btw, the Sheriff’s Office is governed by the Board of Commissioners.

      • There are a lot of assumptions being thrown around here that are baseless, and if you all knew anything, silly. Why would someone assume I did or didn’t attend meetings, or that I am associated somehow with the sheriff? I know a letter was not sent to the solicitor because I asked. And I was told that no, nothing was ever followed up on. I am definitely not on the side of Mr Guy, I am on the side of competence and integrity and services being rendered to the taxpayers who need them. I could give 2 shits about the political bickering and nonsense that goes on in the shit hole they call the courthouse…. UNTIL it starts having serious and negative consequences on the citizens, like me. Does it really affect me or most people when Guy or Javens or any courthouse employee or official acts like some sort of entitled asshole? No, not really. Is it right, is it OK? Of course not. What DOES affect me and many others, and what is very much under reported and under appreciated, is how incompetently many of the agencies in this county are run. So yeah, I see articles on Egleys office remodel debacle, but where are the articles on the elderly people in BC who are struggling because some office THAT THE COMMISSIONERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR has dropped the ball. When I say “responsible for”, some can say that the sheriffs office is “governed by” the commissioners, but they certainly don’t have the authority to fire Guy if they think he’s doing a piss poor job. With many other offices/agencies, THEY CAN! So when those offices run like crap, I look to the directors, supervisors, etc. When they drop the ball, or simply don’t respond, the only other place to turn to is THEIR bosses, the commissioners. But instead of addressing these issues, the commissioners continue their political bs (like this meeting Egley called). Is it just me, or doesn’t anyone else notice that Egley is quick to pick a fight with and publicly comment on those who she has essentially no control over (Guy, Javens, Christiana), but with those who she CAN display some sort of judgement and hold accountable (like every over payed department head in the county, starting with Gerard Mike and his $100,000+ salary), she is silent. Crickets… Typical political smoke and mirrors nonsense, which is why I still think that the idea that Egley is doing an “effective” job is nonsense.

  44. Raven as you know, Our little friend is now closing in on HIS first decade as an elected official. I must say he has been a very quick study. It did not take him long to learn “you gotta get what you can, while you can.” He was elected, because, he was not going to stay in the job as a career, (now, going on ten years)and people bought it. Then the REVELATION, why would I ever give this up? Plenty of perks for himself and friends, little to no accountability when it comes to hours or performance. From what I’ve seen and I could be wrong, he’s getting a law degree, all the while in there swinging for his constituents.
    Election time, he’s over funded.Somebody talks a buffoon (realtor) who falls apart and literally cries when he reminisced about his time at CCBC during a debate. Next time around it was, .WHO ? The little fellow has too much unaccounted for time, unless people feel his time involved in county politics is time well spent. This little guy is very disruptive to the county, and especially to the Elected Commissioners.
    Sandie I support you, I feel well represented.

    • Actually, being a lawyer might be a good choice. Then he could continue being sneaky and chalk it up as part of the job. Until he meets someone like Gerald Benyo in court or tries to bullshit Judge Ross. Then the puffery won’t get him anywhere.

      • Why Judge Ross? Because, in my opinion, the man is a genius, with the education and ethical principles to back it up. He would make an excellent President Judge, and, he would not hire all of his family and friends to work nepotism jobs at the Courthouse.

      • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Raven, I agree that Judge Ross would be an excellent selection. He has a background as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. He has an excellent reputation amongst all who have interacted with him.
        It’s a shame that the Republican party had to chop Egley at the knees because she does seem to have our best interest at mind. As a politician, she needs to know when to air dirty laundry or to discuss things behind closed doors because very soon, no one will work with her. As Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos once said, “It’s that mouth of yours, you gotta learn to shut the F*** up.” I’m wishing her the best.

  45. In my opinion:

    Good points. A short answer is “Fire their asses.” Another answer is elected department staff cannot be fired, and currently, not recalled. Thirdly, some are political hires and nepotism cases. They are the glue holding the system together. As an example, try to get rid of all of Mancini’s, Connie’s and Guy’s relatives and friends that span several departments — retroactively, and already on contracts. Then, deal with labor union challenges.

    Best, don’t approve the hires and pays in the first place, as the Com’s have done in some cases. Shut them off before they take root.

    Then, deal with Christiana and his gang when he says you are making Rep’s look bad, and that you are a negative force and the problem of it all.

    Basically, there are practical limits to what they can do. Not a satisfactory answer, but I feel your pain, and I agree that major housecleaning is needed. (Won’t happen.) It’s complicated, but you can’t hang all the blame on the Com’s.

    Thanks. Wish I knew more.

  46. @ Lono one suggestion (You really should attend) this was a post from Sandie’s FB :
    Just a quick reminder that our Commissioners Work Sessions are now at 10:00am on Wednesdays. Depending on guests we may be the large or small conference room next to our offices.
    Positive and wanting people to be inclusive in their County. I’ve said it many, many and many are tired of hearing it. Big difference between Sandie’s approach and JChristiana’s efforts in county politics.

  47. I should like to know how characteristic, or not, this level of involvement in local politics is for the 203 members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Are we seeing an aberration, or do all or most try to control the politics in their respective areas? Are they representatives or patronizing organizers? How do I find out? Any research on current practices? Any guidelines? Or, do they just do as they please? Any oversight committees?

  48. It seems to me that the changes effected by a “dictatorial” Representative become what he/she then represents, and not necessarily the will of the people. If the elected officials are no longer what the people voted for, does that not subvert the democratic process of electing? Is Egley now not the Egley we voted for? Think about that.

  49. Sad fact to consider, our little friend usually runs unopposed on the ballot. Write-In would help, but we know the outcome.

    • I had not previously thiought that he was part of the corruption. But protecting and enabling those who are — and intervening against those who are trying to stop it — qualifies him, in my opinion. That makes it easier now. We are getting closer to identifying the ones at the top, and that could make a difference.

      • This ill-conceived move will become a talking point for the next election. No more bullshit about lack of transparency or ending nepotism and saying he will work to end them. He is a part of it, and this proves it. As pissed off as I am now, that will be minor compared to how I shall publicize it the in the next election campaigning.

  50. In the next coming weeks I would like to form a committee of volunteers to get Home Rule on the ballot to sweep the row whore from their perches. That eliminates many of the useless functions masquerading as work at the court house. The majority of these lackeys are there to support their bosses at election time and little else. There are many commenters on here who are very intelligent and vocal so I expect we can get a good core nucleus to research and push Home Rule. I gotta say that Jimmy the weasel & the Midget Sheriff have rallied their stooges to vote thumbs down on Sandie. I say we come right back at them and flex our muscle too. If you want to be part of the solution then volunteer and walk the walk. Otherwise, you are just shit talkers and complainers. We can meet anytime so work should not be an excuse. We will probably have to wait until the Steelers win the Super Bowl so the people of this county start paying attention. Home Rule will allow and elected member the opportunity to reign in the corruption and nepotism. Especially the unions that are tying the commissioner’s hands with their make work bull shit. Put the public works people on the roof at the park or fire them. What the f-ck are they there for? Or sell naming rights for park to one of our local corporations. Better yet, how about CJ kick back some of his cash to fix the park. Syrup is sticky, just like crooks and politicians hands.

    • I admire your eagerness and desire to change things county wide, but basically just the courthouse system. I don’t have that kind of experience or legal know-how, not many do, and that is a very complex thing to do, requiring considerable resources. And basically the county is still answerable to state laws governing counties. I DON’T want to try and stop you or discourage you. But in the meantime, consider that the structure of the local government and the laws in place for PA counties are not the problem. For example, explicit, written, state Sheriff job descriptions exist that the last and current Sheriff either cannot or will not read and understand or follow.

      The problem is the PEOPLE who have the jobs. Decades of people historically establishing themselves and friends and family in the jobs and self-perpetuating. And even with home rule, some of those same people would filter into that system and screw it up as well. You would be drawing from the same labor pool. The number of involved Courthouse people is finite. What is a conservative guess — perhaps 200 at most? Maybe 50 actively engaged in screwing things up? It might take time, but inroads are being made to identify them — through the Beaver Countian and other sources — and to get rid of many of those people through elections, retirements, resignations, legal problems, shaming them into stopping, or just plain quitting. John Paul likely has a lifetime job there, if he wants it.

      Beaver County could be a full home rule county, but you would still have people like Christiana meddling in things — a relatively unimportant rogue state representative, for chrissake, not some kind of third world dictator with absolute power — and people making fast and loose with money, people usurping phony functions for their jobs, people screwing up just because they like to before they get a real job. So, you fire them. But more step up to take their places and do the same thing — as we have seen. The problem is twisted, exploitative human nature, not the system.

      I have been reading the Beaver Countian for about 5 years. And I can see gradual change. No, Beaver County will never be a well-functioning place, but it might get better. There are too many of them, too few of us. Too many families and friends to be flushed out completely. Even under another system of rule, we cannot fire them all or get good talent to replace all of them. So, be pragmatic. Take the gains as they present themselves. It could be worse — the Shell plant could be approved tonight, and breathing, light and sound pollution and a myriad of air and water borne diseases could be a much bigger problem involving staying alive, even if the political scene is hopelessly screwed up.

    • Raven is too busy not holding a job and commenting on here all day while never stepping up to serve in a public role himself or volunteer in his community. He’s got a busy schedule commenting on BC articles all week. The schedule is full.

  51. Very well written Raven! I definitely get your point. I always admire your well thought out explanations. I feel that I can’t give up hope yet but you are spot on with the criminal element and corruption at the courthouse. It’s endemic to Beaver County and a sad commentary on how these so called Christians and other religious groups chose to rear there children. Unfortunately it is so normal for guys like pencil dick Christiana, Midget Guy, Stonewall Lozier, Crooked Connie, Squirmy Werme that they look at the taxpayers are their own piggy banks. The poor schmucks that show up and try to do the right thing are overwhelmed by the corruption and lacks of morals or ethics. One day at a time, one corrupt politician at a time.

    • Two years ago, some of us looked into the resources required for successfully recalling George David — door-to-door petition for agreement signatures, the number of people needed to carry it out, legal advice, money for resources, etc. It would cost a minimum of about $50,000 and take more than a year to do it. Multiply that by the number of courthouse perps who would “qualify” now, and it becomes impossible in a small county. Better — continue with revealing things as they are and hope that reason and God in his mercy can understand our plight and help out.

  52. Now I know why Jimmy’s mommy was our courageous DA’s first choice for administrative assistant. And it had absolutely nothing to do with her being “the only one I can trust”

    It’s all a part of the aforementioned Beaver County version of Cosa Nostra. And just like everything else in this county: a half-assed version of it.

    Christiana, Lozier, Javens, Guy, Georgie, et al.

    But the real question is: who is the Don pulling all of their little puppet strings?

    Oh and by the way – what renowned Beaver County Democratic business magnate rents office space to this stand up Republican representative of ours?

  53. “But the real question is: who is the Don pulling all of their little puppet strings?”

    That is becoming clearer all the time. The only thing missing is a factual, verifiable tie-in. Be patient, though, the crystal ball is gradually clearing.

  54. I see a family, nephews uncles, cuzins a group from meager beginnings.. They have had many setbacks achieving their dream. -As the fog lifts In the crystal ball- I see an oval, getting clearer, it’s, it’s a racetrack and it sits on the banks of the “O.” A dream and passion of a family embedded in horse racing and gambling. As youngsters they would show up at school looking tired and disheveled. When asked why, the reply, ” I was at the track last night.” This time around they won’t fail,they have gone from a meager existence* to wealth.** I see the right moves were made securing political influence, speak at a gubernatorial candidates rally, host a few meet and greets, trinkets here and there, help some of their family members, and of course a promise, maybe a percentage. Don’t forget, promises are made to be broken. They will need a lawyer, a loyal solider one who is all in. Someone who wields some power and is always wanting more. They will string him along and when he balks or is no longer useful, The family will have a long list of dirty laundry that “you would not want out on the line to air,” laundry only they can wash.
    *due to gambling- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, unless YOU ARE THE HOUSE
    **government contracts- you learn the bidding and awarding process, but most of all you’ll learn who, the players are.

  55. We have a State Rep., Jim Christiana, putting what he feels are the needs of Government Employees(having the best benefits) above the needs of those he REPRESENTS.
    The head of his party and President Elect plans to replace and repeal Obamacare. Many of his constituents will be greatly impacted. Yet A PRIORITY on Jim Christiana’s to-do list, is to increase benefits for the PA.Republican Caucus. What is his reasoning ?
    Well for one……” IKEA does it .”

  56. And people wonder why our best and brightest don’t serve in public? Because it’s a thankless job with way too much bullshit attached. Seriously, why bother? The vitriol on here is astounding.

  57. Local, County, State, Federal – Republican, Democrat doesn’t matter; it’s all legalized corruption and the flow of $$ is what keeps ’em there, especially the $$ and connections that keeps it flowing into their pockets.

  58. Republicans don’t respect the voice of a woman. I’m not surprised they are trying to make her the problem.. But there is always infighting with the republican party. They are the reason Pennsylvania is in financial straights. They can’t pass a balanced budget to save their ass.



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