Mayor Dwan Walker as posted to his Twitter Feed.

A journalistic source who has been helping to expose alleged misconduct by officials in Aliquippa tells the Beaver Countian he was threatened by the city’s Mayor.

Aliquippa resident Rex Trimm alleges he received a threatening call from Mayor Dwan Walker on March 29th at 12:35am. “I’ve only talked to him on the phone maybe 3 times in the last two years, and all of those times were during normal business hours,” he said.

The Beaver Countian is now publicly publishing Trimm’s name with his permission. “I don’t care anymore, I’m not going to be threatened by my government anymore.”

The Beaver Countian was able to independently verify that Dwan Walker placed a midnight phone call to the man. This publication was informed about the call on the day it was made, but waited to report about the alleged threats until other ongoing investigations had time to progress. Along with being a source for the Beaver Countian, Trimm had previously been quoted by other publications about issues in Aliquippa, including by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

“He told me that he knew everything about me, and that I should stop talking to John Paul, you got to stop talking to John Paul” said Trimm. “He definitely wanted to discourage me from speaking to the press.”

Mayor Walker then allegedly began describing details about the man’s past including previous places he has lived, details about prior relationships, and personal financial information.

“He told me that he was going to come up with a reason to have the Aliquippa police raid my house. I told him he doesn’t have anything on me, I haven’t done anything. He didn’t care about that […] Mostly the conversation was about him sending the police up here, that’s what got my attention. He said, how would you like the police poking around up there?”

Sources close to Mayor Walker have previously told the Beaver Countian that a law firm was preparing dossiers on people who have spoken out against his administration, or who have opposed various policy initiatives.

“I am not out to get them, I just don’t like that they are out to get me over false or presumptuous situations,” said Trimm. “I am mad though, no one should call me and threaten me over asking questions or trying to figure out the truth on things.”

Rex Trimm’s allegations against Mayor Walker are similar to previous reports about the public official’s conduct.

In July of 2012 Beaver County Times reporter JD Prose said Mayor Walker confronted him while he was reporting from a crime scene in Aliquippa, ordering police to have him removed from the town. Walker was reportedly angry that the Times had failed to write a story about him throwing out the first pitch at a Pirates game. A few days later, Walker called the Beaver Countian to announce he had filed criminal charges of harassment against this reporter after a series of articles detailed misogynistic posts he had made on Twitter. That assertion proved to be a untrue as no charges were ever filed.

Mayor Walker has also allegedly been heard at a political function threatening to physically assault Beaver County Commissioner Joe Spanik.

The Beaver Countian was contacted by law enforcement sources last week who have alleged that Mayor Dwan Walker threatened Aliquippa Police Sergeant Neal Nicholson after he filed a grievance on behalf of Officer Paul Cain. Walker reportedly shredded the grievance during that encounter, although he has denied the accusation.

The Beaver Countian has reached out to Mayor Walker for a response and will publish an update if we hear back.


    • What does the last name of Walker have to do with it.  Just because you feel such hatred toward Mayor Walker, whom you don’t even know probably, you have to lump the whole family with him?  How absolutely ignorant do you sound?  Grow up.  How would you react if it was your last name involved?

      • Wow. Didn’t realize I would touch a nerve there, Mr. or Mrs Walker. I apologize for putting a simple statement on the internet about an article pertaining to a person named Walker. What was I thinking pointing out something!?! It won’t happen again because I don’t want to offend the internet!
        In all seriousness, there wasn’t any “lumping” involved. I was just pointing out a pattern that I noticed from previous articles about Mr. Walker. In past articles about him there have been many comments from people with the last name Walker in them.  Also, I don’t have any “hatred” for this man. I think he stinks as a public figure and as such, he is subject to public opinion. Just to be clear, this entire county is going downhill, not just the epicenter known as Aliquippa. 
        Oh and original screen name there, Mr. or Mrs. Walker. Making an general observation constitutes me being ignorant?

  1. I really feel sorry for the people of aliquippa. So scary that local government and police can hold personal vandettas on people. When we decided to move out of town It came to a point the safety of my children weighed on us heavy. I mean crime can happen anywhere but when our cars kept getting broke into I just said to myself what’s next maybe our home so we left. My husband worked nights so I would literally would stay up all night just waiting for something bad to happen. I was born and raised in aliquippa it’s so sad and scary what has become of the city I call home. I pray every night for the safety of my friends and family who still live there. It’s just sad to be a victim and make u feel that we were in the wrong when u report a crime.

    • I have lived in Aliquippa for 61 years, and I hope never to move. I love Aliquippa and the people that live here. It is a damn shame that people like you have to say such negative things about Aliquippa. I know people who live in very rich neighborhoods that are scared about getting there homes broken into. Really you are not a true quip. You are a asshole. And as far as the mayor, I think he is doing a super job. All politicians do for there family and friends, so now it a crime for the mayor to help a family member. Whatever, were did you move the great center TWP 

  2. Mr. Paul….I sent you and open invite to join me in Aliquippa for a mission. If you are not able to do that the first Wednesday and last Wednesday of every month is the city council meeting. OR we can meet at Uncommon Grounds Café. Or would you just rather continue bad mouthing are mayor, city officials, police officers, firefighters from afar?

  3. I really should not read such garbage before I go to bed. Now I am so fired up I can’ t sleep. That was from a party a few years ago. Mayor Walker has since lost over 70lbs. Jason Merschat, Mr. Paul is full of beans. He offers sources.but no physical proof. Jus like the DEP story….I would like to see the “papers” the tooth fairy or Tinkerbell brought him.
    I know Mayor Dwan Walker. He doesn’t need me or anyone else to speak for him.
    If you have a chance go to one of the city council meetings and talk to him one on one. You will find he is one of the most humble, honest and decent men you will ever meet. He will also answer everything you want to know about thus city good and bad.

    • Good goddess, quit your bitching already. Nobody held a gun to your head and made you read it. Nobody forced you to open the link, read the article, and leave a comment, did they? NO. So quit bitching. You don’t wanna see what’s written, THEN STOP FUCKING READING IT. See how easy that solution was?

    • Are you blowing the mayor, Rebecca?  Something appears to be seriously distorting your perception of reality.  

    • Blind faith and your checkbook might work in religion and help you get into the Promised Land, Rebecca, but use them in politics and you will get taken to the cleaners instead.

  4. Sounds like the Police are held hostage in fear of there jobs, do what i say or you wont have a job ! How rich is this man not to have to work and still live like the king of quippa ! Great work JP ! Keep digging

  5. No surprise here.  When you elect a home wrecking, loud mouth, arrogant, ignorant moron to be your mayor – you get what you deserve.

  6. The election was a joke. How can I be of any help to spread the word on this asshole…..I know about the gas n oil industry secret happenings…its not a secret no mo….why dont the FOP stand up against the asshole…oh because their leader is a joke as well….ill be spreading the word some more about this bowl shit mayor!!!!

  7. How can anyone defend the city of Aliquippa anymore? It’s just a waste at this point. The best thing the good people there can do is get out before they get drug down with the trash.

  8. Reference my comment in an article from this site last year. He was Facebook friends with Jaime Brown, yes the one that killed the Aliquippa officer.

  9. If it weren’t for a blog like this, most citizens wouldn’t be able to get any transparency or accountability.  How many people need to be threatened?  Investigations on opponents?  What opponents?  Seems like someone doesn’t like or care for democracy.  Seems like it is going in the wrong direction and quickly.  It doesn’t hurt to shine some light on these things, because if people start getting harmed and nothing gets reported, we all loose.

  10. If the mayor pursued employment opportunities for himself as voraciously as he pursues attempts of intimidation he might actually become a contributing member of society.  I’m pretty sure McDonalds is hiring.  And yes, I would like fries with that.

    • Maybe if you knew what you were talking about, and not just jumping on the bandwagon of trying to tear this man down, you’d know that he does have a another job (that he’s been doing for a while) and he also is a volunteer football coach along with being the mayor. If he was this terrible man you and some others are trying to make him out to be, he wouldn’t have had so many people vote for him to become mayor. If you knew him personally, you’d know what a good man he is and how much he loves our city and is trying to fix what needs to be fixed. If you knew him personally, those lies wouldn’t come out of your mouths. As for those haters of Quip, every city has problems, just because you might hide yours better, doesn’t mean they’re not there or even worse! Money hides a lot of things. At least we’re aware of our problems and recognize what they are and are trying to fix them. One more thing, there’s a whole lot of he said/she said and hardly no facts about what the mayor said and did. I see a bunch of haters.

  11. Everyone is complaining on FB. But all the energy you use to write these comment’s should be redirected and used to add something positive back into this town. Because until you start being as one nothing will change.

    • Your frigging kidding, RIGHT???!!! Here’s something positive-Elect some HONEST PEOPLE for a “change”, not the same old corrupt people from past administrations. Maybe you need to start electing Repubs for a “change”. Decades of Demon-crats produced what you have now. A GHETTO and a CLOWN for a mayor with his wanna-be gangster council members!

  12. @Tom miller

    Wondering if your the same dirtball that’s always in trouble, for real calling people slob and wannabe, your the epitome of sleazy white trash that couldn’t fight your way out of paper bag, ride around in piece of shit truck giving dirty looks like your tough grow buy some sleeves and cover up those sticks you call arms, have fun in Chippewa for anymore court dates..

  13. I’m surprised that last month wasn’t talk about. The streets were saying that the mayor set free some of the highschool football players from an ADULT half hours spot near the school when the lcb raided the house at 330 am. Some people were up in arms about what happen. Saying a few these boys are running a muck in town and have a hall pass to do what they want. Where exactly are the parents to these kids? What happened to school dances and video games? As a parent of three my kids have a curfew. Does the aliquippa still have curfew laws?

  14. SILENCE!!!  SILENCE you reputation trashers!!! 
    Quit picking on Aliquippa and its Mayor.  I know how good and nice of a guy Mayor Walker can truly be.  I seen it.  That is true. 
    I also know how Nasty of a guy he can be with his “sick’em boyz” Police threats toward people and what he will “do to you” if he don’t get what he wants…like a Big Bully.  I seen this side of him too.  That is true.
    So which Mayor Walker should I stick up for since I have seen both??? 
    Is he bi-polar?  2 faced?  A chameleon?  Does he have anger issues?
    Is he a nice guy, a youth football coach, a guy that’s for the youth of Aliquippa, a community oriented genuine concerned guy who supported the raped WHITE Nun and wants to do what’s best for Aliquippa?
    Mayor Walker, I don’t know… I truly don’t know… just when I think I know Mayor Walker, I don’t know. 
    Maybe you just can fool some of the people some of the time, and not fool the others at any time.  They say: Where there is smoke, there is fire.  They also say: If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…Then it IS a duck.  Jesus said, those without sin cast the first stone…and I see a lot of stones being thrown here.  Everyone has a vote, and the people of Aliquippa have spoken at the last election loud and clear.  He is…Mayor Walker.  Once again, He is…MAYOR WALKER.  You don’t have to like it Aliquippa folks, but you better learn to live it, and to love it.  He is MAYOR WALKER!!!   WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  15. Queen B, wasnt there a shooting outside of cousin larrys speakeasy on wykes street last year, oh yeah involing another cousin. Lets not forget the stripper bar by brezzys run by another cousin. Family and friends do what they want and people he dislikes he gets revenge by getting police to harrass them.  Someone get the State Police in there ! soon 

  16. Gee, Dwan, You have a Facebook page crammed with daily Bible quotes, online melodramatic religious pictures appealing for “likes”, and a home page quote from Dr. Phil assuring that people’s opinions of you do not matter because they do not affect your self-esteem. Do you know the definition of “hypocrisy”? 

  17. This is also the same person who promoted a newbie police office with no prior experience except that od working for quip for under 2 yrs to asst. Chief. A person he knew 1st hand fabricated police paperwork for his own personal use in a child custody case (which by the way the mother was Walker’s cousin, but he must not like that cousin bcuz he allowed this to happen under his nose). You can threaten ppl and harass ppl when you make moves such as promoting this type of trash before ppl that have been on the force for MANY YEARS! Some probably were on the force years agowhen this same ‘asst chief’ was shot in a drug related shooting and refused to cooperate with the cops he now works for. I dont put anything past this mayor or those police….but when you turn your eyes & ears away about things you knw about, imagine what your capable of. And that city is suppose to feel safe. If I lived there I would buy a house by the jail, its probably the safest part of time because all the criminals are on the outside.

  18. Mayor Dwan Walker. What a joke. He couldn’t tell the truth if it slapped him in the face. If anyone thinks he is interested in Aliquippa the better think again. All he is interested in is being a big shot. Why the people of Aliquippa  elected someone who had no political knowledge is beyond me. He made many promises but what has he done for the city except get them in the news for his lying, bulling, and hiring nothing but a so called financial person as city administrator with no qualifications who btw lies more than the mayor.

  19. Then I guess you better start pitching in and handing out the money to do so. It cost money to tear buildings down. And I very much doubt that will ever happen. Easy fix though right !?! And are you also going to pitch in and pay for home’s to house everyone and their children? Or are you just thinking selfishly? Smh!!!

  20. I got some news on Walker and Quip and the so called plans for gas n oil industry!! Mayor acts like hes concerned all the while some of know otherwise……ur being watched Walker, trust me!!

  21. Not everyone in aliquippa is a bad person. Not everyone sells drugs, but go ahead tear down aliquippa. When they move to your backyard we dont want to hear nothing because YOU wanted it done.

  22. I have a question based on the photo in this article. Is this guy the “Mayor”, or “Pimp” of Aliquippa?



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